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Solitary Gyan was a character from Superior Defender Gundam Force Gaiden.


Not much is known about Solitary Gyan. In his only appearance, he presented himself as a despicable cheater who was willing to do anything to win. Solitary Gyan believed that the ends justified the means and that rules were meant to be broken. He also thought that honesty was a sign of weakness. Solitary Gyan was also sadistic and cruel, willing to kill anyone who disobeyed him. His evil and cheating ways were acknowledged by Grappler Gouf. When things look bleak, Solitary Gyan reveals himself as a coward, begging for forgiveness.

Fatal Mistake

Solitary Gyan was Zapper Zaku's (known as Zaku at the time) opponent in a duel over the position of squad leader. Before the start of the match, Solitary Gyan "promised" that he would fight by the rules (no weapons). When Zaku quickly gained the upper hand, Solitary Gyan turned to cheating and scorched Zaku with a flamethrower. When Zaku told Solitary Gyan that using a flamethrower was against the rules, Solitary Gyan told him that victory was all that mattered, and fired missiles from his shield. Zaku called Solitary Gyan an evil cheater and Solitary Gyan took it as a compliment, saying that such words were words of praise in the Dark Axis and fired more missiles at his enemy. Seeing that Zaku was on his last legs, Solitary Gyan called out to a Zako whom Zaku had entrusted his machine guns to, and told the Zako to give him Zaku's machine guns so he could finish off his enemy. When the Zako refused, Solitary Gyan threatened to kill the Zako, and when the Zako gathered up the courage to give Zaku's machine guns back, Solitary Gyan killed the Zako by shooting it in the back with a missile.

As Zaku cried in anguish over the Zako's death, Solitary Gyan said that the Zako was an idiot and that he would not have killed him if the Zako had just given him the machine guns. When Zaku heard Solitary Gyan say that, he lost his last nerve and began a frenzied shooting rampage. Scared out of his wits, Solitary Gyan put up no resistance and simply fled. When Zaku had Solitary Gyan cornered, he surrendered and begged for mercy. However, Zaku denied him any mercy and fired one final burst of machine gun fire, killing Solitary Gyan.


The only weapons Solitary Gyan has been seen using are a flamethrower and a missile launcher disguised as a shield, a homage to the mobile suit that Solitary Gyan was based on.



  • Solitary Gyan is based on the YMS-15 Gyan.
  • Technically, Gyan was the reason that Zapper Zaku became the crazed shooting maniac that he is in the series.
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