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03:28, January 10, 2006EarthFederationFlag.png (file)4 KBTomStar81 (The flag of the Earth Federation. Image claimed as fair use under United States Copyright law [ Source])
06:40, January 10, 2006Magellan0079.JPG (file)21 KBTomStar81 (Original Magellan class battlehsip. Image is claimed as fair use under United States Copyright Law. [ Source])
06:13, January 11, 2006White base (MSC-02).JPG (file)30 KBTomStar81 (''Pegasus''-class assault carrier ''White Base''. Image is claimed as fair use under United States Copyright Law. [ Source])
03:32, January 12, 2006Salamis0079.JPG (file)12 KBTomStar81 (An original ''Salamis''-class cruiser. Image is claimed as fair use under United States Copyright Law. [ Source])
03:36, January 12, 2006Salamis0083.JPG (file)17 KBTomStar81 (Salamis class cruiser 0083 refit. Image is claimed as fair use under United States Copyright Law [ Source])
06:40, January 13, 2006Late Musai.JPG (file)19 KBTomStar81 (Original ''Musai''-class light cruiser. Image is claimed as fair use under United States Copyright Law.[ Source])
05:57, January 14, 2006RX-93 Nu Gundam Launch.jpg (file)15 KBTomStar81 (Amuro Ray's RX-93 Nu Gundam launches from ''Ra Cailum'''s starboard catapult. [ Image from] {{film-faiuse}})
06:03, January 14, 2006Ra Cailum Aproaches.jpg (file)17 KBTomStar81 (Ra Cailum apraoched the Astriod Axis to launch Zook type Junior Mobile Suits. [ source]{{film-fairuse}})
00:35, January 15, 2006Public class gunboat.jpg (file)32 KBTomStar81 ({{fairuse}} [ Source])
01:46, January 15, 2006Alexandria class heavy cruiser.JPG (file)21 KBTomStar81 ({{fairuse}} [ Source])
21:56, January 16, 2006Nazca class destroyer (gundam).jpg (file)21 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
22:22, January 16, 2006Sign orb.jpg (file)11 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
22:28, January 16, 2006Izumo (Gundam).jpg (file)25 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
06:05, January 17, 2006Zanzibar II class.jpg (file)31 KBTomStar81 (Lili Marleen, a Zanzibar II class. {{fairuse}} [ Source])
21:00, January 17, 2006Nazca class destroyer (neutron stampeder) (gundam).jpg (file)35 KBIthilion ([ Source] {fairuse}})
23:24, January 18, 2006Chivvay class heavy cruiser.JPG (file)13 KBTomStar81 (Chivvay class heavy cruiser. {{fairuse}} [ Source])
23:54, January 18, 2006Dolos class mothership (gundam).jpg (file)32 KBTomStar81 (Dolos class heavy carrier ship {{fairuse}} [ Source])
00:13, January 19, 2006Papua class (Gundam).jpg (file)17 KBTomStar81 (Papua class resupply vessel. {{fairuse}} [ Source])
02:13, January 19, 2006Pazock class (Gundam).jpg (file)20 KBTomStar81 (Pazock class supply ship {{fairuse}} [ Source])
21:34, January 23, 2006Gihren Zabi (Gundam).jpg (file)17 KBTomStar81 (Gihren Zabi. {{fairuse}} [ Source])
02:41, January 24, 2006Garma Zabi (Gundam).jpg (file)18 KBTomStar81 (Garma Zabi. [ Source] {{fairuse}})
02:45, January 24, 2006Kacylia Zabi (Gundam).jpg (file)21 KBTomStar81 (Kacylia Zabi [ Source] {{fairuse}})
03:07, January 25, 2006Degwin Zabi (Gundam).jpg (file)23 KBTomStar81 (Gegwin Zabi)
03:16, January 25, 2006General Revil (Gundam).jpg (file)18 KBTomStar81 (General Revil. [ Source] {{fairuse}})
03:29, January 25, 2006Biohazard.png (file)9 KBTomStar81 (Boihazard emblem. Image has been released into the public domain. [ Source])
01:34, January 27, 2006Laurasia class frigate (gundam).jpg (file)20 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:56, January 27, 2006250-metre class warship (gundam).jpg (file)22 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
23:36, February 13, 2006Rehome.jpg (file)29 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
20:52, February 19, 2006Agamemnon refit.jpg (file)25 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
23:32, February 20, 2006Takemikazuchi (Gundam).jpg (file)37 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:25, February 21, 2006F-7d.jpg (file)22 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:50, February 21, 2006Fx-550-p204qx.jpg (file)29 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:51, February 21, 2006Fx-550-g-flight.jpg (file)24 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:51, February 21, 2006Fxet-565.jpg (file)21 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:58, February 21, 2006Lineartank.jpg (file)47 KBIthilion ( Source {fairuse}})
21:39, February 23, 2006HOME (Gundam).jpg (file)28 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:53, February 25, 2006Lesseps.jpg (file)37 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
01:53, February 25, 2006Lesseps2.jpg (file)37 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
20:28, March 11, 2006Vosgulov class submarine (Gundam).jpg (file)11 KBIthilion ([ Source] {{fairuse}})
16:45, June 5, 2006Rx-78-1.jpg (file)41 KBUser-Name (RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam)
04:48, June 9, 2006Gx-9900-satellitecannon.jpg (file)61 KBCore (GX with Satellite Cannon Deployed)
05:05, June 9, 2006Nrx-0013-cb-triplemegasonicgun.jpg (file)82 KBCore (Gundam Versago Chest Break, Tripple Mega Sonic Gun)
05:06, June 9, 2006Nrx-0013-megasonicgun.jpg (file)55 KBCore (Gundam Versago, Mega Sonic Gun)
05:09, June 9, 2006Nrx-0015-hc-satellitelauncher.jpg (file)21 KBCore (Satellite Launcher)
20:38, June 20, 2006Lagrangepoint.png (file)5 KBMasterSearcy 
20:51, June 23, 2006XXXG-01WK.jpg (file)26 KBToxin1000 
21:06, June 23, 2006XXXG-01D1K.jpg (file)25 KBToxin1000 
22:50, June 23, 2006XXXG-01H1K.jpg (file)27 KBToxin1000 
12:40, July 20, 2006NewUNEmeeting.jpg (file)50 KBCore (After War Gundam X, New United Nations Earth meeting hall. )
16:35, July 20, 2006AfterWarCatchScreen.jpg (file)44 KBCore (Screen Catcher, After War Gundam X.)

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