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Stained Wings (穢れた翼 Kegareta Tsubasa?) is the 36th episode of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


The awakened mobile armor, along with a huge quantity of sub-units, heads for a densely populated area to begin its attack. Tekkadan attempts to hold back the onslaught, but is helpless against its overwhelming power and superior numbers.


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Mobile Armor, the silent angel that has awaken from a deep sleep for 300 years. It's merciless wings only crave for slaughtering of men. No human will be able to stop it.


  1. RAGE OF DUST (Opening)
  2. Shounen no Hate by Granrodeo (Ending)

Notes & Trivia

Animation Errors

  • One of the Graze's yellow-colored visors is slightly enlarged when it was trapped on the left side by a Pluma.
  • When Iok's Reginlaze retreats, the left side of its flat gold piece was yellow, right before it turns it on the right side to reveal it's correct gold color.
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