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The Settlement Freedom League was one of the two successors to the Earth Federation in the Late Universal Century, with the other faction being the Congress of Settlement Nations. The Settlement Freedom League consists of the the space colonies (now referred to as Settlements) of Sides 1, 4, and the Lunar Cities.


Prior to the collapse of the Earth Federation, a weakened Federation sent military forces to the Sides to exert control over the Sides. This fostered rebellious sentiments in U.C. 0218, leading to war, resulting in independence to the space colonies as the Federation dissolves. The colonies rename themselves "Settlements" to shake off the stigma of their pasts.

The pro-Earth Settlements ally themselves with the new Earth government and collectively form the Congress of Settlement Nations. Meanwhile, the Moon government as well as the remaining Sides, form the Settlement Freedom League. Side 8 however, remains neutral and independent of either faction. At this time, the two factions sign a treaty known as the "Compact of Settlement Nations" in attempt to maintain stablity in the Earth Sphere. However, due to the fact that both factions formed following war and a turmolous period, the political situation is still unstable.

As the Earth's environment was ravaged by past wars, the Earth became unable to produce its own food for its citizens, causing a global food crisis. As a result, food exports from the League to CONSENT increased with every year, however the League could only provide a certain amount as it focused on feeding its own citizens.

This reliance on the League caused anti-Side and Earth supremacist views to develop within CONSENT, which led to military coup attempts inside CONSENT during U.C. 0224.


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