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Sumeragi Lee Noriega (スメラギ・李・ノリエガ Sumeragi Ri Noriega?), born Leesa Kujo, is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Sumeragi is the tactical forecaster/coordinator and commander of Celestial Being's Ptolemaios crew. She commanded the CBS-70 Ptolemaios in Season 1, the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 in Season 2 and later CBS-742 Ptolemaios 2 Kai in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer-.


Personality & Character

Before the events of AD 2301 (pre-season 1), Leesa was a highly motivated and self-confident person. She had the ambition to become a tactical strategist to help reduce causalities for soldiers. After the incident that lead to the death of her lover, Emilio, she was forever changed into a self-loathing person, always walking a life filled with guilt and alcoholism. By AD 2307 (season 1), after joining CB, Sumeragi shines through her tactical coordination; she developed a self-demanding need to execute all things perfectly to avoid past mistakes (due to Emilio's death). Even the slightest tactical mistake would affect her. Her will and resolve was fragile as she constantly needed to drink to help her get through the day. Through it all, she still wanted to change the world for the better and hoped Aeolia's vision to come true. When that dream faded and her spirit broken, she kept running way from her problems with heavy drinking. Following the defeat of CB in AD 2308, she became greatly depressed and drank heavily daily to cope with her sense of failure; as time passed, after her return to CB in AD 2312 (season 2), she slowly regained her will to fight again and accept her mistakes, signified by reduction in drinking. By the end of the events in AD 2312, she got past her depression and regained her resolve to change the world as a much more stronger person.

Skills & Abilities

As a student in war tactics and former AEU tactical coordinator, Sumeragi is highly competent in tactical prediction and coordination. Even before her inception into Celestial Being, she was already a highly effective and successful tactical commander, scoring high marks and known for her ambitious tactics (mentioned by Kati Mannequin). It's her natural gift of foresight that allowed Celestial Being successfully avoid destruction in numerous occasions. While skilled in the use computer systems, she doesn't seem able to program or have any other advanced skills. Because she was a former AEU soldier, she has military training in firearms as she can operate a machine gun. The full depth of her capabilities are unknown.


She has brown eyes and long brown hair. During AD 2307 to 2308, she typically wears a blue sleeveless shirt that exposes her midriff, and a white jeans. After rejoining Celestial Being in AD 2312, she wears a uniform like the other members, but her top and jacket have a unique purplish color.


Early Days

Not much is known about Leesa's early life. It's only known she's born of mixed heritage; she's Eurasian, mixed of Spanish and Japanese. It's presumed she had been a child prodigy, excelling in school at a very young age, suggesting a life in advance studies in specialized schools.

AEU Career


By AD 2298, Leesa studied at an international Union university along with Billy Katagiri and Kati Mannequin. It's also here that she met Professor Ralph Eifman. She was one of the top students and youngest prodigies of her school. She and Kati were aiming to be tactical forecasters so their tactical plans could reduce casualties and save lives. Leesa completed her tactical thesis on unmanned units and graduated at the age of 17. Sometime later, Lessa enlisted to the AEU military to be trained as a soldier and advanced to the role of tactical commander.

Emilio's Death & Resignation

While commanding AEU forces, one particular soldier stood out above all the others, Emilio Ribisi. Emilio had a high level of respect and trust for Leesa in her tactical coordination skills. After spending time together on the field, they somehow developed a mutual attraction for each other and began a romantic relationship. Probably one of the greatest haunting tragedies in Leesa's history was the botched AEU mission that resulted his death.

During that time, both Kati and Leesa both received bad intelligence, but Leesa trusted that information and committed one of the worst incidents of friendly fire in AEU military history. Both Kati and Leesa didn't know they were battling each other, causing heavy casualties of both injured and dead soldiers. To Leesa's horror, Emilio was one of the mortally wounded. Leesa could only cry with guilt of what she had done to him. Emilio spent his final moments comforting Lessa; she blamed herself for this incident. On his death bed, he told her,

If this is what they call destiny...then no amount of fighting can stop it...that's what we're born for...and that's why we die. If that's what they call amount of fighting can stop it..the ones who arrive first on this path no one can see, are those who have lost their lives. That's a result of God's guidance...

Emilio's succumbed to his injuries and died in front of Leesa. Blaming herself for Emilio's death, she eventually resigned from the AEU military. It was around this time that she was noticed by Celestial Being and approved by Veda to be their tactical analyst and forecaster.

Joining Celestial Being

Unable to cope with Emilio's death. Leesa began heavy drinking to help her get her mind off things, but the memories always returned to haunt her. Despite her state of mind, Celestial Being wanted to recruit her to be their tactical forecaster. It's only known that she was offered the chance to have the power to end warfare. Believing ending war would prevent future accidents like Emilio's death, she agreed and given a new name, codename: Sumeragi Lee Noriega. After joining CB, some time around AD 2305, she began training CB in tactical exercises to prepare for their world intervention plans. Along with the Ptolemy crew and Gundam Meister's, she trained them for approximately 2 years before their debut to the world.

World Armed Intervention Campaign

World Debut

For their armed intervention campaign in 2307 A.D., Sumeragi planned about 12 missions that's considered the sources of conflict around the world. Once all members were prepped, they began their first mission to AEU. While Exia and Dynames were attacking AEU's mobile units, Sumeragi was at Ptolemy's command. As CIC operator, Christina Sierra, told the bridge crew to focus on the mission, Sumeragi entered the bridge with some sake and told the crew to relax since it was CB's first mission. Christina was shocked that Sumeragi was drinking, but Sumeragi laxly said that how the mission turned out would be up to them After a successful mission, the crew of the Ptolemy and the Meister's watched the world respond to Aeolia Schenberg's media announcement of Celestial Being.


Sumeragi debriefed the Meister's on their second mission, to end the centuries-old conflict in Ceylon (former Sri Lanka) between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Sinhalese people. The Human Reform League had been tipping the balance of Ceylon's internal conflict by supporting the Tamil Tigers to secure a power line through the country. She assigned each Meister with instructions for Ceylon's battle and dispatched them. After the mission mission was accomplished, she reflected with another beer in hand,

"That is Celestial Being. We are the tools to be used to change the world"

Supporting Allelujah Haptism

Gundam Meister, Allelujah Haptism, was given a mission to observe the new HRL's MS, the MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi. To Sumeragi's surprise, Wang Liu Mei reported in that Allelujah had broken protocol. Allelujah's quantum brainwaves caused the pilot of the Tieren Taozi to fire at the HRL orbital elevator station, Heaven's Pillar. When the second blocks broke free from the station, Alleujah decided to abort his mission objectives over saving the lives of civilians.

Sumeragi explains to Tieria

Three sections of HRL's orbital station broke apart and the civilians inside would die by gravitating downwards to Earth unless rescued. Sumeragi understood his intentions and coordinated with Lockon and Setsuna to assist. She had CB arrange Dynames to loosen 2 of the 3 section blocks with the Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun to lighten the block containing the civilians. While exiting the bridge, Sumeragi was confronted by Tieria, saying that they abandoned the mission plan recommended by Veda and made a rescue operation their top priority. He also expressed his concerns with Dynames showing its high altitude firing capability to the entire world. Ms. Sumeragi then stated that she didn't do this for Allelujah Haptism but to ensure the safety of the Kyrios. After the civilians were rescued and Allelujah returned to Ptolemy, he was punished by solitary detention for breaking the rules. His sentence would last for a week.

PMC Trust & AEU Counteroffensive

The Advanced European Union and military conglomerate Private Military Company Trust formed an alliance and began gathering a sizable MS force in attempt to entice and capture a Gundam in the small nation of Moralia. Sumeragi and the rest of the Ptolemy crew began an assault to take down Moralia, the centerpiece of their gathering.

Preparing for Battle

With AEU and PMC MS forces gathering, the Meisters would face stiff competition and would need the full strength of the Gundams to defeat them. Sumeragi decided to halt Allelujah's detention for the mission. As Tieria was berating Allelujah's lack of quality as a Meister, Sumeragi entered the bridge and said that they needed Allelujah for the mission. Sumeragi told Tieria and Allelujah that due to the nature of the mission, she, Christina, and Feldt would go down to the surface as backup. Both Meisters acknowledged their mission and departed to Earth for the battle. Sumeragi would intercept the Meisters in Moralia to command the mission.

Sumeragi, Christina Sierra, and Feldt Grace later rode a linear train to Earth. As the ladies headed down to Earth, Sumeragi had Feldt report information on Moralia. Feldt explained that Moralia was established in 2284 A.D. and that their primary source of economic stability was through Private Military Company Trust, a company that specialized in mercenary trade, munitions, and other military applications. Sumeragi was impressed at Feldt's enthusiasm, but she humbly said that it was her job. Christina then asked why they didn't target PMC earlier. Sumeragi explained that if they eliminated all wars, then all military businesses would slowly die out. After the ladies landed on Earth, they stayed at a nearby hotel. Sumeragi granted the girls some R&R before the mission.

Reunion with Billy

In between the impending battle, Sumeragi received a message from her old classmate from graduate school, Billy Katagiri. They agreed to meet at a restaurant bar. She arrived early and watched the news about the PMC/AEU counteroffensive to kill time. Billy said that she was bothered by the offensive as well. Billy ordered an Evening Piero and continued. Billy tried to get her inquiry about the PMC/AEU counteroffensive, but Sumeragi dodged the subject and simply wanted to catch up with Billy since they hadn't seen each other since grad school. The two joke about Sumeragi's age and how neither of them really changed. Billy then told Sumeragi about the Union's Anti-Gundam Investigation Force. Sumeragi was puzzled by the strange name, and Billy said that the group would be given an official name later. Sumeragi asked if Billy was transferred there, and Billy told her that it was not just he, other soldiers as well as Prof. Eifman. Billy further explained that Eifman was working on a theory for the specks of light emitted from the Gundams. Sumeragi falsely wondered what kind of particles the Gundams used, and Billy said that they didn't know. Billy then inquired about Sumeragi's doings, and she said that she had been up to a lot of "stuff" Billy then asked about the incident, but Sumeragi said that she had forgotten about it. Billy held her hand and said that he was glad they could catch up. Both later departed after catching up and Sumeragi regrouped with Feldt and Christina at Wang Liu Mei's estate.

CIC at Wang Manor

The following day, Sumeragi and the ladies took an express flight to intercept Wang Liu Mei in her villa in Moralia. Liu Mei had setup a room in the villa as a CB CIC command station. As the girls setup their stations, Sumeragi complimented Liu Mei's preparations as they looked over the tactical data of the AEU/PMC forces in real time. Sumeragi then commanded the girls to start the mission at 00:00 hours.

As the battle started, Sumeragi instructed the Meisters and adjusted in combat tactics as the battle progressed. Unexpectedly, to everyone's surprise, Setsuna made the unusual decision to exit Exia and confront the pilot of a blue AEU Enact. Lockon intervened and forced both pilots return to their cockpits. Lockon was about to scold Setsuna when Sumeragi told them to save the lecture since the mission was still in progress. She told Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, and Virtue to go to the final phase of the plan and take out Moralia Command. Sumeragi complained at how Setsuna had messed up her plan. The Meisters eventually completed their mission by Haro's signal.

Feldt reported that Moralia had surrendered unconditionally and that the mission was a success. Liu Mei congratulated the team but commented on the unexpected nature of the mission, but that it went as Veda had expected. However, Sumeragi wished that it would have deviated from her prediction. Liu Mei asked why, but Sumeragi didn't answer the question and excused herself. Before she left the room, Sumeragi asked Liu Mei if she knew how many people died in the last intervention, but she said no. Sumeragi speculated that around 500 was approximate. Liu Mei responded that it was an acceptable loss of life in CB's case. Sumeragi understood and left the room. She and the girls would later rest in their rooms after an exhausting operation. Sumeragi reflected at the sunset over hard liquor.

Search & Destroy La Edenra

Not long after their mission on Moralia, a terrorist group, La Edenra, started world wide bombings. They demanded CB to discontinue their interventions or more people would be hurt. CB didn't yield to their demands and the Ptolemy crew gathered and waited until there was news from Wang Liu Mei to act.

Meanwhile, everyone (except Lasse and Lichty) had a gathering in a yacht (near their Pacific hideout) until Liu Mei reports in. To further blend into the scenery, Sumeragi and the girls all switched to bathing suits to enjoy the sun and beach. Allelujah was flabbergasted at the girls' attire, and Sumeragi and Chris explained that they were dressing appropriately for the weather. Allelujah asked if they understood the gravity of the situation, but Sumeragi pointed out that she understood and that all they could do was wait for more intel from Liu Mei. As the crew members talked amongst themselves, Sumeragi reflected the situation on the side. They later returned to their island to further discuss the situation. Sumeragi theorized that the terrorists multiple networks across the globe to commit the various attacks.

Once CB got the data, Sumeragi ordered the girls to relay all their instructions to the Meisters. After that, they simply waited. Sumeragi encouraged the girls to enjoy the beach as they waited for the Meisters to complete their missions. As Christina and Feldt went to scuba dive and enjoy playing in the water, Sumeragi rested on a beach chair to soak up some sun rays. Ian walked up to Sumeragi and commented on how he didn't expect help from other nations. Sumeragi agreed but said they were just being used. Ian said that it was still a big step for CB PR wise. Eventually the Gundams destroyed La Edenra.

HRL Space Assault

While on a lax detail on-board Ptolemy, HRL's Chobu Squad had setup an E-sensor to detect the blanking effects of CB's GN particles. Sumeragi was away from the bridge when Christina reported that they were detected. Sumeragi and the rest of the crew prepared for battle. She passed out orders over the comm to head for the closest orbital ring and had the Gundams prepped to launch. She asked Ian on the status of the Gundams, and he said that Exia was ready to go, but Dynames couldn't use its left leg. Sumeragi had Dynames act as a turret for Ptolemy since it had no weapons. She then had the girls launch Kyrios and Virtue first. While heading to the bridge, she thought that using CB's technology against them was the work of the HRL.

Sumeragi made it to the bridge and asked Chris about the situation. She said that they couldn't escape the HRL's network. Sumeragi commanded Lichty to head for the satellite generators since the HRL wouldn't have sensors due to electromagnetic interference. As Kyrios and Virtue launched, Feldt and Chris reported that 4 EDI-40-II Laohu transports were headed their way, with two likely going after Kyrios and Virtue. Knowing HRL had them cornered, Sumeragi had Lichty avoid the Laohu's by using the orbital ring. Sumeragi gave her analysis as Lasse pointed out that two carriers were indeed after Kyrios and Virtue.

I'll tell you my battle prediction now. Right now, we have two Laohu carriers approaching us. I'm sure the bulk of their forces are centered there…That wasn't my original intention for them. My first plan had them ignoring the obvious diversion of Allelujah's group and heading straight for us. I had planned on catching them in a pincer in that case, but the enemy responded to the diversion with another diversion. Chances are, the carriers to meet them already launched all their mobile suits. Because of that, Allelujah and Tieria will be surely slowed down disposing of them. If my prediction is accurate, it will take them six minutes to return here after the diversion. During that interim, we'll be attacked by multiple wavies of mobile suits…This exact same tactic was used 18 years ago during the 4th Solar War. The commander of that operation was the HRL's 'Wild Bear of Russia,' Sergei Smirnov.

As the battle started, Sumeragi had the crew hang on for six minutes. An enemy carrier appeared before them, she commanded Lockon to destroy the carrier. The Laohu carrier fired a barrage of missiles. As Setsuna and Lockon took down the bulk of the assault, several passed through their defense line. Sumeragi then had Christina activate the Ptolemy's GN Field to protect them. As they survived the assault without a scratch, Sumeragi noticed the ship was going to ram them. Dynames managed to stop them with its GN missiles, but the destroy carrier's debris was floating to their direction. Sumeragi commanded Christina to use the GN Field again, but Christina suffered a panic attack. As Christina panicked in fear, Ptolemy was being hit with the debris. Sumeragi tried to get her attention, but to no avail. Then Feldt said that they would stay alive, and Sumeragi agreed with her sentiment. Just then, Lockon and Setsuna reported that 36 MSJ-06II-E Tieren Space Type mobile suits were heading their way.

As Exia and Dynames engage the Tierens, Sumeragi analyzed their assault. Sumeragi thought to herself that Sergei's attack was too long range for anti-ship combat. Too late, she realized that HRL wasn't targeting the Ptolemy, they were after the Gundams. In frustration, Sumeragi slammed the chair and said that she had promised to never make another tactical mistake. As the battle continued, Exia and Dynames managed to keep the Tierens at bay until HRL forces signaled a retreat signal. As the crew sighed of relief from the retreat signal, Sumeragi reminded them to not let their guard down and get Kyrios and Virtue. Sumeragi was worried over Allelujah and Tieria and had Ptolemy search for them. Reports came in from Christina and Feldt, Virtue was found, but it had cast its armor to become GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh. Sumeragi said that Tieria had to reveal Nadleeh to escape the HRL's clutches. As reports came in of Allelujah's safety, Sumeragi couldn't hold her emotions back and left the bridge. As she exited the bridge, she slammed on the wall and started to cry about how she was wrong again. The crew regrouped and the Gundams returned to their containers for repairs.

The Ptolemy had hidden in safer pockets of space as they wait for their drones to complete repairs on the Gundams and Ptolmey. Meanwhile, Tieria Erde made his displeasure known against Sumeragi's incompetence during the mission, citing that Kyrios was nearly captured and Nadleeh was revealed to the world. Sumeragi told Tieria that she was only human and that they all made mistakes. Lockon came to Sumeragi's defense and said that it was Tieria's fault for revealing Nadleeh. Tieria admitted that he did it so he wouldn't die, but Lockon still told Tieria not to entirely blame Sumeragi for the botched mission. In a huff, Tieria left the room, stating that he would follow Veda's orders even closer. The bridge crew thought Tieria was being too harsh, but Lockon thought his high and mighty stance with others was cute. Sumeragi later returned to her quarters for some whiskey.

Allelujah's Request

While serving up a glass of whiskey, Allelujah came to speak with her; Sumeragi presumed Allelujah had come to complain to her about the last mission. llelujah wondered if she was intoxicated and thought she should ease off. Sumeragi answered that the alcohol was the only thing keeping her living. Allelujah interjected and said that he had a mission plan for an armed intervention on an institute that promoted war. Since it was significant to Allelujah's past, he asked her to look at the data when she was sober. Allelujah left her quarters to let Sumeragi review his proposal. Sumeragi looked over the data and ultimately validated the proposal.

Sumeragi meets up with Allelujah in the Briefing Room to discuss his proposal.

Ms. Sumeragi approves of the operation

Sumeragi told Allelujah that both she and Veda had approved of the mission plan but worried about him destroying his own kind. Allelujah said he didn't mind, but Sumeragi asked about his other half. Allelujah said there was no need for that.

Sumeragi pre-planned attack missions with Exia and Dynames to intervene at the South African border, while Kyrios and Virtue attacked the colony Complete Sphere where the Super Soldier facility was. After the mission was completed, Sumeragi had Feldt and Christina leak out the news about HRL's Super Soldier experiments to the media, though she was more worried about Allelujah's state of mind.

After all missions were completed, Sumeragi was once again drinking some whiskey.

Allelujah is given well wishes on his coming of age

Allelujah came to speak with her again. Sumeragi asked if Allelujah had another mission plan, but he instead asked for a sip of whiskey. Sumeragi said that it would be illegal for Allelujah to drink at his age (19), but Allelujah reasoned that as a terrorist organization, they weren't bound by international law. Sumeragi tried to deny him again, but Allelujah said that he had actually turned 20 a few minutes prior according to Coordinated Universal Time. Sumeragi then made another glass of whiskey to drink with Allelujah and wished him a happy birthday. Allelujah thanked her and tried a sip of whiskey. Allelujah wondered why she would drink something so bitter, and Sumeragi smirked and explained that he would understand soon enough.

Azadistan Kidnapping

A Imam to the conservative party of the Kingdom of Azadistan, Rasa Massoud Rachmadi, had been kidnapped by an unknown party. Azadistan's conservative party blamed the kidnapping to the reformist party led by Marina Ismail, creating civil unrest in the country. Sumeragi had Setsuna and Lockon intervene along with Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long to quell the situation. Liu Mei acted as communications, she eventually reported in that Rasa was rescued by their team. Sumeragi then had Setsuna return Rasa to Azadistan's royal palace with Exia being completely unarmed. Tieria protested over the idea, but Allelujah supported it, in order to show the CB's feelings to the world. Sumeragi could only watch on the screen as Setsuna attempted to drop off Rasa and was met with resistance from some Anfs. After a successful drop, Setsuna left unscathed and Sumeragi saluted Exia with a drink.

Vacation at Wang Manor

The Ptolemy crew regrouped at one of Wang Liu Mei's mansion for a small vacation (except for Ian, Allelujah, Lockon, and Setsuna). Sumeragi rested over a beach chair and red wine as Liu Mei chatted with her about the use of nano-machines. Without them Liu Mei said that living in space would make a person's body deteriorate quickly so they would come down to the surface to stay in shape. Sumeragi said that people lving in space were running on extended time, and Liu Mei asked if she despised those living in space. Sumeragi said that they were all imperfect but that drinking alcohol on Earth was the best. Liu Mei told her that alcohol was her poison, but Sumeragi retorted that she couldn't quit even if she wanted to.

Trap in the Taklamakan

News of Operation

Later that night, Sumeragi was taking a shower when she received a pre-recorded message from Billy. Billy said in his message that he had something for her to read and wanted her thoughts on it. Billy unknowingly attached and sent tactical plans about an operation to lure the Gundams to CB's tactical coordinator. The following day, the Ptolemy crew was updated about the situation by Liu Mei as CB's agents also caught whiff of this upcoming operation. With the exception Setsuna and Lockon, the rest of the crew members talked over the situation in Liu Mei's living-room.

The crew members suspected the reason why the Union, AEU, and HRL acted so fast in a military exercise was due to CB. Sumeragi agreed and said that the HRL needed the help of the other superpowers especially after their failed Gundam Capture mission. Lasse asked if they should intervene, but Tieria cut in and explained that deploying all three armies would take a lot of money, and that it wouldn't make sense for the world's armies to go through all that trouble just for the Gundams. Sumeragi agreed with Tieria and asked Liu Mei for the location of the operation.

Billy's Rendezvous

Sometime later, at night, Sumeragi met up with Billy at a cafe bar to talk about the file he sent to her. Billy said that he was glad, but Sumeragi said that she was glad as well. Billy apologized for worrying her and explained that the memory crystal contained a "simulation". Sumeragi looked over the plan and said that information on the Gundams was very limited and that there could be more. Billy couldn't envision more being made since there would be reports of vanishing materials. Billy again asked for her opinion, but Sumeragi thought that he already knew. Billy commented that since the three superpowers couldn't take on the Gundams individually, they could instead attack the Gundams over a lengthened period of time to wear out the pilots. Sumeragi said that there was a possibility that the Gundams had an auto-pilot function or self-destruct mechanism. Billy was impressed and Sumeragi was uncomfortable. Billy apologized, but Sumeragi decided to leave. Before she walked off, she assured Billy that she didn't copy the file and that he shouldn't have done what he didn. Billy wondered if she could visit MSWAD sometime to see Prof. Eifman, but Sumeragi declined. Billy asked if she had someone else waiting for her, and she asked him if she did. Billy said that the guy was lucky, and Sumeragi headed back to Wang manor to look over data in the upcoming battle.

World Military Assault in Taklamakan

Pre-Battle Analysis

Sumeragi analyzed tactical data in Liu Mei's secret computer room. While looking over the data, Tieria asked about it, and Sumeragi explained that they would interveine in Northwestern China's Taklamakan Desert. There was a weapons-grade uranium outpost there and if it were destroyed, there would be catastrophic damage to the earth. She also mentioned that the Union and HRL were doing military exercises near the plant. Tieria said that the Meisters prioritized the mission over their lives and without those qualities, one couldn't be a true Gundam Meister.

Fall of The Meisters

The following day, the Meisters sortied to the Taklamakan Desert, knowing full well it was a ploy to capture them. Sumeragi had the Meisters split into two teams, Setsuna in Exia with Tieria in Virtue and Lockon in Dynames with Allelujah in Kyrios. Sumeragi gave them a series of battle tactics to increase their chances of success; there would be no backup plan nor support should the mission fail.

Sumeragi and the Ptolemy bridge crew waited in Liu Mei's mansion as they hoped for their success; Christina operates the CIC in radio silence to monitor their progress. As the bridge crew anxiously waited over their progress, Sumeragi runs through her mind about the tactical plans the Meisters should be executing. As night turned to morning, the crew was still waiting for news of their progress. Sumeragi felt that it would be the Meister's last mission.

Sumeragi predicted the fall of the Gundam Meisters, but to her surprise, Christina reported their survival. While everyone was happy to know that the Meisters have survived their battle, Sumeragi could only stare out the window and wonder why. She then sighed in relief and commented on how it was sometimes good to be wrong. The entire crew later regrouped in Ptolemy to repair their Gundams and debriefed Sumeragi of their survival.

Trinity Armed Intervention Campaign

Meeting Team Trinty

After the Meisters debriefed Sumeragi about the events in Taklamakan, she saw that the three suits and their pilots weren't mentioned in Veda at all. The crew questioned the validity of these new Gundams, but the Meisters all verified what they saw. Lockon then mentioned that he got a message from one of the pilots stating they were Gundam Meisters, and Tieria went on further to say that they gave the Meisters the location in which to meet. Each crew member had their own thoughts, Feldt and Chris were excited to meet their new teammates, while Setsuna suspected their sincerity. Sumeragi told the crew that they would find out.

Soon after, Christina and Feldt detected the Trinity Mothership arriving. Sumeragi was still cautious and had Setsuna on standby in Exia in case there was deception. She also had Christina perform a full sensor-sweep to verify that their technology was related to CB. As the Trinitys transported themselves over to Ptolemy via one of their MS, Sumeragi changed her mind and had Setsuna join the greeting party after she thought the coast was clear. Sumeragi and the Meisters met with Team Trinity at a designated airlock.

The eldest greeted the crew cordially and introduced himself as Johann Trinity, Gundam Meister to GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins. The middle one excitedly introduced himself as Michael Trinity, Meister to GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei. The lone female introduced herself as Nena Trinity, Meister to GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei. Sumeragi was surprised how young the pilots were, all late teenagers. Sumeragi wondered about their names. Johann admitted they were siblings.

Nena then popped out and asked about Exia's pilot. To everyone's surprise, Nena kissed Setsuna. Setsuna shoved her away, causing tension as Michael threatened to kill Setsuna for his actions. To further add confusion, Lockon's orange Haro came to greet the Trinity's purple Haro, calling it. "Big Brother! Big Brother!" but the purple Haro pushed off the orange Haro, not remembering it at all. After the awkward situation, Sumeragi moved them all to the briefing room.

The meeting produced no answers from Team Trinity on their origins, the origins of their Gundams, and why they weren't in Veda's databanks. Some tensions were raised as Michael insulted Allelujah for being a "defective" Super Soldier. The Trinity explained that they would be conducting interventions on their own accord due to doubts about Ptolemy's battle performance. Sumeragi wondered if they were being replaced, but Johann told them to perform their interventions as they felt best.

Still inside the briefing room, Lockon asked if it was okay to let them go without any information, but Sumeragi smirked and had Ian analyze his findings of Throne Eins. Sumeragi also requested Ian to make a report on a terminal that's independent from Veda as she didn't want Veda to know their suspicions. Not long after that, Team Trinity attacked MSWAD.

Veda Compromised

Sumeragi had already begun to suspect that their communications and secrets of Celestial Being had been compromised. The entire Ptolemy crew had a meeting over Ian's findings about the Thrones. Ian explained that most of Team Trinity's MS tech was the same as theirs, but their GN Drive systems were different from theirs. Ian went on to say that the main difference between their Gundams was in the drives. Team Trinity's false solar reactors were using a component to replace the TD Blanket, meaning that the Trinity's GN Drives had a limited operation time. Allelujah commented on how someone was using CB technology, and Lasse wondered how. Sumeragi explained that the information to make a complete GN Drive wasn't included in Veda, meaning that someone had hacked into it. Chris was in shock, but Sumeragi told her that anything was possible. Lasse concluded that since Team Trinity had 3 fake drives, there was definitely a traitor within CB.The crew members later returned to their duties while Sumeragi remained in the briefing room with Ian. Ian asked what they would do, and Sumeragi eventually ordered the Meisters to halt all interventions.

Sometime later, Sumeragi and the rest of CB found out the Trinitys randomly attacked civilians in Spain (Louise Halevy's family). As Sumeragi worked on some data, Billy sent a text to her about Professor Eifman's death (Team Trinity's first attack, on MSWAD) due to the Trinty's. If it wasn't enough, Setsuna sortied to wage a one-man war against the Trinitys, citing them as sources of conflict. Sumeragi headed to the bridge to access the situation.

At the bridge, Feldt and Christina reported that both Setsuna and Tieria were facing off against the Thrones. Feldt then reported that Lockon would also engage the Thrones for support. Sumeragi allowed Lockon to do whatever he liked for the battle. As Feldt and Christina continued to monitor the battle, they report in the both Exia and Virtue were using tactical formations to combat the Thrones, surprising Sumeragi as the two had never done so before. After the brief skirmish, Sumeragi had the Gundams return to Ptolemy.

Formation of the United Nations Forces

Unknown to Sumeragi and CB, the world governments secretly received 30 GN Drive Taus to be used against them in future battles. To effectively destroy CB, the Advanced European Union, the Human Reform League, and the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations had united their armed forces under the direction of the United Nations as the United Nations Forces, or U.N. Forces. News had came over their formation ass Setsuna, Lockon, and Tieria returned to space. Sumeragi had a meeting with the remaining crew in the briefing room. Lasse and Ian expressed concern over the situation, but Sumeragi herself couldn't make any predictions on limited information; she was concerned that the situation was dire enough to roll out the two GNR-001 GN Arms units and had Ian and Lasse retrieve them. She notified the rest of the crew that they'd resume meetings when the Meisters returned to Ptolemy.

Later, the Meisters finally returned to Ptolemy and suited up for battle. Lockon walked in to ask about the situation. Tieria then cited himself as having violated orders and asked about his punishment. Lockon and Alleulujah told Tieria not to worry about it. Feldt and Christina then reported that the Trinitys were attacking the Guangzhou Garrison Base in the HRL terrirory.

After the battle was over, Feldt reported that Team Trinity retreated. Everyone was shocked at Team Trinity's retreat until they viewed footage of 10 mobile suits powered by GN Drive Taus. Sumeragi then commented on how it would be a battle of Gundams vs. Gundams.

Some time later, Sumeragi and had Feldt and Christina design an independent operating system (OS) for the Gundams and their ship. Sumeragi correctly theorized that Veda had been compromised and that Veda was no longer trusted to run CB. To anticipate for the worst situation, Sumergi had the girls design the stand alone OS in case someone tried to interfere with their operations. As the girls worked throughout the day, she made some drinks for the girls as they worked; it was liquor. Several hours later, the girls feel asleep over the CIC consoles as they completed the stand-alone OS. As they napped, Sumeragi reviewed their work when sensors detected incoming enemy targets.

Operation Fallen Angels

UN forces enacted an anti-CB campaign named Operation:Fallen Angels. Before they made their public announcement, they launched a series of attacks first in hopes to report progress to restore public confidence in their respectful governments.

U.N. Forces Counteroffensive

The new United Nations MS force, utilizing the GNX-603T GN-X, tracked down Ptolemy and the Gundams. Sumeragi warned everyone for battlestations as 19 GN-X's were closing in. Using the AEU and Union MS squadrons (minus Graham Aker), the UN Forces began their assault on Ptolemy and were formidibale opponents to the Gundams.

While in the middle of battle, the inevitable happened as the Gundams were shutdown in the middle of combat. Although Sumeragi didn't know who was tampering with Veda, she implemented the stand-alone OS system to the Gundams soon after Veda deactivated them. Unexpectedly, Tieria had cancelled the transfer of the new OS into Virtue, rendering him immobile. Lasse Aeon came back just in time with GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E to push back UN Forces into tactical retreat. Lockon was badly hurt trying to protect Tieria and Sumeragi had Dr. Joyce B. Moreno dispatched for medical emergency attention.

After Moreno's arrival and treatment, she asked about Lockon's condition. Moreno reported that Lockon would need 3 weeks in the medical chamber. Sumeragi then instructed Setsuna and Allelujah to assist in repairs to the Gundams. Lockon overheard their conversation and was insistent to remain with the team instead of medical leave. Ultimately, Sumeragi allowed Lockon to remain on active duty despite his injuries, forcing Lockon to wear an eyepatch over his damaged right eye..

Setsuna's Confirmations

Later in a meeting, analyzing the combat footage between the Thrones and HRL's GNX MS force, Setsuna questioned the purpose of their Gundams. He believed the existence of the Thrones and UN Forces as a source of conflict and would like to investigate the matter to Earth. Everyone was reluctant about the matter, expect for Lockon and Lasse. While the men debated over the situation, Sumeragi realized she couldn't really stop Setsuna since he'd just go anyway and decided to support him with some tactical plans. As Setsuna and Lasse prepared to depart, she asked Setsuna to come back.

Aeolia's Message

While the Meisters awaited Setsuna's return, Aeolia Schenberg suddenly appeared in a pre-recorded message to all of Celestial Being.:

To those who use GN Drives: I don't know whether you will carry my will, however I entrust you my final hope to you, full utilization of your GN Drives. I hope that you will use them and fight your hardest for the sake of ending war and bringing about a new peace. Not for the sake of Celestial Being, but for the sake of your own wills, as those who have Gundams.

With that message, the Gundams now had access to the Trans-Am System.

U.N. Forces Attack

Setsuna was returning from Earth after an investigation between the Thrones and UN Forces. As they waited for Setsuna's return, the remaining Meisters analyzed Trans-Am. Sumeragi explained that Trans-Am allowed the Gundams to make full use of their stored particles, allowing them to operate at 3 times the normal specifications. Allelujah commented on how the system was only in the original 5 GN Drives, and Lockon was excited to use the new system. However, Sumeragi called it a double-edged sword, as once the particles were spent, the Gundams would operate at much lower specifications until the particles were restored.

Setsuna sent a message to Ptolemy, citing that he had acknowledged their orders to return to Ptolemy. He explained that the 30 GN-X's were heading for space, as Sumeragi had predicted. Setsuna also mentioned that Gundam Throne Zwei had been captured and was being piloted by Ali al-Saachez As the Meisters talked over about al-Saachez, Sumeragi wondered if their resupply would be done before the UN Forces found them, but that either way, there would be a battle at Lagrange 1. Hours later, Feldt and Chris reported the arrival of UN Forces, as well as Throne Zwei. Sumeragi had Ptolemy fall back close to the resource asteroid with Kyrios and Virtue launching to provide cover. Dynames would remain on standby.

As the battle progressed, both Kyrios and Virtue were being overwhelmed, forcing Sumeragi to call for a tactical retreat. Suddenly, Ian reported that Lockon was about to launch with Dynames and the GN Arms Type D, as her battle strategy called for. Sumeragi tried to protest, but Lockon shut off his communicator and launched. As the battle progressed, CB had the upper-hand as all the pilots used their respective Trans-Am Systems to force the UN Forces into retreat while Lockon headed to engage the three Virginia-class cruisers. Sumeragi had hoped that Setsuna would return in time to save Lockon. After the battle, Kyrios and Virtue were heading back to Ptolemy, as well as a badly damaged Dynames. Everyone thought Lockon had safely returned, but Haro's cry for Lockon made everyone realize that he died in battle.

After all the Meisters returned to Ptolemy, Sumeragi went to see the Meisters in their locker room when she saw a distraught Tieria confronting Setsuna about his lateness. She promptly slapped Tieria and said if he head enough time to complain then he certainly had enough time to help them out. Sumeragi knew that the UN would return to finish the fight. After dealing with the Meisters, she had Ian launch decoy asteroids to lace L1 with particles to mask their location.

Last Stand

As the Ptolemy crew made emergency repairs and preparations, Ian said that he had deployed the asteroids but wasn't sure if it would work (which it didn't). Sumeragi then asked about the status of the Gundams, and Ian explained that Kyrios was fine as long as it didn't transform, but Virtue's Particle armor was badly damaged in the previous fight, so Ian decided to deploy it as Nadleeh with its own armaments.

Sumeragi resumed analysis of the situation and thought to herself that the only fully functioning units were Exia and GN-Arms Type-E. Their emergency was Trans-Am, but it had a time limit. Just then Tieria called to Sumeragi for a mission plan. Sumeragi was surprised that he wanted to fight. Tieria said that if they wiped out the remaining GN-X units that the world would have to yield to their power and their plan could continue. Despite Sumeragi bringing up the possibility of reinforcements, Tieria explained that he understood, but Allelujah and Setsuna wanted to keep fighting as well. Tieria told Sumeragi that they were counting on her and ended the conversation, leaving Sumeragi to her own devices.

Not long afterward, a tactical alert was sounded off and Sumeragi quickly headed to the bridge. CIC reported sighting 10 more GN-X units, but there was a large unit in the middle. Lichty thought it was a battleship, but Sumeragi said that it was a mobile armor. To everyone's surprise, Alvatore fired on Ptolemy before it was in visual distance. Lichty quickly made evasive maneuvers, but the particle beam damaged their left engine. Alvatore made a second shot, but Lichty managed to evade the shot. Sumeragi then quickly commanded Setsuna and Lasse to intercept the mobile armor while Lichty kept Ptolemy covered behind the asteroids to avoid direct hits from the mobile armor and enemy GNXs. She commanded Allelujah and Tieria to defend the ship.

As the Meisters faced their own battles, Sumeragi and the Ptolemy crew continued to defend their ship. An additional Assault Container was attached to Ptolemy, giving Ptolemy a limited ability to defend itself against enemy units. Soon, another particle beam was fired from Alvatore. This time, the right side of Ptolemy was badly damaged and they couldn't use the GN Field for defense and Dr. Moreno died from decompression as the medical bay was destroyed. Sumeragi decided to switch over to the Assault Container with Ian to intercept any incoming units.

Eventually, a GN-X got to Ptolemy and Ian tried to intercept it. As Feldt got inside the Assault Container with them, the GN-X destroyed Ptolemy's bridge. Ian managed to destroy the GN-X, but the damage was done. Sumeragi tried to radio for Lichty and Chris. Chris barely survived the attack, but Lichty was killed in the process. Her last words to the crew were, "I beg you...change...this world...Please...!" The last of Ptolemy eventually exploded, vaporizing Chris and Lichty. In the final battle between Setsuna and Alejandro Corner, Sumeragi, Ian, and Feldt could only observe the battle over the computer. The CIC revealed a grim picture, all the Gundams and their Meisters were down, their well status was unknown. After the battle, CB was officially announced defeated by UN Forces. Sumeragi and the surviving crew salvage their loses and returned to base.


Sumeragi and the remaining Ptolemy crew returned to one of their L-point satellites to recover. Setsuna was reported as MIA and Allelujah and the Kyrios (sans its GN Drive) were captured by the UN Forces. CB managed to salvage all their GN Drives except for Exia's with the help of Fereshte. Sumeragi and the rest of CB quietly rebuilt their organization as the world eventually united to become a single planetary government, the Earth Sphere Federation.

Around AD 2309-2311, Sumeragi could no longer accept her failure to change the world. The unified peace that Sumeragi had hoped for never came. As Celestial Being collected intelligence, news of conflicts continued. Considering all that was done and the lives sacrificed, Sumeragi couldn't get past herself and resigned from CB. She returned to Earth and started to drink heavily to cope with her depression. It was during one of her drunken escapades that she found herself on the doorstep of Billy Katagiri. Even under Billy's care, she kept drinking to drown her sorrows.

Return to Celestial Being

By the year A.D. 2312, Sumeragi's condition hadn't improved much. She spent the better part of her time drinking her woes away. Billy did his best to care for her while she stayed; he had hoped that his care for her would develop a romantic relationship, but nothing happened. Sumeragi was always aware of Billy's feelings and took advantage of that to have a place to stay and drink. While waking from a hangover she heard the news of a Gundam sighting.

Forced Return

Sumeragi was drunk and drinking hard liquor again. Billy pulled away her glass and complained about the trouble she gave him. She got up to leave and thanked Billy for the past two years. Billy stopped her and tried to explain himself when the doorbell rang. To Sumeragi's surprise, it was Setsuna on the monitor. Billy wondered if it was someone she knew, and wanted to invite the guest in to eat with them since it had been a long time since they had company. Sumeragi wanted to stop Billy from opening the door, but it was too late.

Sumeragi made a nervous greeting. Setsuna got to the point and called her Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Celestial Being's tactical forecaster. While Billy was still in shock over Kujo's dual identity, Setsuna dragged her to the orbital elevator to meet a new Gundam Meister.

While inside the linear train, Sumeragi asked what he was planning to accomplish by bringing her back to CB. Even though the world had united, conflict still existed she cursed Aeolia's plan. Setsuna then asked if that was the reason she was always drunk, and Sumeragi said that it wasn't wrong of her to do so. Setsuna told Sumeragi that he and the rest of Celestial Being would fight to atone for their sins. Sumeragi said that it was impossible for her to do that and that she wasn't as strong as Setsuna.

As they reached the top of the orbital terminal, Sumeragi pleaded with Setsuna to leave her, but Setsuna ignored her and told her that a new Gundam Meister would arrive soon. To Sumeragi's shock, it was Lockon Stratos. Sumeragi didn't think the man she was seeing was Lockon, but Setsuna explained that the man was Lockon's twin brother, Lyle Dylandy. However, Lyle pridefully introduced himself as the new Lockon Stratos of Celestial Being. The group later headed to a hanger to secretly depart in one of their CB shuttles.

As the trio headed back to CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, the ship and its crew had been warned of an imminent attack from the ESF's special taskforce, the Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force, A-Laws.

Sumeragi drunken and collapsed after her unnoficial return

As Sumeragi, Lockon, and Setsuna headed to intercept the Ptolemy, they too noticed the MS force passing over them. Worried about the their tactical situation, Sumeragi asked about their fighting strength, and Setsuna said that only Tieria's Gundam was ready to go, but they had another unit almost ready to go. Sumeragi wasn't optimistic over two Gundams as Lockon commented on how isolated the group was. Not wanting to risk the lives of her comrades, Sumeragi sent an emergency coded message to Ptolemy for tactical coordination. While Tieria in GN-008 Seravee Gundam distracted A-Laws' GNX-609T GN-XIII units, Setsuna jumped out of the shuttle in attempt to jump-start the GN-0000 00 Gundam and its Twin Drive System. As Setsuna jump-started 00, everyone watched in amazement as 00 emitted a massive charge of GN particles out of Ptolemy's launch bay. Once all units were defeated, Sumeragi safely boarded Ptolemy for a warm reception, however her reception was shadowed over the appearance of a living Lockon Stratos behind her. Sumeragi wanted to explain she didn't choose to return to CB, but the shock of Lockon's return was on everyone's mind. Sumeragi explained that it was Lockon's brother. After the reception, Sumeragi made it clear she hadn't returned on an official capacity and drowned her woes in her quarters, with a refrigerator loaded up with beer and wine.

Rescue Allelujah Haptism

While still drowning her woes in her room, she news of Allelujah Haptism's location came over Ptolemy. The Ptolemy crew was having a conference the briefing room when Sumeragi went in to confirm if Wang Liu Mei had found Allelujah. Lasse confirmed it as Ian wanted to get started on the rescue mission. Sumeragi inquired on what Ian meant, and Setsuna wanted her tactical predictions. Sumeragi denied his request, but Tieria interjected and said that if they were successful, then CB could continue operations with four Gundams. Lasse pleaded with Sumeragi as Feldt offered her a purple uniform. Sumeragi didn't want their expectations thrown on her and felt she would just put everyone in danger. Setsuna told her to leave the past behind and that even if the mission failed, they still wanted to try and rescue their friend.

Setsuna's words got through and Sumeragi asked for their current status. As the crew departed to for Earth, Sumeragi looks over all their current data. She was especially curious about how Lyle had such high stats in training despite claiming to have only piloted a Workloader.

Blitzkrieg Plan

Sumeragi created a 5 minute blitzkrieg assault upon the Federation anti-government detention facility. The plan involved using Ptolemy 2's GN Field to crash into the sea and create a tsunami. The tidal wave would cause chaos and confusion while dampening the beam efficiency of enemy particle weapons for a short time. While Ptolemy 2 was being attacked under water, Setsuna would crash into the facility with the 00 and pinpoint Allelujah's location on foot while Tieria in Seravee would guard the 00. Lockon was assigned sniper support on Seravee's position. Once Allelujah was freed, Ptolemy 2 would briefly rise to the surface and launch GN-007 Arios Gundam on auto pilot towards Allelujah's location. The mission was completed with a few minor hitches, including the rescue of Marina Ismail and Allelujah's extended time.

Anti A-Laws Campaign

A Reason To Fight

Allelujah paid a visit to Sumeragi's quarters for a chat with some wine.

Ms. Sumeragi chats with Allelujah

While talking with Sumeragi, he told her about Marie and her involvement with the Federation as Soma Peries. Sumeragi poured a glass of wine and commented on Soma Peries, the HRL's Super Soldier. Allelujah said that he was captured because he felt as though he should atone for his sins. However, after returning to PTolemy, he found that his reason to fight was to bring back Marie. Sumeragi commented on how she was an enemy and on the fact that Allelujah destroyed the Super Soldier facility. Allelujah admitted that Marie would hate him for killing their kin and for all the other terrible things he did. Sumeragi was envious of Allelujah as he had a reason to fight and she didn't. Allelujah pointed out that she had approved of Aeolia's plan and wanted to change the world, but Sumeragi said that she signed on because she wanted to make up for her past. Allelujah wondered what she meant, and Sumeragi explained,

"I always fought with that in mind. Thats right, I sacrificed so many lives for the sake of my own ego...but I couldn't erase my own past. The me as I am now has no reason to fight...nor a reason to be here. "

Allelujah then said that he believed that she had a reason to fight and that she would eventually find it, considering she went through all the trouble to rescue him.

Underwater Attack & Official Return

While inside her room, she looked at an photo of the Ptolemy I crew. She wondered if she could truly stand up and face the world and protect the ones she cared about. As Ptolemy II cruised underwater, Sumeragi noticed the waters were too calm without a single sign of sea life. She suspected that something was wrong and seconds later, a tactical alert sounded off as enemy units fire a combination of chemical adhesives and torpedoes. The bridge crew was in a panic as the chemical adhesive was limiting access to the ship's weapons. Sumeragi climbed back to the bridge crew to take command.

As Lasse, Feldt, and Meliena struggled to contain the situation, Sumeragi walked in and told them to calm down as the attacks would stop, but the enemy would come and attack. Eventually, the GNMA-04B11 Trilobite rammed into the port side of Ptolemy. Feldt reported that the enemy had attacked the hull and that they would eventually be crushed by the underwater pressure. Sumeragi reassured them and explained that the attack had actually helped them by allowing Ptolemy 2 to launch the Gundams. All four Gundams launched and defeated the mobile armor. Setsuna and Allelujah went to the surface to fend off A-Laws. The battle was at a stalemate with A-Laws until they encountered assistance from Katharon; the additional MS made A-Laws retreat. After seeing her friends in danger once again, Sumeragi had taken the resolve to officially return as their tactical commander. She did so by wearing her CB uniform, but it was too tight and Feldt had to give her a larger size. The overall crew welcomed her return to CB.

Middle East Conflict

Meeting with Katharon

Celestial Being agreed to Katharon's invitation and entered the Rub' al Khali desert for a meeting. Lockon and Allelujah escorted Setsuna, Tieria, Sumeragi, Marina, and Saji who were in the VTOL Craft to the Katharon secret base. Once there, the senior staff of Katharon met with Sumeragi, Setsuna, Saji, and Marina. In the early part of the meeting, Shirin Bakhtiar thanked CB for taking care of Marina Ismail and that her protection will be transferred to them. Setsuna made sure that Saji was also transferred over to Katharon to exit out of CB. Saji objected to the matter as he had no say, but Sumeragi assured him it was for the best. After Marina left the meeting to tend to war orphans, Klaus wanted to forge an alliance with CB to take down the corrupt ESF government, but Sumeragi and Setsuna cited that their target was only the A-Laws and that Katharon had no GN powered mobile suits to fight. The meeting was deemed a failure as Setsuna used the VTOL Craft to return Marina to Azadistan at her behest.

Katharon Massacre

Not long after Sumeragi returned to Ptolemy, Feldt reported that Liu Mei had sent them an emergency message that the A-Laws were headed for Katharon's base. Sumeragi had the Gundams sortie and defended Katharon, but the damage was done. Katharon's base was destroyed and suffered large casualties. By the time Ptolemy caught up with the Gundams, the battle was over. The bridge crew could only watch in horror to what had transpired. While watching one of the members tend to the dead, one of them said, "This is what we were born for and this is what we die for! If this is what they call destiny...!" Those word were similar to those Emilio once said on his death bed. Sumeragi was overwhelmed by her emotions and collapsed from emotional stress. Ian and Lasse then had her put into the medical capsule for healing while the rest of the crew assist Katharon.

The crew decided to defend Katharon against the A-Laws by helping them with supplies and securing their escape route. To fully deviate their attention to them, they decided to move Ptolemy to the coast, where an A-Laws MS sea carrier was nearby. The full force of CB acted as Katharon's defense line. While the Gundams engaged enemy GN-X units, Ptolemy defended itself from enemy units. Sumeragi woke up towards the end of the battle, just when 00 Gundam overloaded. She quickly reached for the comm to command the battle. She told the Gundams to fall back with 00 and use a smokescreen to cover their escape. The particle-infused smoke screen worked and forced the A-Laws to make a tactical retreat.

Search & Rescue Allelujah

While entering the bridge, news came of the MIA Allelujah and Arios. Sumeragi told Feldt and Mileina to search for Arios' last known position. Sumeragi and the rest of the crew searched and waited for news of Allelujah throughout the night. By sunrise, Mileina reported that Lockon had found Allelujah. Sumeragi and the rest of the crew was relieved with joy for Allelujah's safety. Sumeragi thought to herself that she had never lost her reason to fight. Mileina then reported that Allelujah had brought along a girlfriend and Sumeragi wondered what Allelujah was up to.

News Propaganda

Sumeragi and the Meisters had a meeting to see news of the ESF's involvement with the Middle East. The news falsely reported their military intervention was due to quelling conflicts and bringing order to the out-of-control territories. Lockon commented on how the ESF representative was being offensive towards CB. Sumeragi explained to Lockon that the news had already been accepted by the public. Allelujah asked why, so Sumeragi explained further,

Because it's none of their concern. With solar power, the Orbital Elevator protect, and colony development, the Federation is in a state of tranquility. With those blessings, the standard of life for people in the Federation has risen and so the A-Laws peacekeeping forces and anti-government actions don't concern them. If there are no problems, then there are no worries. They won't ever complain.

Setsuna added that it was unjust to live in a world where people still died for no good reason, as Lockon commented on how the A-Laws had made the world they were facing now.

ESF Banquet Investigation

Sometime later, Ian reported the status of the repaired Gundams and news of their completed support units. Ian wanted to return to the Lagrange 3 resource satellite to finalize the tuning of GNR-010 0 Raiser and GNR-101A GN Archer Sumeragi allowed Ian to leave and had Mileina replace her father for the time being. Moments later, Wang Liu Mei called in and reported news of a Federation banquet with prominent figures including an unknown figure of A-Laws attending the dinner. Tieria jumped at the chance to volunteer and Setsuna volunteered to provide backup. Sumeragi had Tieria cross dress as an upper class female while Setsuna dressed up as the chauffeur. Several hours later, Feldt and Mileina reported that Seravee and 00 were engaged in MS combat. Sumeragi then had Arios and Cherudim assist in the battle and had them regroup back to Ptolemy.

Return to Lagrange 3

After the Gundams all returned to Ptolemy, she told Lasse to prepare for atmospheric exit. Lasse wondered why they were going back to space, and Sumeragi explained that within 12 hours, they would be caught by the A-Laws, and that by returning to L3, they would pick up the support units. She then had Feldt and Mileina plot an atmospheric exit sequence for launch.

Trans-Am Launch & Kati's Message

As the bridge crew prepared to return to space, the A-Laws dispatched a squadron of Trilobites to attack them. As Feldt and Mileina reported on the incoming enemy targets, Sumeragi was impressed that the enemy had predicted that they'd be over the equator. With the attack occurring earlier than anticipated, Sumeragi decided to launch and had Lasse direct Ptolemy to the surface. As soon as the Trilobites launched their GN torpedoes, Sumeragi commanded Arios, Cherudim, and Seravee to activate Trans-Am and have Ptolemy launch when the torpedoes exploded. Sumeragi took advantage of the blasts of the torpedoes to help boost Ptolemy's launch as Ptolemy switches to aviation mode.

As they flew into space, the A-Laws GN-X units attempted to shoot down Ptolemy. Sumeragi had all their weapons fire a volley of missiles towards the rear to fend off their pursuers. Just as they exited the atmosphere, Ptolemy was hit by a large particle beam, changing the trajectory of their exit into space by 3 degrees. Their exit was greeted by an A-Laws battle-cruiser with a GN-X squadron after them. Sumeragi anticipated this and had Setsuna sortie during their exit. Ptolemy was powered down from Trans-Am and unable to defend itself. Fortunately, Setsuna came through and destroyed the battle-cruiser. The remaining GN-X units retreated. After the battle, Feldt reported that the enemy left them a message on an open channel. Sumeragi had Feldt read the contents out loud,

"I express my respect for the tactics of Lessa Kujo of Celestial Being. Colonel Kati Mannequin, Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force."

Sumeragi realized it was the same Kati that she knew back during her college days in Union. Sumeragi wondered why Kati was in the A-Laws when Feldt and Mileina wondered about her sad expression. Sumeragi gave up running away from her past. After tactical alert was over, Sumeragi went back to her quarters to think to herself. She thought back during her college days with Billy and especially Kati. She couldn't understand why Kati was in the A-Laws.

Innovator Encounter

While inside her quarters, Feldt reported of a enemy unit heading towards them at 78 k/s. Sumeragi was astonished how fast the unit was as she rushed to the bridge. As soon as she got to the bridge, she had Setsuna intercept the unit with 00. After a brief fight, Ptolemy and Cherudim provided support, forcing the unit to retreat.

After the coast of was clear, Sumeragi had Lasse get Ptolemy 2 to L3 as fast as possible. Lasse wondered what was up with the enemy unit, '" Sumeragi said that it was a demonstration of the A-Laws' new mobile suit and a warning that they were in the area. Lasse commented on how they needed 0 Raiser more and more, and Sumeragi agreed, but wondered if the attack was of Kati's doing.

00 Raiser Trial

The crew had finally reached to Lagrange 3. As they enter the compound, they were greeted by Ian and his wife Linda Vashti. Sumeragi had Ian get resupplying done quicky as Ian wondered what happened. Sumeragi explained that the ship was attacked on its way to L3, and Ian thought that they shouldn't have been detected. A new crew member told them that repairs and resupply would require a minimum of 5 days. The female member introduced herself as Anew Returner, as Ian explained that she was found by Wang Liu Mei. After introductions, Sumeragi went to work on some data while the rest observed the 00 Raiser trials.

While looking over personnel files, she noticed that Lasse's medical file said that he was suffering from GN Particle poisoning (from Alvatore's beam). Concerned for his well being, she went to the medical bay to talk to him. She found Lasse working on his own biometrics and was worried that if he didn't stop, that he would die. Lasse told her that he had no intention of stopping when Feldt informed Sumeragi of an abnormal heat signature and called her to the bridge.

Destroy Memento Mori

Sumeragi attended to the bridge along with the crew to see satellite pics of crater on Earth. Sumeragi identified the attack was the work of a satellite weapon. Feldt reported that it was the former middle eastern country, Suille. Sumeragi then announced that they would destroy the satellite weapon when repairs were completed.

Innovators Revelation

As the crew was about to prepare for the destruction of Memento Mori, Tieria decided to tell the group of the existence of the Innovators and their intentions. Aside from controlling the Federation and the A-Laws from the shadows, Tieria also explained their involvement in interfering with Aeolia's Plan at the start of Celestial Being's armed intervention 5 years ago. The crew finally learned who were responsible for hijacking Veda, creating Team Trinity and the three Gundam Thrones, and giving the 30 false GN Drives to the United Nations Forces. Lockon asked Tieria why he didn't say anything sooner, which Tieria reasoned that was because he was conflicted as the Innovators claimed to follow Aeolia Schenberg's Plan. The crew responded with disbelief, believing that the oppressive tactics the Innovators impose don't actually lead to true peace. In the end, they decided to fight against the Innovators and the A-Laws through their own will.

As the meeting comes to a close, Tieria also wanted to reveal to everyone that he's also the same as the Innovators. However, Sumeragi stopped him, telling him that despite having a rough understanding of what he's going through, they still have a satellite weapon to worry about. She reassured Tieria that whatever it is that was bothering him, he was still one of their comrades. Tieria responded with a relieved smile.

Preemptive A-Laws Strike

As loading and resupplying of Ptolemy draws to an end, Sumeragi makes an announcement at the L3 base that anyone not on board Ptolemy should evacuate the resource satellite and destroy the data terminals. Moments after her announcement, the A-Laws launched a surprise attack on the L3 base. A barrage of GN missiles attacked the base. With the base falling apart, Sumeragi had the Gundams sortie first and had Ptolemy launch.

To insure the safety of the surviving L3 crew, Sumeragi had Allelujah secure their escape with Archer Arios as they retreated by shuttle. Seconds later, Feldt and Mileina spotted a dozen GN-XIIIs. Sumeragi had Setsuna intercept them, but he was held back by a plasma field. She then told Tieria to fire upon the incoming group, but Bring Stabity in the Garazzo appeared and intercepted Seravee; only Cherudim was left to defend Ptolemy. Soon, Revive Revival's Gadessa fired the GN Mega Launcher and damaged the third hanger, the very same one Ian was. Sumeragi was too busy to tend to Ian and asked Saji Crossroad to check with Ian.

While continuing monitoring and coordinating their battle, the bridge crew was surprised to see Saji within 0 Raiser. Saji explained that Ian requested his help and he had Haro with him to assist. Without another CB member to spare, she relented and gave permission for Saji to sortie. The crew was concerned over her decision, but she explained that the enemy would keep coming and that the Twin Drive System was their only hope. Sumeragi's gamble worked as Setsuna and Saji formed GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser and would defeat both Innovators' units and pushed back the A-Laws' assault, forcing them to retreat. After the battle, Sumeragi had the Gundams return to Ptolemy as they intend to continue with their mission to destroy Memento Mori. With the ship damaged before their next battle, she had Mileina perform repairs to the ship as they regroup. As she waited for the Gundam to regroup, she thought about the abilities of 00 Raiser

After checking in on Ian's health, Sumeragi asked Feldt about news from Wang Liu Mei, Feldt reported nothing. Sumeragi had hoped that she would deliver some intel, but nothing came. After Feldt reported a second attack from the weapon, Sumeragi lost patience to wait and decided to go forward with their plans. She announced that they would launch at Memento Mori using Trans-Am and that repairs were to continue as they traveled. Moments later, Ptolemy super accelerated to 'Memento Mori. As they speed to 'Memento Mori, a third shot was made, this time upwards in space. While the crew was surprised that the weapon could fire in space, Lockon told them that it was firing at Katharon's space fleet.

Battle of Memento Mori

Katharon began their assault upon 'Memento Mori before CB arrived; Katharon wasn't progressing well. Already half their fleet was wiped out by a single beam shot from 'Memento Mori. To prevent more losses, Sumeragi had Setsuna sortie in 00 Raiser ahead of them to assist and gather tactical data regarding Memento Mori. As data came in from Setsuna, additional data came in from Liu Mei's mysterious agent. The agent gave CB the schematics to Memento Mori for analysis. Feldt discovered a weakness in Memento Mori, the electromagnetic photon resonance chamber. Sumeragi decided to exploit that weakness by plowing through Memento Mori's blind spot and through the A-Laws' forces to destroy the satellite cannon. Once Ptolemy II and crew reached in a specific range of Memento Mori, Sumeragi had each of the Meisters execute their specific roles in her battle plan. She had Lockon defended Ptolemy II by activating Trans-Am and utilizing the Cherudim's GN Shield Bits for defense as Ptolemy couldn't use the GN Field. Allelujah and Arios dedicated all of its Trans-Am power to propel Ptolemy II towards Memento Mori. To better time the execution of Trans-Am to Ptolemy, she made a request to Marie to assist her in the timing. Marie signaled the execution of Trans-Am at the nearest point of impact when the weapon fires. Seravee then fired a large blast towards the satellite weapon, exposing its resonance chamber, and Lockon used Cherudim's GN Sniper Rifle to hit the chamber itself and destroy the satellite weapon.

Crashed & Hunted on Earth

Just as the Ptolemy II crew enjoyed their victory over destroying Memento Mori, Innovators came for a surprise attack at their weakest moment. Bring, Revive, and Devine Nova's GNMA-Y0001 Empruss attacked Ptolemy II and breached the port stern. With all the Gundams still recharging their GN particles from the Memento Mori battle, there was no chance to retaliate. Sumeragi had Lasse and Anew use the inertia of their assault to speed their descent to Earth while releasing a smoke screen to partially blind the Innovators and exaggerated the damage sustained. The ship and crew survived a crash landing back on Earth and began emergency repairs. With the exception of functional engines, their weapons, navigation, and communications were badly damaged. On top of that, Setsuna and the 00 Raiser got separated from the group during their Innovators attack. Ptolemy II relied on the Optical Camouflage to keep them temporarily safe from the A-Laws detection as they tried to restore the mothership to working order. Unknown to the crew, the A-Laws and the Innovators were secretly tracking their position through Anew Returner.

While the crew assisted in repairs and maintenance to Ptolemy, Sumeragi took the time to apologize to Allelujah. Allelujah promised Sergei Smirnov that he would never allow Marie be involved in war ever again, but under the circumstances, Sumeragi had to ask Marie for her tactical experience to take out Memento Mori. Allelujah forgave her since Marie agreed to do it but asked Sumeragi not to do it again.

Innovator Attack & Katharon Assistance

During the evening, Lockon reported two unconfirmed mobile suits heading their way and informs Sumeragi. She dispatched Allelujah and Tieria to intercept them. Allelujah intercepted Revive while Tieria intercepted Bring once again; Lockon stayed behind to guard Ptolemy II. After the fight was over, Sumeragi had a meeting with Tieria, Allelujah, and Ian. Sumeragi wanted to be debriefed about the previous battle, especially Tieria's battle since he revealed GN-009 Seraphim Gundam. Tieria explained that if he didn't then he would have been killed. Sumeragi wondered if they noticed Seraphim's abilities, and Tieria couldn't really tell. Allelujah and Ian were concerned over their odds of success without Setsuna with them, but Tieria showed his confidence in Setsuna's return. Shortly after, CIC reports their arrival at the rendezvous point. Lockon made arrangements with Katharon to rendezvous with their rebel European cell for resupply. Sumeragi headed off to supervise the re-supply operation.

Coup d'état Save

After Ptolemy successfully resupplied from Katharon, they moved on their way to the Atlantic Coast. As they approach to the Atlantic sea, Feldt sounded off a tactical alert and reported that the A-Laws had launched 36 units against them. Sumeragi had the Gundams launch while Ptolemy took cover behind the mountains

The Gundams attacked the A-Laws as planned, but their duration was limited. Cherudim used Trans-Am for a preemptive strike against GN-X units. Arios and Seravee followed up to attack the A-Laws, but they were tied down against the new mobile armor's plasma shock. Sumeragi and the Ptolemy crew had to retreat further into the mountains for distance, the situation was grim as their weapons systems were too damaged to retaliate. Just as things looked like the end of the Ptolemy crew, A-Laws suddenly retreated. The ESF-Army had just staged a coup d'état at the AEU's orbital elevator. Pang Hercury intentionally allowed the A-Laws be lured away to CB, long enough for his group to take over the elevator and take a stand against the A-Laws and the Federation's political views. Sumeragi and the rest of CB took advantage of their fortune and escaped capture.

After their fortunate escape, Sumeragi and the crew learned of the ESF Coup d'état faction in the news, explaining their fortunate survival. The crew looks to Sumeragi for their next move as Katharon and the ESF Coup faction stands off against the A-Laws. Sumeragi reflected that despite having control of Veda, the Innovators had decided to overlook the coup. Lasse said that they had to go to the elevator to fight the A-Laws, and Tieria said that the Innovators were running things. Sumeragi said that they would head for the elevator, and that there was a chance that they would find Setsuna in Africa if he caught word of the coup. Sumeragi asked Ian to commence repairs on Ptolemy's weapons.

The crew later arrived in Africa and found Setsuna and 00 Raiser engaged in battle against a black mobile suit. Sumeragi dispatched the Gundams to assist 00 Raiser in battle. After the crew reunited with Setsuna, it was quickly discovered that Setsuna wasn't alright. The Gundams were recalled back and Setsuna sent to the medical bay. Meanwhile, the ESF and the A-Laws forces that were standing off outside the AEU elevator had strangely moved to a parallel formation. Sumeragi thought the formation was odd, believing there's meaning behind their movements. She then told Feldt to calculate the wind speed data for 1000 kilometers. Based on the extrapolated data, it suggested that their formation was in anticipation of the tower falling. Sumeragi concluded that the A-Laws had another Memento Mori.

Break Pillar Incident

While Setsuna was recovering in Ptolemy, Sumeragi dispatched the Meisters to intervene the standoff between the ESF-Army, ESF-Coup faction, and Katharon over the AEU elevator.

Meanwhile, within Ptolemy, Sumeragi asked Ian of the possibility of sending Ptolemy to space to stop Memento Mori, but Ian said it was impossible in their condition. Just then, Setsuna walked into the MS bay and volunteered himself for the mission. Sumeragi objected since he was still injured, but Setsuna insisted and Sumeragi relented to his suggestion as the only thing powerful enough to stop Memento Mori is Trans-Am Raiser. Setsuna and Saji joined together for the mission and successfully destroyed the satellite, but not before it fired its only shot. The shot partially damaged a side of the orbital elevator, causing the automatic systems of the elevator to purge its outer shielding components to preserve itself from fully crashing.

Down below, Feldt reported that elevator had begin purging its plates. Sumeragi reflected that although the fragments above the stratosphere would burn up, those below it would fall to Earth. Seconds later, Sumeragi made a public announcement to everyone:

To all units in this airspace, I'm transferring data via visual com link. Please destroy the pillar fragments that will be entering the airspaces I've indicated. Below them are densely populated areas. Unless we work together and do our best tens of millions of lives will be lost. I'm begging you, save those peoples lives

Soon as the message was over, Allelujah, Lockon, and Tieria flew upwards and shot at the incoming debris. Marie was launched in GN Archer to assist in the operation. In an unusual situation, all opposing forces temporarily united in saving the civilians from the falling pillar fragments. When Setsuna and Saji returned from destroying the second Memento Mori, Lockon and Allelujah activated their Trans-Ams to continue defending the African populace. The operation was considered a success and Ptolemy regrouped with the Gundams.

Post Break Pillar Seclusion

After the Break Pillar Incident, Sumeragi had the rest of the Ptolemy crew go under the radar for several months from the sights of the Federation forces. Celestial Being had decided to do this to fully recuperate their battle strength that they had lost after the Memento Mori Operation and their subsequent emergency landing on Earth. The time for full recovery took long, however, as the A-Laws and the Innovators managed to pin point their location and attack them during 20 separate occasions. Despite the hardships, after 4 months of hiding, Celestial Being eventually recovered their battle strength and launched an attack on another Memento Mori as a sign of their return. Sumeragi again formulated a plan to destroy the weapon. With Tieria and Lockon acting as fire support against the A-Laws forces, Allelujah and Soma escorted Setsuna and Saji until they got in range of Memento Mori. Setsuna and Saji activated the Raiser Sword and destroyed the satellite arms. CB then retreated from the battlefield with their mission accomplished.

Back at the Ptolemy II, Tieria, Anew and Sumeragi discussed Setsuna's condition. Setsuna received an injury from a bullet coated with harmful GN Particles during his separation from the Ptolemy II. The injury on his right shoulder was showing signs of regeneration defect on the cells, but unlike Lasse, who shared the same symptoms, the effects were spreading rather slowly. It appeared as though an external force was suppressing the damage.

Taking Back Veda

After much effort to fight the A-Laws, Celestial Being was still nowhere close in winning their fight against the corrupted autonomous force. In addition, four months after the Break Pillar Incident, the A-Laws has become a bigger threat than ever as the Federation had given it the structure and direct power over the ESF Army. Celestial Being, however, took the chance to destroy another rebuild Memento Mori after the announcement. While watching the news about the Federation in the Ptolemy II, Tieria and the rest of the Ptolemy Crew discussed over their complications in defeating such a formidable force.

With the tide of the battle going against them, Tieria suggested to Sumeragi to push forth their initial plan of re-taking Veda from the Innovators. They had already concluded that the Innovators were using Veda to manipulate information to suit their agenda, but planning a capture operation for Veda wasn't much without knowing its location. However, Setsuna suggested that they do the obvious; ask one of the Innovators. Tieria agreed with Setsuna and said it would be a part of their operations.

Shortly after their conversation, A-Laws located them as Sumeragi had the Gundams launch. To the surprise of the bridge crew, Lockon inadvertently confessed his secret relationship with Anew. Sumeragi had wondered when Lockon and Anew had started.

Innovator Capture Operation

Sumeragi told the Meisters that there would be 12 enemy units and that there was the possibility of reinforcements. Setsuna and Saji were given the task of finding the GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron, piloted by Saji's girlfriend, Louise Halevy. Allelujah and Lockon were to handle the A-Laws MS forces, and Tieria was given the task of taking on one of the Innovators MS and capturing one of them alive. Louise's Smultron and the GNX-704T Ahead of Andrei Smirnov were camouflaged and unveiled themselves upon close range in attempt to destroy Ptolemy. The bridge crew quickly caught on to their surprise attack and umeragi ordered Lasse to fire upon them. However, Setsuna and Saji intervened. The power of Trans-Am Raiser activated the quantum effect on the battlefield, allowing everyone to hear Setsuna's thoughts.

Tieria dueled with one of the Innovators and his mobile suit. Tieria defeated the Innovator and captured his escape pod with the Seraphim Gundam. The Meisters later returned to the ship with their hostage.

Innovator Deception

As soon as Setsuna caught up with the Meisters and Sumeragi, they began their questioning. The Innovator kept his helmet on the entire time and Sumeragi requested he remove it, the Innovator complied. He cordially greeted the Meisters and Sumeragi and introduced himself as Revive Revival. Sumeragi started interrogating Revive about Veda's location. However, Revive quickly claimed that he didn't know any information about it, to the sock and disappointment of the crew. Out of curiosity, Revive then turned the question on them by asking what they would do if they got the information they needed. Tieria responded that they would take Veda back, resulting Revive to chuckle as he noted that Veda was originally meant for the Innovators to use. Seeing how confident the Innovator was about his statement, Sumeragi then asked Revive what they intended to use Veda for. Revive responded that it was for the "dialogues that are to come". The crew couldn't understand Revive's vague response, which made Revive comment that it's normal for humans to not comprehend. On the side, Lockon retorted that Revive has no right to act perfect, for he had been captured himself afterall, but Revive quickly replied that he let himself to be captured.

As if on cue, Feldt interrupted the meeting, and reported that Anew had shot Lasse and taken Mileina hostage. She added that Anew revealed herself as an Innovator. With the commotion, Revive got up to his feet to leave. Setsuna tried to stop him, but Revive explained that he couldn't guarantee Mileina's safety if he ever got harmed. He added that Anew and he were connected by thoughts since they were of the same base sequence, which Tieria noted as the ability of Quantum Brainwaves. Sumeragi and the others had no choice but to let Revive go. After Revive had left, the Ptolemy's internal systems were shut down due to a virus. The Meisters had to force their way out of the briefing room to get out. With the Innovators on the loose, the Gundam Meisters quickly split into 2 groups to find the Innovators, while Sumeragi went to the bridge to look after their situation.

The Innovators planned to take the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser after sabotaging the Ptolemy II. However, they failed to take both as they were intervened by Setsuna and Lockon. The Gundam Meisters saved Mileina and retrieved the 0 Raiser from Revive, but the cockpit was totally trashed and the Innovators managed to escape. After putting Lasse in the ICU, Sumeragi had the Ptolemy 2 prepare for battle once again as they had been weakened without the use of 00 Raiser. Unsurprisingly, the Innovators returned to finish the job. Instead of a contingent of A-Laws, they came back with Anew in the GNZ-007 Gaddess and Louise in her new GNMA-0001V Regnant. Down one Gundam, Sumeragi had Allelujah, Soma, Lockon, and Tieria launch and hold off the four until 0 Raiser was repaired. The battle looked bleak as Lockon was caught up in a duel with Anew and the other three Meisters were struggling against the Regnant's abilities. Revive and Hiling made it past the Meisters and were about to take out Ptolemy 2 when Setsuna launched in 00 Raiser and destroyed Hiling's Garazzo and Revive's Gaddessa with two shots. Setsuna then disabled the Regnant and shot down Anew's Gaddess.

Rendezvous at Lagrange 5

After the battle and Anew's death, the crew resumed operations. The virus inside the ship had to be purged and various systems had to be repaired and checked to be sure the virus was clear. While rebooting the systems, Feldt announced an internal systems check and the lights dropped. After the systems check, Feldt reported that during the system downtime, they received an urgent encoded message to meet at Lagrange 5, specifically at the abandoned space colony Eclipse.

Sumeragi later informed Tieria of their new heading. Tieria expressed doubts about the message, but Sumeragi noted that Setsuna personally suggested for them to head towards the location. On the com, Ian intervened with the conversation to support Setsuna's decision, as they could get resupplies and upgrades from the Celestial Being Development Team, led by Linda Vashti, located on the area. With the need for supplies, Sumeragi relented to head to Lagrange 5. She sent Setsuna and Saji in 00 Raiser ahead towards the location to meet their mysterious messenger, while the Ptolemy traveled to a different route to the space sector to distract the A-Laws force in the area.

Several days later, Setsuna and Saji returned from their mission to space colony Eclipse and called the Ptolemy Crew for a meeting. He received an encrypted message from Wang Liu Mei about Veda's location and had Feldt decrypt it for the crew to view. When nothing showed up, Sumeragi had Mileina overlay the given point with their star charts. The discrepancy between the two charts implied that an object with a diameter of 15km contained the supercomputer and was located on the dark side of the moon, Lagrange 2. Later, the crew noticed that the A-Laws had began gathering around the area, further enhancing the possibility that Veda was located in the sector.

With Veda's location confirmed, the crew couldn't help but express their goals and feelings about the upcoming battle. Setsuna expressed his sentiment on the crew's goals, stating that these desires connect them to the future. Sumeragi announced that the Gundams would launch after their resupply had finished. With Lasse out of the infirmary, the crew was nearly ready. Ptolemy was expected to rendezvous with their lab transport ship for overall maintenance to their Gundams and re-supply for the ship. 00 Raiser received the GN Sword III Arios, Cherudim, and Seravee were given their respective GN Heavy Weapons upgrades and 0 Gundam was brought back into service, repainted and refitted with a GN Condenser. As soon as the Gundams received their upgrades, Sumeragi and the crew took off towards Lagrange 2.

Battle Towards Lagrange 2

Sometime later, the crew had reached in range of their destination and noticed a large A-Laws fleet amassing at L2, confirming Veda's location. After this, the Meisters prepared to sortie. Sumeragi had all the Gundams launch and intercept the fleet. Sumeragi then had Setsuna and Saji in 00 Raiser stop a group of three A-Laws ships from ramming into Ptolemy. However, the attack was a feint as the ships were loaded with anti-beam dipersion gas, hindering the abilities of the Gundams. The majority of the A-Laws fleet then charged in and attacked the weakened crew. As an Ahead was about to shoot at the bridge, a series of linear bolts destroyed the units. To Sumeragi's surprise, Katharon forces had come to assist them. Seeing as how Katharon's non-beam weapons were unaffected by the field, Sumeragi had the Ptolemaios and the Lab Transport advance through the field towards the main fleet. Setsuna then destroyed the A-Laws flagship, killing Arthur Goodman and disorienting the fleet.

With Katharon and CB on one side and the ESF Coup Faction on the other, they were winning against A-Laws. As the Gundams spread out to take down their capital ships and GNX units, Kati broadcasted a message to CB telling the Meisters to focus on defending Ptolemy. Kati told Sumeragi that it had been awhile. Sumeragi was about to ask why she was helping them, when Kati told her that they were only using CB to punish A-Laws for the atrocities they had committed and that CB would have to answer to the government once the battle was over. Suddenly, Setsuna sensed imminent danger. He quickly warned everyone to take evasive action as something was coming. A large particle beam fired in the middle of the combat zone, unbiasedly taking out various MS units and ships from all sides. As a result of the mysterious beam, most of the A-Laws ships/mobile suits, along with one Katharon ship were destroyed.

As Ptolemy cruised closer to the moon, Sumeragi requested a damage report to all sides. Mileina reported that the ship took minor damage, while Feldt reported that one Katharon ship was destroyed, along with over 20 A-Laws MS, and that A-Laws had begun to retreat. Just then, Lasse reported something unusual on the screen. The Innovators' mothership, Celestial Being, revealed itself before all forces. Sumeragi then sent a general message to everyone, declaring that Celestial Being would charge towards the Innovators' stronghold to take back Veda. She thanked everyone for their support and mourned those who had died.

Last Mission

With Ptolemy and their allies charging towards Celestial Being, Sumeragi declared,

We'll recover Veda! Even in the worst case where we fail, we must at lest stop that ship...! Everyone, let's go! To atone for how we changed the world. Let's set things right! Let's release the world from the Innovators' rule and change the world again! For the future! Last mission, start!

Sumeragi had Ptolemy activate their GN Field as they began their charge; it wasn't long before Celestial Being started firing at Ptolemy. Sumeragi had the Meisters destroy the gun turrets to protect Ptolemy as they searched for an infiltration point. The Meisters acknowledged their command(s) and began firing upon Celestial Being.

The Meisters made progress in destroying the right side turrets of Celestial Being. As Celestial Being cleared half the way to Celestial Being, a large number of new MS, the GNZ-004 Gaga, sortied out of the colony ship. The Gagas quickly engaged their Trans-Am and began their suicide charge towards Ptolemy as Sumeragi predicted. She had the GN Field focused towards the starboard, but it and their weapons were unable to fully shield the pounding from the Gaga. The Lab Transport crew made the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to shield the Ptolemy. After that, the Katharon and the ESF Coup faction arrived and assisted in holding back the Gagas. Kati told Sumeragi to do what she had to, and Sumeragi expressed her gratitude and Ptolemy pressed forward. Just then, Feldt found an entry path with one of the ship's docks. Sumeragi ordered Lasse to use Trans-Am while the GN Field was concentrated at the Ptolemy's bow and crashed into a hangar within Celestial Being.

Once inside, Feldt began an immediate scan for Veda's location while Lasse heads off to pilot GN-000 0 Gundam. As Sumeragi and the others wait on Feldt's scans, Mileina reports a large number Automatons and numerous Gagas rushing towards the stranded Ptolemy. Sumeragi had Ian and Linda in second bridge and weapons to fire on enemy targets. Allelujah and Soma arrived to defend Ptolemy along with Lasse who sortied in 0 Gundam. Defending the bridge from the automatons was another problem. CB had sealed the entire ship off from enemy targets, but the kill-bots blasted their way through Ptolemy's barriers. The automatons broke into the main area where Ptolemy's bridge section was. Sumeragi resolved to head out and defend the bridge to let Feldt and Mileina continue operating on the CIC. To her surprise, she encountered two automatons, accompanied by Billy Katagiri, who was holding a gun towards her

Sumeragi asked Billy why he was with the Innovators. Billy remotely moved away the Automatons and told her to surrender. Sumeragi asked him why he did it, and Billy replied that he was simply eliminating the obstacles for a permanent peace. Sumeragi asked if this peace meant living under the control of the Innovators. Billy explained to her that humanity's submission to the Innovators was only logical since the Innovators were superior beings. Sumeragi argued that if they were ruled then humanity would lose its freedom, Billy argued that total freedom led to anarchy and that humanity could accept limited freedom as long as the are comfortable. Sumeragi was in disbelief, while Billy claimed that Celestial Being had contradicted themselves through their armed interventions and wondered why Sumeragi couldn't understand that the Innovators would lead them to a utopian peace. Sumeragi replied,

If we don't make that future ourselves, then it's meaningless...If we don't correct our past mistakes on our own, then a true future will never come. That's why...I'll fight! I'll fight! To create the future with our own will!

Sumeragi and Billy faced each other ready to shoot the other. Billy responded with sadness and anger, wondering why she couldn't understand.

Just as Billy was going to shoot Sumeragi, Setsuna awakened as a true Innovator and activated the Trans-Am Burst System. The highly concentrated particles created the quantum effect and Billy became confused as he started hearing voices in his head. Billy wondered what the strange phenomenon was. Sumeragi, able to sense his feelings, dropped her gun to apologize. She mentally conveyed her regrets and apologized for using Billy during their two years together despite knowing how he felt towards her. Sumeragi walked up to Billy unarmed, the closer she walked up to him, the greater his anxiety. Sumeragi kept looking at him and he lowered his gun. She the hugged him and he embraced her, Billy finally admitted that he loved her.

After reconciling with Billy, they both fought together against the Automatons. For unexplained reasons, the Automatons were no longer in Billy's control and they shot at him as well. Sumeragi and Billy would defend the bridge until the drones mysteriously stopped. Sumeragi learned of Tieria's activation of Trial Field. The field's influence paralyzed all of Innovators' forces. Just as they celebrated the recovery of Veda, Seraphim was shot down. The bridge crew feared the worst of Tieria's fate. Sumeragi wondered who could be moving in Trial Field, and Billy said that the only one who could do that was the Innovator that had surpassed all other Innovators-Ribbons Almark.

Final Confrontation

Sumeragi and the others reviewd their situation. Feldt received data from Veda and it reported that a new mobile suit had engaged 00 Raiser separate from Veda's backup. Just then, Lasse returned to the bridge, intending to launch Ptolemy out of the docking bay. Lasse was wary of Billy but Sumeragi vouched for him. While Lasse moved Ptolemy out of the hanger, Sumeragi had Ian prepare for a bombardment. She then had Allelujah and Lockon head out to assist Setsuna in the battle, as he was in a 3 on 1 fight against Ribbons, Hiling, and Revive.

Ptolemy exited the hanger and headed towards 00 Raiser's position. Once they reached there, they witnessed the battle and Sumeragi had the crew provide cover fire; their assistance wasn't welcomed as Ribbons returned fire, seriously damaging the left midsection of their ship, taking out their engine and navigation. Sumeragi then had Lasse fire a barrage of smoke screen missiles to blind Ribbons long enough for Setsuna to gain an advantage in battle. As Setsuna continued to battle Ribbons, Feldt reported that Cherudim defeated the Gadessa and it was left to Setsuna to finish the fight. Sumeragi theorized that the battle would need another mobile suit. She summoned Ian over the comm and asked him to launch the GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II, despite Ian's statement that they didn't have a spare drive. Exia R2 was launched towards Setsuna with a GN Condenser, and accurate to her predications, 00 Raiser lost a GN Drive to Ribbons; Setsuna salvaged the other drive and installed it onto the R2

Ultimately, Setsuna won the fight. Sumeragi then had Ian and Linda assist Allelujah and Lockon and retrive their MS units, while Setsuna and the R2 were floating idly in space and Tieria revealed that he had become one with Veda. In between, Billy and Sumeragi had taken a picture together. Billy kept it as a memento. It was during that time that Setsuna explained to the crew what became of Tieria and Veda. After recovering from their ordeal and completed repairs, they headed to Earth to finalize some business, as well as to drop off Allelujah, Billy, Louise, Marie, and Saji.


With the A-Laws and the Innovators defeated, peace returned throughout the solar system, as a reformed Federation disbanded the A-Laws and returned the sovereignty to the nations they subjugated. Sumeragi along with the Ptolemy crew headed to Earth to drop off some friends. After leaving behind Saji, Louise, Billy, Allelujah, and Marie, the remaining Ptolemy crew set course for outer space, as Setsuna told the crew that they still had work to do.

Rebuilding Celestial Being

After ending the A-Laws and the Federation set right, CB returned to rebuilding their organization for the next two years.


In the year A.D. 2314, the new Earth Sphere Federation government established a policy of pacifism brought about as a result of the excessive military force used by the previous government.

Shadow Intervention Overview

CB had gotten word from Tieria/Veda that the Colony Public Corporation was planning on assassinating Marina Ismail at the L3 Colony SOE. Sumeragi dispatched Setsuna and Lockon in the CBNGN-003 [SVMS-01AP] Union Flag Celestial Being Version to stop the attempt. After the two returned from their mission, Sumeragi congratulated Setsuna on his success. Mileina felt that by rolling out the Gundams, they would disturb the peace. Sumeragi explained that the government was pursuring peace, and Lasse agreed and felt it was best to lay low. Feldt then reported on the ESF Army's attempt to remove a probe that had entered the Earth sphere. Strangely, it was from Jupiter and Setsuna asked if there was any information on it. Feldt said no and wondered if Setsuna was onto something. Setsuna left and said he'd tell them later. The bridge crew pondered over Setsuna's stoicism and Lasse thought it was due to Setsuna being an Innovator and being confused about his abilities.

After the probe had been destroyed and its remnants fell to earth, strange events began taking place and they were closely related to people who had high quantum brainwave frequencies. Veda sent a report to CB confirming the data, and Sumeragi was concerned for their comrades Allelujah and Marie, as they used QBW's as well. Sumeragi asked Mileina to contact them, but she couldn't so Setsuna and Lockon went down to Earth to save them.

Advising Feldt

After Setsuna and Lockon returned from their mission, they brought back Allelujah and Marie to the ship. After all the chaos, Lockon suggested that the group meet later to go over their encounters on Earth. Setsuna told Feldt and Sumeragi that he sensed something but couldn't describe it. Sumeragi saw that Feldt was worried about Setsuna, and she said that it was as though Setsuna was afraid of something and that since he became an Innovator, he went back to his old, closed hearted self. Sumeragi said that Setsuna was confused of his changes and had become aware of how different he was from the rest of the crew despite his abilities. Feldt asked if there was anything she could do for him, and Sumeragi told her to just think about him. Feldt wondered what she meant, as Sumeragi explained.

That's right. That's what you need to do to understand each other. If you have a misunderstanding and quit thinking about him, your feelings will never reach him. Strong emotions are what connect people. If you truly want to understand each other, don't stop thinking about him.

Later, in the briefing room, Sumeragi told the reunited Meisters that Setsuna had witnessed a figure that resembled Ribbons Almark while he saved Saji and Louise at the HRL Orbital Elevator. She explained that it wasn't Ribbons, but a member of the manned Jupiter exploration 130 years prior. Feldt explained that the Jupiter mission was actually a cover for the development of the 5 GN Drives and that it wasn't surprising that a Ribbons-type Innovade would be on board. Afterward, Mileina informed the crew that a ship was headed their way and Lockon assumed it was a Federation ship. Sumeragi had Mileina compare the ship to known silhouettes, and to the crew's surprise, it was the Europa. Setsuna wanted to launch the Gundams to investigate.

First Contact

After Lockon, Allelujah, and Soma launched, Sumeragi informed Setsuna that the GN-0000RE+GNR-010 00 Raiser Condenser Type was equipped with twin GN Condensers instead of drives and that he shouldn't do too much with it. Setsuna then launched, but to the crew's shock, strange metallic probes emerged from the Europa and swarmed the Meisters. However, a unknown Gundam rescued the Meisters from the probes. Later, the Gundams returned to Ptolemy with their rescuer, revealed to be Tieria. Tieria later met with the bridge crew and explained to them that the ESF had called the alien probes Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters, or ELS. The crew hypothesized that they were experiencing the dialogues that Aeolia Schenberg believed would happen and whether or not to attack them. After Setsuna left, Tieria asked about the status of the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T], and Sumeragi said that Ian was still working on it. Tieria thought that the suit would be humanity's trump card, and Sumeragi thought he was suggesting that Setsuna could communicate with the ELS. Tieria was surprised she hadn't thought of it herself, but Sumeragi worried that a plan like that would hinge too much on Setsuna. Later, the ELS began amassing at Jupiter and were headed for Earth in 3 months. In response, the ESF Army decided to intercept the ELS near Mars to discover their intentions. Sumeragi realized that humanity had little time to prepare for the dialogues. Setsuna said that they should go as well.

Second Encounter & Setsuna's Prognosis

As CB headed for Mars via Trans-Am, Mileina reported that the ESF had engaged the ELS in combat. The Meisters launched to fight the ELS, but Setsuna told them to stop fighting. To Sumeragi's shock, Setsuna planned to use the Raiser System to create a Trans-Am Burst effect to synchronize his mind with that of the ELS. However, his attempt failed and Setsuna was overwhelmed by the ELS. With 00 Raiser being slowly assimilated, Sumeragi ordered the Gundams to grab Setsuna from the GN Particle Field and retreat. Eventually, with the help of the Solbraves, Celestial Being pulled out of the Mars sector, but lost Tieria Erde's physical body, as well as 00 Raiser, Raphael, and Seravee II.

Later, Sumeragi asked Tieria why he had been so reckless on the battlefield. Tieria said that a physical body was simply a container to him and that he had no other choice at the time. Sumeragi asked for an update on Setsuna and Tieria explained that Setsuna's brain was overloaded with information from the ELS when he tried to link their consciousnesses together. Tieria gave Setsuna treatment, but wasn't sure if Setsuna would ever wake up or regain his full memories, though he had faith due to Setsuna being an Innovator.

Final Mission & Peace

During the interim 3 months, the Ptolemy crew lay low in space. Eventually, Ian and Linda rendezvoused with the Ptolemy and delivered the 00 Qan[T] along with upgrades for Harute and Zabanya. Sumeragi told Ian to finish the repairs despite Setsuna being brain damaged. Sumeragi then contacted the rest of the crew about their plans;

Notice to all crew members from Sumeragi. We'll go make contact with the ELS using Trans-Am for maximum acceleration. Everyone, this is Celestial Being's...No. This is our last mission.

The Ptolemy 2 then rushed to the Earth Sphere.

When Celestial Being arrived on scene, the ESF was already taking a beating due to the ELS' ability of shapeshifting into anything they had previously assimilated, such as the GN-XIV or even a Baikal-class battleship. Ptolemaios dispatched Harute and Zabanya to provide some assistance while Sumeragi had Lasse attack the ELS from afar. Later on in the battle, Setsuna awoke and launched in the 00 Qan[T]. To the bridge crew's surprise, Feldt returned to her post. She explained that she didn't need to go with Setsuna because he had so much love within him to the point where she just had to think about him. Eventually, Ptolemy 2 was 15% assimilated and the ESF had lost 55% of their forces to the ELS. Sumeragi called Kati and told her forces to hang on for a bit longer. Kati asked if they could win, and Sumeragi said no, but they had some hope.

When Ptolemy was 44% assimilated, the ship could no longer generate a GN Field. In light of their lack of defenses, Sumeragi wanted to evacuate the ship, but Feldt said that she couldn't abandon everyone like she did with Christina and that they would all make it out alive. Mileina, Lasse, Ian, Linda, and the Meisters vowed to fight on, and Sumeragi agreed with them and kept believing that Setsuna and Tieria would make it. Eventually, Setsuna, with the help of Tieria, Veda, and the Quantum System commenced the dialogues peacefully with the ELS and traveled to their homeworld for further understanding. Through Setsuna, the assimilation stopped as the ELS gathered together around their planetoid and formed a large desert flower, a symbol of peace.

It is unknown what the exact fate of Sumeragi was after the ELS Conflict, but there is the possibility that she had died between the years 2315 and 2364, as the Sumeragi-class deep space exploration vessel was named in her honor.


Celestial Being

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UN Forces/Earth Sphere Federation

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Billy Katagiri
Billy was Sumeragi's classmate in college and they continued to keep in touch after their college days and time with Prof Eifman. He's always been romantically interested in Sumeragi and openly shows his interest in her. She's been distant with people of her past, but Billy has always made an effort to catch her attention, even if it means only a moment with her. He tends to grab her attention by talking about her profession as a tactical analyst and would mention sensitive Union military operations to talk to her. Billy became a convenience for her due to his deep connections with Union military defenses and his willingness to openly discuss such matters to get her attention.
Ralph Eifman
Professor Eifman and Billy worked with Sumeragi in her early career as a tactical analyst/forecaster, but it was never clear was title "professor" a polite way of addressing Eifman or a real teacher to her. After the infamous incident that scarred Sumeragi, she became estranged to the professor, not once contacting him. She seems to care for him to some degree after hearing his death by Team Trinity.
Sergei Smirnov
Though they never met face-to-face, many missions and battles that involved HRL forces were countered by Sergei. As a tactical analyst/forecaster, Sumeragi knows Sergei by his reputation has a formidable tactician of Russia.
Kati Mannequin
Sumeragi was acquainted with Kati during her graduate college days, she idolized Kati and wanted to become as good as her. She eventually succeed in becoming a tactician that rivals Kati's abilities and would use those skills against the AEU and later A-Laws against her. Even though on opposite sides of war, they share a level of mutual respect for each other. During the final battle they put their differences aside and work together to defeat the A-Laws and ensure a better future.
Emilio Ribisi
Sumeragi's greatest love and regret in her life. It was because of her mistaken use of bad intelligence that lead to the death of her boyfriend. Not only his death cause her great pain, but it pushed her into alcoholism. Emilio will always been a great emotional scar in her life as she does her hardest to make every future tactical plan "perfect" in his memory.




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  • According to Official Files for Second Season, Sumeragi was the one who made up the code names for the Gundam Meisters and the Ptolemy Crew.


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