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The Sturm Faust (シュツルムファウスト Shutsurumu Fausuto?) is a fictional weapon appearing in the Universal Century time line of the Gundam meta-series.

Description & Characteristics

A simplified, disposable rocket launcher.[1][2][3] It is commonly used by Zeon mobile suits in the late stages of the One Year War.[1][2][3] As the warhead is not equipped with a guidance device, it is extremely hard to use the Sturm Faust to hit a moving target accurately.[1][2] However, it is still a highly destructive portable weapon.[1][2] Due to its excellent cost performance, the Sturm Faust is still in use even in U.C.0090s.[3][4] The Sturm Fausts used by the Neo Zeon remnants group, The Sleeves, have a gun-like grip and added sight unit for improved accuracy.[4]


Notes and Trivia


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