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Statue of Liberty Cannon

Preparing to fire on the Neo Japan colony.

The Statue of Liberty Cannon is a strategic weapon which appeared in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Housed in the torch of a large-scale reproduction of the Statue of Liberty in the Neo America space colony, it is a powerful beam weapon said to be Neo America's ultimate weapon, used for defense of the colony. It is located in the detachable Manhattan combat area.


Shortly after the conclusion of the 13th Gundam Fight, Major Ulube Ishikawa of Neo Japan declares himself ruler of the Earth and merged JDG-00X Devil Gundam with the Neo Japan colony, prompting the other nations to declare war on it. Neo America attempted to destroy the Devil Gundam Colony with the Statue of Liberty Cannon's power, but it proved insufficient to damage the Devil Gundam. It was destroyed by the Devil Gundam Colony shortly after.

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