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Smokey Wilson is a character featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and its OVA adaptation. The mayor of Granada, he was assassinated by Kycilia Zabi's secret agency for refusing to cooperate with Zeon against the Federation.



Mr. Wilson was born in Granada and managed the municipal government as a liberal politician. He was a key advocate of cooperative policies with the Earth Federation government.[1]

U.C. 0078

Kycilia had requested that Zeon would merely be allowed to place a garrison force at Granada equal in size to the one the Federation has. Due to the Major Bergmann's incompetence, however, Mr. Wilson also knew that Zeon would use Granada as a launching point to attack Von Braun, whom Granada had maintained a cordial relationship with for a number of years. While the Battle of Mare Smythii took place, he and his two secretaries had a discussion with Kycilia (disguised as "Catherine") and her agents at the Granada Plaza Hotel. Catherine asks for Granada to side with Zeon and take part in their war but Mr. Wilson firmly stated he couldn't participate in something predicated on betraying Granada's relationship with Von Braun. One of the Zeon agents received a call and handed his phone over to Catherine. She told Mr. Wilson of an interesting development; her men had wiped out a squadron-sized Federation force at Mare Smythii. Mr. Wilson gasped. Catherine stated this was the kind of power that Zeon already possessed. Mr. Wilson didn't believe this and asked to confirm with Prime Minister Gihren, Catherine corrected Mr. Wilson that he's now Supreme Commander Gihren for Zeon was no longer a republic, but a principality. Degwin would name himself as sovereign and declare their independence. Mr. Wilson and his two secretaries left, to confirm it himself rather than just take Catherine's word.

Later, in an inbound lane of the Granada City Central Expressway at the Mason district in the outskirts of the city, he and his two secretaries were in the Mayor's official vehicle but a large truck trailer going the wrong way made a head-on collision. Mr. Wilson, his two secretaries, his driver and the truck driver were all taken to Granada City General Hospital but all five were confirmed dead. According to Granada City Police Department, there were no skid marks on the nearby road surface after the incident. This made front page news of the Granada Times.[1]



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