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Sophie Fran (ソフィ・フラン Sofi Furan?) is a member of the Midnight Fenrir Corps that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front video game and Gundam Legacy.


A lieutenant and mobile suit pilot in the Zeon army, Sophie Fran is an exceptionally skilled pilot who scored an amazing kill ratio before being transferred to the Midnight Fenrir Corps. Usually, the owner of a calm and friendly personality, her aggressive personality is forced awake upon entering battle, where she becomes a berserker and fights like a "blood-thirsty demon", making most Zeon personnel think she is a psychopath.

She joins the "Hammer of the Wolf" Zeon remnants along with Renchef after the end of the One Year War. During the "Silver Lance" plot in U.C. 0084, she refused to surrender after being persuaded by former colleague Nikki Roberto. Sophie and Renchef are shot down and apprehended by EFF soldiers, where they are later transferred to the Republic of Zeon after the incident.



  • In the Gundam Legacy manga, Sophie and Renchef continued to fight as Zeon remnants after the One Year War.
  • In the Zeonic Front novelization, Sophie is shown to be an expert at Karate, when she used her Dom's manipulator to destroy an RGM-79 GM's cockpit during a battle. This might also explain her highly aggressive personality while in combat.

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