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Super Soldier is a program by Human Reform League (HRL) to create ideal soldiers through genetic and psychological augmentation. This program is notable for creating Gundam Meister Allelujah Haptism and Super Soldier No.1 Soma Peries in Season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


The HRL secretly developed and commissioned a specialized "super soldier" research facility - the Super Human Research Institute - to oversee the development of this program. The HRL authorities will often take orphaned and abandoned children (i.e. refugees) into the facility to be used in experiments for the super soldier program. Using experimental augmentations, both physical and psychological, the facility hoped to develop an ideal Super Soldier for the HRL to use. Its methods included: physical enhancement through drug and cellular treatments, forced expansion of Quantum Brainwaves to increase spacial awareness and intuitiveness, and psychological manipulation which resulted in personality disorders.

Most test subjects in the program either die during the experiments, yield substandard results, or develop irregularities either physically or mentally, and are disposed of when deemed unusable. As for subjects that yield more satisfactory results, the institute once-in-a-while provides some of them to the HRL army, in order to please the higher ups to continue funding the program so the facility can stay running: others continue with experiments to reach a desired result for a Super Soldier.

Known Super Soldiers


In 2307 AD, it is likely that the institute haven't produce a desired product yet, as it continues to operate and experiment on hundreds of their test subjects. However, to continue receiving funds for the program, the facility provided subjects with reasonably satisfactory results to the HRL: Leonard Fiennes and Soma Peries. While Leonard would be assigned to the Next Generation Technology Development Laboratory as a test pilot for the Kyitwo Team, Soma Pieres would later become an ace HRL Pilot directly combating Celestial Being and its Gundams.

However, after a failed attempt by the HRL to capture him and his Gundam, Allelujah pilots Kyrios to destroy the Superhuman Facility on the Complete Sphere colony "The Internationale" with GN Missiles, killing all the Super Soldier children in there.

The Super Human Research Institute would eventually be closed down around 2307-08 AD when Celestial Being later exposes the facility's inhumane practices to the public. Information leaked to the world about the facility prompted Sergei Smirnov to arrest the institute's representative who was researching on "Subject: E-0057" (Alleujah Haptsim) and failed to report it. It is currently unknown if HRL continues the Super Soldier program again after the facility destroyed.

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