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Shinn Asuka (シン・アスカ Shinn Asuka?) is one of the main characters from the TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. A refugee from the Orb Union, he was a pilot aboard ZAFT's LHM-BB01 Minerva during the Second Alliance-PLANT War, initially piloting a ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam and then a ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam.

Personality & Character

Witnessing his family's death right before his eyes and seeing their mutilated and bloody corpses has had a traumatic effect on Shinn's life. However, during flashbacks of his past he was shown to be a very cheerful and carefree person, it is also hinted that he is a very nice big brother during the beginning where he is shown to have no qualms going an extra mile for his little sister over a cell phone, showing how much he changes through this tragedy.

Since his family’s tragic death, Shinn has become impulsive, stubborn, hot-tempered, and occasionally arrogant - even to his superior officers. Shinn has also demonstrated to act on his personal feelings, despite his common sense, and this has also sometimes put him at odds with his superior officers. Nonetheless, Shinn has demonstrated to be a highly determined individual and is extremely dedicated to his role of ending conflicts and protecting innocent lives, so that they do not have to go through the same horrors that he had endured.

Shinn has a great deal of anger towards several major governments, organizations, and individuals that has been contributed due to many factors in his past and his time during war. His anger to these factors has demonstrated to be either negative or positive factors during varying moments of his life. He also has a deep hatred for war and those who cause it, as throughout the Second Alliance-PLANT War he becomes frustrated at the prospect of conflict happening again and is visibly upset when it does. By the end of the second war, Shinn seems to have put most of his anger towards these factors behind him evidenced by joining Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala as an ally despite his previous conflict with them; showing great maturity as a character.

Despite all anger and sorrow, Shinn has shown to be a very kind and gentle person mainly to his two love interests, Lunamaria Hawke and Stella Loussier, both of whom he is very protective of. He still deeply saddened by the world's cruel actions and all the people that have died in his life; despite his conflicted emotions, he fights for wanting to change the world for the better.

In a small note in the Omake Quarters CDs, Shinn can be rather picky with eating, and he refuses to eat eggplants or mushrooms, as well as disliking sour foods.

Skills & Abilities

That kid, the Impulse's pilot. He's focused and utterly determined. He just keeps improving.

Mu La Flaga on Shinn's abilities after hearing of Kira's defeat. , Eve of Chaos

Shinn was depicted to be a talented pilot with great drive and focus in better himself in his piloting skills unlike the previous two protagonists Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala who spend all their time in the previous war being troubled by multiple external things. His fighting style has similarities with the previous two protagonist as a one man army type pilot being able to hold his own against the 3 Extended in the stolen Gundams single-handedly and even force them to retreat with Athrun, Rey and Lunamaria supporting. His improvement can be seen throughout the Second Alliance-PLANT War until he was eventually able to take down the Freedom single-handedly. It is even stated by Athrun Zala himself to Kira Yamato, Shinn is a good person who works very hard and improves quickly. Despite his skills, Shinn is not without his weakness, he is shown to be inapt at dealing with mobile weapons. Shinn was completely outmatched by the TS-MA4F Exus's gunbarrel pods and would have been captured alive by Neo if his colleague Rey Za Burrel had not stepped in to help him. This proves to be his personal combat flaws as he took a direct hit from Strike Freedom's dragoons to confuse and broke through his defences in the final battle.

Shinn is talented and favours close range combat. He's also good in medium and long range combat which come in handy due to both of his mobile suits capabilities to handle any form of combat. Despite his talents and natural abilities, Shinn Asuka suffers a great deal from constantly grieving for the loss of his family to the previous war, to prevent the tragedy that causes the sorrow he experiences is the main driving force behind his reason to fight. Later in the series, Shinn Asuka learns to enter into SEED mode by tapping into the anger which stems from his loss of his family and Stella. While in SEED Mode, Shinn Asuka's fighting style became even more aggressive making him an unstoppable force to just about any pilots with exception of the two Legendary Aces and War Heroes; Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala.

Towards the end of the series after his defeat by Athrun Zala, Shinn went to visit his family's grave with Lunamaria together with Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne, Athrun Zala and Meyrin. Here, Kira Yamato extended his hand in offering Shinn to protect the world and Shinn accepts signifying him finally moving on from his family's death.


First Alliance-PLANT War

Battle of Orb

Shinn lived with his parents and his younger sister, Mayu, in the neutral country of Orb. When the Earth Alliance demanded that Orb, as a nation in Earth, aid in the efforts against the PLANTs, Shinn and Mayu were among the many that saw Uzumi Nara Athha's broadcast remaining firm in the principles that had built Orb and rejecting the Alliance's demands. In response, the Earth Alliance attacked Orb on June 15 and thus he and his family tried to evacuate.[1]


Only Shinn survived when his family was caught in a crossfire between the GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam and the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. Shinn watched in horror of the death of his family and cried in anguish, though it is not clear which unit was responsible for the explosion that killed Shinn's family.[2]

Shinn blamed Orb’s rulers, the Athhas, for his family’s deaths; Orb soldier, Captain Todaka, then took care of Shinn and later sent him to the PLANTs, where he met Lunamaria Hawke and enrolled at the ZAFT military academy.[3]

At the ZAFT Military Academy

On the day Siegel Clyne and some of his followers were executed due to Lacus's betrayal, Shinn, Meyrin, Lunamaria and Rey listened to Patrick Zala's speech at the military academy..[4]

After graduation, Shinn was assigned to pilot ZAFT's ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam, and is stationed aboard the battleship Minerva under the command of Talia Gladys along with former military academy classmates and friends Rey Za Burrel, Vino Dupre, Lunamaria Hawke, Meyrin Hawke, and Yolan Kent.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

Theft at Armory One

The Extended pilots of the Earth Alliance's special forces team, Phantom Pain - Sting Oakley, Stella Loussier, and Auel Neider - infiltrated Armory One and stole three ZAFT prototype mobile suits, the ZGMF-X24S Chaos Gundam, ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam, and ZGMF-X31S Abyss Gundam. Shinn was initially stationed within theLHM-BB01 Minerva and launched soon after the theft under orders from both Talia Gladys and Arthur Trine to recapture the units.[2]

At first, Shinn rescued a damaged ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior before engaging both the Chaos and Gaia single-handedly with his ZGMF-X56S/β Sword Impulse Gundam. When the Abyss joins the fray, the three Extendeds overpower him until the damaged ZAKU briefly intervenes by tackling the Abyss and saving Shinn before withdrawing. Rey and Lunamaria soon arrive to help Shinn recover the stolen units, but the Extendeds are able to blow a hole in the armory, and retreat back to the Mirage Colloid-cloaked Earth Alliance battleship Girty Lue dubbed as "Bogey One" by the Minerva's crew. Initially, Shinn also exited the Armory to give chase, but was nearly captured by Neo Roanoke with his TS-MA4F Exus when the Impulse's power levels were low.

Junius Seven Colony Drop

Eventually, Shinn and Rey are ordered to fall back to the Minerva. On board, Shinn is shocked to learn that Athrun, disguising himself as "Alex Dino, had saved him from the Extendeds. He also is irritated to learn that Cagalli is on board as well, for he blames his family's deaths on her father, Uzumi Nara Athha, and he shows this readily in Cagalli's presence. In his first sortie after the Armory One Incident, Shinn departs with Lunamaria, Shawn and Dale in order to locate the stolen units. The group are ambushed with Shawn and Dale being killed quickly, leaving Shinn to face the Chaos and Abyss alone while Lunamaria is stuck against the Gaia. As the Minerva had successfully damaged Bogey One, the ship immediately calls back the stolen units and retreats. Upon return, Meyrin reveals that Athrun had saved the ship with a critical decision, but Shinn dismisses Athrun as "someone that just lives in Orb".

The Minerva is ordered to aid the Jule Team with the demolition of Junius Seven, which is on a collision course with Earth. This is caused by a rogue ZAFT force that supports the late Patrick Zala that soon attack the Jule Team during demolition. The battle soon attracts the attention of Bogey One as well, causing them to also send out the stolen units to engage the ZAFT forces.

Despite these obstacles, the ZAFT forces are able to split the colony in half, but due to the size of the remaining chunks, are forced to continue demolition. As they are soon reaching Earth's ozone layer, Shinn is ordered to retreat back to the Minerva, but he spots Athrun attempting to use one more meteor breaker before returning. Although Shinn helps Athrun, he asks Athrun why someone like him would remain in Orb. The pair are interrupted by a small group of terrorists, including their leader, Sato, who angrily calls for them to not forget the lives that were sacrificed and forgotten in the previous war. Shinn is briefly knocked out when one of the terrorists grabs the Impulse's cockpit before self-detonating his unit, but Shinn recovers and rescues Athrun from Sato.

Due to the damage to his unit, Athrun is unable to keep up with Shinn during their descent to Earth, and the two free fall as they reach Earth's atmosphere. After finally restabilizing his unit, Shinn is able to locate Athrun and brings him back to the Minerva safely.

Ambush at Orb

After returning Cagalli and Athrun to Orb, the Minerva is stationed at Orb for repairs during this time Shinn goes to visit the place where his family died at Orb's memorial, now filled with flower fields. He briefly meets Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne without knowing who they are. During this encounter, Kira notes that the flowers will likely wither due the nearby sea waves. In response, Shinn offers his analogy; that no matter how beautiful flowers may be, people will still keep destroying them.

The Minerva then leaves quickly because Orb is about to join the Earth Alliance Forces. Yuna Roma Seiran and his father plan to offer them to the Earth Alliance fleet waiting outside Orb territory, and Yuna deploys the Orb fleet to prevent the Minerva from reentering Orb. Because of an unexpected fight, Minerva is severely damaged and is also in a disadvantageous situation. With the Impulse, Shinn battles the massive mobile armor YMAF-X6BD Zamza-Zah created by the Earth Alliance Forces. However due to its new technology, the Impulse runs out of energy. With rage and anger, thinking that he has to still avenge his family, Shinn awakens Seed Mode for the first time. Using Seed Mode, Shinn saves the Minerva and also destroys nearly every Earth Alliance ship. Shinn starts to be recognized by enemies and starts to become a ZAFT ace.

Fight over the Indian Ocean and the Battle of Gulnahan

En route to the Black Sea, the Minerva is joined by Athrun Zala in his ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam. Athrun has re-enlisted into ZAFT as a member of FAITH, which surprises Shinn not knowing Athrun's previous decision to side with Orb. As they fly over the Indian Ocean, they are attacked by Phantom Pain again. Though he and Athrun engage the Earth Alliance's fleet in the air, Shinn becomes overeager in his pursuit of Neo's custom GAT-04 Windam and rushes out of position, leaving his allies to fend for themselves. While fighting the Gaia after its attempt to aid Neo, Shinn discovers that the Earth Alliance is forcing civilians to work on their secret military base. Earth Alliance soldiers fire on civilians who are trying to escape, which causes Shinn to attack and kill the soldiers, and freeing the civilians instead of following orders. Afterwards, Athrun rewards him with a slap in the face for disobeying orders.

Athrun later talks with Shinn on the Minerva's deck, revealing that he learned of Shinn's past and his family's deaths. Athrun advises Shinn to never forget the true purpose of why he wields his power.

Later, Athrun assigns the key part in breaking through an Earth Alliance fortification at the Battle of Gulnahan to Shinn. Shinn is able to destroy the base's positron cannon by flinging a damaged mobile suit into the cannon before destroying it, and the cannon in the process. He and Athrun are later cheered on by the local civilians as thanks for their new freedom. When the Minerva arrives at Diocuia, Shinn meets chairman Gilbert Durandal, who awards him the Order of the Nebula medal and tells Shinn about the secret society Logos an organization that Durandal says is behind war. Shinn later comments that if there are enemies that fire upon them and cause chaos, they have no choice to fight back.

Meeting Stella Loussier and the Freedom

While stationed in Diocuia, Shinn saves Stella from drowning after she falls from a cliff into the water. Stella becomes frantic when Shinn yells at her for being careless, asking her "Are you trying to die, you twit?!" Stella panicked when Shinn accidentally said her block word, "die", Shinn tries to assure Stella that no one was going to hurt her, she became more scared. Stella yelled out to Shinn that she was scared to die.

Shinn hugs Stella

He grabs her and gives her a hug, telling Stella that she won't die. He tells her that he will protect her. Stella, hearing the same thing that Neo had said, starts crying in Shinn's arms. To calm her, Shinn swears to protect her. They are stuck at the bottom of the cliff until a ZAFT boat arrives to rescue them. They become closer, but when Stella returns to Phantom Pain, her memories of Shinn are erased.

Following the addition of Heine Westenfluss and his ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited, the Minerva is attacked by Phantom Pain and the Orb fleet commanded by Yuna Roma Seiran. The ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, piloted by Kira Yamato, and the Archangel intervenes. Kira damages the Minerva, Impulse, the GOUF, and other mobile suits. Heine and his crippled GOUF are sliced in half by the Gaia when he unknowingly moves between it and the Freedom. Heine's death angers both Athrun and Shinn.

Discovery at Lodonia

While staying at Lodonia, Rey and Shinn are tasked with an undercover investigation of an abandoned Earth Alliance facility in the area. Although Shinn and Rey successfully enter and see a laboratory, Rey suddenly suffers from seizures and Shinn is forced to pull him out before reporting back to the Minerva. Shinn later returns, now accompanied by Arthur, Gladys and Athrun, and the group soon learn of the true horrors of the laboratory. The group learn that they had reached the training ground for the Extended program, which captured children and forced them to undergo a rigorous military training regimen. Many were killed by these exercises, and those that failed to keep up were routinely tortured and drugged. In disbelief, Shinn angrily wonders why the Alliance would consider Coordinators to be abominations if they would stoop so low to gain ideal soldiers.

While they are making a report of their findings, Stella attacks by herself, but she is defeated by Shinn and Athrun and becomes a prisoner on the Minerva. Shinn is shocked when he learns that Stella is the Gaia's pilot and one of the Earth Alliance's Extendeds. While tied to a bed due to her violent behavior, she cries out for Neo, and Shinn again attempts to calm her, though she does not recall who he is. When waking up again, tired and less aggressive, she sees Shinn and recognizes him this time, indicating the erasing of her memory was not completely successful.

Battle of Crete

The Minerva heads for Gibraltar, but they are intercepted again by Phantom Pain and the Orb fleet commanded by Yuna Roma Seiran and Captain Todaka. The Archangel intervenes and Cagalli Yula Athha gives a speech in the hopes of getting the Orb forces to retreat, which angers Shinn, who fires at her. Kira destroys the missiles and attacks Shinn, causing Shinn goes into SEED mode. While in this state, he destroys the Abyss, killing its pilot, Auel, and decimates the Orb mobile suit force. Shinn then directly engages the Orb fleet, sinking several ships. Captain Todaka, is killed when Shinn attacks the Orb carrier Takemikazuchi. As Athrun, Rey and Lunamria's units were all damaged beyond repair, Shinn is left as the only pilot in the Minerva with a working unit after Crete.

Afterward, Shinn overhears his commander's discussion which concludes that the Extended prisoner Stella will die without the right medical treatment, and her body will be transported to a ZAFT science facility for dissection and testing to study the Extended program. Horrified, Shinn decides to return Stella to the Earth Alliance, and does so with Rey's help. Both are confined as punishment and risked execution, but are released on Gilbert Durandal's orders on account of their previous heroics. Athrun later scolds Shinn for returning Stella under the naive belief that she will not simply be sent into another battle even in her current state.

Battle of Berlin

As many Eurasian nations began to show more sympathy and friendship towards the ZAFT forces, the Atlantic Federation decides to unleash the GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam on Eurasia. The massive mobile suit decimates multiple cities in its path, obliterating all ZAFT attempts to resist the unit and save civilians. Destroy eventually stops at Berlin, where it engages with the Archangel and the Freedom. The Minerva arrives after the battle had already started, and Shinn is sent out to fight the Destroy.

When Shinn cuts the Destroy's cockpit open, Neo tells Shinn that Stella is the pilot, causing Shinn to immediately stop his attacks. Shinn later defends Stella when the Freedom attempts to take advantage of Destroy's exposed cockpit, much to the surprise of everyone. Shinn soon reaches out to Stella to reassure her. His attempt pays off as Stella is able to finally calm herself down upon hearing Shinn. Unfortunately, an explosion in her cockpit snaps her back to reality and she becomes incredibly frightened by the Freedom, recognizing it as the unit that had defeated Neo.

Stella soon begins preparing to fire the Destroy's chest cannons before the Freedom intervenes; stabbing the cannons before they can fire. This causes a chain reaction that eventually puts Destroy down. Finding Stella in the remains of the unit, Shinn tearfully listens as Stella simply says that she loves him, and that he swore to protect her. Filled with grief, Shinn immediately takes her body and flies away from the battlefield.

Operation Angel Down, Impulse vs Freedom

After Shinn lays Stella's corpse to rest in a lake, he becomes intent on absolutely destroying the Freedom to avenge Stella. Shinn admits to Rey and Athrun that the Freedom is perhaps the strongest mobile suit in existence and its pilot is exceptional. Shinn practices computerized battle simulations between his Impulse and the Freedom. While researching the Freedom, Rey points out the critical flaw of the Freedom's pilot refusing to immediately attack another unit's cockpit, and how the Impulse can overcome this issue with its various component parts.

During this period of time the Chairman Durandal presents a speech around the entire world about the organization Logos and claims that by destroying them the war will end, and Shinn easily agrees, later when the Minerva is ordered to subdue the Archangel in the mission code-named "Operation Angel Down", Shinn gets his opportunity for revenge. After receiving the message that Archangel won't surrender, Shinn is finally allowed to launch and face the Freedom.

Shinn initially blocks the Freedom's attempts to return to the Archangel in order to force the unit into a dogfight. Shinn first tosses the Impulse's shield towards the Freedom before shooting the shield mid-air, clipping the Freedom's shoulder. When he closes in for a melee, the Freedom proceeds to destroy the Impulse's main camera, Shinn immediately detaches the damaged Chest Flyer and sends it flying towards the Freedom before destroying the Chest Flyer. The explosion causes the Freedom to crash into the mountains, where Shinn, by now having received a new replacement for the lost part, gives chase. At this point, the Freedom attempts to slash through the Impulse's torso, but Shinn reads the maneuver and detaches and detonates the Impulse's Leg Flyer, damaging the Freedom's wings. Shinn is later able to also destroy the Freedom's beam rifle during its attempt to rejoin the Archangel.

As the Archangel is caught by the Minerva's Tannhäuser positron cannon, the explosion from the blast distracts the Freedom long enough for Shinn to utilize one of the Sword Silhouette's beam boomerangs to knock it out of position. Pulling out one of the Sword Silhouette's Excalibur swords, Shinn charges straight for the kill, impaling the Freedom's chest through its shield. An explosion soon engulfs both units as the damaged Impulse is left battered, but victorious.

When Shinn returns to the Minerva after destroying the Freedom, his comrades cheer him. Shinn tells Athrun that he defeated Freedom and killed its pilot, avenging Stella’s death and Athrun’s defeat. Furious by Shinn's rejoicing at the apparent death of Kira, a distraught Athrun punches Shinn in the face. Athrun adds that Shinn killed Kira but Kira never wanted to kill him. Rey counters that destroying Freedom and the Archangel was a direct order from ZAFT's headquarters, that all of them, including Athrun, were obligated to obey.

Athrun's Defection

PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Gilbert Durandal presents Shinn and Athrun with ZAFT's two newest mobile suits the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam and the ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam. While Athrun opted to return to his room after being shown his unit, Shinn opted to remain within the Destiny's hangar to continue tuning the unit to his personal specs. Midway through, he is pulled away when an alarm is suddenly trigerred within the base. Shinn is later contacted by Rey, immediately asking him to launch on the Destiny to hunt down a traitor, with Rey needing to use the Legend to help Shinn.

While giving chase to the traitor, Shinn is shocked to learn that traitor was actually Athrun. The pair are eventually able to catch up to Athrun's stolen GOUF Ignited, and Shinn immediately demands for Athrun to surrender himself, but Athrun responds that Shinn shouldn't believe the seemingly honorable intentions of the Chairman. Rey soon barges in, claiming this to be one of Athrun's tricks, and warns Shinn not to listen to the deserter. While the three are fighting, Chairman Durandal contacts Rey and Shinn, asking the former if he had seen Meyrin near Athrun. Rey confirms this, and asks for authorization to outright shoot down the GOUF, something that Chairman Durandal agrees to. Upon hearing this, Athrun pleas to at least allow Meyrin to safely escape, but Rey vehemently denies, declaring her to be an accomplice and traitor like Athrun. Rey then asks Shinn if he would allow the enemies of the Chairman's peace to slip away, and shouts for Shinn to honor his previous statement of fighting their foes.

Confused and unable to think properly or who to believe, Shinn finally enters SEED mode and angrily lashes out at Athrun for betraying them at a critical time. Shinn eventually proceeds to drive the Destiny's anti-ship sword through Athrun's GOUF and sending it plummeting into the sea. Having finally regained his composure, a somber Shinn returns back to Gibraltar to report to Chairman Durandal.

Shinn's return to Minerva with the Destiny is not met with an ovation, but with the pained expressions of his friends for having killed Meyrin. Upon encountering Lunamaria at a hallway, he apologizes to Lunamaria and finally breaks down in tears when she begins crying. Shinn would remain guilty for shooting down Athrun and Meyrin though he feels this action was necessary to achieve the Chairman's goal of peace.

Because he had been given the Destiny, Lunamaria would replace him as the Impulse's pilot.

Battle of Heaven's Base - Operation Ragnarök

After some comforting by Chairman Durandal, Shinn prepares for the assault against Logos' Heaven's Base Headquarters in Iceland. In the Minerva mobile suit hangar just prior to "Operation Ragnarok", he encourages Lunamaria about her first sortie with the Impulse, and they console each other about Athrun and Meyrin's deaths. Both blame Logos for the apparent betrayal by Athrun and Meyrin. Shinn kisses Lunamaria and promises to protect her.[5]

The initial battle goes awry as LOGOS launch a pre-emptive strike on the defecting Alliance fleet with five Destroys. When ZAFT's descent pods begin arriving, they are swiftly wiped out by the base's Nibelung. Heavily angered by this, Shinn launches with Lunamaria and Rey. Fueled by his anger towards LOGOS, Shinn enters SEED mode and engages the Destroys, immediately destroying two of the units and single-handedly turning the tide of the battle. Seeing the vigor of Shinn, the remaining ZAFT fleet begin pushing forward just as Rey and Lunamaria defeat a third Destroy. By the battle's conclusion, Shinn then dispatches the final two Destroy as Heaven's Base is finally overrun.[5]

ZAFT's invasion of Orb - Operation Fury

ZAFT forces occupy Heaven's Base, arresting many Logos members. However, when Shinn learns that Lord Djibril escaped, and is rumored to be hiding in Orb, he becomes furious and vows to hunt Djibril down no matter what.

Shinn has nightmares about Stella's suffering, his fights against the Freedom, the killing of Athrun and Meyrin, and the battles against Logos. Rey tells Shinn that he did the right thing because they were all ZAFT's enemies. PLANT Supreme Council awards a second Nebula Medal to Shinn for his performance in Operation Ragnarok and Supreme Council Chairman Durandal appoints both Shinn and Rey to FAITH. After confirmation that the Seirans (the rulers of Orb at the time) are providing sanctuary to Lord Djibril, ZAFT initiates "Operation Fury", a full-scale assault on Orb in order to capture Lord Djibril.

Using the privileges as a member of FAITH, Shinn launches alone from Minerva in his Destiny, determined to be the one to destroy Orb, and engages the ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam after identifying it as the commander unit. Though he is easily able to gain the advantage against the Akatsuki, Shinn's beam boomerangs are destroyed by the returning ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam.

Shocked and enraged by the appearance of the Strike Freedom, Shinn engaged it in battle. Although he loses his anti-ship sword in the fight, Shinn quickly enters SEED mode and forces the Strike Freedom into the defensive. Despite this, the Strike Freedom's constant running takes its toll on the Destiny, and Shinn is called back by Rey when the Destiny's power level finally falters.

Once his unit is finally resupplied, Shinn departs with Rey to engage the Strike Freedom together. To his surprise, Athrun arrives in the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam to reinforce the Strike Freedom. Athrun once again attempts to reason with Shinn, asking him if the peace that they desired would come from destroying Orb, and asking Shinn why he chose to wield his power. Rey once again intervenes, declaring that Athrun couldn't stay dead and warns Shinn not to be deceived. In response to Rey's attack on Athrun, the Strike Freedom moves to engage Rey, with Athrun blocking Shinn from helping.

Eventually driven to defeat Athrun, Shinn goes into SEED mode and knocks Athrun back with the swing of Destiny's anti-ship sword. When he charges for Athrun again, Athrun also enters SEED mode and chops off Destiny's hand. In concurrence with their battle, a suspicious shuttle had fled the battlefield, followed by the destruction of ZAFT's flagship, St. Helens. Having lost both the battle and their purpose to remain, Gladys orders all remaining forces, including Shinn and Rey, to retreat.

He is later unhappy to watch Cagalli's broadcast from Orb, denouncing Chairman Durandal's decision to attack Orb even if meant getting Lord Djibril. In response, Lacus interrupts Cagalli's broadcast, claiming that the very fact that Orb would not hand over such a despicable man like Djibril made them at fault for only lengthening the chaos. To everyone's surprise, Cagalli returns to interrupt, this time accompanied by a second Lacus, claiming to be the genuine one. Cagalli's Lacus voices her inability to trust Chairman Durandal due to the many faces he wears to please the public to suit his hidden agendas. At the same time, she expresses her distaste for Lord Djibril, declaring Orb's previous desire for peace, and refusal to participate any further in conflicts between ZAFT and LOGOS.

A surprised Shinn and Lunamaria soon consult Rey, who dismisses the second Lacus as the fake, and chooses to focus on Athrun's survival. Lunamaria wonders if Meyrin had survived as well and Rey states that she is likely on the Archangel. This conversation upsets Shinn.

Battle of Daedalus

Later Lord Djibril unleashes Requiem and destroyed some of the PLANTs, both Shinn and Rey blame Kira and Athrun for their interference, Rey in particular blames Lunamaria for her failure to shoot down Djibril however Shinn quickly defends her.

The Minerva is ordered to attack the Requiem and the Daedalus base. Shinn is concerned for Lunamaria's safety for she has been given the mission to destroy the Requiem's controls but she convinces him to believe in her. Shinn in the Destiny and Rey in the Legend act as decoys and cripple the defenses of the lunar stronghold. Lunamaria is able to break through Requiem's shaft and destroys the Requiem's firing controls. At the same time, Shinn was able to sink many docked Girty-Lue battleships to prevent any avenue escape, while Rey successfully killed Lord Djibril in another attempt to flee. Afterwards their comrades cheer them and Shinn and Lunamaria embrace.

With the last remnants of Blue Cosmos/Logos eliminated, Chairman Durandal unveils his ultimate solution to war - "the Destiny Plan". Chairman Durandal as an expert geneticist will act as the overseer and assign roles to individuals according to their genetic makeup. Everyone will then be governed by their genetic "destiny" and not by their individuality. According to Chairman Durandal, the ultimate goal is to make wars obsolete and to direct humanity to the path of evolution.

Battle of Messiah

For the Destiny Plan to become a reality, Chairman Durandal has to defeat any nation with the capability and the resolve to challenge him. Before the battle, Durandal calls Shinn and Rey to meet in person at his mobile fortress Messiah. When they arrive, Durandal tells Shinn about his goals and that the ones they are fighting now are remnants of Logos, however Durandal is lying to Shinn when the ones they are fighting are actual Orb forces. Shinn hesitates about putting his full support behind the Destiny Plan. After some convincing arguments from Rey, Shinn agrees. After all the pain Shinn has endured and wanting an end to the war, the Destiny Plan is the only answer to humanity's problems that makes sense to him.

Though the Strike Freedom and Athrun had successfully destroyed one of Requiem's relay stations, another was soon being moved into position for it to fire on Orb. In order to stall for more time until Requiem fully recharges, Shinn and Rey are sent out to engage Athrun and the Strike Freedom. Unfortunately, the enemy forces soon catch on to their attempt to stall, and Athrun and the Archangel choose to abandon their current engagement to focus on reaching Requiem. To counter this, Rey has Shinn accompany the Minerva in giving chase.

During his attempt to get to Requiem, Athrun is attacked by Lunamaria, and he is forced to retaliate by damaging the Impulse. Seeing Athrun fighting Lunamaria, an enraged Shinn attacks Athrun, then goes into SEED mode. Despite this setback, Athrun quickly gains the advantage, eliminating both of Destiny's beam boomerangs and destroying its sword. Despite all of this, Athrun tries to talk with both Shinn and Lunamaria, warning them that even if they do succeed with the Destiny Plan, it will never bring back those that have already died.

In the HD Remaster and Final Plus, Shinn defends his decision by shouting that the world needed to change to stop conflicts from erupting, and that the Destiny Plan is the only solution. Athrun soon replies that the Plan would kill off their future, and he once again asks Shinn if he intended to use his power in such a manner.

After realizing the terrible mistakes being made by both Shinn and herself, as she witnesses the heated argument between Shinn and Athrun, Lunamaria interposes herself between the two, begging them to stop fighting, which has Shinn hallucinate visions of Mayu, Stella and the Freedom bewilderingly. As Shinn charges madly at a shocked Lunamaria for the kill, Athrun goes into SEED mode as well, saves Lunamaria from Shinn, and cripples the Destiny, sending it plummeting onto the Moon's surface.

While he's unconscious, Shinn has a vision of Stella, in which she tells him that she's finally got her past and thus very happy, and bidden him to see each other in the future. Shinn soon wakes up with Lunamaria at his side, and she informs him that Requiem was destroyed and Orb was not fired upon. This is soon followed by Messiah being put down by the combined efforts of the Strike Freedom and the Eternal. Shinn soon bursts into tears for his failure and remains with Lunamaria on the moon as they watch Messiah finally collapse. After Messiah's destruction, the Eternal opens talks for diplomacy with the ZAFT forces as Chairman Durandal was dead and they no longer carried any superweapons left.

While seeing the many signal flares of the ships, Shinn immediately reflects over Athrun's statement of knowing what to wield his power for, and immediately sheds tears at finally realizing what Athrun had truly meant. The pair are later rescued by Athrun during his return back to the Eternal.

Post Second Alliance-PLANT War

Later, Shinn paid tribute to his deceased family at the memorial in Orb alongside Athrun, Meyrin and Lunamaria. By this time, the memorial's flower fields were ravaged by the conflicts and many flowers had been destroyed. Shinn immediately reveals that he had always hated the memorial for seemingly attempting to put a cover over those that were killed, but he had always kept a special place in mind for it. After seeing that its flowers were literally destroyed, Shinn vents his true unhappiness of seeing it in such a dilapidated state.

The group is soon joined by Kira and Lacus, who were also making their own offerings to the memorial. Shortly after, Athrun formally introduces Kira to Shinn as the pilot of Freedom, leaving Shinn stunned. Despite Shinn's attempt to kill him, Kira offers a handshake, bearing no grudge for the incident. As Shinn accepts this gesture and attempts to muster a response or apology for Kira, Kira answers Shinn's previous analogy: that no matter how many times people will destroy the flowers, they will always be able to plant flowers again. Kira then asks for Shinn's help in the future, an offer that Shinn tearfully accepts.

Afterwards Shinn and Lunamaria smile at each other and leave together. In Gundam SEED Destiny: Special Edition, Shinn is seen along with Lunamaria, Kira, Athrun, Meyrin, and the three ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper pilots going to meet with Lacus - who is accompanied by Yzak Jule, Dearka Elsman, Shiho Hahnenfuss, and Arthur Trine - before she enters the PLANT Supreme Council chambers. Shinn is not wearing the FAITH pin insignia in this scene.

Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge

In Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge, Shinn's relationship with Athrun is expanded. Although it is still a harsh relationship, he is more respectful to Athrun at times. During the Junius Seven colony drop, when Cagalli unintentionally hurts Athrun's feelings, Shinn reminds her that one of the terrorists had invoked the ideals of Patrick Zala as their reason for carrying out the drop. He then says that Athrun is too pitiful if Cagalli comforts him with mere empty words. Athrun also has a somewhat greater role acting as his mentor, reminding him before the Battle of Gulnahan that he is ZAFT's trump card. Athrun also scolds him when he throws tantrums at the briefing.

Gundam SEED Character Theatre

Shinn, alongside Rey and Lunamaria, is one of the central characters for the last two episodes of the Theatre, where the trio are sent on absurd missions by Gilbert Durandal. For their first mission, they are given the task of destroying Kira and Athrun's friendship. To do this, they travel back to the past of Kira and Athrun's youth with the intention of destroying Birdy, the symbol of Kira and Athrun's friendship.

While they do return to the past and find Kira and Birdy, it turns out that Birdy was built on a gigantic scale, and Birdy overwhelms both Lunamaria and Rey (parodying Freedom's pose during the opening of SEED). Shinn, however enters SEED mode, and proceeds to destroy Birdy (parodying the moment he shot down the Gouf Ignited). Shortly after Birdy's destruction, Athrun arrives, and Meyrin reports that the get-along energy of Kira and Athrun was now decreasing. Believing that their mission was complete, Shinn and the rest return back to their time. Unknown to them, however, Kira and Athrun quickly reconcile, and Athrun promises to build another Birdy, causing their get-along energy to spike beyond the level of control of Meyrin's computer. Once the trio return, they find Meyrin, who reports that their friendship was now stronger. Gilbert then reprimands the trio for their failure, but soon texts them another mission: to destroy Kira's relationship with Lacus.

The three proceed to spy on Kira and Lacus, though Lunamaria is quickly taken out by a massive nosebleed after she sees Kira and Lacus kissing. Rey then attempts to interfere by loading multiple bottles of hot sauce on Lacus's cooking, only for it to put Kira into SEED mode and cause him to enter an eating frenzy. With both attempts failing, Shinn decides to ruin Lacus's concert (Where he parodies his final lines before impaling Freedom). Shinn manages to steal her outfit, however, he hears Kira approaching from the opposite side of a hall. With little choice, Shinn puts the costume on himself and pretends to be Lacus, telling Kira that he simply has a cold and that his voice was naturally off as a result. Rey (as a ghost) hands Shinn special voice changing pills which will give him the same voice as Lacus. Shinn decides to ruin Lacus's performance.

Pulling out an anti-ship sword, Shinn proceeds to use Lacus's voice, but with an ultra-violent performance, destroying multiple props and the stage as he sings, but this backfires as the audience actually enjoys what he is doing. With little choice, Shinn pushes himself to sing as many songs as it takes to ruin Lacus's performance. After singing 100 songs, Shinn is able to escape, but Lacus's relationship with Kira only strengthens further. In the end, the second mission also ends in failure.


Orb Union

Perhaps the most conflicted relationship that Shinn has is with his homeland of Orb. Before his family’s demise, Shinn seem to deeply enjoy living in Orb and enjoyed the peace he and his family had despite the first war that was happening at the time. After his family’s death, although Shinn probably did blame the Earth Alliance for their attack on Orb, he mostly blamed Orb and by extension the Athhas for failing to protect his family and other innocent civilians believing that Orb had failed to live up to the country’s ideals. Since then, Shinn left Orb to go to the PLANTs and intentionally thought he would never go back to Orb again. Two years after leaving Orb, Shinn inadvertently returned to it with the Minerva following the Junius Seven incident. During this time he expressed a desire to go ashore and visit the memorial built for the lives lost during the first war, in which he was brought to tears.

When Orb joined the Earth Alliance to avoid war with them in the future, Shinn was disgusted by this action as Orb was nearly destroyed by them in the previous war. Although he proclaimed he would treat Orb as an enemy and destroy it if it became necessary, at the time there seemed to be no resolve in his words. However as the second war continued and Orb participated in many attacks against the Minerva, joining Logos, and even offering shelter to a Lord Djibril, a mass murderer, caused Shinn to lose what little faith he had in his former country and now saw Orb as an enemy to the world. After the end of the second war, Shinn returned to the Orb memorial once again to pay tribute to his family and admits that despite all his hatred for Orb he could never truly forget about it.

During the Omake Quarters Drama CD, it is revealed that Shinn had indeed returned to Orb to celebrate the end of the war. Meyrin's dialogue with Lunamaria and Lacus implies that Lunamaria and Shinn are planning to stay in Orb, and that he has put his hatred for the country behind him.

Lunamaria Hawke

Prior to his romance with her, Shinn and Lunamaria had a personal and professional friendship with each other extending back to their time in the ZAFT training academy with Shinn affectionately calling her by her nickname “Luna” something only her sister Meyrin seems to do. Despite their friendship, Shinn and Lunamaria are occasionally annoyed by each other’s respective attitudes. Perhaps the most defining moment in their friendship, is when Shinn was ordered to kill Athrun and Luna’s sister Meyrin after they branded as traitors. After returning to the Minerva, Shinn immediately confesses to the one who executed them rather than hide it from Lunamaria. Confused and upset after her sister’s death, Lunamaria immediately broke down into tears with Shinn immediately comforting her in an act of guilt and compassion. Since then, rather than blame Shinn for following his orders Lunamaria instead chooses to blame Logos and reluctantly Athrun for Meyrin’s apparent death.

Since this incident Lunamaria and Shinn continued to be a source of comfort to one another and in process inadvertently began a romantic relationship. Although their relationship has been rather difficult to manage due to Rey’s criticism and Meyrin’s apparent death and return, Shinn and Lunamaria continue to comfort and support each other both on and off the battlefield. At the end of the second war, Lunamaria accompanies Shinn to his homeland of Orb to pay tribute to his family and eventually leave together showing that despite all the conflict and pain that was unintentionally caused by Shinn, they are still together and now seem happy. Lunamaria though notes at Meyrin at times how frustrated she is because Shinn doesn't explicitly say he loves her and how platonic their relationship can be.

Rey Za Burrel

Due to his calm and collected attitude, Rey often acts as the voice of reason for Shinn both on and off the battlefield. Like Lunamaria, Shinn has a personal and professional friendship since their time at the ZAFT training academy. Despite disagreeing with Shinn’s occasionally harsh and rude attitude, Rey does seem value his friendship with Shinn as he finds Shinn’s reasons for hating Orb justifiable and helped Shinn rescue Stella Loussier (albeit for his own personal issues). Despite their friendship, Rey was manipulating Shinn in order to use his skills as a pilot to achieve the Chairman Durandal’s Destiny Plan. Rey’s reason for this manipulation is due to the fact that he has a shorter lifespan because he is a clone, thus Rey wants to mold Shinn into the protector of the Chairman’s ideal world because Rey himself cannot do so. Rey has gone to great lengths to assure his desired role for Shinn as he has been pivotal in Shinn’s decisions such as the attempted execution of Athrun and Meyrin, branding Athrun as a traitor, and revealing his status as a clone to Shnin when he was having doubts about the Destiny Plan. Placing his judgment above all others including his own, Shinn completely trusts Rey but is unaware of the full detail of the facts or manipulations that Rey has told him. After the Second War ended with Rey and Chairman Durandal’s death, Shinn seems to have become aware of their manipulations but it is currently unknown how Shinn view’s Rey at this point.

Stella Loussier

Shinn first encountered Stella near the ocean while he station near their however at the time he is unaware that he encountered Stella during the Armory Once incident and several times on the battlefield while she piloted the mobile suit, Gaia. After saving her from being drowned, Shinn accidently spoke Stella’s trigger word and causing her to become frightened and aggressive. Believing that she was a traumatized war victim; he decided to comfort her by saying that he would protect her. Due to the Extended’s memory programming, Stella memories of Shinn are always erased but miraculously every time she meets him she begins to remember. During her captivity on the Minerva, she and Shinn grow closer during his constant visits and it grew to the point that he would break several military laws to bring her back to Neo Roanoke to assure that she wouldn’t die. During the Battle of Berlin, they encounter each other for the final time and Shinn finds Stella as she lays dying, remembering Shinn once again she declared her love for him as she died afterwards. After Stella’s death, Shinn in grief and anguish decided to avenge her death against the Freedom despite all the destruction the Stella caused in Berlin. After being defeated by Athrun during the final battle of the war, Shinn had a vision or hallucination of Stella where she told him that she was content with her life and that she will meet him again. These words bring a great deal of comfort to Shinn allowing him to finally move on from her tragic death.

Gilbert Durandal

Shinn has a great deal of respect for Chairman Durandal due to his ideals peace and bringing those responsible for starting the current war to justice. However like his friend Rey, Durandal is manipulating Shinn and only sees Shinn as a soldier whose incredible talents and abilities as mobile suit pilot can be used for his own personal agenda. Durandal’s interest in Shinn prior to the conflict, Durandal as a genetics expert was aware that Shinn possessed the SEED factor and commissioned the Impulse to him in hopes that he could defeat Kira Yamato. His manipulations continue later on as he grants Shinn ZAFT’s latest mobile suit the Destiny and make him a member of the FAITH Special Forces. After making the Destiny Plan clear to the entire world, Shinn begins to have doubts about the plan but is convinced by Rey to trust the Chairman’s plan. After the Second War ended with Rey and Chairman Durandal’s death, Shinn seems to have become aware of their manipulations but it is currently unknown how Shinn view’s the Chairman at this point.

Athrun Zala

Athrun is perhaps Shinn’s second most complicated relationship besides that of the Orb Union. Originally, Shinn came to respect Athrun as a mobile suit pilot after witnessing his skills in combat but wondered why a man with his skills would work as a simple bodyguard for the Orb Union. After Athrun joined ZAFT as a member of FAITH and officially become Shinn’s commander, Shinn found it difficult to follow orders from the man who until recently was a bodyguard for the Orb Union. Athrun himself also respects Shinn’s talents as pilot and sees great potential in him however he often worries and criticizes Shinn for his anger and succumbing to his own personal feelings too often. Thus he often acts as Shinn’s unofficial yet unwanted mentor, often disciplining Shinn and advising him against some of his current actions so that Shinn will not make some of same mistakes that Athrun made himself; although Athrun is often harsh and demanding to Shinn due to his own personal issues.

Following Athrun’s defeat at the hands of the Freedom, Shinn began to lose respect for him because he knew that Athrun was beginning to have doubts about the war and with him. Their relationship dissolved even further following Shinn releasing Stella Loussier to Earth Alliance and Shinn apparently destroying the Freedom and Kira Yamato, Athrun’s closest friend. After being branded a traitor by Chairman Durandal and Rey Za Burrel, Athrun fled ZAFT with Meyrin Hawke; Shinn was then ordered to kill them and although Athrun survived this encounter he continued to try and persuade Shinn of the Chairman and Rey’s manipulations; however Shinn’s trust and influence in both of them proved to be greater than his in Athrun’s. Now currently believing that Athrun is a traitor, Shinn currently views him as an enemy and during the second war’s final battle Athrun realized that Shinn could not be persuaded due to his own anger and his faith in the Chairman and Rey and eventually defeated him. Shinn was eventually rescued by Athrun after his defeat, knowing that Shinn’s entire actions are not entirely his fault and Shinn realizing the manipulations he was under, they preceded to make peace with each other. Athrun eventually accompanied Shinn to the Orb memorial where he introduced to Kira Yamato, with Shinn officially joining them as an ally and a friend.

Kira Yamato

While Shinn and Kira unintentionally met each other at the Orb memorial they were unaware of each other’s identities. Although they shared similar feelings about death and destruction, their ideals seem to be vastly opposite as Kira wishes to rebuild from the destruction, Shinn seems to want to destroy those who cause the destruction. While typically knowing each other as enemies in their mobile suits, Shinn personally disliked Kira due to his methods of intervention and began to truly hate Kira for killing Stella Loussier. By the end of the second war, Kira and Shinn meet again at the Orb memorial where Shinn was stunned and felt guilty for all the action he took against Kira. Nonetheless, Kira showed no ill feelings toward Shinn and offered him to fight with him and Athrun as an ally and a friend; an offering that Shinn tearfully and humbly accepted.

In multiple scenarios where they interact after being formally introduced to one another, Shinn treats Kira with more respect than Athrun, often including the "-san" honorific in the Japanese script such as in Another Century's Episode series, and the Omake Quarters CDs.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Shinn has only been seen piloting Gundams rather than any other Mobile Suit.
  • Shinn along with Kou Uraki and Sven Cal Bayang are the only three protagonists to be defeated in the end in their Gundam storylines. With Shinn being soundly defeated at Messiah, Kou being unable to prevent Operation Stardust and Sven outmaneuvered by Selene McGriff.
  • Shinn seems to have forgotten or does not even know that Freedom was involved in the death of his family members two years before he joined ZAFT. Instead of indicating anger or surprise, Shinn looks puzzled in his first meeting with Freedom as a ZAFT pilot as if he's just seen it for the first time, when the Freedom intervened in the war between ZAFT and Orb Forces.
  • The death of Shinn's family is similar to death of Fraw Bow's family; both families die because of a wayward shot from Mobile Suit's weapon while fleeing on a highway, with Shinn and Fraw being the only survivors.
  • Shinn's name may be a reference to Kenichi Suzumura's role in Macross Zero, where the main character was named Shinn Kudou and was an orphaned refugee.
  • In the first Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny game, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Battle Assault (GBA), Shinn has no SEED Factor animation in his awaken mode. This is due to the game being released before episode 12, Blood in the Water, aired. The only characters with Seed Factor in the game are Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, and Cagalli Yula Athha.
  • On August 8, 2011, Shinn's voice actor, Kenichi Suzumura, got married to Maaya Sakamoto, none other than Lunamaria Hawke's voice actress.
  • Shinn, along with his family, makes a cameo appearance in episode 36, Decisive Fire, of the HD Remastered Version of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. He was seen again briefly in episode 39, Trembling World at the ZAFT military academy along with Lunamaria, Meyrin and Rey Za Burrel.
  • The names of the swords of Shinn's two mobile suits may reflect Shinn's status in the series. The Sword Impulse's weapon, deemed "Excalibur" (King Arthur's sword), reflected him as a hero. The Destiny's weapon, deemed "Arondight" (Sir Lancelot's sword), showed him falling into an anti-hero classification. Evidenced by the fact that Lancelot in Arthurian lore was once a hero that became an enemy.
  • Coincidentally, Shinn bears a very similar name to the protagonist of Ultraman Dyna, Shinn Asuka. Also, the titular hero's Flash-type's color scheme is also similar to the Gundams' traditional white, blue, and red, and his Type Change ability parallels that of Impulse Gundam's VPS armor.
    • Amusingly enough, the actor for Dyna's Shinn Asuka (Takeshi Tsuruno) mentioned the RX-78-2 Gundam as his favorite Mobile Suit in an interview.
  • Shinn looks very similar to Kazuki Makabe, the protagonist of Fafner: Dead Aggressor. This is because both series share the same character designer.
  • Kenichi Suzumura also voices Wilfrid Kijima in Gundam Build Fighters Try.
  • In Super Robot Wars V, Shinn gets a color-themed nom de guerre in a similar vein to The Red Comet and Blue Giant; the character Rosalie from Fukuda and Sunrise's other mecha anime, CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon calls him "The ZAFT Blue Lightning" based on the most prominent color on his ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam.Super Robot Taisen V - Walkthrough - Scenario 16 (Arzenal Route - Chitose) [Bonds Renewed]
    • On a more humorous note, while Athrun finds the ladies of the same series to be attracted to him, Shinn has a much more negative opinion shortly after meeting them, referring to the Norma as "the island of terrible women", which may be a reference to how the characterization of many female characters early in that show rubbed viewers the wrong way.
  • Shinn's knowledge of Mu being Neo has repeatedly been zigzagged throughout his various appearances. In SD Gundam G Generation series, Shinn is able to instantly recognize Mu as Neo. In the Omake Quarters, Shinn can tell Mu's voice is familiar but is unable to point out why.
  • Though he has never actually equipped the Destiny Silhouette, Shinn uses it in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Battle Destiny's Another Arc Mission, "Indestructible Impulse". He calls for a new Silhouette pack after every defeat (Force, Sword, Blast and Destiny) with a voiced line, getting noticeably impatient (not to mention angry) with each equipment change.
  • In Gundam SEED DESTINY Suit CD Vol. 3, Shinn and Athrun are invited by Mu La Flaga to go drinking as a celebration. Despite their initial reluctance, Shinn and Athrun cave in to Mu's offers for them to drink alcohol. Upon initially meeting Mu, Shinn instantly thinks to himself that the commander sounds incredibly familiar, only to completely dismiss the idea by shouting that they've never met before. When Mu attempts to clear the atmosphere of any awkwardness, Shinn and Athrun deny being friends, noting that it isn't as if they got along particularly well or hated each other specifically. Athrun later points out that he felt that Shinn was more of a brat when they first met, while Shinn felt that Athrun was just a former red uniform that found his way to Orb and somehow got promoted to FAITH. The topic soon finds its way to their relationship with girls. Before it can go further, Mu departs to answer a call from Murrue Ramius. While Mu is gone, it soon appears that the drunk Shinn starts an emotional talk with Athrun, thanking him, but it nearly becomes mistaken for a love confession. As the two talk further Athrun begins ranting about Kira and Lacus, this eventually leads a confused Shinn to ask why Athrun would talk about Kira and Lacus when he also had Meyrin. Shinn soon takes to opportunity to jab Athrun by pointing out that he had at least succeeded in starting his own relationship and asking why Athrun would need two girls. By the time Mu returns, the two enter a heated argument that causes them to leave early, forcing Mu to pay for the entire meal on his own.
  • In Gundam SEED DESTINY Suit CD Vol. 6's Suit Mini-Drama "Academy Advancement Exam", Shinn is depicted as a student who isn't too fond of academics, but can do very well if he puts his all into it. At first, he doubts that knowing the theories behind MS Piloting will help them in the long run and believes that practical experience is best. Despite this, he still borrows note copies from Lunamaria (who copied from Rey's notes only select portions that she believes will appear in the exams). The results were awful as expected and on top of that, all three of them were called out for having almost the same answers for the free essay part (since the notes were mainly Rey's personal observations of piloting theories aside from the information gleaned from lectures). Determined to get himself out of this rut, Shinn studies hard and gets a better score in the make-up exam, beating even Rey.
  • Shinn Asuka is one of the main characters that didn't make a voiced appearance in the Message from GUNDAM "BEYOND" PSA.
  • Shinn is featured in the Extreme Vs. series as the pilot for both the Destiny, and the Impulse and its silhouettes. Coincidentally, both units have a "powered down" variant, with the what-if Heine Custom Destiny and the Lunamaria Impulse.
  • To obtain the "Seed Mode" variant of the Shinn Asuka AI Pilot in Gundam Breaker Mobile, players must build it from event blueprints during a limited time when it is available as a build project. This is resource-intensive process, as each part requires a combination of twelve total Material which can only be obtained by rolling the current gacha capsules on specific weeks to get the number of necessary material for the part. it would take at least twelve rolls over four weeks to craft the AI.


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