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Sunborn (サンボーン,sanbōn) is the name of the second guardian god of the Saddrac World, appearing in the Carddass series Shin SD Gundam Gaiden: Gaitoshin Senki and New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden: Saddrac Knight Saga.


Gaitoushin Senki

The final clash of Chō Gaitōshin Wing and Gōranjin Baroquegun Omega ended in a fusion within the hands of Superior Dragon Z. This fusion resulted in the birth of Sunborn. With the Saddrac World's rebirth and the birth of a new god, Superior Dragon entrusts the new world to Sunborn and leaves for another dimension.

Saddrac Knight Saga

Sunborn appears in the first prologue card being guided Superior Dragon's familiar, EX Wyverion. Like Superior Dragon, Sunborn does not fully intervene with the affairs of the Saddrac World until crisis strikes.

Tyrant of Darkness

Sunborn sends New World Guardian Knight God Gundam to deliver the EX Raker to Knight Unicorn Gundam during his battle with Black Knight Banshee.

Birth of the New King

After the revived Sieg Zeon was defeated, Sunborn appears alongside King Gundam II to give King Gundam V the new Holy Grail. Shortly afterwards, he dismisses Black Knight Banshee, who had been after the Holy Grail.

Saddrac Knight Saga EX

Elemental Dragon Awakening

Sunborn later appears to assist the knights fighting the combined form of the elemental dragons, Ulternative Dragonarc, by summoning the great phantom beast Solar Dragobreaker.

New World Advent Legend

Iron Blooded Knight

The magic power of the red moon causes Sunborn to change his form back to Divine Knight Wing.



  • Sunborn's design is based on the GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam.
  • Sunborn was called "New God" (新たなる神, arata narukami) in Gaitōshin Senki. He wasn't given a name until SD Gundam Ultimate Battle.

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