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Jamitov Hymen, the founder of the Titans, journeys to space after learning of the AEUG's invasion of Jaburo, in order to observe Gryps. The two colonies that compose Gryps are about to be situated more close to Luna II, as plans are underway to further fortify the Titans.

Back at Earth, Amuro Ray flies a replica Edgley EA-7 Optica. As he lands, he is surprised to find that he has some visitors over his estate in Cheyenne: Fraw Bow, now Fraw Kobayashi, along with Katz, Letz and Kikka, all grown up. They have a casual chat, before Amuro is asked about what is happening at Jaburo. Amuro passes a note to Fraw and the teens, who find out that all of the employees around them are, in fact, Earth's Federation soldiers, keeping an eye on Amuro.

Outside, after dinner, Katz accuses Amuro of being a coward for refusing to take part in the war, and they have an argument. Fraw appears, and tells Amuro that she plans to move to Japan with the kids.

Meanwhile, Hayato Kobayashi is escorting the Audhumla in his XB-70 Valkyrie to Kennedy Airport, which is under Karaba's control. He informs Quattro that, because they allowed the Garuda to land, Karaba will be forced to abandon Kennedy Airpot soon and move to someplace else. He asks Quattro to arrange a pilot to the space shuttle they plan to use to send the AEUG pilots back to space, where they are to rendezvous with the Argama.

As Hayate oversees the shuttle launch, he is informed that Oakland's Newtype Lab is now under the control of the Titans. A message from Kai arrives, warning him that Lieutenant Quattro is likely Char Aznable, so he refuses to work with him, planning to keep gathering information on his own. Meanwhile, Quattro receives a coded message from the Argama: the ship is under enemy fire, but they will make it to the rendezvous point anyway.

They have very little time, however, so Quattro assumes control of the operation: he orders that two space shuttles be launched at the same time, one for the pilots, and other for the mobile-suits, so that they don't fall on the enemy's hands. Apolly's Rick Dias will stay with Karaba, however, and Apollo is tasked with piloting one of the shuttles. Kamille helps loading the mobile-suits onto the freighter.

Hayato shows Kai's letter to Quattro, but he tells him that the letter's content has nothing to do with him. Kamille overhears the conversation and demands that Quattro tells them the truth, but Quattro insists that he is nothing more than Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena. Kamille punches him.

Suddenly, a new mobile-suit squad approaches the Kennedy Airport: the Buran platoon, consisting of Buran Blutarch's NRX-044 Asshimar and several pairs of RMS-106 Hizacks riding Base Jabbers. They manage to destroy one of the two shuttles, forcing Kamille, Quattro and Roberto to defend them. Quattro is having trouble giving chase to the Asshimar. Before him, however, that same flying mobile-armor suddenly transforms into a mobile-suit. While fighting valiantly, Roberto is killed by this new enemy.

Finally, the remaining shuttle where the AEUG pilots are aboard take off, but the flying enemy gives chase anyway. By combining both of their mobile-suits jumping power, however, Kamille and Quattro manages to defend the space shuttle, scoring a hit on their target and forcing him to back off. Kamille and Quattro escape on one of the two Garuda ships, the Audhumla, but are forced leave behind the other one, the Sudori.

Kennedy Airport and the Sudori are now under the control of the Earth Federation. Hayato informs Quattro that the Audhumla is headed towards Hickory, since Karaba have comrades close to Vandenberg. In space, the shuttle being operated by Apolly reaches the Argama.

With the end of the Jaburo operation, the world now knows that the Earth Federation Forces has been divided into two factions that had begun fighting each other.



  • Script: Hiroshi Ohnogi & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Kunihisa Sugishima
  • Animation Director: Kisaraka Yamada


Name Timestamp Notes
Amuro Ray 02:28


Name Timestamp Notes
Edgley EA-7 Optica 02:23


Title Timestamp
Ζeta - Toki wo Koete 00:00
Hush-a-Bye 02:23