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Sthesia Awar Nono (セシア・アウェア・ノーノ?) is one of the four Dark Sthesias in the manga series Gundam EX A VS and the arcade game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost. She is the pilot of the Extreme Gundam Ignis Rephaser.

Personality & Character

Nono may look identical to Sthesia Awar, but she is a sadist and masochist. She's prone to lash out at people with her whip (mainly Chiron) and tease Leos. She's in love with Leos Alloy.

Skills & Abilities



Leos Alloy

Sthesia Awar

Themis Chiron - The first victim she lashes out at. Usually, he uses Haro to shield himself from her attacks during their discussions.


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