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Struggle in the Indian Ocean (インド洋の死闘 Indo-yō no Shitō?) is the Phase-16 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. It features the return of Phantom Pain's pilot.


As the Minerva leaves Carpentaria, it is attacked by Phantom Pain. During the battle, Shinn discovers the construction of a hidden Earth Alliance base who are oppressing the local citizens. He destroys the base to free the citizens, killing the fleeing soldiers. Back on the Minerva, Athrun slaps Shinn and tells him to use his power more properly.


The Minerva departs from Carpentaria for Gibraltar with submarine Degtyarev. Meanwhile, Neo had borrowed dozens of Windams from the squad deployed to the Alliance’s base for construction in the peninsula not far away. With the reinforcements, Neo attacks the Minerva with Sting. Athrun and Shinn intercept. But it was apparently Neo’s cunning diversionary tactic. Abyss Gundam that went deep underwater approaches near the Minerva.

Meanwhile, Shinn leaves the line of battle chasing Gaia Gundam that suddenly appeared from the coastline, and arrives at a construction site. There, the local citizens work and have been enslaved to work to built the military base. Shinn sees this and goes wild with rage.

Rey and Lunamaria are not familiar with underwater warfare and are a little disoriented but Auel destroys Degtyarev by a single blow with hardly a backward glance. Shinn is blind with rage and goes on a rampage, destroying the facilities and the tanks. Although this was to free the citizens, it was in a sense, a massacre.

Athrun slaps Shinn and yells not to make decisions on his own and to understand how to use his power. Shinn’s eyes were defiant.

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