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Stola (ストラ Sutora?) is a character in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE television series.

Personality & Character

One of the mountain-dwellers, and childhood friend of Maiya. He has an unruly personality and wanted to join the Resistance, but Jed stopped him. He is rebellious and doesn't listen to reason. He hates the One-Eyes for causing havoc and desperately wants to prove himself as a fighter, so he can protect everybody in the village. He is also a slacker who often skips out on field work.

After the attack on Seguri, Stola has shown to have matured and has become more resolved to protect everyone.

Skills & Abilities

Stola has basic fighting skills.




Stola and Freddie generally get along and are good friends. Though Stola does get jealous of Freddie for being able to go out into the battlefield.


Stola looks up to Jed and wants to prove himself to him. However, he gets upset whenever Jed ignores or refuses his request to join the resistance, not realizing that Jed is trying to protect him.


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