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The Sleipnir Corps is a mobile suit aggressor squad from the Mobile Suit Gundam: We're Federation Hooligans!! manga.


The Sleipnir Corps was a mobile suit aggressor squad that fought during the One Year War. They were a semi-independent unit led by Captain Shaun Cassidy and were charged with eliminating Zeon stragglers around the barren desert territory between Elsworth Base and California Base.

During the One Year War, the Sleipnir Corps engaged many of the remaining Zeon ground forces who remained in North America during the final days of the war. When the Nemesis Instructor Corps were labelled as traitors during a major Federation conspiracy, the Sleipnir Corps was tasked with eliminating Tara I Cicero and the Zeon forces he had committed to his cause. However, after encountering the Federation Agent Cortés, the Sleipnir corps would ally themselves with Nemesis; helping buy the unit much needed time to catch Tara. The Sleipnir and Nemesis's combined mobile suit forces would engage Cortés in heated five versus one battle; being unfortunately overpowered and their mobile suits destroyed by Cortés' RX-78XX Gundam Pixy.

After Cortés had left and the survivors regrouped, the members of the Sleipnir and Nemesis corps would almost meet their demise at the hands of the Hyena Squad; a three-man unit of RGM-79FP GM Strikers that worked as Cortés' undercover clean up crew. They were eventually saved by a pair of MSM-04 Acguys who were travelling towards California base.



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