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The Strategic Naval Research Institute, or SNRI, (サナリィ (海軍戦略研究所) (SANARĪ - Kaigun Senryaku Kenkyūjo) is a military research organization established by the Earth Federation Forces in U.C. 0093, which incorporates a number of formerly separate research institutes and intelligence agencies. SNRI specializes in strategy, tactics, weapons development and goes on to propose the creation of a new line of highly compact mobile suits.

In U.C. 0111, the Federation Forces decides to adopt SNRI's Formula series for their next generation of mobile suits and SNRI replaces Anaheim Electronics as the Federation's premier weapons developer. However, due to Anaheim's manufacturing expertise, the company's services are retained to put SNRI's designs into mass production.


SNRI's predecessor was the Strategic & Tactical Research Institute (戦略戦術研究所), an advisory agency for the Earth Federation Forces. In September, U.C. 0093, the STRI was reorganized into the Strategic Naval Research Institute.[1] The newly founded SNRI would go on to develop the D-50C Loto, a special operations mobile suit, notable for the use of a miniaturized thermonuclear reactor which SNRI developed independently.[2]

In U.C. 0102, SNRI proposed the development of miniaturized mobile suits to the Federation assembly. In November, U.C. 0105, Anaheim Electronics began the development of miniaturized mobile suits under the request of the Federation government. The result was the RGM-109 Heavygun, which was rolled out in U.C. 0109. However, SNRI was unsatisfied with the performance of the Heavygun, and gained the Federation assembly's approval to begin independent development of the next generation mobile suit.[1]

In U.C. 0111, SNRI rolled out the F90 Gundam F90, as well as five of its Mission Packs (A, D, S, M, H). The F90 soundly defeated Anaheim Electronic's MSA-120 during a design competition, becoming the Federation's next main force mobile suit.[1] Additionally, SNRI also replaced Anaheim Electronics as the Federation's premier weapons developer. However, due to Anaheim Electronics's manufacturing expertise, the company's services are retained to put SNRI's designs into mass production. To regain its technological edge, Anaheim Electronics came up with competing designs by stealing the blueprints of SNRI's Formula series, resulting in the construction of the less-known RXF-91 Silhouette Gundam.

However, by the mid U.C. 0130s, it is revealed in Crossbone Gundam Steel 7 that SNRI began to face serious financial problems after they secretly donated their F97 models to the Crossbone Vanguard pirate force in order to help them fight against the Jupiter Empire. Their plan to bring their sales back up into the black was to develop a new series of mobile suits equipped with a miniaturized Minosvky Drive. They succeeded with the F99 Record Breaker which had speed and mobility surpassing any earlier mobile suit and did not require a "burning" fuel source for propulsion. After redesigning it with a more Gundam-ish look, SNRI officials expected the Record Breaker to be a best seller, but a surprise attack from Jovian forces destroyed the prototypes and all data.

Later in U.C. 0153, it is believed that the Anaheim Electronics sponsored the League Militaire, who used the basics of SNRI's mobile suits to produce their own mass-produced suits and the first mobile suit of the Victory series the LM312V04 Victory Gundam. The Side 2 branch of SNRI, on other hand, renamed itself as Ballistic Equipment & Space Patrol Armory, or BESPA, and started providing mobile weapons for the Zanscare Empire.



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Notes & Trivia

  • SNRI's predecessor, the Strategic & Tactical Research Institute, was briefly mentioned at the beginning of "Operation V cockpit reproduction", a series of special videos shown at Gundam Museum inside a replica of the RX-78-2 Gundam's cockpit, which was part of an exhibit at the Bandai Museum in Matsudo in 2005.

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