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U.C. 0079.04.26 - 0079.04.27, the Federation forces are routed in face of the onslaught of the Zeon Zakus during Earth Drop Operations. When the main forces are retreating for resupply, Lt. Ben Barberry, who leads an anti-mobile suit special tactical squad utilizing the "Regina" missile launcher, is ordered by his arrogant superior, Col. Michael Colmatta, to advance and ambush the pursuing Zeon forces. Unknown to others, Barberry, who loses every subordinate in the previous engagements, is frequently haunted by a spirit called Shinigami (the Grim Reaper), who patrols the battlefield collecting souls of fallen warriors.

Barberry and his platoon arrives at the outskirt of a ruined mining town and receives information of two MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type (instead of three from the intelligence report) rampaging through a nearby supply depot. The ambush is set but failed to achieve an immediate kill when one of the squads opens fire prematurely. Despite eventually destroying the first target, the second Zaku soon dashes in for backup, and kills everyone except Barberry. Enraged, Barberry attempts to make a last stand and manages to score a direct hit when the Zaku accidentally falls into a pothole. Thinking he's the sole survivor again, Barberry is shocked to see a third Zaku rising up from a camouflaged underground hiding. Knowing that his fate is sealed, Barberry empties his service pistol at the incoming Giant of Death.


Earth Federation Forces

  • Ben Barberry
  • Papa Sydney Lewis
  • Michael Colmatta

Principality of Zeon

  • Bebel


  • Death


Earth Federation Forces

Principality of Zeon

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