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Sthesia Awar Primo (セシア・アウェア・プリモ) is one of the four Dark Sthesias in the manga series Gundam EXA VS and the arcade game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost. She is the pilot of the Extreme Gundam Mystic Rephaser.

Personality & Character

She may look identical to Sthesia Awar but she's smaller than her and her hair is shorter. Primo may look happy and cheerful on the outside, but she is ruthless and sinister on the inside, plus she has a split personality on the inside as well. She has a huge crush on Leos Alloy.

Skills & Abilities


She's the first of Dark Sthesia to appear, in volume 7 of Gundam EXA and drive Ex to new level of despair by reveal the truth behind the Jupiter X and his nature. Using the opportunity cause by Ex's rampage to takeover the General Answer, Primo proceed to get in its core and steal as much data as possibly. However, she found that she can't copy data of Leos Alloy as he continue to evolve even then. Before she manage to leave, rogue program Fon Spaak and Hanayo appear and cause her to be deleted by distortion from Ex's rampage.

Primo returns in Gundam EXA VS, apparently completely unaffected by her previous deletion (she claimed that she only lost because her link to Jupiter X was imperfect). She is revealed to be a program from Mars I, explaining why Ex and Sthesia's privilege to delete holo-actors is useless against her.


Leos Alloy

Sthesia Awar

Pigna Hershey - She bears a grudge against Primo for turning her into a cluster of data after she's revived in Gundam EXA VS.


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