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Shin SD Gundam Gaiden: Gold Saga (新SDガンダム外伝 黄金神話?) is a media project within the SD Gundam franchise produced in 1995, centered on Bandai's Gunpla and Carddass trading cards.


The sixth Knight Gundam work. The story focuses on a return to the kingdom of Lacroa and uses the death of Superior Dragon as the main catalyst for the plot. The character designs come mostly from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It also introduces the Shuffle Knights, a force made up of the lead protagonists from the last four Knight Gundam works.


Superior Dragon is killed protecting the Saddrac World from a Corona Nova, a strange occurrence that causes the sun to expand and turn the land into a burning inferno. All that remained was the Gold Soul, which spread its power to ten chosen people. Two of these chosen ones were Knight Shine Gundam and Knight Domon.


  • Solar War God Machine

After Superior Dragon's death, the Gold Soul was spread to ten chosen people. Shortly afterwards, the Death-Superior Clan, lead by Devil Dragon Machine Devil Dragoon, tried to eradicate the chosen ones by attacking the Kingdom of Lacroa. Knight Domon, Knight Shine Gundam, Teacher Saisai, and Fighter Dragon Gundam step up to defend the kingdom. As the successors of the Gold Soul, they partner up and "Unite" to control a God Machine. Domon and Shine control War God Machine King of Heart while Sai and Dragon control Dragon God Machine Club on Ace.

  • The Chosen Ones

Shine's group travels to the Milita Kingdom. There, they meet the new chosen ones, Trainer Chibodee, Warrior Maxter, Fencer George, and Fencer Rose. However, Shine and Domon could still not fully manifest the power of the Battle God Machine. During a battle, they are lead by Mage Spiegel to fight their own shadows and become able to activate the true Unite. Meanwhile, the remaining chosen ones head towards the Devil Dragon Machine's base. On the way, the group recruits the final chosen ones, Warrior Argo and Heavy Warrior Bolt.

  • Hero of Shuffle

Shine and Domon achieved true Unite and returned to the group. Despite defeating the Devil Dragon Machine, the true controller of the Death-Superior Clan is revealed to be Dark Lord Master Gundam. They begin to head back to Lacroa, but are attacked by Master, who had revived the Berserk Dragon Kaiser Wyvern and overwhelms the chosen ones. At that time, the Shuffle Knights, made up of King Gundam II, Vassal Knight GP01, Selenis Knight Neo Gundam, and Holy Dragon Knight Zero, arrive to help them.

  • Flash of the Golden God

Berserk Dragon rejects Master and Shine is given the ability to control it. However, Dark God Devil Superior awakens and begins to absorb the life energy of the Saddrac World. In order to prevent this, the chosen ones Unite to become Sun Knight God Gundam. With assistance from the Shuffle Knights, they manage to purify Devil Superior into S Superior Dragon.


Reborn Shuffle Knights

Knight Shine Gundam/Powered Knight King Shine/Hyper Knight Battle Shine

A knight who enjoys fighting to the point where it puts him at a disadvantage. He has served multiple kingdoms before, but his personality causes it to never last long.

Knight Domon

A knight of Lacroa. He has a serious personality in contrast to Knight Shine.

Fighter Dragon Gundam

A fighter from the Jaou Kingdom. A young man who is a master of eastern martial arts. In the past, he accidently caused his friend, Mermaid Gundam, to be injured in a mock battle, causing him to travel the world alone. After inheriting the Golden Soul, he goes with his disciple to Lacroa to look for other chosen ones.

Apprentice Sai Saici

Dragon's disciple. He urged Dragon to go on a journey to find the chosen one. His bright nature has greatly helped Dragon deal with his dark past.

Fencer Rose Gundam

A swordsman from the Mobius Republic. He was taught under a strict teacher and has a noble personality that does not forgive evil.

Fencer George

A swordsman from the Mobius Republic and the close friend of Rose. His charitable personality makes him loved by many people.

Fighter Max Gundam

A fighter from the Kerby Kingdom. A genius fighter who uses a western style of fighting. He abandoned the glory he had in his home country to throw himself into the mission to find the chosen ones.

Trainer Chibodee

Max's trainer and manager. A poor man with an outstanding nature.

Heavy Warrior Bolt

A warrior who had worked with the Death-Superior Clan. He awakened once his close friend Argo called out to him.

Warrior Argo

A warrior from the Milita Kingdom.

Sun Knight God Gundam

The fused form of Shine, Dragon, Rose, Max, and Bolt using a "God Unite".

Shuffle Knights

King Gundam II

The main protagonist of SD Gundam Gaiden: Knights of the Round Table. The king who recaptured Britis from Beast King Giga Saramandar. After the death of Superior Dragon, he becomes the leader of the Shuffle Knights. Through his experience with leadership as the leader of the Knights of the Round Table, he keeps the order's morale up.

Vassal Knight Zephyranthes

The main protagonist of SD Gundam Gaiden: Seikihei Monogatari. The knight who protected the Dabat Kingdom from the Neo Zeon Clan and Delaz Kingdom's invasion. After leaving Dabat, he has been putting his all into the activities of the Shuffle Knights.

Selenis Knight Neo Gundam

The main protagonist of SD Gundam Gaiden: Kikōshin Densetsu. After the final battle with Sieg Zeon, he traveled to learn more about the Saddrac World. Afterwards, he joined the Shuffle Knights to protect the world.

Holy Dragon Knight Zero Gundam/Knight Burning Geist

The main protagonist of Shin SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari. He was given a request by the Shuffle Knights to investigate the Demon Dragon Machine and the ones chosen by Superior Dragon. Burning Geist is the identity he used while searching for the Demon Dragon Machine. The Thunder Sword he currently uses is implied to have been made by Zero himself. He is said to have a meaningful relation to King Gundam II, due to his father, Falco Gundam, being a former member of the prestigious Knights of the Round Table.

Lacroa Kingdom

King Revel the 13th

The king of Lacroa and Princess Rain's father. He has a stubborn personality.

Princess Rain/Knight Rising Gundam

The princess of Lacroa. Out of courtesy towards Domon, she tries to help him as Knight Rising Gundam in secret from her father.

Prophet Ready-Go

  • Design Basis: Stalker

King Revel the 13th's prophet. His hidden right eye is said to have the ability to see the future with high accuracy.

Knight Captain Gundam Neros/Neros Gunmons

The captain of the Lacroa Knights and Knight Domon's master. Despite being strict, he is well liked by the knights, but was turned into Monster Neros Gunmons by the power of Devil Dragoon. He is later freed from the spell, but looses to Neros Clone, a copy made of him.

Knight Riku Hand

Knights of Lacroa. They are amazed by Shine's abilities.

Fencer Proto Gun-EZ

Fencer of Lacroa Kingdom.

Warrior Javelin Cannon

Warrior of Lacroa Kingdom.

Elf GM Sniper Custom

An elf who fought the Zeon Clan in the past with Knight Gundam. As he is an elf, he does not age even with the number of years that have passed. After the death of his old comrade, Knight Gundam (who is half of Superior Dragon), he feels nostalgia.

Soldier Dami Casshing

The soldiers of the Lacroa Kingdom. They are in charge of defending the castle gate in battle.

Princess Rain's Elite Guard Nobusshis

A unit of guards formed by soldiers dedicated to protect Princess Rain.

Lookout Guncannon Watcher

A lookout that does his work from the castle walls.

Mechanic Engineer Methuss

Engineers who manufacture and repair machine soldiers in the Lacroa Kingdom.

Knight Kyoji/Mage Spiegel

Domon's older brother who had got missing. He had been guiding the chosen ones under the identity of Mage Spiegel.

Militia Kingdom

Boy King Uso

A young boy who rules the Militia Kingdom at a young age.

Knight Setter Gun-EZ

A knight of the Militia Kingdom.

Soldier GM Trainer

The soldiers of the Militia Kingdom. They felt something between Domon and Spiegel.

Union Clan

Stealth Fencer Pixy Gundam Design Basis: RX-78XX Gundam Pixy A fencer of the Union Clan. He hid himself using a Minovsky Cloak in order to observe enemy movements at Guiana Point.

Martial Artist Feilong Gundam

The Union Clan's oldest martial artists. He is also the teacher of Dragon Gundam.

Soldiers Expo Gundams

Warriors gathered from each country to fight the Death-Superior Clan. Some of the people have lost their country, but their morale is very high.

Death-Superior Clan

Dark Lord Master Gundam

A dark lord who is seeking the resurrection of the dark god. He was sealed away by Superior Dragon long ago, but was resurrected upon his death. His true identity is the "darkness" that exists as a parallel to the "light" Superior Dragon. The two of them once fought over who would be god.

Devil Horse Xiaoyun

Master's horse. A horse that only follows the strongest person. After Master is defeated, God Gundam becomes its new master.

Demon Dragon Machine Devil Dragoon

A high-ranking leader in the Death-Superior Clan who leads the Zeist Castle Army. It was first believed to be "a machine solider with intentions", but is later shown to be piloted by Inside-Devil. Inside-Devil claims to be a descendent of the Thunder Clan, but is actually an operator created by Dark Lord Master.

The Death-Superior Three Evils

Assault Knight Neros Gundam Clone

A clone of Neros Gundam created by Master Gundam. Because the true one is normally stronger, he believes that he is the real Neros when he beats the original. Upon being released from the Death-Superior Clan's curse, he collapses as he realizes that he is the fake.

Lord of War John Bull Gundam

One of the Death-Superior Three Evils. After being released from the curse, he joins the fight against the Death-Superior Clan to make up for his actions under them.

Quartz Lady Nobel Gundam

One of the Death-Superior Three Evils. Her strength comes from the phantom stone, which caused Master to go after her. She was defeated by Knight Domon, who released her from the Death-Superior Clan's spell and she developed a crush on.

Warrior Gerbera Tetra

The warrior of the Death-Superior Clan. Pilots machine soldier Zahike.

Knight Zeong

A knight of the Death-Superior Clan. He respects fair battles, but will go on a rampage when angry.

Dark Assassin R-Jarja

An assassin hunting the chosen ones. His skills are infallible.

Witch Contio

A witch who uses magic to manipulate the weather. She triggered a storm in Lacroa to help the Death-Superior Clan advance.

Fighter Galguyu

A fighter who hunts for the chosen ones under the orders of Devil Dragoon. He challenged Max and Rose after discovering them.

Soldier Sazabis

The soldiers of the Death-Superior Clan.

Foreign Warrior Godzorla

One of the foreign warriors that gain their power from Devil Dragoon. He has sharp claws on both arms.

Foreign Warrior Strike Geara Doga

One of the foreign warriors. He has a body made of stone and great strength. His personality causes him to not hate good people.

Foreign Warrior RF Gouf

One of the foreign warriors. He can launch a sticky web that can be used for various purpouses.

Foreign Warrior Novil Shokew

One of the foreign warriors. He is able to transform his body freely.

Foreign Warrior Opt-Zollidia

One of the foreign warriors. Emits a black light form his eyes.

Foreign Warrior Ice Boma

One of the foreign warriors. His body is made of ice and he can control ice as well.

Foreign Warrior Wild Gogg

One of the foreign warriors. He has the strength and ferocity of a wild beast. His sharp nails can tear through metal easily.

Foreign Warrior Hammer Gelgoog

One of the foreign warriors. He has a hammer that can use magic.

Axe Fighter Lumber Gundam

A warrior who serves as the core of Zect Castle's machine soldier forces together with Heavy Warrior Bolt.

Warrior Refine Gelgoog

Warrior Contio

Knight Proto Rick Dias

Knight Zeus Gundam

Sorcerer Knight Jester Gundam

Fighter Cobra Gundam

Warrior Minaret Gundam

Knight Mermaid Gundam

Dragon Gundam's former best friend. He became evil upon being implanted into the Death-Superior Clan.

Warrior Mandala

Warrior Arachno

Warrior Temjin Gundam

Warrior Gundam Magnat

Fury Knight Ashura Gundam

Skull Knight Skull Gundam

Foreign warriors who have joined the Death-Superior Clan after coming into contact with a black light.

Soldier Murphy

Death-Superior Soldiers who attacked Militia Castle. Because of their frequent use, they perform outrageous acts on the battlefield as if to clear their depression.

Death Army

A solider who mindlessly obeys orders due to being brainwashed by Master. There are both soldiers and commanders respectively.

Monster Deshy-Tarn

The head of the monsters situated in the cave of Quant Mountain, where the people of Lacroa where evacuating to escape the heat of the sun. He has more knowledge compared to both ordinary humans and monsters.

Monster Einerad

A monster living in the cave of Quant Mountain.

Monster Zolldi-Goblin

A monster living in the cave of Quant Mountain.

Monster Bone Sinope

A monster living in the cave of Quant Mountain. Its bones are suitable for soup dishes.

Monster Abigolem

A monster living in the cave of Quant Mountain.

Monster Pescatore-Duck

A monster living in Zect Castle. It has great curiosity and often uses its beak to poke around.

Monster Pescatore-Swan

The grown form of a grey chick mixed into the Pescatore-Ducks. It flew away in search of new friends.

Monster Birk-Ray

Monster Tequila Dancer

Monster Thunder Contio

Monster Bulldo-eng

Monster Pharoah Mummy IV

Monster Sphinx Gundam

Monster Gun-Orchis

Inside Devil

The pilot of Devil Dragoon. Originally a famous knight, he was fused with a machine soldier upon it being remodeled.

Multiple Devil

A mass-produced version of the Inside Devil. It is a force created from remodeled knights and warriors, who are integrated into machine soldiers.

Adventurer Zolo

An adventurer who used to be part of the Death-Superior Clan, but regained his free will. He works diligently to fulfil his dream of striking it rich.

Spy Tomino/Monster Wolfman

A spy who gathers information in various countries while being careful about his fashion. When his true identity is found out, he transforms into a wolfman to try to escape.

Assault Buster Head, Mabuze Head, Rune Carazzo Head, Giga Saramand Head

  • Design Basis: Devil Gundam Head and Illusion Emperor Assault Buster, Sieg Zeon Mabuze, Rune Carazzo, and Giga Saramand

The manifestation of the memories of strong enemies that remained in Superior Dragon's body via the power of the Dark God. They dominate Guinea Point as minions of the Dark God. Some of the heads also take the form of The O Dante, Beast Knight Berga Dalas, Phantom Sazabi, and the first form of Sieg Zeon.


S Superior Dragon/Dark God Devil Superior/Gold God Superior Kaiser

The god of the Saddrac World. He lost his life in order to stop the sun's rampage, but is revived as the Dark God via the power of Master Gundam. However, due to the efforts of the Shuffle Knights and God Gundam, he was released from the curse. He then was able to merge with Kaiser Wyvern to become Superior Kaiser.

Force Dragon Kaiser Wyvern

The incarnation of Superior Dragon's power. It can merge with Battle Shine to become the mysterious Force Dragon God. When merged with God Gundam, it becomes God Kaiser. When merged with Superior Dragon, it becomes Superior Kaiser.


Shuffle Knights

War God Machine King of Heart/War God Machine King Shuffle

The form taken by Hyper Knight King Shine and Domon's Light Machine Heart Trancer after performing a Unite. Upon performing a True Unite, it become King of Heart Super Mode. In the final battle, it becomes King Shuffle and is controlled by Domon.

Dragon God Machine Club on Ace

The form taken by Dragon and Sai Saici's Light Dragon Club on Ace after performing a Unite. It is equipped with Schwartz Dealer's Dragonic Fang and Lord Dragoon's Club Halberd.

Bird God Machine Jack ins Dia

The form taken by Rose and George's Light Bird Jack ins Dia after performing a Unite. It is equipped with Schwartz Dealer's Screamer Guard and Lord Vatras's Dia Sword.

Beast God Machine Queen the Spade

The form taken by Max and Chibodee's Light Beast Queen the Spade after performing a Unite. It is equipped with Schwartz Dealer's Gigantic Knuckle and Lord Elgaia's Spade Arch.

Iron God Machine Black Joker

The form taken by Bolt and Argo's Light Cannon Black Joker after performing a Unite. It is equipped with Schwartz Dealer's Volt Crown and Lord Gunrex's Joker Lance.

Warrior God Machine Schwartz Dealer

A machine soldier controlled by Mage Spiegel. It normally uses firearms stored in its body to attack. After giving the chosen ones their according equipment, it uses its speed to fight.

Crown Machine Solider Lord Vatras

King Gundam II's machine soldier.

True Holy Machine Soldier Lord Gunrex

Vassal Knight Zephyranthes's Holy Machine Soldier.

Armor God Lord Elgaia

Selenis Knight Neo Gundam's Armor God.

Holy Dragon Machine Lord Dragoon

Holy Dragon Knight Zero Gundam's Dragon Machine.

Bud Carrier

Called upon by Mage Spiegel, a space used to confine Shine and Domon for training. One day within the space is one hour in the normal world, which makes training more effective.

Union Clan

Tank Machine Soldier Tankgun

A machine soldier of the Kingdom of Lacroa. It is designed to rush into enemy lines.

Support Machine Soldier Monel III

A machine soldier of the Kingdom of Lacroa. It mainly supports the support machine soldiers.

Machine Soldier Cold GM

The machine soldiers of the Militia Clan.

Death-Superior Clan

Dark Machine Soldier Kowloon

Dark Lord Master Gundam's old machine soldier. It was sealed away after losing his battle with Superior Dragon.

Devil Dragon Machine Dragoon

A copy of the Dragoon created by Master.

Assault Lord Gundam Heaven's Sword

An old machine soldier piloted by Neros Clone.

Supremacy Lord Grand Gundam

An old machine soldier piloted by John Bull.

Berserk Lord Walter Gundam

An old machine soldier piloted by Nobel.

Mystic Machine Soldier Beld Witch

The machine soldier piloted by Sorceress Contio. In addition to enhancing the user's magic, it can also attack with poison claws.

Machine Soldier Zahick

Fighter Gerbera Tetra's machine soldier. It attacks with a giant axe.

Machine Soldier Shibsshi

Fighter Galguyu's machine soldier. It has a powerful kick, but there is a lot of space in between them.

Machine Soldier Bilgor

An amphibious machine soldier that uses the sharp weapons on its head to attack.

Machine Soldier Liatmot

Machine soldiers deployed at Zect Castle. They are controlled by Death Armies.

Machine Soldier Tank Val Walo Tank

A machine soldier that carries soldiers to the battlefield while assaulting the enemy.

Bomber Machine Soldier Nether Gundam

One of the old machine soldiers unearthed in Machine Soldier Valley. They have the ability to fly using a propeller.

Beast Machine Soldier Yonjuge

A Machine Soldier with a will of its own. It uses tactics that include attacking in multiple directions with its legs.

Zombie Machine Soldier Pharaoh Gundam 13

A zombie machine soldier that was asleep in the Valley of the Machine Soldiers. It attacks allies and enemies alike in order to obtain magic energy, which it runs on.


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