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Shocking! Shining Finger Defeated! is the fourteenth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Rain notices that there are four unidentified objects heading for Earth. She also notices that Master is going into an abandoned subway station. She follows him and loses him. Here she is hypnotized by a strange light and follows it to where she finds all of Domon's friends' crew members. They explain to her that they were brought there just like she and Domon were and that something is wrong with their pilots. As they emerge from the station they see Domon being beaten by the four Gundam Fighters. They exclaim they no longer care of their past ambitions. Master Asia comes and tries to trick Domon into joining with the others. However Rain makes Domon realize that his master is a servant of the Devil Gundam. Master Aaia transforms his Kowloon Gundam into the Gundam that almost destroyed Domon: the Master Gundam. Before he is almost successful in recruiting Domon, the four unidentified objects land and reveal themselves to be the Shuffle Alliance, the strongest Gundam Fighters. After a small discussion Master Asia retreats for the time being and says that Domon is no longer his pupil.

Important Events

Featured Gundam Fights

Shining Gundam and Kowloon Gundam vs. Death Beast

  • Winners: Shining Gundam and Kowloon Gundam

Shining Gundam vs. Gundam Maxter, Dragon Gundam, Gundam Rose and Bolt Gundam

  • Winner: Draw

Shining Gundam, Queen of Spades, Club Ace, Jack of Diamonds and Black Joker vs. Master Gundam

  • Winner: Draw
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