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The Shuffle Alliance (シャッフル同盟 Shaffuru Dōmei?) is a faction that appears in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Members are identified by a "Shuffle Crest" on their hands.


Throughout the past 4000 years of history, the mysterious secret organization known as the Shuffle Alliance watched over humanity from the shadows, intervening to steer the world away from destruction and enforce the codes of conduct that govern warfare. The original inheritors of this ancient tradition that appear during the 13th Gundam Fight confronted the former King of Heart (キング・オブ・ハート?) Master Asia, who had gone rogue with the Devil Gundam. The acting leader of the team is the chain-wielding Black Joker (ブラック・ジョーカー?), who is accompanied by the tactician Jack in Diamond (ジャック・イン・ダイヤ?), the knife-hurling Queen the Spade (クイーン・ザ・スペード?), and the martial arts master Club Ace (クラブ・エース?). During their confrontation with Master Asia, they soon realized that their opponents were in fact their successors. In order to free them from the influence of DG Cells, they sacrifice themselves, along with their Gundams.

The current members consist of Domon Kasshu, Sai Saici, Argo Gulskii, George de Sand and Chibodee Crocket. Together they are able to perform the Erupting Shuffle Alliance Attack technique.

Current Members

Former Members


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