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The Space Ark-class training ship is a fictional spaceship from the Mobile Suit Gundam F91 anime movie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The technology and design of the Space Ark-class is a development variant of the Earth Federation Forces' Clop-class light cruiser. The overall design of the Clop-class was not extensively changed, rather it was retooled to be optimized for training purposes. This required little change to the hull, the most prominent is the removal of the radiator fins and half the secondary weapons. Although it is considerably inferior to the battleships of the Crossbone Vanguard, it was equipped with MS maintenance beds that takes gravity into account, and it had the equipment to support the operation of small MS. When entering combat, the bridge can be retracted into the hull, leaving only the sensors out for continued use during combat. It also mounts a landing arm.


  • Twin Mega Particle Gun
The main weapons of the Space Ark-class are a pair of dual-barreled beam guns situated on the port and starboard hull just under the mobile suit hanger. The guns are capable of pivoting up and down to increase their firing arc however their position still leaves the ship vulnerable to attacks from port and starboard.
  • Anti-Aircraft Gun
For anti-air defense the Space Ark-class is equipped with six dual-barreled secondary guns. The guns are placed beneath the bridge tower with three on the starboard hull and three on the port hull.
  • Missile Launcher
The Space Ark-class is equipped with six missile launchers, and depending on the ordnance can used for anti-ship or anti-mobile suit combat.


In the year 0123 U.C., the nameship of the Space Ark-class training ship was stationed at the Frontier 1 colony where its crew was striving to keep it hidden from Crossbone Vanguard scouting parties. Though the ship was captained by Leahlee Edaberry it fell under the command of Colonel Cosmo Eigesse, who desired to use the ship as the headquarters for a civilian resistance group against the Crossbone Vanguard. At this time the Space Ark served as the home for the as yet unfinished F91 Gundam F91. Throughout most of the war with the Crossbone Vanguard the Space Ark would remain hidden near the end of the Frontier 1 colony, occasionally moving to avoid detection, while launching its only two mobile suits, one RGM-109 Heavygun and, when it was completed, the F91 Gundam, to battle any enemy mobile suits that did find it.

When Annamarie Bourget defected to the Earth Federation, she did so to the captain of the Space Ark to whom she surrendered her XM-06 Dahgi Iris and vital information she had obtained about Iron Mask's goals. The crew of the Space Ark summarily repainted her mobile suit which she was allowed to continue piloting.

As the Crossbone Vanguard made their major offensive to take the Frontier 1 colony the Space Ark had no choice but to depart. However its crew avoided direct confrontation, leaving the fighting to the mobile suit pilots. Eventually the crew decided to paint large red crosses on the side of the ship and claim that they were a refugee rescue ship, which was true since the captain had decided the ship would pick up as many refugees as she could carry. This half-ruse/half-truth saved the Space Ark from being destroyed at the hands of Zabine Chareux and his Black Vanguard squadron.


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