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Universe Transports Skiff is a space shuttle that is mass-produced by Celestial Being.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Universe Transports Skiff is a space shuttle that is unarmed. It has two GN Boosters for long-distance traveling and a cockpit for piloting. When the Universe Transports Skiff needs more transportation ability, a cargo container can be attached back of the shuttle.


The Universe Transports Skiff made its debut at Episode 20, Season 1. The unit is co-piloted by Ian Vasthi and Lasse Aeon as they are going to pick up the two unit of GN Arms. The unit would not be used until Episode 1-2, Season 2.The unit is piloted by Gundam Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei, who picks up Lyle Dylandy (second Lockon Stratos) from Ireland and Celestial Being commander Sumeragi Lee Noriega from former-Union. Nearby, Setsuna's shuttle gets an encrypted message from the Ptolemaios 2. With A-LAWS forces (led by Barrack Zinin) approaching, Tieria Erde launches in Seravee. Setsuna tells Ian to launch the 00 Gundam and hands over the shuttle controls to Lyle/Lockon. Setsuna then ejects from the shuttle and uses his thrusters to boost over to the launch catapult in order to pilot 00.In Episode 11, Linda Vasthi leads other Celestial Being workers to escape from the attack (from A-Laws) with the cargo-container-equipped shuttles. The shuttles escaped safety as they were escorted by Arios. The unit was last piloted by Anew Returner, a CB Spy who flies by in the Universe Transports Skiff and picks up Revive Revival, who abandon the 0 Raiser and shoots up the cockpit, which powers down the Raiser System, to escape from CBS-74 Plotemaios 2.

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