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The Solbraves (aka Soul Braves) are a group of elite MS pilots from the ESF Army given the GNX-903VS Brave and GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Type) as test pilots in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer.

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The Solbraves are a group of talented MS pilots, led by Union ace pilot Graham Aker. They are beta-testing the experimental GNX-903VS Brave squadron. While the reasons for its existence aren't explained, but it is presumed to be an experimental alternative to the pre-existing GNX-803T GN-XIV squadron. While almost all of the members pilot the GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type), Graham is the only pilot to use the GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type). Being the spiritual successor of Graham's former Overflags Squad, they all mastered the mid-air MS transformation sequence, the Graham Special.



The Solbraves are featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, where it is created by the Earth Sphere Federation Army. It was assigned to Major Graham Aker, who became the leader of the Solbraves, an elite mobile suit squadron composed exclusively of Brave units. The Braves were first seen when Graham deploys the Solbrave Squadron to assist Celestial Being during their second attempt to communicate with the Extraterrestial Living-metal Shape-shifter near the planet Mars. Graham and his squadron covered the Celestial Being's retreat, and while both parties were able to retreat, the effort was not without casualties - Celestial Being lost the GN-0000RE+GNR-010 00 Raiser (Condenser Type), the GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II, the CB-002 Raphael Gundam, as well as the physical body of Tieria Erde.

Later, Graham and his remaining men sortied to hold back the ELS invasion alongside the rest of the ESF Army and Celestial Being. During the battle, Graham defended Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei and the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] from the ELS attack. While he fought valiantly, Graham's Brave was eventually struck by several ELS, and was already being partially assimilated. With nothing left to lose, Graham decided to believe in Setsuna's vision for a brighter future and sacrificed his life for the sake of that vision, activating Trans-Am and his Brave's self-destruction system prior to crashing into the ELS mothership to clear a path for the 00 Qan[T] and allow it to enter the massive superstructure. A total of three Braves remained after the final battle, but it is unknown whether they were ever put into full mass-production.

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