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Sword of the Blue Skies (蒼天の剣 Sōten no Ken?) is the Phase-22 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny,it first aried in Japan on March 19, 2005 and in North America on August 10, 2007.


The Minerva comes under attack again. But this time the Earth Alliance Forces are being assisted by the Orb forces. Seeing that they are cornered Captain Gladys orders the Minerva to fire the Tannhäuser. The Archangel arrives. So has the arrival of the Freedom Gundam which is piloted by Kira Yamato.


The shell that Stella gave Shinn became a precious item for him along with his sister Mayu’s cellphone. The tense relationship between Athrun and Shinn gradually begins to change thanks to Heine’s friendly personality. Meanwhile, Stella’s memories with Shinn are wiped out and she has no memory of the handkerchief that Shinn used to tend her wound. Stella and the other “Extended” Naturals regularly go through the regeneration chamber which also erases memories that get in the way in battle.

Elsewhere, the Orb’s fleet led by Yuna as the commander is heading toward Suez in order to meet with Neo. The Orb government succumbed to pressure from the Atlantic Federation and gave approval to deploy troops.

Athrun is upset to see the Orb fleet appearing as the enemy’s reinforcement. Heine gently tells him to be more practical about it. “It is war and we are soldiers.” His words calm Athrun somewhat and finally Athrun understands Shinn’s hatred toward Orb. Shinn loved the peaceful Orb. And that’s why he hates the completely changed Orb.

Both forces finally clash at the Dardanelles channel. Shinn and Athrun sortie, and the Minerva’s positron cannon Tannhauser take aim at the entire Orb fleet… as Freedom Gundam suddenly appears and blasts the Tannhauser just before it was about to fire.



  • In 21:13: There is a slight error in a split-second animation frame where the Force Impulse Gundam slashes through an Astray. Instead of the Force Impulse, the Aile Strike Gundam's likeness is seen. This suggests that the said frame is reused from Seed, but was not modified. This was fixed in the Home video and HD Remastered releases.

HD Remaster Changes

  • In 21:13:
    • The moving animation stills of the Impulse and a destroyed Murasame are slightly altered.
    • The detail-less "right cheek" on the Impulse's head (as seen in the Home Video release) is now amended.