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Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna 2314
Setsuna F. Seiei (A.D. 2314)
Voiced By:
  • Japanese:
Mamoru Miyano
Yuka Nishigaki (Soran)

Genetic Type:
  • Human (Season 1)
  • Innovator (By Season 2)
  • ELS/Innovator Hybrid (Movie Epilogue)
Real name: Soran Ibrahim
  • Setsuna F. Seiei
  • Kamal Majirif
Nationality: Republic of Krugis
Birthdate: April 7, 2291 AD
  • 16 (Season 1)
  • 21 (Season 2)
  • 23 (Movie)
Blood Type: A
  • 162cm (S1)
  • 175cm (S2)
  • 49kg (S1)
  • 58kg (S2)
Occupation: Gundam Meister
Child Guerilla
Mobile Units

Setsuna F. Seiei (刹那・F・セイエイ Setsuna Efu Seiei?) is the main protagonist of the story in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is a Gundam Meister of the paramilitary organization Celestial Being and is humanity's first Innovator. In season 1, he pilots GN-001 Gundam Exia and he pilots GN-0000 00 Gundam and co-pilots its upgrade, the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser with Saji Crossroad in season 2. He pilots the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer-.

Personality & Character

Setsuna is taciturn, introverted, and wholeheartedly against war. He believes there are key disturbances that prevent the world from coming together in peace and harmony. He has labeled specific people and/or forces as a source of conflict towards the world's path to peace. He has little tolerance for diplomats and politicians, believing that their negotiations only prolong wars and cause more strife (due to personal experience). He's got a vendetta to settle and his past battle experiences stir up old bitter feelings, increasing his combat potential as a beneficial side effect. Though a self-proclaimed atheist, he often questions the motivations of God with people and worldly events.

I am Gundam!

—Setsuna F. Seiei, episode 19

He idolizes the Gundams so much that he wants to embody the Gundam as himself, a means to eradicate all conflict. He's a traditionalist in honor and a martyr for his cause in Celestial Being; he would not hesitate to die for his ideals. In a letter to Princess Marina Ismail, he revealed more of his feelings and thinking. Setsuna wanted to understand the lesser aspects of humanity. He wanted to know why the world is filled with people with innate dark intentions and inconsiderate of other people's suffering. He wanted to know why did people keep fighting to live in such a violent world. He wanted to find these answers along with his Gundam in hopes to bring mutual understanding and peace.

After a 4 year hiatus, Setsuna has taken an unofficial role as the leader of the Gundam Meisters. He is now able to assert and express his feelings to people without reservation. Setsuna's ideals are still the same, but his recent experiences have led him to believe in the importance of self-change and the need to fight for a better and brighter future. His determination and strong self-confidence motivates and inspires people around him. He's more understanding and compromising, but he is also capable of making hard-but-necessary decisions that would lead people to dislike him. He has no problems making life defining decisions for other people when they can't make the choice and would kill if necessary.

After Setsuna became an Innovator, he once again became stoic and closed his heart to people once again. The crew members had trouble dealing with his inconsiderate nature, but they did their best to adjust to him because they believe he'll eventually turn around. Sumeragi reasoned it was probably because he had become different from the others among the crew and was confused with his Innovator abilities. After the ELS Conflict, Setsuna had since become a friendlier and warm person in his eternal mission to promote mutual understanding.

Skills & Capabilities

Setsuna is skilled in many ways of war and fighting. Trained by Ali Al-Saachez at a young age, Setsuna already knew how to work with a wide range of firearms, close-quarter-combat, use of explosives, infiltration, and other areas of guerrilla warfare by the age of 10. As CB's Gundam Meister, he uses his former combat training in his KPSA days to reflect Exia's combat style. He's been trained by CB to know some MS technical skills to maintain and repair his Gundam.

His 4 year hiatus (AD 2312 - Season 2) with Celestial Being didn't dull his MS piloting skills at all, his MS combat capabilities were refined as his MS CQC skills and aiming showed great improvement. Due to the power of 00 Gundam's concentrated GN particles with Trans-Am Raiser, Setsuna's brain has been gradually enhanced to utilize quantum brainwaves. He's able to sense quantum brainwaves (QBWs) near him and track users of QBWs. Eventually, he naturally evolves into humanity's first true/genuine Innovator.

Setsuna's Innovator capabilities aren't completely defined as he's the first naturally evolved Innovator. It has yet to be revealed if he can communicate with Veda or Celestial Being technology like the Innovades can. He can anticipate movements and actions of his opponents and sense impending danger from far distances. As an Innovator, he has heightened reflexes, a longer lifespan than normal humans, and can communicate his thoughts via quantum brainwaves.

After Setsuna joined the ELS, his body is not entirely human. The ELS reformed his body based on their bio-technology, forever retaining his youthful appearance with a metallic shine. It can be inferred that Setsuna became a hybrid of a Innovator and a ELS.


Early Days

Youth in the Republic of Krugis

Young Soran Ibrahim

Young Soran Ibrahim

Soran Ibrahim (Setsuna) was born on April 7, 2291 and raised in the Republic of Krugis. Ali Al-Saachez entered into Soran's young life around the same time Azadistan waged war against the Republic of Krugis, sometime before the year AD 2301. Soran and his friends would listen to Al-Saachez preach about fighting a holy war in the name of God and they eventually joined the anti-government guerrilla organization KPSA, for God and country. Soran was trained in the ways of guerrilla warfare. He was taught to use explosives, firearms, and close quarters combat by Ali.

In 2299 AD, Soran eventually murdered his own parents under Saachez's "divine" influence in order to prove his devotion to God [1] and to graduate into KPSA.

Celestial Intervention

Soran and his friends were often sent on dangerous missions with minimal odds of survival. Several volunteered for suicide bombing missions in the name of God. Despite Soran's objections, his comrades faithfully died for Saachez's war. During the final days of losing against Azadistan's mobile suits, Soran came to the conclusion that there is no God in such a violent world. His life was about to end when an Anf aimed to shoot him, but he was saved by a mysterious angelic mobile suit.

Soran was the only survivor of that incident as all other forces were eliminated by the mobile suit, GN-000 0 Gundam. Soran was awestruck at the might and appearance of the Gundam. It is unknown what Soran Ibrahim's actions were after the assimilation of Krugis into Azadistan.

Joining Celestial Being

Around 2302, A.D., Veda's files were tampered with by someone, making Soran a Gundam Meister with the paramilitary organization Celestial Being. After joining Celestial Being at the age of 14 and passing all tests, a new alias was given to Soran by tactical forecaster Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Setsuna F. Seiei., Gundam Meister to the close-combat specialized Gundam, GN-001 Gundam Exia, for their armed interventions. Introduced to the Meisters by Sumeragi, the Gundam Meisters Allelujah Haptism and Tieria Erde had their doubts about Setsuna due to the fact he was considerably young. Gundam Meister Lockon Stratos on the other hand didn't mind the age difference and even looked forward in working together in changing the world with the Gundams. The Gundam Meisters, along with the crew of theCBS-70 Ptolemaios (Ptolemy) would train together in technical training and military exercises until they were prepared to initiate their armed intervention campaign.

World Armed Intervention Campaign

In the year 2307, Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being (CB) completed their training and were prepared to commence their campaign. Setsuna and Lockon relocated to an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean along with their mobile suits to begin operations. Complying to their first mission, Setsuna in the GN-001 Gundam Exia and Lockon in GN-002 Gundam Dynames sortied to the Advanced European Union's (AEU) Orbital Elevator in Africa for their first operation. After nearly two years of training and planning, Setsuna and Exia were the first to reveal themselves to the world at the debut of AEU's new mobile suit, the AEU-09 AEU Enact.

First Intervention

Ace pilot Patrick Colasour was displaying the capabilities of the AEU's new Enact when Setsuna descended upon the demonstration. Setsuna's mission was to display the superior capabilities of Gundam Exia as well as showing the deficiencies of the new enemy unit. Colasour was eager to prove his strength against the intruding mobile suit and drew his sonic blade. Colasour charged forward, but Setsuna made quick work of the Enact, using its GN Sword and GN Beam Saber to cut off all of the Enact's limbs without killing Colasour. Setsuna then flew off to his second assignment, exposing the AEU's violation of an international treaty that regulates the amount of forces stationed inside the Orbital Elevator. While Setsuna was engaged in the air against overwhelming numbers, Lockon/Dynames provided fire coverage from below to help Setsuna in combat.

Everyone at the AEU demonstration thought that the Gundam was maybe a unit of the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations (Union) or the Human Reform League (HRL), but it was later revealed by a prerecorded message from Aeolia Schenberg that the Gundams were a part of new paramilitary faction that intended to end all wars, Celestial Being.

Ceylon Conflict

The ongoing war at Ceylon (formerly Sri Lanka) lasted for over a century between the majority Sinhalese people and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. All the Gundam Meisters sortied to Ceylon for their second mission. As they were about to approach the coast, Lockon wanted to check-in with Setsuna, but his mind drifted towards past horrors during his youth in the Krugis Republic as he watched live combat at Ceylon. Setsuna flew ahead of everyone, eager to end the fighting and engaged the mobile suits while Lockon provided cover fire. After the heavy combat ended, two mobile suits still remained and thought the Gundams had done a huge favor for them and went off to eliminate the fleeing enemy. Just as they passed by Exia, Setsuna finished them and flew back to base ahead of the other Meisters.

Metting Graham Aker

Setsuna and the rest of the Gundams Meisters were heading back to their respective locations when Graham Aker appeared in his SVMS-01 Union Flag. Graham thought he could capture Exia but Setsuna was able shove off the Flag and knocked off the sonic blade from the Flag's right hand. Graham tried to shoot Setsuna with his rifle, but Setsuna destroyed the rifle with his beam saber and forced Graham to withdraw.

Mop-up in Ceylon

In a separate intervention, the Meisters were assigned with individual missions. Setsuna was assigned to eliminate a remaining military base at Ceylon where he was attacked by the HRL's commander Sergei Smirnov, piloting a MSJ-06II-C Tieren High Mobility Type. Sergei wanted to test the Gundam's capabilities and engaged Setsuna in melee combat. Sergei discarded the Tieren's rifle and drew the carbon blade. Setsuna attacked with the GN Sword, cutting off the right arm. However, this was a part of Sergei's plan. As Setsuna turned for a second strike, Sergei grabbed Exia's head and attempted to crush it. However Setsuna managed to grab his beam saber and slash Sergei's Tieren into pieces and retreated back to Japan.

Taribia Republic

Soon after the Taribia Republic announced their intentions to withdraw from the Union. They were close to the Union's orbital elevator and made a gamble that Celestial Being would be lured to their country and even defend them if Union forces intervened. However, Celestial Being caught on to this form of manipulation well in advance and attacked Taribia's forces. Setsuna attacked all mobile units near the ground while the rest fired from above. Their intervention forced the president of Taribia to rejoin the Union, thus Celestial Being restored political and military ties between the two parties.

Soon Taribia received support from the Union, and the Gundams made a tactical retreat. While retreating from Taribia, Graham appeared once again in his recently modified SVMS-01E Union Flag Graham Aker Custom. He tried to shoot Exia down, but Exia retreated by going underwater. Graham's Custom Flag wasn't water proof and thus couldn't follow Exia.

PMC Trust & AEU Counteroffensive

Preparing for Moralia

PMC Trust, the Private Military Company of Moralia, and AEU joined together to challenge Celestial Being. Meanwhile, Celestial Being engineer Ian Vashti met with the Meisters to deliver Exia's new GN Blades and Dynames' GN Full Shield. Lockon commented on how Exia was living up to its original codename, Gundam of Seven Swords. Ian thought Setsuna was being rude for not showing appreciation for his hard work, but Lockon explained that he was very appreciative about it as Exia is his whole world.

Battle at Moralia

While performing the armed intervention in Moralia, KPSA's former leader, Ali Al-Saachez, piloting the AEU-09Y812 AEU Enact Ali Al-Saachez Custom attacked. Setsuna noticed the pilot of the enemy mobile suit combated too similar to Ali to be a coincidence, so he had to confirm that it was him. Setsuna flashed Morse code to Ali to have him exit the cockpit. Setsuna exited his own cockpit and was angered when he confirmed his suspicions. He wanted to shoot him, but Lockon/Dynames intentionally fired several missed shots to have Ali return to his Enact. Ali ran away before Setsuna could settle his score.

Setsuna's brush with Ali affected the mission and forced Celestial Being's tactical forecaster, Sumeragi Lee Noriega, to accelerate the plans to the last phase. This final phase involved the Gundams infiltrating deep into enemy territory to destroy Moralia's Command. While the Gundams were flying inside a canyon to infiltrate Moralia Command, Setsuna was thinking about the sudden appearance of Ali Al-Saachez. He questioned whether Ali had attached himself to PMC Trust with nowhere else to go, and wondered where Ali's God was. Just then, Tieria warned Setsuna over the com that he would personally shoot Setsuna if he ever pulled a unnecessary stunt again.

After they exited out of the canyon, they quickly attacked Moralia Command. In less than 5 minutes of their assault, all the enemy mobile suits were wiped out. Moralia Command couldn't defend themselves any longer and fired a white flare to signify their submission to Celestial Being. Because Celestial Being had no interest in conquering nations, they left back to their island hideout.

Setsuna's Reasons

After the mission was over, they flew back to their island hideout and they had a chat with Setsuna about his inexplicable stunt back at Moralia. Lockon was furious with Setsuna and punched him to the ground. Lockon explained that their identities fell under the same secrecy regulations as the GN Drives, and wanted an explanation for what Setsuna did. Setsuna looked away in silence, for unknown reasons, he did not want to mention his affiliation with KPSA and Ali. Lockon called Setsuna stubborn, and Tieria drew his gun on Setsuna, reasoning that Setsuna's stupidity was beyond forgiveness, especially in the beginnings of their plan. Setsuna pulled out his gun and declared that he wouldn't leave Exia, leading to a stand-off. Allelujah intervened to say that no matter what their origins, Veda gave them the status of Gundam Meisters and that there had to be a reason why Setsuna was chosen. The reminder of Veda's decision convinced Tieria to lower his gun, but he asked Setsuna to prove his reason for being a Meister. Setsuna vaguely replied that his existence was a good enough reason. Lockon's orange Haro tried to get everyone to calm down and get along, but he was washed away by the ocean tide (but found his way back though).

La Eden

Shortly after the Meisters' confrontation with Setsuna, Ian Vashti informed them that there had been simultaneous terrorist attacks across the globe. Wang Liu Mei told Lockon and the other Meisters that an unknown terrorist group was blackmailing Celestial Being to cease their actions and if they didn't, more people would die. Lockon and the rest of the group were instructed to be on standby as an investigation went underway. Tieria mocked the terrorists for even trying to stop them from achieving their goals. Lockon was offended by Tieria's words, but Tieria reminded Lockon that to the world, they were terrorist themselves. Setsuna made a comment that they would put an end to the terrorism with armed intervention, as Celestial Being.

As time passed, more terrorist attacks occurred throughout the world. The terrorists sent a message through the networks stating the following: "Until the private armed organization Celestial Being ends its interventions and disarms itself, our attacks will continue indefinitely. This is not evil. We are the saviors of the world's people. We oppose those who would oppress the world with military force." Setsuna and the rest of the Meisters were sent to investigate various areas around the world that were predicted to be the next likely target of attack. Setsuna/Exia sortied to Scotland (AEU) to anticipate and investigate this mysterious terrorist group.

Scotland Investigation

Setsuna landed in the mountainous region of Scotland and was on standby. While waiting inside Exia, he thought of his comrades during his KPSA days, who had called him a coward for not following "God's will" and later committed a suicide bombing. Shortly after, sensors picked up a heat signature and sensors displayed a building being destroyed. Wang Liu Mei informed Setsuna that a suspect was fleeing from a the destroyed building in a brown coupe and Setsuna gave pursuit. He was chasing the suspect on a motorcycle and attempted to shoot the perpetrator's coupe, but was stopped by police for his suspicious behavior on the highway. The policeman demanded to know what Setsuna doing and he asked for his ID. Setsuna denied doing anything, as he had no ID to produce for the cop. Setsuna was going to pull out his gun when Princess Marina Ismail of the Kingdom of Azadistan drove by and used her diplomatic credentials to claim that he was with her party, Setsuna had been let off.

Meeting Marina Ismail

Marina and Setsuna found a quiet area in a park to chat. Marina asked Setsuna if her actions were out of line, but he answered no. Marina was surprised that she had met someone native to her country and asked if Setsuna was from Azadistan. Setsuna monotonously replied that he was from Krugis. Realizing Setsuna's nationality made conversation awkward (since Azadistan subjugated Krugis), Marina introduced herself and Setsuna gave away an alias, "Kamal Majirif" Marina asked if he was a tourist, but Setsuna didn't want to answer further more and decided to walk off. Marina didn't want the conversation to end and Setsuna decided to stay.

Marina talked to Setsuna about Azadistan's foreign policy, and she explained,

"That's right. I'm sure you know, Kamal, but Azadistan is being split between the Conservative and Reformist parties. It's become chaotic. In order to rebuild the economy of Azadistan, with the oil output regulated, we need the Solar Energy System. However, the Solar Energy System is what made our lives difficult in the first place. The conservatives don't approve of it at all. If the fighting doesn't stop, they'll be sure to come."
Setsuna guessed Celestial Being and Marina believed that although violence was wrong, Celestial Being was fanatical in their interventions and attempting to play God. Setsuna said that death was a natural part of fighting. Marina thought it was strange that CB would use force to eliminate force without having peaceful discussions. Setsuna said that people would still die while politicians continued to talk. Marina wanted to give a rebuttal, but Setsuna continued and said that Azadistan destroyed the Republic of Krugis in battle. Marina responded with guilt, and replied that both parties tried to find a peaceful solution. Setsuna interjected in anger that people still died. Marina sensed his reaction was personal and inquired on whether or not he had fought during the Solar Wars. Setsuna answered, "I'm still fighting, even now. I still fight" His words frightened Marina, but she still asked if he was a assassin for the conservatives. Setsuna said that her death wouldn't change a thing about the world. Marina could only respond with his name, but Setsuna replied with his codename and his status as a Gundam Meister. He warned Marina that if the fighting continued, then Celestial Being would intervene in Azadistan. Setsuna left and his warning frightened Marina to the ground.
Search & Destroy La Eden

During Setsuna's chat with Marina, Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long tracked and identified the terrorist group as La Eden. The world governments intentionally leaked information into the internet for Celestial Being to locate the terrorist cells of La Eden. After Setsuna left Marina, he was assigned to eliminate one of their mobile terrorist cells in the Atlantic in a simultaneous attack at 1400 GMT. Exia/Setsuna attacked the La Eden's ship and sank it. As the boat was sinking, Exia was grabbed underwater by a old submarine mobile armor (MAJ-03 Shuichai). Exia shielded against the barrage of torpedoes and finished the mobile armor with its beam sabers.

As Marina continued in her political tour for economic and food aid for Azadistan, she reflected back to Setsuna's words. Marina smirked it off, dismissing Setsuna's warning as a bad joke. Suddenly, Setsuna did a flyby with Gundam Exia. Setsuna hovered right on top of Marina's plane, looking down at her and then flew away.

HRL Space Assault

Being the only power to take aggressive measures against CB, HRL launched a series of e-sensors to detect the whereabouts of Celestial Being. Setsuna had just returned to Ptolemy for maintenance on Exia and he was given a passive aggressive greeting from Tieria Erde. As they both ate lunch, there was a tense moment between the two and Christina Sierra couldn't eat beside them. By the time Christina noticed they had been detected, HRL had already launched several carriers and Tieren mobile units against them.

Setsuna/Exia and Lockon/Dynames were assigned to engage the incoming main force while Allelujah and Tieria engaged the side groups to prevent a pincer attack. Setsuna and Lockon dealt with 30+ MSJ-06II-E Tieren Space Types. In the end, the Gundams proved to be too much for the HRL forces to handle and Sergei Smirnov decided on a tactical retreat while they still could.

Return to Azadistan

Setsuna wearing turban

During reconnaissance mission

It wasn't too long before Setsuna lived up to his words as he returned Azadistan. Rasa Massoud Rachmadi was an imam that had been captured by unknown assailants, attempting to topple the already unstable political situation in Azadistan. Ali Al-Saachez had actually been hired to incite civil war between the reformists and conservative parties. Setsuna volunteered for the mission since Azadistan was his hometown and the people of Azadistan were extremely xenophobic.

The Union dispatched their own anti-Gundam team to Azadistan, as they knew the Gundams were likely to appear in this political hot-spot and doubled as Azadistan's military aid. Graham and Billy Katagiri bumped into Setsuna as he was investigating the local area after Azadistan's solar receiver was destroyed. Setsuna pretended to be a local, who was curious about the area because of the recent fights; he carried his sidearm, in case he was attacked. Graham knew Setsuna was up to something and could tell he was hiding a weapon. Setsuna thought his cover had been blown but Graham intentionally leaked information to Setsuna (suspecting he was from Celestial Being) about an Enact from Moralia. Thinking that it was the work of Ali Al-Saachez, Setsuna headed to his old Krugis homeland to find Rasa Massoud Rachmadi.

Ali Al-Saachez had suspected that Setsuna was one of the Krugis kids he had trained into a child soldier. His suspicions were confirmed when Setsuna found Ali's secret lair and the pair fought. While engaging Ali, Setsuna asked for his reasons for coming back since the Republic of Krugis was gone and asked "Where is your God!?" Setsuna damaged Ali's - Enact rifle, but Ali managed to pin Setsuna down on the ground and tried to tear open the cockpit. Setsuna managed to cut off the Enact's right arm and Ali flew off. Setsuna was only a distraction while Lockon and Hong Long were intercepting the fleeing group with Dynames.

Rasa Massoud Rachmadi was rescued and took back to the palace where Princess Marina Ismail resided. Setsuna entered the area unarmed with Exia and at first received several shots from extremists and local defense mobile suits. They eventually cleared out of his way and he dropped off Rasa Massoud Rachmadi. Marina Ismail went to confirm that it was truly Setsuna and he warned her, that they might return again. His final words to her were "fight for the sake of your God" and he then flew away. Graham and his team wanted to capture him, but Graham felt that by doing so they would only create international political complications and let him off.

Intervention in the Taklamakan Desert

The Burning Question

Setsuna received recall orders from Christina Sierra, to prepare for their intervention in the Taklamakan Desert. To Christina's surprise, Setsuna made unauthorized use of Exia by heading to the Middle East. Christina covered for him by not notifying anyone of his "extracurricular activities". Setsuna/Exia headed to Azadistan to see Princess Marina Ismail. Setsuna hid Exia and infiltrated the Azadistan palace, by going straight through Marina's window. He surprised Marina and without explaining himself, he asked her a series of questions.

Why is this world distorted? Is it God's fault? Is Man to blame?
Marina took a moment to think and said that although God was merciful, the world was still distorted, despite her belief that people had the capability to understand each other. Before she had a chance to continue, Marina realized that Setsuna had already left. While flying back to regrouped with Celestial Being, Setsuna continued to think about where and why the world was distorted.

The Gundam Meisters were assigned to stop a group of terrorists from assaulting a nuclear facility in order to prevent a worldwide catastrophic radiation leak; meanwhile a joint war exercise was being performed by HRL/AEU and The Union nearby. They had anticipated a formidable retaliation from CB as It was publicly announced to be a war exercise, but it was a trap. The Meisters' fully knew that they were about to intervene in a potentially deadly trap, they entered the Taklamakan Desert, knowing that they might be captured or killed.

Setsuna and Tieria were paired together while Lockon and Allelujah teamed up for air-to-ground entry of the battlefield. Setsuna and Tieria removed their Gundams' optical cloaks and prepared to give support to Lockon and Allelujah. Setsuna prevented two Flags from notifying their forces about their location, which give Tieria enough time to execute Burst Mode. Tieria successfully fired the first shot to create a trench for Lockon and Allelujah to fight with some cover. While the blast was successful, Setsuna had to continue guarding Tieria for the next shot and unexpectedly received quick retaliation when a barrage of missiles fired at their position. Setsuna would spend the latter of his time, defending Tieria to give him time for continuous particle beam shots. After nearly 15 hours of intervention, the united forces were still besetting the Gundam Meisters. Tieria provided cover for Setsuna with a GN Field. After the united forces stopped their barrage (to allow their ace pilots to capture them), Setsuna and Tieria were split apart.

Trinity Rescue

While flying across the desert, Setsuna detected the enemy, Ali Al-Saachez in his Enact, this time attached to a mobile armor, the AEU-MA07013 Agrissa. Ali attacked Setsuna with the linear rifle, but Setsuna managed to evade the assault. Setsuna was too worn down from the previous engagements to give a real fight. Ali rammed Setsuna to the ground and activated the Agrissa's plasma field. As Ali was shocking Setsuna to death, Setsuna reflected that he was going to die without making a difference to this distorted world. As his final thoughts led him to the 0 Gundam, the Gundam in his past, an unknown force fired upon Ali and forced him to eject and flee. Setsuna had just been saved by an unknown Gundam. Looking upon the crimson Gundam, he cried out "Gundam!"

The unknown female pilot checked on Setsuna and introduced herself as Nena Trinity, Gundam Meister to GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei. She informed Setsuna that she had helped her brothers Michael and Johann to save them all. Shortly after, the rest of the Gundams were rescued, Nena activated the GN Stealth Field to help the Gundam Meisters escape to safety. Setsuna regrouped with the others and set Exia on autopilot back to their base. Setsuna couldn't help but wonder who were the new mysterious Gundam group.

Meeting Team Trinity & Campaign Halt

The Meisters were given coordinates to attend a meeting held the Gundam Throne Meisters, they agreed to meet on board the Ptolemy. Sumeragi had put Setsuna on standby in case it was a trap. As Team Trinity boarded Ptolemy without alarm, Setsuna was told to join them at the briefing room to meet the mysterious Throne Meisters. Nena Trinity wanted to find out who was the pilot of Gundam Exia, Setsuna then arrived and identified himself. Nena was excited to see Setsuna and went to kiss him saying she liked his recklessness. Setsuna didn't react well to Nena's kiss and shoved her away. Tensions raised when Michael Trinity came to defend his sister and pulled out a sonic blade. Johann Trinity had to control Michael to calm the situation down. Things got even stranger when Lockon's Orange Haro seemed to recognize Nena's Purple Haro and vaguely referenced its memories. As Lockon's Haro floated down the hallway, Sumeragi led everyone into the briefing room to continue the discussion. As everyone headed to the briefing room for discussions, Setsuna wondered if they were true Gundam Meisters? Surprisingly, Tieria also agreed with Setsuna's suspicions.

Setsuna didn't talk in the meeting, he let Sumeragi do most of the questioning while he observed. When Nena got bored and wanted to tour the ship, she asked Setsuna to come along. Setsuna ignored her, but Nena gave him a warning, "If I've chosen you, it's all over" and left. The Trinity brothers stayed to continue their discussion. They gave limited information about themselves, only to explain they were activated because of Ptolemy group's poor performance. Sumeragi questioned if they were being replaced, but Johann assured them that they could still run their own missions and that the Ptolemy group was free act under their own discretion. After their meeting, Team Trinity returned to their ship and left to attack their first military base, Union's MSWAD base.

Sumeragi subsequently decided to halt the team from all major operations due to their suspicions about Team Trinity. It was seen that until they knew more of Team Trinity's intentions, they kept themselves at a distance. Without making any public explanations about Team Trinity, the team discreetly dissociated themselves from the Trinitys while the world assumed the Thrones were a part of Celestial Being's overall MS force.

Trinity Armed Intervention Campaign

With Team Trinity assaulting military bases, Celestial Being's mission plans had been thrown awry and the Meisters were ordered by Sumeragi to halt all interventions until the time was right. However, Setsuna's attitude towards the Trinity changed from indifference to hatred as they indiscriminately hurt civilians and used total annihilation tactics on their missions. Setsuna and his group became more concerned when they discovered that Team Trinity's GN Drives were considered imitations and not real solar furnaces. The last straw for Setsuna was after the Thrones attack the Iris Corporation factory in Illinois USA. He took Exia and identified Team Trinity as a source of conflict.

Meisters Vs Meisters

While the Thrones were flying to their next mission, Setsuna/Exia fired three unwarned shots at them. He cited the Thrones as a source of conflict and aimed to shoot, but Michael in the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei intervened and fended him off. Johann tried to reason with Setsuna, but Setsuna refused to recognize them as true Gundam Meisters, so Johann had Michael retaliate. Michael launched six of his GN Fangs, but Setsuna destroyed all of them with his GN blades. Michael had two GN Fangs reserved and launched them. Setsuna wasn't able to anticipate them, but just then, a powerful particle beam wiped the last two. The blast had come from Tieria who had decided to team up against the Gundam Thrones.

While fighting the Thrones, it was the first time that Exia and Virtue executed tactical battle formations (as the pilots never got along). Tieria engaged Nena and Johann while Setsuna engaged Michael. After Tieria temporarily activated the Trial System, it was strangely shut down. It wasn't too long until Lockon entered the fight and the Thrones decided to regroup and retreat. Before they retreated though, Johann revealed classified information pertaining Lockon's and Setsuna's pasts. Johann revealed to Lockon that the very group that was responsible for his family's death was also linked with Setsuna. Johann then revealed Setsuna's true identity as Soran Ibrahim, a former KPSA member. Then The Thrones flew off, but left Lockon angered against Setsuna.

Lockon's Confrontation

Lockon targeting Setsuna

Lockon pointing a gun at Setsuna

The three Gundam Meisters went back to their island base and Lockon had a personal chat with Setsuna while pointing a gun at him. Lockon wanted a good explanation behind Setsuna's past and a reason not to kill him. Setsuna told him, that he had been trained by the guerrilla Ali Al Saachez, leader of KPSA. He admitted at that time he had been immersed in his own world of God, but now no he no longer believed that God existed. He explained about the time when he exited out of his cockpit in Moralia was to confirm Ali's comeback and wanted to know if there was God with him. Lockon wanted to know what were Setsuna's plans for the future and his intentions with Gundam Exia. Setsuna reaffirmed that he believed in their cause and he said he wouldn't mind being killed by Lockon if he continued their mission to end conflict. While he was alive he wanted to continue being a Gundam Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei, for he was a "Gundam." Lockon withdrew his gun because he couldn't shoot a dumbass like him, a "stupid Gundam." Setsuna considered that as praise and the three Meisters shared a good laugh.

Operation Fallen Angels

AEU/Union and HRL had been brought down to their knees, they no longer have the necessary abilities to defend against Celestial Being and the world powers reluctantly considered the idea of surrendering to them. Then, a Celestial Being traitor, Laguna Harvey, contacted the 3 world powers to collect 30 GN Drives in Antarctica, along with new mobile suits, the GN-X. With these new mobile suits in their hands, the world governments united their military might as the UN Forces, declaring their united objective of taking down Celestial Being. They called this plan Operation Fallen Angels.

UN Forces Counteroffensive

The UN Forces quickly made use of their GN-X's. They managed to fend off Team Trinity in two consecutive battles. The Gundam Meisters and the crew of the Ptolemy were surprised that GN technology had fallen into the world's hands. The UN Forces now were on the offensive against Celestial Being. It wasn't long before the defenseless Ptolemy was also targeted and the Meisters rallied to defend their ship. While fighting, their Gundams were suddenly shut down. They didn't know that Alejandro Corner had had Ribbons Almark take control of Veda during their battle. Sumeragi was able to anticipate such an event and switched their Gundams to a stand alone OS (w/o a link to Veda). Setsuna cried out for Gundam Exia to activate and it reactivated. Setsuna was able to fend off the GN-X's to a tactical retreat, but the battle wounded Lockon and badly damaged Dynames.

The Purpose of Gundams

While the Curse Jinx Squad was confronting Team Trinity, Setsuna and the rest of the Ptolemy group observed them on the news. The group was contemplating the possibility of defeat as the world had the power to crush them and it was part of Aeolia Schenberg's plan. Setsuna questioned the purpose of the Gundams regardless of the situation. Setsuna wondered if the current events were considered right as the Thrones and the UN Forces were only increasing conflict. He firmly believed that Gundams should end wars, not escalate them. Lockon finished what Setsuna wanted to say, that the fight between the Thrones and UN Forces was a source of conflict that should be stopped. Ian and Allelujah objected to the suggestion of Setsuna/Exia heading to Earth on a solo mission while they were in a dangerous predicament. Setsuna intended to go alone and wanted to confirm, "What purpose do the Gundams serve?". Lockon wanted to join Setsuna, but Lasse Aeon argued that Lockon should remain behind in his condition. Lasse suggested using the Assault Container since it had atmospheric re-entry capabilities and it was an opportunity to give GN Arms a shakedown. Even though there were concerns, Sumeragi gave Setsuna a last minute mission plan to help him in his mission. With Setsuna/Exia prepped inside the Assault Container, Lasse transported him to Earth.

During Setsuna and Lasse's entry to Earth, Ali Al-Saachez appeared before the Trinty's with his Enact on an isolated island in the Atlantic, claiming to be an ally. When Johann asked about Laguna Harvey, Ali responded with a gunshot. He killed Michael with a handgun and subdued Johann. Ali wanted to fight Johann in MS combat and let him off to pilot Throne Eins. Ali somehow bypassed the biometric scanner of Gundam Throne Zwei and used it against Eins. Johann suspected that he somehow altered the system through Veda as only Michael was able to pilot Zwei. After a brief fight, Ali finally destroyed Johann and Throne Eins.

As Setsuna and Lasse descended to Earth, Setsuna noticed that Throne Zwei was about to destroy Throne Drei. Lasse rammed the Assault Container into Ali as Setsuna descended and intervened to save Nena. Setsuna was surprised to hear Ali Al-Saachez on the com (from Zwei) and the two fought. Ali commented on how Gundams were great weapons for war, but Setsuna retaliated to defend the pacification purpose of Gundams. Even though Exia was well armed, Ali still managed to defend himself well against Setsuna. Ali had outmatched and stripped Exia of almost all of its weapons except for the beam sabers. During this time, Alejandro Corner was putting his final plans into work to control Veda after having killed Aeolia Schenberg. Schenberg's system trap activated. Just as Ali was about to strike Exia from behind, it began glowing red and went into a high speed frenzy. Setsuna knocked down Ali. While Ali was temporarily down, Setsuna was amazed at the sudden new found capabilities of Exia. Aeolia Schenberg suddenly appeared in a brief video to Setsuna and all of Celestial Being:

To those who use GN Drives: I don't know whether you will carry my will, however I entrust you my final hope to you, full utilization of your GN Drives. I hope that you will use them and fight your hardest for the sake of ending war and bringing about a new peace. Not for the sake of Celestial Being, but for the sake of your own wills, as those who have Gundams.

Ali tried to attack Setsuna from behind, but the system was still in effect and allowed Setsuna to evade and counter. Setsuna continued to attack from all sides and Ali made a tactical retreat. Ali ejected Zwei's left Fang container to distract Setsuna long enough for an escape. Setsuna and the other Gundam Meisters discovered that the new system was known as the Trans-Am System. Setsuna reported his findings to the rest of the crew and headed back to Ptolemy with Lasse.

Late Return & Lockon's Demise

While cruising on board the Assault Container to Ptolemy, Lasse and Setsuna had a chat. Lasse asked if Setsuna had found his answer, to which Setsuna said that he didn't know, but that they were granted Gundams by Aeolia Schenberg and he would continue to eradicate war with Exia. Lasse replied,

To be frank, I don't think we can end war. But our foolishness, whether it was good or evil, has been engraved into people's hearts... That's how I've come to think now. Celestial Being... There's some meaning to our existence.
Setsuna wondered when Lasse mentioned their existence, and he explained that people experience things without understanding them. Just then, Setsuna received a message from Ptolemy that the UN Forces were about to catch up with them. Both Setsuna and Lasse rushed to Ptolemy to provide combat assistance.
Tieria confronting Setsuna

Tieria confronting Setsuna

By the time Setsuna returned to provide assistance, the battle was near the end. Setsuna executed Trans-Am to make up lost time and found Lockon Stratos floating in space. Setsuna tried to rescue him, but the damaged GN Cannon nearby exploded and killed him. Setsuna was distraught over Lockon's death, but returned to Ptolemy to prepare for another round against the UN Forces. Tieria was distraught over Lockon's death and blamed Setsuna for heading to Earth and not making it back in time to save him. Sumeragi had to settle the two down as they needed to prepare for another fight.

The Answer

Setsuna was in his quarters, reviewing over tactical data over Lockon's final moments (from Haro). It was then that he realized that Lockon had died in his vengeance against Ali Al-Saachez. He then thought of his Krugis friend who was mad at him for challenging God's will (Ali's divine influence) and later sacrificed himself in a suicide bombing attack in Ireland. Setsuna commented, "After you die, there's no God." Setsuna's mind then thought about Lasse's words about meaning behind their existence. It was then Setsuna made the epiphany to answer his own question,

The meaning to our to live. To remember those who have died and face the world. God doesn't exist. I will...through my own will...

Mourning Lockon

Some moments after, Setsuna went along with Haro to Dynames' cockpit to bid a last farewell to Lockon. Then Feldt Grace arrived and left a letter she had written for Lockon. She then asked if Setsuna had someone to write a letter to, at which Setsuna answered that he didn't have anyone. Feldt thought that was lonely, but Setsuna explained that the one who was lonely was Lockon, so he then asked Haro to go and keep him company. Feldt also asked Haro to look for Lockon and then thanked him. After that the alarms were triggered and the crew had to get ready for battle. To their surprise a golden GN Mobile Armor with 7 false GN Drives appeared, the GNMA-XCVII Alvatore. Sumeragi had Lasse and Setsuna break through the UN Forces offensive line to destroy Alvatore.

Last Stand

While heading towards Alvatore, the mobile armor fired several shots of its particle beam cannon. The beams didn't destroy the Ptolemy or any of the Gundams, but the shots damaged them enough to help UN Forces destroy them (Ptolemaios, Kyrios, and Nadleeh). All the Gundams were damaged beyond repair, with only their GN Drives intact.

The only team still able to fight was Lasse with the GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E and Setsuna with Exia on board the Assault Container. During the early part of the battle, they breached through the UN Forces' offensive line with the Assault Container to deal with Alvatore. They blasted the Alvatore with their GN Cannons at full strength, but Alavatore's GN Field was so dense that it repelled any incoming fire. Lasse rammed the Assault Container with its GN Field against Alavatore's GN Field in hopes of penetrating deep enough to damage the mobile armor. However, it didn't work as the mobile armor unleashed its grappling arms, splitting the Assault Container's hull apart. Alejandro mocked Setsuna and Lasse, saying that they should be honored to be sacrifices for his world. The Assault Container was being ripped in half, and Lasse had to eject from it with Setsuna for combat.

Lasse and Setsuna doubled-teamed against Alejandro, but couldn't penetrate the dense GN Field. Alvatore deployed its own version of the GN Fangs against Setsuna. Lasse switched to GN Armor and Setsuna docked for a MA (mobile armor) to MA combat. In GN Armor, Setsuna and Lasse were able to destroy all of Alvatore's GN Fangs and disabled its grappling arms. However, Alejandro severely damaged the GN Armor section. Setsuna rammed the GN Blade of GN Armor and disabled Alvatore's GN Field. Without the GN Field in the way, Setsuna made quick work of Alvatore and destroyed the mobile armor.

Second Round

While Setsuna was trying to confirm Lasse's condition, a particle beam was suddenly fired into his direction. The upper section of Alvatore's armor unfolded to reveal a mobile suit, the GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron. Alejandro ejected the lower section of Alvatore and engaged Setsuna in MS combat. While firing at each other, Alvaaron's wings shifted forward to fire a powerful particle beam. Alejandro thought he had vaporized Exia from the blast, but Setsuna had survived by using Trans-Am. As Setsuna charged towards Alejandro, he said that Alejandro was responsible for the distortion in the world, though Alejandro told Setsuna that his world had begun. While hopelessly firing at Alejandro, Setsuna remembered a conversation he had had with Lockon about Exia. Lockon had told Setsuna that Exia was intentionally armed with physical blades in order to penetrate GN Fields (as a countermeasure against someone using CB technology). Setsuna used his GN Sword to penetrate through Alvaaron's GN Field and told Alejandro,

The eradication of war through force. That is Celestial Being. And the Gundam will do it, together with me! That's right, that's what I am, what all of us are, we're Gundams
. Setsuna then used all of his GN Blades and beam sabers to cut into Alvaaron. The suit soon overloaded and killed Alejandro in the explosion. Setsuna barely had a moment to rest when another MS appeared.
Final Round

Graham Aker appeared in his SVMS-01X Union Flag Custom II. Graham's Flag had been heavily modified to adapt to space combat as well as utilizing a GN Tau Drive. Graham charged towards Setsuna/Exia with a beam saber (much to Setsuna's surprise), proclaiming that he would take revenge for Howard Mason and Daryl Dodge with the GN Flag. Setsuna was surprised to see that it was Graham (the person he had met at the Azadistan incident) and both were surprised to see each in their respective mobile suits. Graham said that the two of them were destined to fight each other and was able to cut Exia's left arm off and went for a second strike. As Setsuna and Graham crossed swords, Graham continued talking to Setsuna. Graham told Setsuna that he had once fallen in love with the Gundams' overwhelming power. However, when his comrades were killed it turned into hatred, and then into obsession, similar to the civil war in Azadistan. Setsuna reacted angrily and asked Graham why he was fighting and chopped through GN Flag's lower torso. Graham said that his only reason was that he was a soldier and then decapitated Exia. Setsuna called Graham distorted and decapitated his GN Flag's head. Graham told Setsuna that both of them and the idea of the Gundam was distorted. Graham told him that he was going to take him out and that the world didn't matter. Setsuna asked if the world was that insignificant to him Graham said that he was the voice of the world and charged at Setsuna with his beam saber. Setsuna said that Graham was wrong and would cut through his distortion. Graham replied, "Well met, Gundam!" and both of them charged at each other. In the final charge, both opponents severely damaged each other's suits, stabbing through each other's MS chest causing a massive red/green GN Particles explosion. The resulting explosion didn't kill Setsuna, only temporarily knocked him out. As Setsuna gravitated towards Earth, Marina Ismail was reading a message she had received from him.

Letter to Marina Ismail

Setsuna after final battle

Setsuna and Exia gravitating around Earth

Setsuna had sent a message to Marina Ismail before the climatic battle between UN Forces and Celestial Being. As Setsuna and Exia floated in space towards the gravity of Earth, she was reading the following:

Marina Ismail: By the time you read this...I'm already gone. Armed interventions to put and end to war, I'm unable to do anything but fight for Celestial Being. You taught me what it means to fight back then, just like Gundam. I wanted to know why our world is so terminally distorted. Where did that distortion come from? Why there are people who are unconsciously evil? Why people don't know that their evil hurts others. Why is humanity an existence which only conflicts with itself? Why are there people who rule and those who are ruled? Why do we wound each other? In spite of all this, why do people go on living like they do? I wanted to ask you...please think of an answer if we may meet again. That being the case, I will seek out the same thing on a different path than yours. Down the path towards mutual human understanding for the answer. I'll keep looking for it, together with my Gundam.

Survival & Hiding

In the aftermath of the battle, Celestial Being lost contact with Setsuna. As far as the world was concerned, Setsuna and Exia were gone. Setsuna had survived his battle with Graham and inexplicably decided to go act underground with Exia, possibly because he thought Celestial Being was gone. He did his best to salvage Exia, using Tieren components to supplement his Gundam and continued to monitor the actions of the changing world on his own for approximately 4 years. Setsuna was last seen back in the remains of Krugis.
Setsuna on the desert

Setsuna outside of Krugis in 2311 A.D

Return to Celestial Being

In the year 2312, 4 years after the fall of CB, the authoritarian Earth Sphere Federation (ESF: AEU, Union, and HRL united as a single entity) initiated an aggressive campaign of unification through their autonomous military force, A-Laws. The united and peaceful world that was wished for never came, it only evolved into another source of conflict. Setsuna set out to Lagarange 4's space colony to reconnoiter their intentions.

Space Colony Proud Incident

Setsuna had performed a personal investigation on space colony Proud. He infiltrated the facility through a procured space shuttle (containing Exia) and began his investigation. While hiding behind the corridors, he overheard an operation about to commence between federation soldiers. He decided to inquire and chased down the soldier (in a power suit) that had just passed his sights. Setsuna quickly shot the soldier in the back, damaging the battery to his power suit. While the soldier was immobilized, he threatened the soldier to get answers. The soldier said that he didn't know and was only ordered to take cover. Without a real answer, Setsuna left the soldier behind to continue investigating when there were sudden sounds of combat. The anti-Federation resistance group Katharon had just started their rescue operation to save their comrades within Proud and A-Laws had engaged them in space MS combat outside the colony.

While opening the door to one of their mining facilities, Setsuna realized that A-Laws had released automatons into the colony to slaughter everyone within the facility. Realizing the situation was dangerous, Setsuna remotely summoned Exia to intercept him. Setsuna then spotted a man pinned down by an automaton and decided to help. He told the man to get down while distracting the automaton with gunfire and threw an explosive clay to finish the kill-bot. To Setsuna's surprise, the man he just saved was his neighbor Saji Crossroad. Both of them were surprised to see each other again, but there was little time to talk as another automaton arrived to attack and they ran for their lives. Setsuna looked after Saji as he tried to reach to a nearby airlock to intercept Exia. As he continued running and fending of incoming automatons, he thought to himself,

"It hasn't changed. Since that time, not one damn thing! This isn't what I wanted! Lockon...and myself as well! For a world like this?!"
Setsuna and Saji finally reached to an airlock and Setsuna boarded GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair for MS combat.

Setsuna engaged A-Laws' latest mobile suits, the (GNX-609T GN-XIII and GNX-704T Ahead). Setsuna charged above his enemies and chopped off a GNX III's right MS arm. The mobile suits then began exchanging beam fire. Exia only had its right MS arm with a damaged GN Sword, making combat very difficult for Setsuna. As Setsuna clashed swords with Barack Zinin's Ahead, Barack asked why he was there. Setsuna said that he was there to destroy them. Setsuna tried to shoot down Barack/Ahead, but Barack evaded and only lost his GN Shield. Barack said that the Exia was no match for an Ahead, and fired at Setsuna. Setsuna was in trouble as Exia Repair wasn't responding too well in combat. Barack proclaimed that he would deliver the revenge of his friends. Barack clashed swords with Setsuna again and knocked Exia downwards. Barack pulled out his second beam saber used both sabers to strike Exia. Setsuna tried to block the attack with his GN Sword, but the combined strength of two beam sabers cut through its blade, breaking his GN Sword in half. Barack said that his time was up as he chopped off Exia's shoulders. Setsuna was now completely defenseless. Lt Agraga went for the finishing blow when suddenly a pair of particle beams blasted in between Setsuna and Araga. To Setsuna's surprise, it was a Gundam (Tieria Erde in GN-008 Seravee Gundam). Setsuna watched as the Gundam defeated Lt Araga and forced enemy mobile suits to retreat. After the short battle, a familiar voice came over the com said, "So you really were searching for A-Laws' activities. It's been some time, Setsuna F. Seiei." To Setsuna's even further surprise, it was Tieria Erde. Tieria and Setsuna went back to the airlock (where he had left Saji) for a chat.

Setsuna's comeback

Setsuna's comeback

In the airlock, Tieria caught up with Setsuna. Both pilots said that they hadn't changed since they last saw each other, and Setsuna wondered if Tieria's Gundam was from Celestial Being. Tieria stated that it was as Saji asked if Setsuna piloted a Gundam. Setsuna calmly confirmed that he had participated in the armed interventions. Saji shouted that countless people had been killed or hurt by their interventions, namely his dead sister Kinue and a PTSD-suffering Louise. Saji then grabbed Setsuna's gun and asked him to say something, but he didn't. Saji's conscience couldn't kill Setsuna and Setsuna subsequently decided to bring Saji on board Ptolemy II to protect him from the ESF as he had been falsely labeled as a Katharon member. Setsuna was given new quarters and suited up in his new uniform. He later checked out his newly designated incomplete Gundam, GN-0000 00 Gundam

Returning Comrades

While Celestial Being managed to quietly rebuild their arsenal and upgraded their GN Tech, their organization was far from ready to take on A-Laws. They needed a tactical strategist and a few Gundam Meisters. Setsuna went to recruit Lockon's identical twin brother, Lyle Dylandy, to be the new Lockon Stratos and he also went to return Sumeragi Lee Noriega.

Reviving Lockon Stratos

Setsuna met up with Lyle at a park, identifying him as a member of Katharon. Lyle thought Setsuna was a Federation peace keeper, but Setsuna introduced himself and told him he was a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being. He told Lyle that he was there to recruit him as the next Lockon Stratos. Lyle was confused over Setsuna's intentions, but Setsuna then spoke about the original Lockon, his brother Neil. He explained to Lyle that his brother had died about 4 years ago as a Gundam Meister. Lyle wondered if his recruitment was Neil's dying wish, but Setsuna told Lyle that they both are very similar in their desire to change the world. Setsuna gave Lyle a crystal memory stick, pertaining Celestial Being's intelligence. He also warned Lyle that security forces would soon attack a Katharon cell in Europe. Lyle shortly accepted the invitation and agreed to later rendezvous at the Union orbital elevator.

Drafting Sumeragi

Setsuna's next person to return was Sumeragi Lee Noriega. She had since quit Celestial Being and stayed at a friend's home, Billy Katagiri. Setsuna didn't waste time, as soon Billy opened the door, he identified Sumeragi as part of Celestial Being. Setsuna gave Sumeragi no choice but to return to Celestial Being. He dragged her into the Union orbital elevator to meet with Lyle at the orbital space station. While going up on the Linear Train, Sumeragi talked how the world hadn't changed and that their sacrifices had meant nothing as the world became a larger source of conflict. Setsuna encouraged her to fight to correct what they had done, but Sumeragi remained despondent. Once they reached to the orbital space station, Sumeragi continued insisting to be left alone. Setsuna ignored her request and told her they were going to meet a new Gundam Meister. To Sumeragi's shock, she could see a living Lockon Stratos. Setsuna introduced her to Lyle Dylandy, Lockon's younger twin brother.

Activating 00 Gundam

While on their way back to CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 by shuttle, Setsuna noticed A-Laws MS units heading to Ptolemy's direction. Ptolemy II was in imminent danger and Setsuna decided to run a live battle test with an unstable Twin Drive System. Setsuna had Lockon take the helm of the shuttle as he jumped out of it to intercept his new Gundam. Despite Ian's objections of Setsuna rolling out an unstable Gundam, Setsuna quickly activated 00 Gundam and executed Trans-Am. The GN particle synchronous generation had yet to reach to 80% output to safely utilize the Gundam. Setsuna called out to 00,

"Wake up for me, 00. Here we have 0 Gundam, Exia, and me!'"
As if 00 Gundam answered his call, the GN Drives synchronized and worked just in time to deflect a beam blast. A GNX Ahead had just fired into the catapult launching bay and 00 Gundam's GN Drives swiveled a 180 degree turn to vent dense particles out of Ptolemy. The particle density was powerful enough to repel the blast and Setsuna sortied out to face his opponents. Setsuna destroyed the Ahead with a single beam shot. The following GNX III tried to shot down 00, but Setsuna turned the GN Drives forward again to create a GN Barrier. Setsuna tried to finish off the last GNX III with beam shots, but the enemy had used anti-beam countermeasures to force 00 into melee combat. Setsuna switched the GN Sword II from rifle mode to sword mode and cut the last GNX III in half, a very successful test run of the Twin Drive System. Setsuna then returned with Lockon and Sumeragi to meet everyone on the bridge. Shortly after their first major encounter with A-Laws, Wang Liu Mei informed Celestial Being of Allelujah Haptism's whereabouts.

Rescue Allelujah & Princess Ismail

The crew had a group meeting about rescuing Allelujah, but they weren't sure of how to infiltrate the highly secured facility where he was being kept. Sumeragi just walked in to confirm the news about Allelujah, but when the crew asked for her tactical expertise, she refused. Setsuna told Sumeragi to let go of her past and that her expertise was non-consequential to her if they failed. He told her that they intended to rescue their comrade and begged her to help them, she relented to the task. She later gave Setsuna and the rest of the crew their roles in the mission plan to rescue Allelujah, a 5 min blitzkrieg abstraction. While preparing in the MS container bay, Tieria sent Setsuna a prisoner roster list and Marina Ismail was listed among the prisoners.

Rescuing Marina

Retreating with Marina

After Ptolemy II distracted the facility with a tsunami caused by their splashdown, Setsuna and Tieria attacked the facilty. Setsuna told Tieria that he intended to rescue Marina Ismail within 2 mins of the alotted time. 00 Gundam crashed into the side of the building and Setsuna proceeded on foot to liberate Allelujah. Tiera guarded 00 Gundam until Setsuna's return. After liberating Allelujah, he gave him a computer tablet to intercept his new unit, GN-007 Arios Gundam, and quickly used his remaining time to liberate Marina Ismail. He found her cell, blown the lock, and took her with him on board 00 Gundam. Setsuna then made a tactical retreat while finishing off pursuing A-Laws forces. After they made it to Ptolemy II, the two had a private chat.

Setsuna apologized to Marina as their affairs had gotten her involved with the Federation. Marina wanted to know why Setsuna continued fighting when he could have chosen another life away from violence, but he responded that he wanted a world without conflict and that fighting was all he could do. Marina started crying from his response and he asked why was she crying. Marina told him that she was crying instead of him because he couldn't. Setsuna seemed to be taken away from her words.

Anti A-Laws Campaign

Middle East Conflict

Heading to Azadistan

While in a meeting room with Setsuna (including Ian Vashti, Lockon Stratos, and Lasse Aeon), he wanted to know what were Marina Ismail's plans after escaping from the Federation. Marina wanted to head back to Azadistan due to the country's instability and internal turmoil. While the others objected in consideration of Federation retaliation, Setsuna made the decision to send her back to Azadistan and Ptolemy II adjusted course accordingly. At the end of their conversation, Mileina Vashti abruptly popped in to ask if Setsuna and Marina were lovers and both simultaneously responded with a resound "NO".

Some time after, Setsuna went to check on Marina and found her alone in the observation room. Marina asked Setsuna to come with her to help repair Azadistan together. Setsuna refused and reasoned that he was only capable of fighting. Marina told Setsuna that nothing could be gained through fighting, only loss. He told her he used to think that way before joining Celestial Being, but said he and his Gundam's reason for fighting was to sever all conflicts for the future. Marina had no response to his resolution and left the conversation at that. Shortly after their conversation, Setsuna and Marina were walking in the hallways of Ptolemy II when the ship was suddenly under attack by an enemy submersible (GNMA-04B11 Trilobite). Setsuna told Marina to head to the center of the ship for safety and ran to the MS container bay to sortie with 00.

Underwater Attack

Setsuna quickly suited up and was on standby in 00 Gundam until they reached launching depth to sortie. Tieria pushed back Trilobite while Lockon in GN-006 Cherudim Gundam provided firing support. Setsuna was up next and was about to attack Trilobite when his concentration on the battle was momentarily distracted. His mind subconsciously thought up Marina's offer to return to Azadistan with her. Setsuna refocused on the battle and eliminated Trilobite. Their next target was the A-Laws MS sea carrier above the sea.

Allelujah told Setsuna they were heading to the surface and Setsuna grabbed onto Arios' fin for a ride up. Allelujah executed Trans-Am to quickly reach to the surface to finish off A-Laws. Just as Setsuna was about to destroy the MS carrier's command bridge, a samurai-themed Ahead rammed Setsuna and enaged him in MS combat. While fighting, Setsuna recognized "that stubborn guy again" Their fight was evenly matched, but the sudden appearance of Katharon convinced A-Laws to make a tactical retreat.

After the battle, there was a request by Katharon for Marina Ismail. Setsuna went with Marina to check out Katharon and was surprised at the strength of their organization. It was then Shirin Bakhtiar appeared to Marina and requested Celestial Being for a meeting.

Meeting with Katharon

Setsuna, Tieria, Sumeragi, Saji, Marina entered the Rub' al Khali desert with a CB VTOL craft with Lockon and Allelujah as escorts to meet with Katharon. As they entered their secret base, Katharon rebels greeted Setsuna and the Meisters as their idols. After the pleasantries, they were taken to room for a private meeting.

Shirin thanked Celestial Being for taking care of Marina and she intended to take over her care. Setsuna and the rest had no objections and Setsuna wanted Saji to be taken in as well. Saji objected Setsuna's decision without his approval, but Sumeragi told him it was for the best. While talking, children suddenly ran into the meeting out of playful curiosity. Setsuna had the sudden suspicion they were being raised as child guerrillas like him when he was young. Shirin explained to him that they were orphaned children, adopted refugees and not raised to be adolescent militia. After the kids left to play with Marina, they got to the point of their meeting. Klaus proposed an alliance between Katharon and Celestial Being to bring down the Earth Sphere Federation, but Sumeragi declined them. Setsuna explained that their goal was to eliminate A-Laws, not the Federation. Klaus at least wanted a partnership of some kind with Celestial Being, but ultimately both parties couldn't join together.

While outside the doorway of the children's playroom, Setsuna saw Marina encouraging a shy boy to play together with the rest of the kids. Marina's kindness to the kids reminded him of his mother (or sister, it was never clearly defined). His remembrance of his painful past motivated him to leave. As he was walking away from the playroom, Saji reminded him that the kids were victims as a result of Celestial Being changing the world. Setsuna didn't deny it and even agreed with Saji. Saji asked if Setsuna felt anything anything about it, at which he said that he felt something that he didn't want to return to. Saji wanted to know why Setsuna continued fighting, he said that was personal and that Saji wouldn't understand and walked off.

Burning Azadistan

As Celestial Being got ready to leave, Setsuna intended to return Marina to Azadistan. Sumeragi was concerned that a Gundam in Azadistan would have political implications and Setsuna suggested to take the VTOL craft instead. Sumeragi permitted Setsuna to take the VTOL craft to escort Marina, while the rest headed back to Ptolemy II. Shortly after, Setsuna and Marina headed off to Azadistan.

As Setsuna and Marina got closer to Azadistan, Marina was excited to see her country. Once the plane flew into Azadistan territory, the two were in shock as the city was in flames. Setsuna wondered who could've caused this and eliminated the possibility of terrorism. Seconds later, he spotted a mobile suit hovering above the burning city and realized it was a Gundam. Judging by the design and red coloring, Setsuna dreaded that it was Ali Al-Saachez. Against Marina's objections, Setsuna flew back to Katharon's secret base to drop Marina off to safety, only to find the base had also been devastated.

Defending Katharon

Setsuna disarms Mr. Bushido's Sakigake

While stationed at the devastated Katharon base, Setsuna found Tieria next to a broken down Saji. Tieria filled him on the details that A-Laws had attacked Katharon and it had been caused by Saji. Later on board their VTOL craft, Setsuna reported his findings to his fellow Meisters about Azadistan. While suspecting it was the work of the Federation and talking about the appearance of a Gundam, the Meisters suddenly received news of Sumeragi's collapse and were ordered to return aboard Ptolemy II.

With the Katharon base destroyed by the Federation and low on resources, Celestial Being offered food, supplies, and temporary protection to help them relocate to their alternate base. Timing was a concern because A-Laws could return to finish off what was left of Katharon. To prevent this, Setsuna and the rest of the crew decided to distract and hold off A-Laws by luring them into a fight at the shoreline, giving surviving Katharon members time to escape.

Setsuna and the rest of the Meister's sortied to combat A-Laws. As Setsuna was setting up for launch, he was concerned over the Gundam he had seen over Azadistan (Ali Al-Saachez's GNW-20000 Arche Gundam), but re-focused on the current battle and launched. While combating GN-X's, Mr. Bushido appeared for an aggressive high speed duel against Setsuna. The fight wasn't evenly matched, Setsuna had difficulty handling Mr. Bushido without more speed and power. After Setsuna got his GN-Shield destroyed, he risked using Trans-Am to finish the fight. Trans-Am allowed 00 Gundam to excel speeds beyond Sakigake's ability and cut off Sakigake's right MS arm. As Mr. Bushido tried to evade, Setsuna was going for the final blow to finish him when 00 Gundam's GN-Drives overloaded and broke down. With 00 dead in the water, Mr. Bushido had Setsuna for the taking, but decided to let him off as he wanted an honorable kill and flew off. Tieria and Lockon defended Setsuna's position for the duration of the battle. Sumeragi woke up soon afterward to command the Ptolemy II crew to fire a smoke screen that forced A-Laws to make a tactical retreat and 00 was taken back to the ship. After Setsuna was brought back to Ptolemy II, a search and rescue mission started after Alleljah and Arios had been reported missing.

Ian wasn't pleased with Setsuna after warning him many times about Trans-Am's instability issues. Due to the need for everyone's MS for battle, Saji was asked to help repair 00 Gundam. Setsuna asked Saji if it was a problem to repair a Gundam, but Saji didn't have a problem with it. Saji wanted to atone for his actions on Katharon and willingly helped repair 00 Gundam to protect them from Federation forces. As night became day, while repairing 00 Gundam, news of Allelujah's location brought a sense of relief to the crew and Setsuna smiled for the first time. Saji pointed out he smiled (as he could never smile), but Setsuna thought it was a natural reaction to know a comrade has safely returned.

Federation Banquet Investigation

While getting an update on their repaired Gundams and news of their completed support units from Ian, Wang Liu Mei called in. She sent news of a Federation banquet with prominent figures including an unknown important figure of A-Laws attending the dinner. Tieria jumped at the chance to go, due to a previous encounter, and Setsuna volunteered to provide backup. Sumeragi allowed them both to go, but they had to follow her instructions to infiltrate the banquet.

Under Sumeragi's instructions, both Tieria and Setsuna brought their Gundams along and hid them in a safe location before the investigation. Tieria showed up cross dressed as an upper class beauty, with a purple dress and accessories (breasts, makeup, woman's voice, etc) to complete the disguise. Setsuna dressed up as his chauffeur and escorted Tieria in a classic Rolls Royce-like car to enter the banquet. They successfully infiltrated the banquet with forged invitations and began their investigation. Setsuna remained outside the banquet on standby while Tieria mingled in the banquet.

Reunion with Louise

Chatting with Louise

During the banquet, Setsuna did some work on his tablet pad when Louise Halevy spotted him. Setsuna recognized her as Saji's girlfriend and the two had a chat. Louise asked about Saji and Setsuna gave her a half-truth about the situation. For obvious reasons Setsuna couldn't tell her Saji was a guest technician for Celestial Being, instead he said he had bumped into Saji in a space colony while at work (which technically did happen), but never mentioned how he was framed to be a Katharon member and the massacre. He noticed that Louise had unusual markings on her left arm and asked about it, but she only excused it off as a result of an accident. Setsuna remembered Saji mentioning about how Louise got hurt because of Celestial Being. While trying to tell Louise that Saji still thought about her, she suddenly suffered nausea and headaches. Billy Katagiri was walking nearby and also noticed Louise in trouble, he turned out to help, but when asking about her condition, Billy realized that he was talking to Setsuna. Billy shouted loudly that the chauffeur was a Celestial Being member. Setsuna had to flee from the scene, he then regrouped with Tieria. They discarded their disguises, and retreated to their Gundams.

Ali Al-Saachez Returns

While Setsuna and Tieria headed back to Ptolemy II, Setsuna apologized for getting his cover blown. Tieria commented Tieria didn't mind, as he explained that he already found out who were the main cause of distortion in the world. Just then, the red Gundam from Azadistan, GNW-20000 Arche Gundam appeared before them. Tieria quickly recognized it as an improved Throne piloted by no other than Ali Al-Saachez. Ali quickly launched his GN Fangs, attacking both 00 and Seravee. The fangs' mobility were vastly improved compared from Throne Zwei's, and Serave and 00 were unable to shoot them down. Some of the beams from the fangs managed to hit Seravee.

Ali Al-Saachez was badly injured after his battle with Lockon Stratos 4 years ago, and now wanted to seek revenge by taking out the rest of the Gundams. As Ali in Arche engaged the 00 Gundam in close combat, Tieria in Seravee provided cover fire for Setsuna in 00. Tieria attempted to hit Arche with a Twin Buster Cannon attack, but Ali managed to dodge it and destroy two of Seravee's GN Bazookas. Just then, Tieria, through Seravee, quickly grabbed Arche's arms to prevent the Arche from getting away. Tieria announced in the com that he would avenge Lockon's death, but Ali retorted that Lockon deserved his death for fighting recklessly despite being partially blind. Tieria was enraged by Ali's rebuttal and subsequently transformed Seravee's right knee GN Cannon into an arm to stab Arche with a beam saber. However, Ali managed to dodge Tieria's attack once again, and, in return, he also revealed Arche's beam saber on its feet, cutting down Seravee's knee arm.

Just after Ali Al-Saachez damaged the Seravee, Setsuna charged 00 Gundam in to attack the Arche Gundam. He called out for Tieria to attack the enemy Gundam from behind, and Tieria responded by drawing out Seravee's beam saber. However, Ali saw through their tactic and intercepted Seravee's beam saber with Arche's. He then launched the GN Fangs, damaging both Seravee and 00. As Ali was about to finished them both, Arios and Cherudim came in time to provide cover fire for Setsuna and Tieria. Ali quickly retreated, knowing clearly that the odds were against him. As Allelujah sent out Sumeragi's retreat orders, Tieria tried to continue chasing after Ali to exact his revenge for Lockon. He was later calmed down and the Gundams returned to the Ptolemy II.

Return to Lagrange 3

Ptolemy II and it's crew prepared to return to space. Sumeragi predicted that they would encounter an inescapable situation by A-Laws in a matter of 12 hours. There was also a need for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and picking up the new support units from Lagrange 3. Feldt Grace and Mileina prepared for atmospheric exit sequence as the Meisters talked in the briefing room

Back at the Ptolemy II, Lockon asked about Ali Al-Saachez, wanting an explanation about his brother's past since he overhead Tieria talk about Neil's nemesis. In the briefing room with the rest of the Gundam Meisters, Tieria finally explained to Lockon about Neil's revenge and his demise at the hands of Ali Al-Saachez. After hearing the story, Lockon couldn't help but chuckle about it. Tieria was a bit upset about the younger Lockon's reaction, but Lockon explained that, despite his respect for his older brother, he couldn't see the point of getting worked up on their family's tragedy. Setsuna then intervened and told Lockon that he was once part of the KPSA, the group responsible for the deaths of Lockon's parents and sister. Had he stopped his comrades back then, the tragedy wouldn't have happened and the older Lockon wouldn't have been a Gundam Meister. Lyle, however, argued that, due to circumstances, the events back then were inevitable and Setsuna wouldn't be able to stop it even if he wanted to. He continued that what had happened was in the past and what they were fighting for wasn't to change the past, but to make a better future.

With Lockon's response, Tieria quietly walked out of the briefing room. Outside, while thinking about the younger Lockon's words, Tieria wondered if following his sense of justice and his opposition against the Innovators would led to the real future.

Trans-Am Launch

Setsuna met up with Tieria at the observation room to discuss about the source of distortion he had mentioned earlier. Tieria was in deep thought and by the time he was about to answer, the crew was under attack by A-Laws (6 Trilobites, 3 MS sea carriers, and 2-3 squads of GN-Xs). Tieria and Setsuna boarded their Gundams to prepare for battle. As Ptolemy II headed towards the surface, Setsuna felt discontent, leaving behind the Middle East as it was and running away from A-Laws. Ptolemy II took advantage of the momentum caused by the initial torpedo attack and utilized Arios', Cherudim's, and Seravee's Trans-Am power to launch into space. Sumeragi anticipated the possibility of A-Laws intercepting them in space and had Setsuna sortie near the end of their atmospheric exit.

As Sumeragi anticipated, A-Laws had a GN-X squadron along with a battle cruiser to intercept them (commanded by Lt. Colonel Lee Zhejiang) during their atmospheric exit. Setsuna caught up with Ptolemy II and took out two GN-X III's and attacked the battle cruiser. Setsuna charged through the battle cruiser's beam blasts and fired two beam shots to the bridge, destroying the ship and forcing the remaining four GN-X III units to withdraw.

Innovator Encounter

En route to their secret asteroid base, Setsuna was performing maintenance 00 Gundam and started reflecting recent events. He thought about Ali Al-Saachez's return and Marina's losing of Azadistan, he felt that nothing had changed. Just then a tactical alert was announced, e-sensors picked a fast approaching unidentified MS heading for them. With the other Gundams in repairs, Setsuna launched in the 00.

As Setsuna drew closer, he identified the MS unit as a new A-Laws model. As he tried to shoot down the mobile suit, the unit was surprisingly capable of generating its own GN Field. The unit fired upon Setsuna until he got close enough for CQC (close quarter combat). The unit tried to slash Setsuna with its beam claws, but Setsuna blocked the attack with his sword. The unit merged the five beam claws into a single beam saber, cutting through 00 Gundam's sword. Ptolemy II and Lockon provided backup. The unit evaded all incoming fire and left as quickly as it came. Sumeragi surmised that this attack was a feint and a warning to them.

00 Raiser Trials

Ptolemy II reached Lagrange 3 and the crew was introduced to Linda Vashti (Ian's wife and Meleina's mom) and the new CB MS engineer Anew Returner. Their arrival was urgent as A-Laws was lurking about and Sumeragi wanted all necessities (repairs, maintenance, upgrades, transportation of equipment) completed asap. Ian and Linda showed Setsuna GNR-010 0 Raiser, Linda mentioned on how 0 Raiser can regulate 00's Twin Drive System and amplify its Trans-Am capabilities. Ian wanted immediate testing done and Setsuna obliged.

0 Raiser docked onto 00 Gundam, Ian had Setsuna activate Trans-Am to test its GN particle output. With the test benchmark being 00 Gundam's normal particle output, the numbers exceeded far beyond everyone's expectations. 00 Raiser was capable of exceeding 290% in particle output and broke theoretical expectations. Setsuna was impressed by 00 Raiser's performance, believing his Gundam had the power to change the world.

Destroy Memento Mori

Setsuna and the rest of the group had a meeting, sensors had detected an unusual heat signature on Earth's surface. When the crew gathered to see the anomaly, Sumeragi confirmed it had been caused by a satellite weapon, Memento Mori. Sumeragi made the decision to destroy the Federation's satellite weapon as soon as work on Ptolemy II was complete.

Innovators Revelation

As the crew was about to prepare for the destruction of Memento Mori, Tieria stopped everyone to reveal the existence of Innovator and their intentions. The crew finally learned of the shadow group of living bio-terminals that was responsible for creating Team Trinity, the three Gundam Thrones, and the 30 GN-X MS units with false GN Drives (that were given to the UN Forces). Tieria reasoned that he hadn't spoken about it earlier because he was conflicted as the Innovators had claimed to follow Aeolia Schenberg's plan. Setsuna confidently said that he would eliminate both A-Laws and the Innovators, and the crew concurred with his sentiment.

Preemptive A-Laws Strike

As the crew made the final preparations to Memento Mori, Saji told Setsuna he intended to stay on Ptolemy II to help the crew. Just then, L3 base was attacked by A-Laws. Setsuna and CB members throughout L3 scrambled for emergency action. Setsuna/00 sortied ahead of Ptolemy II to engage A-Laws MS units. As Setsuna headed out, he asked Ian if 0 Raiser was ready for use, but Ian needed more time to calibrate the systems. Sumeragi had Setsuna defend Ptolemy II against the first wave, but he was stalled when Patrick/GN-X III fired a plasma field. Setsuna/00 managed to shake off the electrical shock and destroyed the field emitters to resume combat.

As Setsuna continued fighting, Louise Halevy, piloting the GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron (Marie's old unit), Barack Zinin in a Ahead, and Andrei Smirnov in a GN-XIII attempted to isolate him, preventing his returning to the main group. They intended to triple-team against Setsuna, but 0 Raiser was launched. Setsuna at first thought it was Ian coming for him, but Setsuna was surprised to see Saji Crossroad inside 0 Raiser. Setsuna attempted to engage docking sequence with 0 Raiser, but had opposition as Andrei attempted to stop him. Setsuna elbowed Andrei flung a beam saber at Louise when she tried to chase after him. Setsuna held off the enemy GN-X's long enough to engaged the docking sensor and successfully docked with 0 Raiser to become GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser.

00 Raiser's Twin Drive System immediately went to maximum particle output and Setsuna engaged the three. Setsuna was pursued by Barack around an asteroid, but 00 Raiser was so fast that Setsuna went around the asteroid and destroyed Barack from behind. Andrei and Louise attempted to catch up with 00 Raiser, but 00 Raiser was too fast.

Setsuna and Saji attempted to regroup with Ptolemy II, but Bring in the Garazzo appeared to fight. Setsuna executed Trans-Am to quickly end the fight. As Trans-Am activated, an unexpected event happened, Setsuna and Saji were able to hear all the voices of everyone close to them, including Louise's (much to Saji's shock). Even though Setsuna didn't understand the quantum effect of the GN particles, he continued fighting. Bring engaged him in melee combat and they clashed swords. Setsuna managed to scratch Garazzo's right chest and evaded enemy fire. Setsuna appeared behind the asteroid and sprayed a hail of fire upon Garazzo's head, temporarily blinding Bring. Bring quickly got back visual sensors and resumed CQC with Setsuna. Setsuna avoided Garazzo's attacks and kicked him downwards, followed by a another hail of fire and forced Bring to emergency eject for safety.

Setsuna saw Lockon/Cherudim about to be attacked from a pincer attack and assisted him. Setsuna fired cutting beams from his GN Sword II (rifle mode) and saved Lockon. As Setsuna continued shooting down several enemy GN-X units, Setsuna heard Revive Revival's voice from a distance. Setsuna closed in behind the asteroid where Revive in the GNZ-003 Gadessa was about to fire its GN Mega Launcher. Setsuna attempted to cut the asteroid along with Revive, but he evaded the attack and attempted to incinerate Setsuna with his particle beam blast. Setsuna flew parallel to the beam and charged in for a strike. Revive attempted to counter with a beam saber attack and stabbed Setsuna, only to discover the object was a particle mirage. Setsuna reappeared and attacked from the side and sliced off Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher. Revive tried to attack Setsuna, but only managed to hit another particle mirage. Setsuna attacked Gadessa from behind and cut its left shoulder down, defeating Gadessa and forced Revive to emergency eject.

Setsuna had little time as Trans-Am was about to deactivate. Saji suddenly ejected 0 Raiser from 00, he wanted to be with Louise after finding out she was part of A-Laws; 0 Raiser had spent all of its GN particles and was immobilized. The A-Laws units were given orders to retreat and the battle was over. As everyone had a temporary sigh of relief from the battle, Setsuna watched Saji desperately trying to move 0 Raiser to get to Louise. Setsuna returned with Saji/0 Raiser to Ptolemy II for maintenance.

Fighting for Saji
Saji hit Setsuna

Setsuna punched to the floor

Setsuna found Saji depressed inside the container observation room. Saji told him that he had heard Louise's voice from a mobile suit. Setsuna wondered why would Louise join A-Laws and Saji angrily pointed out that it was for her obvious hatred for the Gundams. Saji blamed Celestial Being for causing Louise to become a soldier. Watching Saji distraught and asking how things could have happened the way they did made Setsuna wonder the same question with his guerrilla past and thought about fighting fate. Setsuna then told Saji he had to fight to recover Louise, but Saji was angry at the suggestion. To Saji, fighting to get Louise back would mean killing people. Setsuna explained that fighting didn't mean killing people, it could just be a means to recover Louise. Saji felt Setsuna was mincing words since fighting would always hurt other people and possibly Louise. Setsuna told Saji to fight for his own sake, but Saji was only enraged and punched Setsuna down to the floor. Saji told Setsuna that he wasn't like any of them and stormed out of the room.

Lockon overheard their conversation from outside and walked in to talk. Lockon told Setsuna's conversation with Saji was awkward as he could have simply suggested to Saji that he would do the fighting to get Louise back. Setsuna said that he wasn't going to be too optimistic, but Lockon pointed out his eagerness to help Saji. Lockon asked if this was atoning for his past and Setsuna reiterated Lockon's previous comment on Ali Al-Saachez, how they were fighting for a better future. Later, Ptolemy II activated Trans-Am to quickly reach to Memento Mori.

Destroy Memento Mori

As Ptolemy II headed to Memento Mori, the crew noticed the satellite laser cannon firing its third shot. The crew was surprised that the weapon could fire into space as well. Tieria wondered what was the Federation aiming at and Lockon told them the target was a Katharon space fleet. Setsuna thought this was the Federation's doing, but in retrospect, he believed it to be the work of Innovator. Once in range of the Katharon battle fleet, Setsuna sortied ahead in 00 Raiser to assist Katharon. Setsuna saved the commanding Katharon vessel and informed them that Celestial Being would destroy the satellite cannon. Setsuna then asked for tactical data pertaining Memento Mori and Katharon obliged. After confirming the data transfer, Setsuna instructed Katharon to move to the underside of the orbital ring to prevent the cannon from shooting them.

While the Ptolemy II and crew head towards Memento Mori, Setsuna remained with the Katharon battle fleet to eliminate enemy GN-X's. During the battle Hiling in a Gadessa noticed 00 Raiser and attempted to snipe Setsuna with its GN Mega Launcher. Setsuna evaded the particle beam and returned fire, grazing Gadessa's right foot. Setsuna didn't pursue Hiling, he engaged nearby enemy GN-X's instead. At his 8th kill, Sumeragi informed him that they would be starting their mission. As Setsuna reached his 9th kill, Hiling attempted to destroy 00 Raiser while Setsuna was still finishing off his enemy GN-X. Setsuna evaded the blast again and engaged Hiling in MS melee combat. As Setsuna and Hiling clashed swords, Memento Mori fired upon Ptolemy II. Hiling told Setsuna it was over, but the victory was short lived as Ptolemy II managed to survive the assault with Trans-Am.

Hiling let Setsuna handle some GN-X's as she tried to shoot down Ptolemy II. Setsuna quickly attacked Gadessa from the left flank and destroyed its GN Mega Launcher while reminding Hiling that he was her true opponent. 00 Raiser and Gadessa re-engaged MS melee combat. While fighting, destruction of Memento Mori was confirmed and Setsuna was called back to Ptolemy II. Setsuna headed towards Ptolemy II, but not without Gadessa trailing him and trying to destroy him. Hiling kept firing at Setsuna, but encountered a red beam blast from an unknown bogey (Nena Trinity's Riian). Setsuna' took advantage of the moment, chopped off Gadessa's right arm and retreated. As Setsuna headed back, he realized that whoever had helped him had a false GN-Drive.

The Search for Ptolemy

Setsuna had been given coordinates to rendezvous with Ptolemy II. When Setsuna arrived to the designated area, there were only wreckage remains of Ptolemy. Setsuna feared the worse, but the wreckage was inconsistent to the total destruction of the ship. Setsuna continued searching the area when Nena Trinity came. Setsuna wasn't sure of Nena's intentions and took an offensive position in case there was deception. Nena was talking in a flirtatious matter and told him that had Ptolemy descended to Earth. Nena offered to transmit combat data to him regarding Ptolemy, but Setsuna had no time for Nena and jetted away. Setsuna entered Earth in search of Ptolemy and its crew.

Meeting Ribbons Almark

Setsuna entered the middle eastern region of Earth, still unable to detect Ptolemy and his comrades. He descended upon the remains of the Richiela Kingdom, Memento Mori had destroyed the country and its inhabitants earlier. While reflecting on the decimation, beleiving it to be the work of Innovator, sensors picked up Ali Al-Saachez and the Arche Gundam passing by. Setsuna was angered by Ali's presence and gave chase. Setsuna tried to shoot Ali down, but he evaded his shots. Setsuna wanted to know where Ali was heading to, and sensors showed they were flying towards the remains of the former Republic of Krugis. As they reached their destination, Arche Gundam began descending and Ali exited out of his cockpit with a mocking smile.

Once they landed, Setsuna exited his cockpit and Ali greeted him in a friendly manner. Setsuna said that Ali was working for the Innovators, and Ali said that it was a mercenary's job to go where they're needed. Setsuna asked if he had a reason to fight, but Ali said he wouldn't understand Setsuna pulled out his weapon and was about to shoot Ali when he told him to wait as his sponsor wanted to meet him. A man then stepped from behind a citadel.

Setsuna had strong suspicions and asked the man if he was a Innovator. He answered yes and introduced himself as Ribbons Almark. Ribbons said it had been a long time and even referred to Setsuna as Soran Ibrahim. Setsuna was surprised he knew his real name. Ribbons continued,

"That's right, this is your first time meeting me. But that's not the case for me. I met you 11 years ago...yes, right here...In this quagmire of a battlefield, where you foolish humans fought each other. Within it, one boy desperately running for his life. I saw you. From the cockpit of a mobile suit"
Setsuna was surprised and was shocked at the implication that Ribbons was a former Gundam Meister to 0 Gundam. Ribbons explained that the intervention was a performance test of 0 Gundam. As it was kept a secret, Ribbons was supposed to destroy everyone on the battlefield that day. However, he spared Setsuna, given the way he stared at the Setsuna was shocked and asked if Ribbons wanted to be thanked, but Ribbons delivered another shock for Setsuna as he explained that he had tampered with Veda's files and made Setsuna a Gundam Meister. He then asked Setsuna to hand him the 00 Raiser as that was the suit he was supposed to pilot. Setsuna briefly thought about it and refused. He then pulled out his gun to shoot Ribbons, but Ali intervened by shooting Setsuna with a GN Particle coated bullet, hitting Setsuna under his right shoulder. Setsuna retreated back into 00 Raiser.
Hearing a Song

Setsuna was losing blood and he was in serious pain, but he had to fight Ali (in Arche Gundam). Setsuna tried to shoot down Ali, but Ali evaded and forced Setsuna to block his GN Buster Sword-chop with his injured right arm. Ali sarcastically asked about his shoulder as he made a few more strikes, forcing Setsuna to use his bad arm. Ali unleashed his GN Fangs against 00 Rasier but Setsuna managed to shoot two fangs down. Ali took an opportunity on his offensive guile and tried to slice Setsuna with his left beam saber foot, however Setsuna dodged the attack and countered by chopping off Arche Gundam's left leg. Setsuna continued firing at Ali, but he continued evading.

While fighting, Ali noticed an airplane flying nearby (a Katharon envoy with Klaus Grado and Shirin Bakhtiar) and attempted to use them as hostages. Ali flew up close to the airplane and drew his sword near the plane to gain an upper hand against Setsuna, but he didn't anticipate the quantum effect of 00 Raiser. Setsuna activated Trans-Am and quantized to flank Ali. Setsuna kicked Ali away from the plane and Ali unleashed his fangs again to distract Setsuna. Setsuna vaporized all of Arche Gundam's fangs in one large blast and charged after Ali. Ali tried to chop down Setsuna, but Trans-Am gave 00 Rasier incredible speed to dodge the attack and chop off Arche Gundam's right arm. Setsuna then stabbed Arche Gundam's right leg and went for a finishing blow. Setsuna was about to drive his GN Sword into Arche Gundam's torso, but he suddenly paused when he heard Marina Ismail's voice and her singing with the orphaned children. Arche Gundam was too damaged to continue fighting. Ali took advantage of Setsuna's pause and emergency ejected out of the exploding Arche Gundam and escaped to safety.

In Marina's Care
Setsuna wounded

Setsuna wounded

Setsuna found the Katharon base nearby and landed. Setsuna exited 00 Raiser and was greeted by Marina Ismail. Weakened from the bullet wound, loss of blood, and battle with Ali/Arche, Setsuna succumbed to his injury and collapsed to the floor. Katharon members gave Setsuna medical treatment. They removed his bullet, bandaged his arm, and left him resting in the children's playroom with Marina.

In the middle of a dream state, Setsuna found himself back in the Republic of Krugis on the night he killed his family. He saw his younger self, eager to kill his family to prove his worth to God. Setsuna ran to his house and stopped his younger self from shooting his family. Soran asked Setsuna what he was doing interrupting God's teachings. Setsuna told his younger self that there was no God and that what he was doing would only spread more violence. Setsuna shoved Soran to his parents and told them to keep him in the house and ran outside. Setsuna went to see if more armed children were going to kill their families and bumped into the fallen Lockon Stratos. Lockon told him that the only thing he could change about the past was how he felt about it, not anyones lives. Setsuna suddenly heard a gunshot from his house, only to realize the gun he had taken from his younger self earlier was gone. He realized that his younger self had murdered his parents again in cold blood. Lockon then told him,

Setsuna, you have to change. To make up for me, who didn't change.
Setsuna then woke up to hear the orphaned children singing.

Setsuna asked Marina about the song he had heard earlier and Marina explained it was a song of the children's wishes. Setsuna tried to get up, but he was still in a lot of pain. Marina told him that they removed the bullet but Katharon didn't have any cell regeneration equipment. Marina tried to help Setsuna, but he was eager to leave. Marina said that she had read his letter and was still searching for the path for people to understand each other. She wanted to get to know Setsuna better to understand him, so the children left them alone to be together.

Setsuna talked about his experiences and past as a kid with Marina. After hearing his experiences, Marina was shocked at Setsuna's past and thought that those experiences were the reason he hated war. While Setsuna was silent, Mrina then changed the subject and talked about her childhood. Marina described her early life as being a lover of music, but was forced to become the Princess of Azadistan due to her bloodline. Setsuna thought that Marina was better suited to be a musician than the leader of Azadistan. Marina wondered if she was being foolish, but then she told Setsuna that he was also being foolish by forcibly fighting. Just then, Ikeda walked in to inform Setsuna that Ptolemy II had received supplies from Katharon's European branch. After hearing news of his comrades, Setsuna decided to go intercept them.

Marina helped Setsuna to the MS hangar to board 00 Raiser. Marina asked if he was ok, and Setsuna said that the group was waiting for him. Before Setsuna headed off, he told Marina that he wanted to hear the children's song next time they met. Marina happily complied, but asked Setsuna to stay safe until then. Setsuna painfully boarded back into 00 Raiser. Still hurting from the bullet wound, Setsuna took an injection from his first aid box and flew off towards Europe.

Mr. Bushido's Rematch

On his way to the last known location of Ptolemy II, there was news of a coup d'etat within the ESF, involving the AEU orbital elevator in Africa. Setsuna believed there was a good chance of meeting his comrades there and altered his course. As he neared the elevator, Mr. Bushido, piloting the new GNX-U02X Masurao, appeared for a fight. Setsuna didn't want to be bothered by him, but Mr. Bushido shockingly activated his own version of Trans-Am and charged at Setsuna, forcing him to fight.

Setsuna defended against the initial high speed assault of Mr. Bushido, but his injury was affecting his ability to fight. Mr. Bushido took advantage of Setsuna's momentary pause and charged with his two GN Beam Katanas. Setsuna quickly activated his GN Field to block the attack. The GN Beam Katanas were still penetrating through the GN Field and Setsuna had to activate Trans-Am to engage in a high speed sword fight. As the two continued clashing swords, Sumeragi's voice came over the com. Lockon, Tieria, and Allelujah sortied and attacked to help Setsuna. Mr. Bushido made a tactical retreat as his GN Tau Particles were nearly spent.

Setsuna losing consciousness after his fight with Mr. Bushido/Masurao

Setsuna was succumbing to his injuries again. Even in his worn state, he asked if everyone was ok. Setsuna no longer had the strength to pilot 00 Raiser and it started to fall. Lockon and Allelujah quickly grabbed 00 Raiser to support him. As Setsuna was about to lose consciousness, Lockon's (Neil) words ran through his mind once more to change for his sake. Setsuna said to himself, "I understand Lockon....I will change right here. I'll force myself to change." Setsuna was taken back to Ptolemy for medical treatment.

Break Pillar Incident

Destroy Memento Mori No.2

Setsuna was receiving medical attention from Anew Returner in the medical bay when Feldt announced the existence of a second Memento Mori. The rest of the Meisters sortied with their Gundams to the battlefield to engage the Federation Army. Sumeragi wanted to launch Ptolemy into space to stop Memento Mori, but Ian said that was impossible in Ptolemy's state. Setsuna overheard the conversation as he walked into the MS hanger bay and suggested 00 Raiser. Sumeragi was against the idea in his condition, but Setsuna insisted to Sumeragi that the only way to stop the weapon was with 00 Raiser. As Setsuna put on his helmet to sortie, Ian told him that 0 Raiser needed a pilot and suggested getting Lasse, but Setsuna suggested Saji instead. Saji was surprised he had been asked and Setsuna told him that 60,000 civilians' were in danger and it was a mission to go save them. Despite the low probability of success, Setsuna wanted to try first. Saji agreed and launched 0 Raiser with 00. As soon as Setsuna and Saji launched into the atmosphere, Setsuna commenced docking sequence to become 00 Raiser and darted towards the second Memento Mori.

Moments later, 00 Raiser had reached in attack range of Memento Mori and Setsuna had Saji activate the Raiser System to charge up for the Raiser Sword. Unexpectedly, Devine Nova and his GNMA-Y0001 Empruss suddenly appeared for a fight. Devine fired at 00 Raiser, but Setsuna evaded the initial attack. Devine then circled around (while exchanging beam fire) and attacked from above. Devine deployed his Egner Whips to stun 00 Raiser while Empruss' particle beam cannon charged. As Devine tried to close in the distance for a close proximity finish, 00 Raiser just completed charging and Setsuna activated Trans-Am Raiser to bring forth Raiser Sword.

Raiser Sword pierced through the sky, right in Devine's path. Devine quickly reacted with a GN Field, but the Raiser Sword was too powerful and split Empruss in half. Setsuna then adjusted the sword to cut down Memento Mori. Even though Memento Mori was heavily damaged, it didn't prevent Memento Mori from making one last shot towards the AEU orbital elevator.

As 00 Raiser fell downward to Earth, Memento Mori made its shot at the orbital elevator. The blast from Memento Mori caused the outer wall components of the elevator to auto-purge. Setsuna flew back into battlefield to team up with his fellow Meisters (including Katharon, A-Laws, ESF-Army, and Coup ESF-Army faction) to destroy the falling debris. After several hours of shooting down the falling debris to protect the inhabitants nearby, Setsuna and the rest of the Meisters returned to Ptolemy and evaded enemy forces.

Post Break Pillar Seclusion

After the battle, Setsuna and the rest of the Ptolemy crew went underground for several months from Federation forces. With the Federation Army under direct control of A-Laws and without having recovered from previous battles, the Ptolemy crew evaded A-Laws' attention until they could be at full strength once again. Setsuna and the Ptolemy crew was attacked more than 20 times due to Anew's presence with the group. Revive Revival was able to use her as a Innovator homing beacon to locate them. The series of assaults slowed them down, but they were able to gradually resume normal operations. In between last 4 months, Setsuna was still recovering from his bullet wound, medical tests showed he had suffered GN T particle poisoning from his encounter with Ali. The false GN particles had caused cellular degeneration near the wound and it was spreading outwards in his body. Anew had been routinely checking on Setsuna's condition to monitor his malignant condition as he continued to pilot 00 Gundam.

Returning Operation

Four months had passed, Setsuna and rest of the Ptolemy group returned to normal battle strength and discovered the location of the second Memento Mori at the lower orbital ring. Setsuna had Saji join him in battle with 00 Raiser once again to destroy the satellite weapon. While Lockon and Tieria focused on A-Laws MS opposition, Allelujah/Soma in Archer Arios acted as combat support to 00 Raiser. Soma was too eager for a fight and detached from Arios to battle A-Laws, Setsuna told Allelujah to support Soma as he waited for the Raiser System to synchronize and charge. Soon as Saji notified him the Raiser System was ready, Trans-Am Riser was activated and 00 Raiser generated a mega GN Beam Saber that sliced through Memento Mori in the shape of an L. Memento Mori was finally destroyed and everyone returned to Ptolemy II for maintenance and to reconnoiter their situation.

Setsuna went back to the infirmary to have his wound checked by Anew. Tieria and Sumeragi were present to check on his condition. Results showed that his degenerative condition was spreading (due to the GN T poisoning), but not as malignant as Lasse's condition. Anew believed that something was slowing down the malignancy in his right arm, but she was not sure of the cause. As the three talked and thought out loud, Setsuna's mind thought about Ali and Innovators. Setsuna thought that the enemy didn't have information on the Twin Drive System and that 00 Raiser was their trump card.

Taking Back Veda

After much effort to battle A-Laws, Celestial Being was still nowhere close in winning their fight against the corrupted Federation force. A-Laws had become a bigger threat as they assimilated the Federation Army and manipulated the media to keep the public ignorantly at peace. Tieria, Sumeragi, Setsuna and the rest of the bridge crew discussed over their complications in defeating such a formidable force. Tieria suggested to Sumeragi that it was time to consider re-taking Veda. Sumeragi also believed that taking back Veda would help turn the tide in their campaign, but nobody knew where Veda was. Setsuna suggested to find someone who knew the whereabouts of Veda. In other words, asking an Innovator for Veda's whereabouts. Shortly after their conversation, A-Laws found them again and Setsuna suited up to sortie.

Seeing Louise Together
Fighting for Louise

Encouraging Saji to fight

Setsuna was heading to the MS hanger when Saji appeared along the way and talked about how despite encountering Louise and reorganizing their fighting strength for four months, Setsuna would still fight. Setsuna said yes, and Saji asked if he would shoot Louise. Setsuna replied,

"That's up to you. Destruction isn't the only thing that battles bring. The can also create something. I believe that. I believe that our Gundams are capable of doing that. The rest is up to you."
Saji said that he couldn't shoot anyone and that all he could do was cry for Louise. Setsuna said that he understood how Saji felt. Saji was about to tell Setsuna something when he told Saji that they were going to go see Louise. Saji heartily agreed and both of them sortied for battle. Both pilots launched, immediately commenced docking sequence for 00 Raiser, and darted towards the battlefield. As 00 Raiser took the lead, Setsuna thought of his Gundam's power to make a difference.
Innovator Capture Operation

Sumeragi gave a quick debriefing over their impending battle, warning them of their numbers and reinforcements before they broke off to engage individual targets. Setsuna and Saji shortly encountered enemy beam fire. Setsuna evaded enemy shots and destroyed several GNX IIIs and Aheads. While Setsuna was busy engaging units, he told Saji to find Louise's unit. Revive attempted to vaporize 00 Raiser with Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher, but Setsuna evaded and had Tieria take care of Revive as he continued fighting and searching for Louise's Ahead Smultron. While searching, Hiling/Garazzo appeared for close quarter MS combat. Hiling attempted to cut down 00 Raiser with Garazzo's GN Beam Claws, but 00 Raiser blocked. While engaging Hiling, Setsuna noticed two Aheads uncovering their camouflage to attack Ptolemy. Setsuna executed Trans-Am Riser to evade and flank Hiling. Setsuna generated two large GN Beam Sabers to literally disarm Garazzo's MS arms and flew towards Louise. Sumeragi gave Lasse the order to fire on Louise and Andrei with GN Missiles when Setsuna flew by and telepathically told the Ptolemy crew to stop firing. Trans-Am Riser was generating 7x the amount of GN particles and creating a telepathic link to those close to him. Sumeragi and the rest of the Ptolemy heard his feelings, "Not a weapon...nor a destroyer...Gundam and I will change!" 00 Raiser dashed towards Smultron, and Andrei futilely attempted to defend Louise. Andrei was knocked off to the side. Setsuna grabbed Smultron and flew away from the enemy combatants to give Saji the necessary time to talk to Louise. While 00 Raiser held down Louise, Saji attempted to convince her to abandon her ways and return to him, but Andrei intervened in the midst of Louise's fragile mental breakdown before recovering Louise. Trans Am Raiser was at its limit and Setsuna had to pull out from the battle.

When 00 Raiser pulled out, Soma appeared to fight Andrei to avenge Sergei Smirnov, who had been killed by Andrei during Break Pillar. Saji was observing the battle and couldn't keep quiet anymore and shouted over the com for Soma to stop. Setsuna and the rest of the crew heard Saji plead for them to all stop fighting, as it would only make everyone less happy and increase the violence and bloodshed. By then the battle was over and Tieria successfully captured Revive Revival to ask him for the location of Veda. While back on board Ptolemy, Setsuna went to check on Saji. Saji was still feeling down from the battle and Setsuna was about to leave the room to give Saji some alone time when he surprised him by declaring that he would fight his own battle to get Louise back. Shortly afterward, Setsuna, Sumeragi, and the rest of the Gundam Meisters were present to interrogate their captured Innovator about Veda. Unknown to them, while Revive Revival introduced himself and talked to Sumeragi, he influenced Anew with his quantum brainwaves in an attempt to free himself, escape with Anew, and take 00 Raiser to Ribbons.

Innovator Deception

After being defeated by Tieria, Revive Revival was brought in the briefing room inside the Ptolemy II for interrogation in front of Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters. Sumeragi directly went to the main purpose of the matter and asked Revive about Veda's location. Unfortunately, Revive expressed no knowledge about it, much to the Gundam Meisters' surprise. With the Ptolemy Crew wanting to get Veda, Revive also added that Veda was meant only for the Innovators to use. Sumeragi then asked him about the Innovators' true intentions for Veda in Aeolia's Plan. Revive briefly answered that it was for the dialogues that were to come. Allelujah found Revive's statement to be vague, for which Revive retorted it was typical for humans not to understand the nature of their plans. Lockon then intervened that Revive was in no position to act like all-knowing since he was captured by Celestial Being. In response to Lockon's comment, Revive responded, "What if I let it happen?"

Not long after, Feldt suddenly called to the briefing room to inform them that Anew shot Lasse, took Mileina hostage, and declared herself as an Innovator. Revive stood up to his feet to leave. Setsuna tried to stop him, but Revive told him he couldn't guarantee Mileina's safety if he ever gets harmed. He implied that, since they were of the same base sequence, Anew and him were connected through quantum brainwaves and can communicate even at distances. After they watched Revive leave, Ptolemy II's internal systems suddenly shut down, leaving Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters left trapped inside. Soon as the group left the meeting room, Setsuna suggested that they split into two groups to search for Mileina. Sumeragi was asked by Allelujah to go to the bridge and join Feldt to look after the current situation and the others had no choice but to let Revive go, seconds later, the Ptolemy's internal systems had been shutdown due to a computer virus.

Soon as the group left the meeting room, Setsuna suggested to split into two groups to search for Mileina. Lockon wondered about Anew's location as Setsuna led the way. Setsuna came just in time to stop a vendetta standoff between Anew and Soma Peries. Lockon immediately made a plea for Anew to stop and he surprisingly accepted her offer to come with her, even offering to take Cherudim. Setsuna took the cue to shoot Lockon and Anew’s genuine concern for him gives an opportunity for Lockonto grab Mileina to safety. Setsuna had a clear shot of Anew, but she ran for it before he could shoot. After making sure Lockon was ok, both Meisters headed to the MS hangar.

Revive had stolen 0 Raiser and Anew took a shuttle to escape and regroup with Innovators. Setsuna and Lockon had difficulty in launching as Ptolemy's systems were still down. While manually releasing Ptolemy's catapult hatch to sortie, Setsuna told Lockon that recovering 0 Raiser was a priority. Lockon acknowledged and grabbed Setsuna in the back to Trans-Am towards the escaping 0 Raiser. Not long after, Setsuna and Lockon caught up with Revive on both sides. Setsuna aimed his gun at Revive and said, That's far enough!" Revive asked if he actually intended to shoot 0 Raiser. Setsuna replied that they had a good tactical forecaster. Unknown to Revive, Red Haro was hiding behind the cockpit of 0 Raiser and distracted him long enough to engage the docking sequence for 00 Raiser.

Revive couldn't regain control of 0 Raiser's systems in 00 Raiser form. Setsuna told Revive that the Innovators were far from perfect Revive gave up on 0 Raiser, but left CB with a "present" in the form of machine gunning 0 Raiser's control systems. Setsuna realized that the Raiser System had been too damaged for him to properly operate the Gundam. It was up to Lockon to stop the Innovators as Anew picked up Revive with the stolen shuttle, but his personal feelings got in the way to shoot them down. Setsuna could only watch Lockon frustrated over his feelings while the Innovators escaped.

Later back on board Ptolemy, Setsuna found Lockon frustrated over the situation with Anew. Setsuna commented on how Anew would most likely appear on the battlefield and how the Innovators wouldn't let the opportunity pass. Lockon acknowledged that Anew was part of the enemy, and wanted to say that he would fire, but Setsuna interjected to say that he would shoot Anew and wouldn't care if Lockon hated him for it. Lockon told him to stop being a show off, but Setsuna retorted that Lockon didn’t have a reason to fight Anew. Despite Lockon’s attempt to be tough, Setsuna said again that he had no reason to fight her. Lockon was frustrated over Setsuna's words, but he had no answer to justify or prove himself.

Shooting Anew
Eventually, the inevitable happened as the Innovators returned to finish of the Ptolemy II crew. Along with Revive and Hiling, Ribbons had also dispatched Anew in her GNZ-007 Gaddess and Louise in the mobile armor GNMA-0001V Regnant. With 0 Raiser still under emergency repair, the remaining three Meisters and Soma had to face them without 00 Raiser. Setsuna could only watch with impatience in 00 Raiser as his teammates struggled in the battlefield. As Ian just finished repairs on 00 Raiser, Setsuna knew Hiling and Revive had broken through their defensive line and the Meisters were in trouble with Louise's Regnant. Setsuna detected Hiling and Revive coming after him. Setsuna fired two beams under the hatch of Ptolemy and the surprise attack caught Hiling and Revive off guard to be instantly defeated and fled to safety in their escape pods. Setsuna then freed his comrades from Regnant's tasers and evaded all of Regnant's curving particle beam firing. Setsuna then threw one of his GN Sword II into Regnant's GN Field, as the sword penetrated through the field, he fired his other gun to push the sword through to immobilize Regnant. Setsuna then executed Trans-Am to save Lockon. Ribbons had just taken over Anew's body to finish off Lockon. Setsuna quickly darted towards them and finished off Anew's Gadessa with a single rifle beam shot. Lockon could only watch in horror as the woman he loved was killed by Setsuna.
Gundam 00 Second Season - 20 - Large 37

Setsuna being hit by Lockon for killing Anew

Back on board Ptolemy, Lockon confronted Setsuna and repeatedly punched him in the face. Setsuna didn't bother to retaliate and let Lockon beat him. Despite Tieria telling Lockon to stop, he distraughtly said that Anew was almost back to their side as a human, not a Innovator. Lockon kept hitting Setsuna until he broke down on Setsuna's chest. As Setsuna stood there bloodied and Lockon still broken down, he heard Marina's song in his head.

Rendezvous at Lagrange 5

After the altercation with Lockon, a slightly bruised Setsuna was with Saji in the MS control room. Saji asked if there was any other way. Setsuna vaguely answered that when he shot Anew, she wasn't herself. Saji asked how he was so sure, and Setsuna said that if he hadn't finished off Anew, Lockon would be dead. Saji reacted in disbelief, and Setsuna said that something had taken hold of Louise. Saji pointed out that Setsuna had been acting strangely lately as was about to ask if anything was up. Just then, Feldt announced an internal systems check and the lights dropped. Saji reacted in shock as Setsuna's eyes were glowing yellow.

After the systems check, the ship received a mysterious message to rendezvous at Lagrange 5. The crew was suspicious of the message, but Setsuna insisted to head towards there to meet the unknown messenger. With Ian's support to go to L5 for maintenance and upgrades, Sumeragi relented to head to L5. Due to A-Laws still in pursuit of them, Sumeragi suggested Setsuna to sortie ahead to meet their mysterious messenger while the Ptolemy distracted their pursuers with a longer alternative route. Setsuna agreed and Saji also joined in since it was just a "rescue mission". While Saji went to prepare, Setsuna awkwardly bumped into Lockonin the corridor.

Setsuna wanted to say something, but had no words. Lockon started to apoligize about the altercation and said that he wasn't fit to be a Meister. Setsuna wanted to explain himself, but Lockon said that he would fight and Setsuna understood and he continued his way to 00 Gundam. While several feet away from Lyle, Setsuna sensed Lockon's intention to shoot him. Rather than reacting to the situation, he tensely continued on knowing he might get shot in the back. Ultimately, Lockon put his gun away and Setsuna continued towards 00 Gundam. Shortly after, Setsuna 00 Gundam and Saji 0 Raiser sortied to form 00 Raiser and headed towards L5 to rendezvous with their messenger at the abandoned space colony Eclipse. As Setsuna 00 Raiser flew towards L5, he thought back on Saji's words about his unusual behavior and Neil's words about him changing. Setsuna believed that he would change no matter what.

Meeting at Eclipse
Setsuna meeting Wang

Receiving Veda's coordinates

Some days later, Setsuna and Saji reached Eclipse. Setsuna couldn't enter the colony with 00 Raiser and left Saji at the helm as he ventured inside Eclipse to find meet their mysterious messenger. Setsuna was still cautious as he entered the colony unsure if it was a trap, he found an injured Wang Liu Mei waiting for him. Liu Mei gave Setsuna the note that contained the coordinates to Veda's core terminal. Setsuna intended to take Liu Mei with him, but even in her condition, Liu Mei declined Setsuna's assistance and told him to immediately find Veda. As Setsuna exited Eclipse, Saji called to his attention to find the GNX-Y901TW Susanowo, the MS unit from Africa, holding a blade to 00 Raiser, as well as a unmasked Mr. Bushido, revealing himself to be none other than Graham Aker, the same man he saw in Azadistan and had fought in space against during Operation Fallen Angels.

Graham's Request

Graham said that it had been four years since they had last fought and requsted that Setsuna acquiesce to his demands or lose 00 Raiser. Setsuna asked what he wanted, and Graham wanted a earnest duel. Setsuna was surprised by his request and wondered if he wanted to settle the score that badly. Graham answered,

"Of course! You polluted my skies and stole away my brethren and my honored teacher! The ones who crushed my pride as a Flag Fighter were none other than you and (your) Gundam! Even so, it has already passed love and transcended hatred...It has become destiny!"
Setsuna wondered about destiny, and Graham thought Setsuna was insulting him and reminded him that the Gundams performed the armed interventions. Setsuna reflected that Graham was still distorted by CB and finally accepted Graham's challenge. Graham told Setsuna to go all out as Setsuna quickly boarded 00 Raiser and prepared for combat.

Setsuna and Graham charged at each other and locked swords. Their fight was evenly matched and the two pulled away, Setsuna noticed Louise's Regnant nearby in combat with Nena Trinity's Throne Drei. Setsuna wanted Louise to stop as he sensed her desire for vengeance, but was distracted by the duel. Graham charged in and reminded Setsuna to go all out. As 00 Raiser and Susanowo locked swords again, Setsuna saw Louise crush Throne Drei. Setsuna and Graham were still evenly matched in melee combat and both began a beam fire shoot out on the surface of Eclipse. Graham fired Susanowo's Tri-Punisher, but Setsuna blocked and flew to higher ground. Both combatants resumed two-sworded melee combat. As they fought, Graham commented that he had lived on to duel Setsuna, even becoming a puppet of the Innovators and that his honor was all that was left. Graham charged again and clashed blades with Setsuna. Both of them broke away and realized they were still at a stalemate and both engaged their respective Trans-Am Systems.


From a distance, the two appeared as two burning lights of teal and golden-orange wisps clashing at each other in a spiral manner. Setsuna and Graham/ repeatedly charged each other, clashed with their swords, broke off and repeated their attack upwards four times. In between their combat, the concentration of GN particles created the quantum effect and sent both pilot's minds to the quantum ethereal plane. Even though they were still physically in combat, the two were able to communicate on a telepathic level.

Graham wondered if he had reached Nirvana, Setsuna replied that it was the place where the quanta came together. Graham asked what he was talking aobut, and Setsuna, with his eyes glowing, indirectly replied,

I feel like I understand. Why Aeolia Schenberg created the Gundams. No, why he created the GN Drives. The armed interventions were a preparation for this. Aeolia's goal was to guide mankind through innovation. Yes...I...will transform!
Graham wondered if Setsuna had reached his own peak, but then reminded Setsuna that he had once called him distorted despite Setsuna being able to do nothing but fight. Both Setsuna and Graham returned to reality and continued their duel.

Graham continued to declare that he wanted to reach the ultimate victory. Setsuna wondered if that was the sole thing Graham sought, and Graham asked him if there was anything else but that. Setsuna then formed the GN Sword Staffto finish the fight, saying that there was also the future to live for. Setsuna then struck his weapon upwards and Graham deflected the attack and disarmed 00 Raiser. Graham got up close to 00 Raiser, poised for the final victorious blow. As Graham was about to take his winning move, he apologized to Setsuna for killing him. Graham made a vertical downward chop against 00 Raiser and Setsuna countered by clapping onto Susanowo's Souten and broke his blade. Setsuna then said that it was his battle and pulled out both his beam sabers and stabbed through both the shoulders of Susanowo. Susanowo overloaded and Graham could no longer engage in MS combat. Graham ejected from Susanowo and Setsuna pointed his left beam saber blade at Graham, unofficially winning the duel. Graham cried out for Setsuna to finish him off, but Setsuna turned off Trans-Am and the beam saber. Graham asked why Setsuna didn't kill him, and Setsuna declared that he would live for the future and encouraged Graham to do the same. Setsuna then departed Eclipse and left Graham stranded.

As Setsuna and Saji departed, Setsuna asked about Louise's Regnant, and Saji said that there wasn't a signal and that she probably withdrew. Saji then thanked Setsuna just to be nice. Setsuna and Saji later returned to Ptolemy II and reported his findings at Eclipse.

Debriefing & Reaching The Future

Setsuna had a group meeting over his findings. He gave the encrypted message to Feldt to have the coordinates decrypted. As they waited for the decryption, he reported to the crew he received the information from Wang Liu Mei. Shortly, Feldt decrypted the coordinates and revealed Veda’s location, the dark side of the moon (Lagrange 2). When nothing was detected upon sensors, Sumeragi suspected there was more behind the blank image and had Mileina superimpose their star charts over the current coordinates. The results showed a large area of space that was blank where there was supposed to be stars. After calculating the discrepancy, Feldt revealed the measurement to be fifteen kilometers in diameter. It was suspected amongst the crew that something very large was cloaked and hidden near the moon.

In between their meeting, Ptolemy was expected to rendezvous with their lab transport ship for overall maintenance/upgrades to their Gundams and re-supply for the ship. The ship arrived in between their meeting and 00 received the GN Sword III as part of its overall maintenance/upgrades.

As their meeting continued, sensors revealed that A-Laws had begun amassing upon their intended destination. This only further solidified their beliefs that Veda was indeed hidden at the moon. The problem was now dealing with A-Laws and Innovators to recover Veda. Each and every one of the pilots spoke their feelings and sense of commitment for their upcoming mission. Setsuna told the crew that they had to change, otherwise they wouldn't reach the future. With everyone united to recover Veda, Sumeragi announced the crew would soon battle as maintenance and resupply was complete. There was still concern over their ability to succeed as they were short of a pilot, but Lasse just returned for duty. With the crew now ready, Setsuna and the Ptolemy crew headed towards Lagrange 2.

Battle Towards Lagrange 2
Receiving flower form Feldt

Receiving flower from Feldt

Sometime later, the crew reached in range of their destination and the Meisters prepared to sortie. As Setsuna headed to the MS container bay, Feldt appeared. Feldt presented Setsuna a desert flower that Linda had grown in the lab. Setsuna did not show any excitement over the gift, but thanked Feldt for the sentiment. Feldt wondered if Marina would get mad at her, but Setsuna said that their relationship wasn't like that. Feldt asked Setsuna not to die, and Setsuna acknowledged and prepared to launch. Setsuna and Saji then launched to form 00 Raiser for battle.

Setsuna soon engaged A-Laws units using the new GN Sword III. As they fought on, Setsuna noticed 3 A-Laws battle-cruisers heading towards Ptolemy II. The Ptolemy bridge crew realized it was a ram attack upon their ship and Sumeragi had Setsuna execute Raiser Sword to destroy the incoming ships. Setsuna quickly activated the Trans-Am Raiser to execute Raiser Sword. Setsuna then made a vertical beam saber chop that took out a GNX Ahead and the 3 A-Laws battle-cruisers. When the ships were destroyed, everyone realized the battle-cruisers were a setup. A-Laws had filled those ships with particle disruptors that would cover a large area of the battlefield. A second wave of A-Laws soon attacked.

A-Laws then attacked the Gundams and Ptolemy with their GN Missiles. With the particle disputer cloud in the way, Celestial Being was unable to retaliate with beam fire. Everyone was forced to engage melee combat and use only GN Missiles or melee weapons to effectively combat A-Laws. The battle was bleak as A-Laws was overwhelming Celestial Being with their constant barrage of GN Missiles. Just as the situation looked bleak, Katharon suddenly appeared to assist. Because Katharon’s weapons were not powered by GN particles, they were able to use their linear rail guns to fire upon A-Laws. Setsuna was able to fight back as the rest of A-Laws became confused and distracted with new enemy targets. Because A-Laws lost focus on Celestial Being, Setsuna was able to fly out of the anti-particle field and attack the A-Laws fleet command cruiser. Setsuna activated Trans-Am to fire a powerful beam blast that destroyed A-Laws' flagship.

However, the battle was not over, A-Laws was still a formidable force and Setsuna continued to engage Aheads and assisted the ESF Coup d'état Faction that had also joined battle. While engaging enemy mobile suits, Saji warned Setsuna they were being targeted by a A-Laws battlecruiser. The ship fired its particle cannon at 00 Raiser, but Setsuna evaded all shots and destroyed the ship with a single shot. As Setsuna continued to battle, he noticed Innovators had yet to appear in the battlefield and he continued to fight across the combat zone. Suddenly, Setsuna sensed danger and told everyone to take evasive action. A large and powerful particle beam just fired from the moon. The particle beam fired in the middle of the combat zone, unbiasedly taking out various MS units and ships from all sides.

In the middle of confusion, a giant asteroid ship decloaked before everyone, the Celestial Being. Sensors revealed that Veda was held within "Celestial Being". Sumeragi announced to allied forces of their intention of retrieving Veda and taking down the asteroid ship Celestial Being. Celestial Being charged forward to their final battle.

Last Mission

Ptolemy 2 and Meisters cruised towards Celestial Being. As they were about to confront their greatest challenge, Sumeragi told everyone that they would atone for their past deeds and break the world free from the grip of the Innovators. Setsuna and the rest of Meisters received instructions from Sumeragi to destroy the gun turrets to ensure their invasion route. The Meisters acknowledged their command(s) and began firing upon Celestial Being. The Meisters made progress in destroying the right side turrets of Celestial Being. As Celestial Being cleared half the way to Celestial Being, an unknown MS force sortied out of colony ship, Gaga Forces. Over 500 GNZ-004 Gaga units quickly engaged their Trans-Am and began their kamikaze attack. The Meisters immediately went on the defensive to protect Ptolemy.

Setsuna and the Meisters continued to shoot down as many Gaga units as possible, but were still overwhelmed by their numbers. Ptolemy was almost lost if it weren't for the lab transport crew sacrificing themselves, using the ship to shield against the assault. Combat relief came when the ESF Coup d'état Faction and Katharon provided cover fire to allow the Meisters and Ptolmey to charge through Celestial Being. Soon as Ptolemy made it into Celestial Being's ship dock, each of the Meisters split up to invade the mothership. As Setsuna continued to engage Gaga Forces, Louise and Andrei appeared to fight.

Both Andrei and Louise fired, but Setsuna evaded and returned fire. Setsuna blew out Andrei's right MS leg and Louise dispatched her GN Fangs to attack. Setsuna swiftly destroyed all her fangs and intercepted Louise. As Louise/Regnant charged in to attack 00 Raiser, 00 Raiser grabbed Regnant and Saji attempted to convince Louise to stop fighting for the sake of the future. Louise was still angry, she switched Regnant to MS mode and fired a barrage of GN Missiles on Setsuna and Saji. Setsuna evaded by flying upwards, but Andrei fired several beam shots from above. Setsuna also evaded the particle beams and destroyed Andrei's GN Shield, disabling Andrei's Ahead from further combat. Louise quickly fired her tasers and gave Setsuna and Saji a powerful electrical shock. Louise followed up by firing her particle cannon on 00 Raiser, but Setsuna deployed the GN Field to shield against the particle beam. Louise then grabbed 00 Raiser and said that they wouldn't be running anymore. Despite Saji's attempts to negotiate with Louise, she bear hugged 00 Raiser tightly for the Gaga units to kamikaze into them. Louise was willing to do a double suicide to take out the 00 Raiser. In desperation, Saji took control of 00 Raiser to fire a few missiles to stop the incoming attack, but one Gaga unit still impacted upon them. Setsuna and Saji survived the fight. Saji was knocked out in between and Setsuna recovered Louise from the damaged Regnant. Setsuna then woke up Saji and had him take Louise on board Celestial Being as Hiling and Revive arrived to fight.

Setsuna engaged Hiling's Garazzo and Revive's Gadessa. Both of the Innovators were switching between melee and heavy fire in attempts to defeat Setsuna. Setsuna evaded and returned fire, inflicting minor damage to his opponents. Hiling and Revive then activated Trans-Am for a decisive victory. 00 Raiser suffered minor hits from Garazzo's vulcan beam fire. Revive's Gadessa kicked Setsuna's 00 Raiser in the chest and fired the GN Mega Launcher, but Setsuna activated Trans-Am to evade. With Raiser System in effect, Setsuna was able to sense the impending demise of all his friends: Sumeragi trying to understand Billy, Lockon being outclassed by Ali Al-Saachez, Alleuljah trying to defend Soma from the Gaga Forces, Lasse coughing up blood and abandoning 0 Gundam, and Feldt, Mileina, Ian, and Linda fighting on board Ptolemy II. Hiling charged in and pushed Setsuna onto the asteroid surface of Celestial Being. As Setsuna tried to push back, Setsuna reflected at everyone's lives were fading. With only his will, Setsuna declared that he wouldn't let them die. Suddenly, 00 Raiser's biometric sensors detected Setsuna's Innovator abilities and activated the hidden Trans-Am Burst System. 00 Raiser's GN Drives, while still in Trans-Am, commenced hyper-accelerated GN particle generation. The powerful burst of pure GN particles repelled both Hiling and Revive and jammed their quantum brainwaves. In a tactical disadvantage, Hiling and Revive retreated as the battlefield was covered with pure GN Particles. Setsuna's mind reflected on Lockon's words about change and Setsuna thought out loud, "Yes, in order to create the future...We will change!!" The quantum effect of the GN particles helped each of Setsuna's comrades survive their individual ordeals to succeed in their mission for Veda.

Setsuna's eyes during Trans-Am Burst

Learning Aeolia's Plan

After forcing Hiling and Revive to retreat, Setsuna later infiltrated Celestial Being to recover Veda. Setsuna left 00 Raiser behind in one of the docking bays to find Veda. With Trans-Am Burst deactivated, the GN particle cloud dispersed into space. Setsuna entered the terminal room, looking out for possible enemies, only to find Tieria's body dangling in zero gravity. To Setsuna's shock, he found Tieria had died from multiple gunshot wounds. Setsuna sadly said that he would avenge Tieria, but Tieria's told him that it would be pointless.

Setsuna asked where he was, Tieria answered that he had become one with Veda. Setsuna looked upwards at Veda and Tieria continued,

"I think I'm glad I was an, an Innovade. Because I was able to save you all with my abilities. By linking with Veda, I was able to learn everything. Now I'll tel you everything about Aeolia's plan...Our armed interventions, even though they were full of contradictions, were meant to urge the world into uniting. Even if we were destroyed, we were to unify mankind's will. That was to prevent mankind from exploring deep space with conflict still in their hearts. If mankind does not change, it will not be able to weave a future for itself. To be prepared for the dialogues we will eventually have with others. For that, we require understanding."

Setsuna learns about Aeolia's plan from Tieria

After learning the truth behind Aeolia's true intentions, Setsuna left Celestial Being to regroup with Ptolemy. Setsuna left Celestial Being and flew towards Ptolemy. As he was flying, he thought about Tieria's explanation about Aeolia's plan and the need for mutual understanding for the dialogues. As he flew toward the rear of Celestial Being, he saw GN-009 Seraphim Gundam still using Trial System to paralyze Gaga Forces and Revive and Hiling. Just then, Seraphim was shot down by beam fire. Setsuna looked around and found Ribbons Almark in his custom made Gundam, CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Reborns Cannon.

Fight for the Future

Ribbons appeared behind Celestial Being and told Setsuna that he wanted to be praised since he essentially gave Setsuna the power he had. Setsuna said that Ribbons acted as his shepherd, but now faced him pretending to be God, but Ribbons said that he was God. Setsuna asked if Ribbons wanted to rule the world that badly, and Ribbons justified himself by saying that if he didn't humanity would continue its ways and that he would be their shepherd. Setsuna asked if he had any intention of understanding humans at all, and Ribbons said that humans put themselves in their present position and that if he defeated a true Innovator like Setsuna then his world would be realized. Setsuna told Ribbons that he would destroy his dream, and Ribbons complimented Setsuna on his determination. Both Setsuna and Ribbons then charged at each other.

Ribbons' Reborns Cannon fired several volleys of particle beams from the chest GN Cannons and then a powerful particle beam blast from his GN Rifle; Setsuna evaded the initial assault. Setsuna wanted to retaliate, but the Raiser System was still charging and forced him to go on the defensive. Ribbons fired the left Egner Whip, but Setsuna evaded it. Ribbons then continued to fire and Setsuna keept evading. Setsuna charged through Ribbons' barrage for melee combat, but Ribbons countered by striking back with his own beam saber, deflecting 00 Raiser's attack and slamming them onto the asteroid surface of Celestial Being. To Setsuna's surprise, Reborns Cannon transformed into Reborns Gundam, revealing its Twin Drive System.

Ribbons told Setsuna that it was problematic if he thought 00 Raiser was the only one with a Twin Drive and that the Reborns Gundam would guide humanity. Setsuna and Ribbons locked blades, but Setsuna had difficulty pushing back due to Reborns' immense pyschical strength. They broke off and Reborns Gundam switched back to Reborns Cannon to fire a volley of particle beams. Setsuna attempted to evade, but lost 00 Raiser's right MS leg since the recoil from the last broke off. Ribbons gave chase as Setsuna continued to evade the assault. Setsuna attempted to charge up to Ribbons to strike, but he got his right MS binder tip partially cut off. As Setsuna continued evading Ribbons' fire, he noticed another incoming beam attack (Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher) and barely avoided it and losing . Hiling and Revive had come to support Ribbons.

As Ribbons continued firing upon Setsuna, Hiling and Revive attacked with the same offensive guile tactic earlier. Setsuna started having trouble keeping track of incoming enemy attacks from his three opponents. Hiling distracted Setsuna long enough to give Revive an opening to fire his GN Mega Launcher. Setsuna couldn't evade the incoming beam attack, but he was saved just in time by Cherudim's shield bits. The shield bits blocked the incoming beam long enough for Setsuna to evade. Lockon and Allelujah/Hallelujah in Arios arrived to assist. Allelujah and Hallelujah took on Hiling while Lockon/Cherudim dueled Revive. With the battle now fought on equal terms, Setsuna resumed his fight with Ribbons.

Setsuna clashed swords with Ribbons/Reborns Gundam. While fighting, Ribbons just witnessed the destruction of Hiling's Garazzo. To prevent Allelujah and Hallelujah from becoming a threat to him, Ribbons dispatched four of his Small GN Fin Fangs upon Arios and 00 Raiser. Allelujah/Hallelujah attempted to shoot down two of the Fangs, but the Fangs kamikazed into Arios's chest, disabling the unit from further combat. Setsuna performed better and cut down the remaining two Fangs with the GN Sword III. Ptolemy II appeared to provide cover fire as well. The assistance was weak as Ribbons evaded and returned fire in Reborns Cannon form. Ptolemy suffered major engine damage, but was still able to launch smoke missiles to temporarily blind Ribbons to assist Setsuna.

Setsuna took advantage of the smoke to flank Ribbons' position and he charged in. Ribbons caught on and launched two more fangs as he switched to Reborns Gundam form. The Fangs kamikazed into 00 Raiser's left arm, causing some damage. Ribbons, knowing Setsuna's position, charge at 00 Raiser, but Setsuna was able to counter, overcoming Reborns Gundam's pyshical strength and cutiing it's right MS arm. The two once again charged in to attack and locked together in sword combat. As the two tried to push through each other off with their swords, Ribbons told Setsuna that he only had that power because he had the original GN Drives. Ribbons pushed Setsuna away and demanded them back, with Setsuna denying his request. Both opponents exchanged beam fire, but evaded and returned fire. Ribbons switched back to Reborns Gundam form and said that his existence was meaningless without them. At that moment, Tieria's consciousness appeared (through Veda) to appeal to Ribbons. Because of this, Ribbons was temporarily distracted and Setsuna was able to land a kick and fire a barrage of beams to further damage Reborns Gundam. Ribbons then activated and Setsuna followed with the Raiser System charged to 100%.

Ribbons unleashed his four GN Fin Fangs on Setsuna, but he managed to fend off the cannon bits but lost 00 Raiser's head. The last bit tried to charge through 00 Raiser, but Setsuna quantized and flanked Ribbons' position. Setsuna was able to do serious damage to the back of Reborns Gundam, but Ribbons was able to turn around and chop off 00 Raiser's left arm and steal a GN Drive (0 Gundam's) while 00 Raiser overloaded from battle damage. Shortly after, Ribbons abandoned Reborns Gundam and managed to refit 0 Gundam's GN Drive onto the abandoned 0 Gundam. Setsuna woke up and tried to grab the flower Feldt had given him earlier when he noticed a familiar image coming to intercept him. Ian just dispatched GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II with a GN Condenser for Setsuna to use in battle.


Setsuna transferred over to Exia R2 and installed the remaining GN Drive to power it. Not long after, Ribbons in the 0 Gundam returned to retrieve the other GN Drive, only to find 00 Raiser abandoned. Setsuna in Exia R2 appeared above Ribbons and said that he would cut through to the future with Exia once more. Ribbons was irritated and called Setsuna inferior. Ribbons then attempted to shoot down Setsuna with his GN Beam Rifle, but Setsuna evaded all shots and slammed 0 Gundam onto Celestial Being's asteroid surface. Ribbons recovered and flew away as he shot back at Setsuna. Setsuna gave chase and continued evading his shots blocking some of them with his GN Sword Kai. Setsuna switched his sword to rifle mode and destroyed 0 Gundam's beam rifle. Ribbons punched Setsuna's R2 three times in the MS face, but Exia grabbed the fourth punch to throw 0 Gundam down to the ground. Setsuna then grabbed Exia's beam saber and charged in for a vertical slash upon 0 Gundam, exposing Ribbons' cockpit. Ribbons quickly pulled out 0 Gundam's beam saber and made a horizontal slash that also exposed Setsuna's cockpit. Setsuna and Ribbons recovered and then decided to settle the match once and for all.

Ribbons threw away 0 Gundam's Gundam Shield and charged more power to his GN Beam Saber while Setsuna brought out Exia's GN Sword Kai. Exia R2's GN Drive went into burst mode and charged at full speed into 0 Gundam. Both pilots aimed for each others cockpit to settle the fight. Setsuna made the victorious blow cutting through 0 Gundam's GN Drive. Ribbons also stabbed through R2's torso, but missed the cockpit by a few inches. 0 Gundam's destruction sent Setsuna and Exia R2 into space, knocking Setsuna unconscious, as Feldt's desert flower floated out of his cockpit towards Earth. Ribbons' death was never confirmed, but Setsuna won the battle. He and the rest of the Meisters were subsequently recovered by the Ptolemy crew for MS repairs and medical aid.

Peacetime & Continuing The Mission


With the A-Laws and Innovators defeated, peace returned throughout the solar system, as a reformed Federation disbanded the A-Laws and returned the sovereignty to the nations they had subjugated. Setsuna along with the Ptolemy crew returned to Earth for some unfinished business. After leaving behind Saji, Louise, Billy, Allelujah, and Marie/Soma, the remaining crew set course to space. On board Ptolemy II, Setsuna told the crew, "Let's go. We still have work to do." Feldt agreed, "We have to look after the world everyone gave their lives to change." Setsuna thought in his mind:

We're Celestial Being. People who aim to end war. Even if it means rejection from the world, we'll continue to confront it! Even if it means the use of force, we'll live as a deterrence for the world. That's why we must continue to exist. For the future...

Rebuilding Celestial Being

After their epic battle, Celestial Being returned to MS development to anticipate potential future threats towards the peace of Earth and their own organization. Setsuna aided in the reconstruction of Celestial Being.

Testing Seven Sword G

00 Seven Sword G

Setsuna/00 Gundam Seven Sword G destroying an A-Laws GNX-III with the GN Sword II Blaster

After leaving Earth, 00 Gundam was later salvaged and sent to one of CB's L-point satellites for repairs; one of 00's GN Drive had been destroyed and therefore 00 was unable to fully utilize the Twin Drive System. 00 Gundam was refitted with a GN Condenser to one of its GN Drive shoulder mounts to compensate for its high particle requirements. Ian and CB engineers developed a brand new weapon for testing, the GN Sword II Blaster. Ian needed data for overall weapons testing and understanding of Setsuna's quantum brainwaves to develop, he had Setsuna sortie with the newly developed GN Sword II Blaster along with the Seven Sword package/equipment for MS development. Unexpectedly, Setsuna/00 Seven Sword G encountered an A-Laws GNX-III unit. It was possible that some pockets of A-Laws units had refused to disband, so the unit was deemed a threat. Matters leading up to their engagement is unclear, but Setsuna/00 Seven Sword G defeated the unit and later returned to base.

===ELS Conflict===

The year is AD 2314, two years has passed since the last major conflict against the ESF. Setsuna along with CB has remained hidden in the shadows as they continued to monitor the fragile peace and unity of Earth under the new ESF administration. Mean while, unknown to everyone, an unknown being had traveled into the Solar System

Protecting Marina at Colony SOE

Both Setsuna and Lockon Stratos were tipped off by Veda/Tieria Erde about an assassination attempt by the Union Corporation against Princess Marina Ismail. While Lockon goes ahead of him, Setsuna sorties towards to the L-3 Colony SOE to intercept them. To avoid public suspicion that its a CB rescue operation, he sorties with the CBNGN-003 [SVMS-01AP] Union Flag Celestial Being Version instead.

Setsuna Flag

Setsuna piloting the Union Flag CB Version

At SOE, the Union Corp had begun to make their move on Marina. Before they could kill Marina, Setsuna and Lockon arrived to save her. Setsuna intercepted the GN-XIIIs with his Flag. He deployed a series of particle smokescreen missiles to blind their sensors. Setsuna took advantage of the particle cloud to cut-down one of the assassins and engaged the second one as the third one pursued the shuttle. Setsuna drew out his Plasma Sword and destroyed the second one as the third assassin tried shoot down the evasive shuttle. Setsuna quickly fired a hail of bullets to divert the assassin's attention and finished him off with a cut through the GNX's torso. However, the danger wasn't over, there was one last assassin.

Lockon infiltrated the shuttle and took advantage of the shooter's hesitation to disarm him. After taking down the shooter, Lockon escaped from the shuttle's airlock and was recovered by Setsuna to return to base. As they departed, Lockon wondered why didn't Setsuna see Marina, but Setsuna didn't feel it was necessary; Lockon felt Setsuna was dense over the matter.

At Ptolemy II, Setsuna and Lockon just returned from their mission. Feldt Grace greets them both at the MS hanger with some refreshments, but was really there to see Setsuna. Feldt wanted to know how the mission went and Setsuna stoically replied it was successful due to Veda's intel and went to report his findings with Sumeragi. Feldt tried to give Setsuna his drink, but he already left the room.

At the bridge, Setsuna reported his mission to Sumeragi Lee Noriega and was complemented for his success. Lasse Aeon and Mileina Vashti then reflected that bringing out the Gundams would only cause more problems and it's best to maintain their low profile to avoid causing a public disruption. Just then, Feldt reports that the ESF-Army is preparing to take action in removing a probe that's closing towards Earth. Under Sumeragi's inquiry, Feldt reported the probe came from Jupiter. Setsuna got curious and wanted to know if there's detailed data on it, but there wasn't any; Feldt intends to investigate further. Lasse wondered if something bothered him over the matter, but he wasn't sure himself; he intends to explain himself after knowing more and left. After Setsuna left the bridge, the crew couldn't help but reflect on Setsuna. Mileina commented that he had been indifferent lately. Lasse reasoned that he's probably sensing something beyond their understanding due to his Innovator physiology.

Later, CB received information from Veda that the beings were attracted to people who possessed quantum brainwaves. Realizing the potential danger to their super soldier comrades, Setsuna decided to investigate and retrieve them at the HRL territories. Lockon decided to tag along as well and two decided to split up: While Lockon set out for Mongolia with the GN-002RE Gundam Dynames Repair, Setsuna took off in GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II and went to the HRL elevator, Heaven's Pillar, to investigate the string of reported attacks.

Rescuing Saji & Louise

Saji and Louise had escaped from their ESF hospital after a strange man started to go after Louise. As Louise was about to be grabbed by him, Setsuna arrived and fired a warning shot that cracked the man's helmet. When in full view of the attacker's face, to Setsuna's shock, he thought the man was Ribbons Almark . Setsuna wondered why Ribbons was doing still alive. Because Setsuna had stronger QBWs, "Ribbons" redirected his attention towards him.

As "Ribbons" kept walked towards Setsuna, he was partially over-whelmed with QBW-interference. Undeterred, Setsuna fired 6 shots at "Ribbons" (2 in both thighs, 2 at the abdomen, 1 at the heart, and 1 head-shot), but Ribbons was unphased and kept coming after him. Setsuna resorted to using a plastique explosive, which vaporized everything above his waist, but the bottom half kept moving until it toppled over and shattered into tiny metal fragments. Saji asked Setsuna for an explanation, but he had none. Setsuna left the couple on their own, at a QBW isolation shelter, and regrouped with Lockon. Lockon subsequently rescued Allelujah and Marie from Mongolia and the Meisters returned to Ptolemy.

Reunion & Understanding the Unknown

At Ptolemy, while Marie, Allelujah, Feldt, and Mileina caught up with each other, Sumeragi came for an update on Saji and Louise. Setsuna reported the couple are in a QBW solution shelter under ESF orders. Setsuna then wanted to know if Sumeragi had any additional details over information he requested earlier, but Lockon cut the tension by suggesting some rest and following up later. As everyone left the hanger, Setsuna's was concerned over his recent experiences. When Feldt asked if he was sensing something, he confirmed he did, but he couldn't put it to words. He left Feldt and Sumeragi to be alone in his room for further contemplation over what he felt with his encounter with "Ribbons."

Later at the conference room, Sumeragi debriefed everyone about their recent findings with Veda. The "Ribbons" that Setsuna encountered was actually a crew member of Europa named Sky Eclipse. Europa was the manned Jupiter probe that left Earth about 130 years ago. Feldt elaborated that the probe's research mission was a cover for creating the GN Drives; having Innovades like Ribbons-types aboard wasn't uncommon. The crew surmised that the ELS somehow made contact with Europa and assimilated Sky's body. Sumeragi continued and reported that Europa's assimilation is also happening on Earth. When Allelujah asked what the aliens are trying to do, Sumeragi admitted she doesn't know and not even sure if they're sentient. Just then, Ptolemy's tactical alert system sounded off and Mileina reports something is approach them.

First Encounter & Tieria's Return

When Mileina showed everyone what the incoming ship looked like, Lockon thought it was a ESF cruiser, but Setsuna feels it's something else. Sumeragi then had Mileina match all known ships within their database and discovered it was the Europa. The crew was in shock as they confirmed the destruction of Europa just earlier; Setsuna decided to sortie with the Gundams to investigate.

With the Gundam Meisters assembled, Setsuna (in GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser Condenser Type) sorties with Allelujah & Marie (in GN-011 Gundam Harute), and Lockon (in GN-010 Gundam Zabanya) to intercept Europa. As everyone launched ahead of Setsuna, Sumeragi gave a quick review to Setsuna about 00 Raiser: it's a backup MS, equipped with twin particle storage tanks in place of its destroyed GN Drives. Sumeragi warned Setsuna not to over do it and he launched for battle.

As the Meisters closed in on Europa, to their surprise, Europa launched hundreds of strange probes at them. Attracted to QBWs, the probes targeted Harute and 00 Raiser for their QBW pilots. Due to Setsuna's high-sensitivity to QBWs, Setsuna is unable to properly fight against the aliens as his mind is stressed from their QBWs. Every time Setsuna tried to attack, something prevented him from retaliating; he was forced to make evasive maneuvers during the battle. Ineffective in battle, Setsuna tried to make a run for it, but the aliens gave chase. After numerous dodges, 00 Raiser's left MS arm was hit. As the aliens began to grow 00 Raiser's left MS arm, the close proximity of the aliens overwhelmed Setsuna's mind and he was in agony.

He was nearly hit by a incoming probe, targeting 00 Raiser's torso, when the probes surrounding 00 Raiser were all destroyed. Two large remote units (GN Big Cannons/GN Claws) grabbed onto 00 Raiser, ripped out the infected left MS arm, and destroyed it. The units rejoined with a unknown Gundam (CB-002 Raphael Gundam). It executed Trans-Am to destroy all probes and Europa. Afterwards, Sumeragi recalled all the Gundams to return to Ptolemy. As everyone headed towards Ptolemy, Setsuna was recovering from his recent encounter and wondered

What in the world?

Once the group returned to the Ptolemy 2 Kai, the MS pilot revealed himself to be Tieria Erde, in physical form once more. Tieria explained he merely downloaded his consciousness into another Innovade body. Tieria skipped the pleasantries and quickly questioned Setsuna. He asked why didn't Setsuna retaliate against the aliens and Setsuna admits that he himself doesn't know the reason; Tieria suspects its related to his Innovator instincts. Tieria explains that the aliens are known as Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters (ELS), and that not even Veda couldn't figure out the ELS's motives. However, Tieria knew that Setsuna sensed something from them; Tieria deduces that the ELS are indeed sentient.

At the back of the bridge, the entire crew crowded together to listen onto Tieria's report to Sumeragi. Tieria told all he knew from ESF about the ELS. As Sumeragi contemplated over the situation, Lasse wonders if this is what Aeolia meant by "dialogues to come." Tieria elaborated that Aeolia's plan had to do with humanity venturing into space and encountering intelligent life; he believes Aeolia was thinking of a scenario to happen in the further future, but it's happening now. Allelujah couldn't believe this was happening as humanity is far too unprepared for such an event. However, Lockon feels they have to fight as the event is happening as they speak. Lasse agrees with Lockon as they are being attacked, but Marie believes violence is too inconsiderate as the couple believes the ELS are reacting to what they don't understand about humanity. Feldt then drew everyone's attention by asking Setsuna's assessment, but he apologetically said he doesn't know himself and left to be alone.

Some time later, while Setsuna was overseeing the repairs to 00 Raiser, everyone with QBWs detected a strong QBW force pressuring their minds. Ptolemy sensors detected a huge gravitational force at Jupiter's red spot. The ELS created a powerful black-hole-like force and devoured Jupiter's moons, including Io and Ganymede. Minutes later, a large ELS force emerged from the red spot, poised to attack. Setsuna quickly ran to the bridge and tells Feldt to calculate the ETA until the ELS reaches to Earth, it was approximated within 95 days (about 3 months). Setsuna tells everyone they must go and they agreed they must do something before the ELS assimilates Earth.

Second Encounter & Failed Dialogues

With the public in the know about the ELS, there was massive public anxiety and the ESF scramble for options. They detected an ELS attack fleet and decided to intercept them with Descartes Shaman. Their plan relied on Captain Shaman either establishing contact with the ELS or using his QBWs to divert the ELS's attention and coral them away from Earth.

Sixteen days later, the advance fleet intercepted the ELS and engaged in battle. The Ptolemy crew also detected the ELS and utilized Trans-Am to make it to the battlefield. By the time they arrived, the entire ESF battlefleet was assimilated by the ELS and destroyed by Descartes. When Setsuna and the rest of the Meisters sortied for battle, the Gadelaza was already deep in assimilation. Setsuna tried to tell Descartes to run away, but it was too late. Setsuna then announced to everyone to cease engaging the ELS as he'll use the Raiser System to create a telepathic field with high-density GN Particles.

After Setsuna activated the Trans-Am Burst System, the ELS gravitated towards the GN particle stream and towards 00 Raiser. As the ELS charged towards him effortlessly, Setsuna asked:

What are you? Why have you come here? ANSWER ME!
Setsuna entered the Quantum Ethereal Plane to try and discover their intentions, but he was mentally overwhelmed by their QBWs screaming into his mind as a group of ELS struck 00 Raiser all at once. Setsuna screamed out from a massive headache and eventually lost consciousness, leaving 00 Raiser running on its last particles.

Lockon, Allelujah, and Tieria attempted to get to Setsuna, but they were blocked off by the ELS. Unwilling to see the dialogues fail, Tieria decided to use his own QBWs to lure the ELS away from Setsuna. Tieria dispatched Raphael's backpack, GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II, to tear out 00 Raiser's cockpit block and save Setsuna from assimilation. When Seravee reached 00 Raiser, it was beginning to be assimilated as well, causing Tieria to experience the same pain Setsuna went through and got Raphael assimilated in the process. Zabanya grabbed the cockpit block and attempted a Trans-Am retreat with Harute back to the Ptolemy. Tieria overloaded Raphael's Trans-Am to take out the ELS probes assimilating him, but a fair amount survived and chased after Zabanya and Harute. Even with Trans-Am, the ELS caught up with the two and was about to assimilate them when the timely arrival of Graham Aker and the Sol Braves saved them.

While Feldt and the Meisters watched over Setsuna, Tieria made his medical prognosis to Sumeragi. According to Tieria's medical report, when Setsuna tried to share his mind with the ELS, his brain cells was overwhelmed at the amount of information he was receiving. Unable to handle the massive data, parts of his brain suffered damage because of it. While Tieria administered tissue regeneration to heal him, there's concern that he would never regain his memories nor full consciousness. However, Tieria remained optimistic as Setsuna's Innovator physiology is beyond their imagination; he's confident that he'll wake up once more. Meanwhille, a new and larger ELS attack force is forming and heading towards Earth.

Final Mission & Resolution

Several days later, humanity makes their final stand. The ESF mustered all available MS forces, including the Gaga Force and Solbraves, at L2, near Celestial Being, with a "Absolute Defense Line to resist the ELS. As the battle raged on, the situation wasn't looking good. Even with CB's assistance, humanity was losing badly as even the best MS pilots are faltering.

On board Ptolemy II, Feldt sees that Setsuna is having convulsions. In a nightmarish vision, Setsuna sees the darker aspects of his past: the deaths of his parents, Christina, Lichty, and Lockon Stratos. Although still comatose, Setsuna senses all that's happening around him: Andrei's sacrifice after some ELS breach the line, Marina & Shirin giving aid to people in Azadistan, Saji working on the Orbital Elevator, a concerned Louise Lockon, Allelujah & Marie fighting off the ELS, the Ptolemy crew resisting the ELS. It is within his vision that he sees the first Lockon, Christina Sierra, and Lichtendahl Tsery once more, telling him that the world needs him and that he has to change. Setsuna then sees the desert flower that Feldt gave him before The Battle of L2, with Lockon telling Setsuna that he's still alive. Setsuna then wakes up, finding Feldt at his side. Within minutes after waking up, Setsuna prepares to launch in 00 Qan[T]. After Milena successfully downloaded Tieria's consciousness into the 00 Qan[T], Setsuna sorties with 00 Qan[T].

Right as Setsuna arrived on the battlefield, he used the GN Sword V (Rifle Mode) to blast Patrick Colasour free from the clutches of a ELS GN-XIV. Setsuna moved past the ESF forces as Lockon, Allelujah, Soma, Ptolemy, and the ESF Army fight the ELS forces. Setsuna received a flash and was fired upon by multiple ELS GN-XIV. Despite not being there to fight, the ELS continued firing so Setsuna used the GN Sword Bits to create a GN Field. Suddenly, Graham and his remaining Solbraves come in to assist Setsuna. Graham tells Setsuna that he should fight to live and has to cut a path to the future. The Solbraves fight off the GN-XIVs while Setsuna charges towards the ELS planetoid. Suddenly, a group of ELS Baikal-class fire on him. Setsuna had no choice to but to use Trans-Am (despite Tieria's insistence that it is their trump card for the dialogues) to cut through the surface of the ELS mothership. He fired a powerful particle beam from his GN Buster Sword, annihilating the large ELS bearing down on him before using it against the mothership exterior. However, not even Trans-Am could pierce the mothership. Suddenly, a partially assimilated Graham Aker appeared and overloaded his Brave's Trans-Am. Declaring that his sacrifice was for humanity, Graham crashed his Brave into a gap in the closing ELS planetoid while his Brave exploded. The explosion created a large enough hole for Setsuna to enter the ELS planetoid core.

Once inside the core, he activated the Quantum System. The bridging process was rough, as his mind suffered the same problems he encountered earlier. To compensate, Tieria and Veda took the brunt of the information, while he told Setsuna to clear his mind of all unnecessary things. After successfully bridging his mind and exchanging thoughts with the ELS through the Quantum System, Setsuna realized that the whole attack was a misunderstanding.

In a short visual display of their culture, the ELS showed Setsuna how they came to be and their situation. The ELS evolved into an advanced race, but their homeworld was dying in lieu of their own star going supernova. To salvage their race, they ventured out throughout other galaxies and assimilated other worlds to become one with what they don't understand. Now fully understanding their reasons, Setsuna decided to venture into their homeworld to truly understand them. Tieria questioned whether or not it was a good idea, and Setsuna replied,

It doesn't matter if it's a good or bad idea. It's just that the meaning of life that I found, it's the same for all of us. But, why do we misunderstand each other like this? (Tieria) Despite our intelligence we're thoughtless and have trivial misunderstandings. (Setsuna) Whether or not that's true, we're not that much different from each other. That's why it has to be pointed out. For the world, something as simple as this...
Tossing away the GN Sword V, Setsuna used the Quantum Teleportation System, to travel to the ELS homeworld. There, he established contact and the ELS finally understood that their means of understanding were considered hostile to humanity. As a symbol of peace, the ELS rounded their probes and transformed their planetoid probe into the vision of Setsuna's desert flower he had from Feldt. Peace had finally come.

Visiting Marina & Reaching Mutual Understanding

50 years had passed (AD 2364) and 40% of humanity has since naturally evolved into Innovators. With the ELS now living in harmony with humanity, a blind and much older Marina listens to the announcement on TV over the Sumeragi ready to launch into deep space exploration. While she is playing the piano, she senses someone entering. That person is none other than Setsuna, with a metallic body and eyes glowing, fulfilling his promise to see her again. Through his interactions with the ELS, Setsuna finally understood Marina's message of mutual understanding, as they say together,

We were able to come to understand each other
Outside an upgraded and winged 00 Qan[T] kneels and becomes covered in flowers, emitting GN Particles in an angelic fashion.

Ultimate Fate

Much of the 50-year hiatus with Setsuna and the 00 Qan[T] and his fate is unknown. He's technically 73 years old, but he maintains the body of his 23 year old self. Based on his metallic body, it is up to speculation as to whether or not Setsuna is still fully human, a complete ELS, or a combination of the two. It's only speculation that he'll eternally watch over humanity and explore the universe for his eternal quest for mutual understanding. It could be possible that due to his modified body as part-ELS, Setsuna could be immortal.


  • Note: The dynamics behind all relationships within the series aren't completely defined. Only what was observed in the series has been described.

Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Setsuna shows unconditional loyalty towards Celestial Being. Setsuna's loyalty has such an extent that he wants to embody the eradication of war himself along with his Gundam. Setsuna would not hesitate to give his life to achieve the eradication of conflicts.

Aeolia Schenberg

Though Setsuna has obviously never met Aeolia Schenberg, he believes in his philosophy and served his organization as a Gundam Meister. It was Aeolia's system trap that activated the Trans-Am system that saved Setsuna from Ali Al Saachez.


Veda, Celestial Being's supercomputer, was the AI that approved of Setsuna to be the pilot of Gundam Exia. Though Veda and Setsuna have no real bond with each other, Veda is interlinked with Exia. It is later revealed that the one who made Veda recommend/select Setsuna was Ribbons Almark, after being impressed with Setsuna's face of admiration towards 0 Gundam.

Gundam Meisters
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)
Lockon was something of an older brother to Setsuna during the first half of the series. Often working together on missions, Setsuna felt close to Lockon. Later on, it was revealed that Lockon Stratos' parents and sister were killed by a KPSA terrorist attack, the same organization that Setsuna was a part of with Ali Al-Saachez. Lockon confronted Setsuna over the situation, drew his sidearm and demanded justice, to allow him to avenge his family. Setsuna did not attempt to dissuade Lockon from his intentions, stating that he believed that Lockon would change the world in his stead. However, Lockon noted that the real enemy was Ali Al-Saachez, not Setsuna.
Later on, during the GN-X's assault on the Ptolemaios, Lockon was injured after a beam saber assault struck his cockpit while defending Tieria Erde. Injured almost gravely, Lockon lost his right eye, mainly used for targeting during sniping. When a second assault by the GN-Xs occurred, Lockon sortied in the repaired Gundam Dynames. Ali Al-Saachez, who was piloting the hijacked GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei, engaged Lockon in combat and both defeated each other near simultaneously. Setsuna, who was returning from Earth, attempted to retrieve and save Lockon. However, the GN Arms component nearby Lockon's drifting form exploded before he could be reached, killing Lockon. Setsuna mourned Lockon's death along with many other members of the crew.
Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)
After Neil's death, there was a need for a replacement Gundam Meister and Setsuna thought Neil's brother. Setsuna chose Lyle because they both have similar feelings about changing the world and it would be fitting to have his little brother replace him. Lyle comes to slowly respect Setsuna and to follow his lead until he kills Anew Returner to prevent Lyle's death. Lyle then resents Setsuna for this, almost shooting him in the back at one point, but finally declining to do so. It is unknown whether Lyle has or will ever forgive Setsuna over this sensitive matter.
Tieria Erde
Tieria and Setsuna were never exceptionally close. Even in the beginning, Tieria disapproved of Setsuna's being chosen to become a Gundam Meister for his extremely young age. Throughout the series, Tieria and Setsuna are loathe to work together, and Tieria typically considers Setsuna to be unfit for his position. However, the two have shown capacity to be considerable allies, notably during the desert assault of episode 15. At this point, it was a likely possibility that the two could become friends, but upon Lockon Stratos' death, Tieria lashed out at Setsuna, blaming him for Lockon's death. Sumeragi Lee Noriega had to intervene.
After the interlude between seasons, Tieria seems to be very glad of Setsuna's return. From this point on, they both share a renewed relationship of respect and trust. Tieria even becomes responsive to Setsuna's de facto leadership, something that would have been unthinkable in the past. When Tieria is killed by Ribbons, Setsuna swears to revenge him, but Tieria dissuades him by telling that he will live on as a part of Veda.
In the movie, when Setsuna is getting assimilated by the ELS, Tieria saves him with GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II and sacrificed his own physical body to protect Setsuna.
Allelujah Haptism
Setsuna and Allelujah did not seem to interact very much, apart from the typical battle forecast meetings by Sumeragi Lee Noriega in which both had to be present simultaneously. Neither were seen to be dismissed as a pair during missions, such pairings instead being Lockon/Setsuna or Tieria/Allelujah. During Allelujah's missing in action period Setsuna showed real concern for him and was later relieved and happy when Allelujah was found along with Marie Parfacy.
Crew of the Ptolemaios / Ptolemaios II

Ptolemaios was Celestial Being's general purpose Mobile Suit transport and the command center for the interventions.

Sumeragi Lee Noriega
As commander of tactical operations, Setsuna always carries a planned assault from Sumeragi. Interestingly it's the other Gundam Meister's that are more strict with Setsuna than herself. They maintain a friendly/professional relationship. Sumeragi shows concern towards Setsuna, as with the other members of Celestial Being. After her separation form Celestial Being, when Setsuna comes to pick her up, she is shocked because she thought Setsuna had died in the battle against the UN forces. After this, Sumeragi is pushed by Setsuna to rejoin Celestial Being. At the beginning she acts hesitant; but at the end she is able to find her determination inspired by Setsuna and her fellow CB members.
Christina Sierra
Though they aren't close, Christina kindly covered up for Setsuna, when he misused Gundam Exia to go visit Marina Ismail in Azadistan, without authorization. They're in constant contact only during missions because she's one of tactical coordinators. She wouldn't bother talking to Setsuna if it weren't business related, but the same cannot be affirmed of Setsuna. During the meeting with Team Trinity she stated that she hated Nena Trinity (who had just kissed Setsuna) at which Lasse wondered if she liked Setsuna; but she said it was not about that.
Feldt Grace
Feldt and Setsuna did not interact much prior to Lockon's passing. Even afterwards, the two did not seem to grow considerably closer. However, they did share a moment while standing at the cockpit of Lockon's Gundam Dynames after his death. There, Feldt shared that she had written a letter to Lockon, and told his Haro to stay with him and keep him from growing lonely. She then asked Setsuna if he wanted to write a letter to anyone, but he declined.
She is later shown to be relieved and glad that Setsuna is alive during the beginning of season 2. Later, at some point during the season, Feldt has apparently developed feelings for Setsuna. While going towards Lagrange 2 and after Setsuna's touching speech about the need to 'change oneself in order to change the furture Feldt's confirmed the latter when she gives Setsuna a flower. Feldt states that Marina could get angry for this, but Setsuna explains that he does not have "that kind" of relationship with Marina. Feldt then begs him not to die, which he promises to do.
Even two years later, during the events of the ELS War, Feldt continued to look out and care for Setsuna, dutifully remaining by his side while he was comatose. However, when Setsuna eventually reawakened and sortied using the new 00 Qan[T], Feldt resumed her post on the Ptolemaios II Kai's bridge. When questioned as to why she did not go with Setsuna, Feldt simply replied that Setsuna had a greater destiny to fulfill, hinting that she may have placed the mission given to Setsuna as humanity's first True Innovator above her own feelings.
Lasse Aeon
Lasse and Setsuna, late in the series, were paired as partners given Lasse's great capability of piloting the GN Arms Type-E. Setsuna seems to respect Lasse, and vice versa, as the two have proven capable pilots when working together. They did not seem exceptionally close, but Setsuna did appear somewhat panicked when attempting to confirm Lasse's condition after the cockpit of the GN Arms Type-E exploded during the final battle with Alejandro Corner's Alvatore mobile armor. During season 2 their mutual respect and admiration relationship continues.
Lichtendahl Tsery
They have a friendly/professional relationship, however Setsuna was never the talkative type so there was little interaction between the two of them.
Ian Vashti
Setsuna's idolizes his Gundam and while he might not show his gratitude to Ian, he is indeed grateful for Ian's maintenance and upgrades for his Exia. They have a professional/friendly relationship of mutual respect and esteem.
Joyce Moreno
Though the Ptolemy's doctor, he doesn't appear to have any contact with Setsuna. They likely had a professional/friendly relationship.
Marie Parfacy
Though enemies during season 1, they never interacted. They first met in person in season 2 when Allelujah brought her back to Team TrinityI]]. After this they most likely shared a professional/friendly relationship.
Team Trinity

At first, Setsuna seems to be more or less indifferent towards the Gundam Throne Meisters, even though they saved the Gundam Meisters in the Taklamakan Desert. Later, however, when the Throne Meisters attack Spain for no apparent reason, Setsuna engages the Thrones, saying that he has concluded that the Throne Meisters are guilty of promoting conflict, due to the violent behaviour and methods used by the Throne Meisters.

Johann Trinity
Johann maintains a professional attitude with Setsuna as he is the more mature member of Team Trinity. However he is not above using mind tricks to disrupt the unity with the other Meisters when he revealed Setsuna's link with Lockon's vengeance.
Michael Trinity
He dislikes Setsuna strongly because his sister Nena likes him. He doesn't understand why his sister would like Setsuna, and he "itches" to eliminate him.
Nena Trinity
She was the one who saved Setsuna during the Taklamaran desert intervention. She was impressed by Setsuna's reckless actions and on the first meeting face-to-face, she went at him for a kiss. Setsuna however didn't like Nena's kiss at all and shoved her off. After this she regretted kissing him because he had engaged with Team Trinity and labeled them as a source of conflict. When Ali Al-Saachez was nearly about to end her life, Setsuna intervened to save her. It is unlikely that Setsuna has feelings for Nena. She is the only female in Gundam 00 that has shown romantic feelings towards Setsuna directly.
In season 2 Nena, in Riian, provided Setsuna with cover fire giving him a chance to slice of the Gadessa's right arm before he retreated. Due to the red beams Setsuna knew the cover fire had something to do with a GN Drive Tau. He later came face-to-face with Nena again when he was surveying the supposed wreckage of Ptolemaios II. She acts with him in a flirtatious way, noting how handsome he is, prompting him to nearly shoot her. Her flirtatious acting towards him shows that Nena still has romantic feelings for Setsuna despite what happened between them in the past.
Agents & Observers

They are the people in charge of providing support and aid to Celestial Being. Some work in direct contact with Gundam Meisters (agents) and others act as supervisors (observers).

Wang Liu Mei
As a Celestial Being agent, Wang provided Setsuna (along with the other Meisters) with aid and support. They did not share any kind of special relationship besides this. During their rendezvous at Lagrange 5 Setsuna wanted to aid her escape but she refused (only to meet her death).
Hong Long
He was a Celestial Being agent under Wang's orders. He once collaborated with Setsuna during the rescue of Massoud Rachmadi. Besides this they do not share any other kind of relationship.
Alejandro Corner
As a Celestial Being observer, Alejandro Corner did not like Setsuna's way of acting. In episode 14 Alejandro is shown criticizing Setsuna's intervention in Azadistan branding him as a martyr. During Operation Fallen Angels, it was Alejandro who engaged Setsuna with the mobile armor Alvatore; but Setsuna finally managed to defeat him.


Main article: Kingdom of Azadistan When the Republic of Krugis was still an independent nation, Azadistan started a war with their neighboring Middle Eastern country. Azadistan was better equipped in weapons and eventually the Republic of Krugis was destroyed and forcefully merged with Azadistan. While people of Kurdish descent were granted citizenship in Azadistan, they weren't welcomed by the Azadistan locals. Setsuna has mixed feelings when it comes to Azadistan's past actions against the Republic of Krugis due to the painful deaths in his life.

Marina Ismail

Marina met Setsuna by chance because she thought she was helping out a fellow Azadistan countryman during her diplomatic mission in Scotland. To her mistake she helped out citizen that was formally part of the Republic of Krugis, making their later conversation awkward. This conversation did not end up well; Setsuna revealed his code name identity as a Gundam Meister and warned her Celestial Being would come if conflict continues there. However Marina never revealed this information.

Though not true friends at the beginning, Setsuna held respect for her as a person trying to find peace and solutions to Azadistan's development issues, walking a path different than his. During Setsuna's return to Azadistan, he helped her restore peace by rescuing their conservative leader, Massoud Rachmadi in a heroic non-confrontation mission. He returned not long some other day in the middle of the night, asking her questions about the lesser aspects of humanity, questions like "why is the world distorted, misguided (or twisted, depending on translation). Before he sortied on his final mission, he wrote a letter to her. Marina was genuinely concerned and was touched by Setsuna's possibly post death letter.

In season 2, after Setsuna had rescued Marina and taken her back to Ptolemy, Mileina Vashti asked if she and Setsuna were lovers but both, without any hesitation or embarrassment, denied it. After apologizing for drawing her into trouble, Setsuna and Marina grow considerably closer. They now constantly debate and talk about war and peace. Marina even asked if Setsuna wanted to join her to rebuild Azadistan, but he refused saying that he could do no more than fighting. Marina was genuinely saddened for Setsuna's sad and tragic lifestyle.

Setsuna later entrusts Marina Ismail to Katharon's care. After some time they meet once again when Setsuna came back injured from the battle with Ali Al-Saachez. After receiving medical treatment and after waking up from recovery, they share an intimate moment in which they talk about themselves and their lives. Marina implores Setsuna to find the way of changing the world without fighting (the way Setsuna said he had been looking along with his Gundam in his letter) The mood in the room gets so close and intimate that Katharon's orphan children go out embarrassed saying that Setsuna and Marina got "lovey-dovey". Before parting ways once more, Setsuna said that when they meet again he wants to hear the children sing Marina's song, at which she replied that Setsuna had to take care of himself.

Two years after the defeat of A-Laws and the Innovators, Setsuna saved Marina from an assassination attempt by the Union Corporation However, he chooses not to see her as Setsuna didn't think it was necessary. After Setsuna makes peace with the ELS, Marina sees the desert flower in space (native to Azadistan) and said that it represented Setsuna's hopes and wishes for the world. 50 years after the ELS conflict, Setsuna returned to Earth to see Marina, with both of them telling each other that they could finally understand each other.

Rasa Massoud Rachmadi

He is a leader to the conservatives and the opposition in Azadistan. He acts as a deterrence of war in Azadistan. Setsuna brought him back from the clutches of Ali Al Saachez. He flew in with Exia, un-armed, and in good faith returned Rachmadi, who was deeply thankful towards him.

Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations

Main article: Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations Setsuna stayed in Japan in between his missions in Season 1. It is not revealed if Setsuna chose Japan as his home base of operations or Celestial Being designated it for strategic purposes. Setsuna lives there alone in a single apartment with no more than a simple bed where he often reflects or exercises until the next mission. It is hinted that Soran was given a Japanese code name by Celestial Being so he would fit better in there.

Saji Crossroad

He is Setsuna's next door neighbor, and he is ignorant to Setsuna's true identity until four years later. From the beginning Saji tried to be nice and polite towards Setsuna, but he was soon disappointed to find out his cold and taciturn personality. However he keeps trying to reach Setsuna and more than one time he tries to establish a relationship with him. The two of them lost contact during the five years interlude between seasons.

After being rescued by Setsuna in Proud Colony and after having learned his real identity, he vents that Setsuna destroyed everything he held dear and asks why he still fights. Setsuna says he has his reasons and doesn't care if Saji hates him. After the Katharon base incident, Saji tries to make up to his sins by piloting the 0 Raiser. After Saji becomes the pilot of the 0 Raiser, Setsuna convinces Saji to fight in order to save Louise from the grip of the Innovators.

At the end of Season 2, Saji was fully understanding about Celestial Being actions and the circumstances around Setsuna; so he became more considerate and understanding towards him. In one scene, after being moved by Setsuna's selfless acting and determination, Saji even thanked him because he felt he had to do it. When the Trans-Am Burst system was activated during the Lagrange 2 battle, Saji had no doubt that the "pure and warm light" was the light from Setsuna's heart, the light that would lead humanity to a better future.

Graham Aker

Graham was among the first characters to behold a Celestial Being intervention. From the very begining Graham was awed by Setsuna/Exia's outstanding performance. This admiration soon evolved into obsession, as Graham started making constant exertions to face and defeat Gundam Exia. When Graham first met Setsuna in person (during the Azadistan incident) Graham had spotted him eavesdropping his conversation with Billy Katagiri. Graham immediately noticed that Setsuna was not a common guy; and he even leaked some information under this suspicions.

His obsession soon reached the point where he claimed that his towards Gundam feeling was love. This obsession worsened when his comrades were killed, this is when his feeling became hatred. At his final confrontation with Setsuna/Exia, Graham confirmed that Setsuna was not a common guy indeed. At this final confrontation Graham stated that it was destiny what linked him to Setsuna.

During Season 2, Graham became obsessed with defeating Setsuna, engaging him multiple times in combat but never being able to sourly defeat Setsuna. After their duel at Eclipse, Setsuna convinces Graham to live for the future and not for the past.

PMC Trust

Main article: PMC Trust

Ali Al-Saachez

He is the former leader of the terrorist organization KSPA. He was the one brainwashed Setsuna (and the other Krugis children) as a child and turned him into a child soldier under the guise of religion. As a consequence of this, Setsuna even killed his parents to prove his devotion towards God. This is why Ali has greatly impacted Setsuna, causing him to harbor a general disbelief towards religion and peace talks.

Ali trained Setsuna in an undisclosed martial art, and this in turn it is used by Setsuna mainly when he pilots the Exia. Having met once again on the battlefield during the Moralia intervention, Setsuna exited his cockpit to confirm his opponent was Ali, he wanted to know where his God was but he only found out that Ali was a man obsessed with fighting and blood-spilling.

Meeting at other times, Setsuna fiercely battled the man, but was never able to defeat him during season 1. Setsuna's hatred for Ali grew when he killed Lockon Stratos; and he was latter shocked to find out that Ali had not died. After the battle of Memento Mori, Setsuna got separated from Ptolemy and he went into Earth to look for them. It was then that he met Ali again. After refusing Ribbons request for 00 Gundam, Setsuna faced once more Ali; but this time he was victorious thanks to 00 Raiser. Setsuna was about to kill Ali but he hesitated at the last moment when he heard Marina's song and therefore spared Ali's life.

Human Reform League

Main article: Human Reform League

Sergei Smirnov

When Setsuna assaulted a remaining Ceylon base, Sergei took a high mobility Tieren to face him in melee combat. Sergei proved to be a tough opponent, having caught Setsuna off guard by grabbing Exia's face, determined to take it back as a trophy. However, Setsuna uses Exia's beam sabers to disable his unit and finally beats Sergei.


Main article: Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force

Louise Halevy

She was Saji's girlfriend and met Setsuna through him. They did not have any kind of friendly relationship as they never shared a formal conversation. After Mrs. Halevy (Louise's mom) went back from her visit to Spain, Saji invited Setsuna to his place because he thought that more people would help Louise to feel better. This did not seem to work and infuriated by her crying, Setsuna asked why she was acting that way. She said she was feeling alone, at which Setsuna replied that she could meet her mom anytime as she was not dead. After this Louise childishly called Setsuna a moron and told Saji that she did not like Setsuna.

After the five years interlude between seasons, Louise met Setsuna once again during the A-Laws Elite Banquet. She immediately recognized him. She even recalled his name and it can be said that she was even somehow happy to see him again (as she remembered the old, good times). This time they held a formal conversation and Louise acted differently from her immature self of the past. Even after learning Setsuna's true identity, she did not seem to hold a grudge or hatred against him.

Mr. Bushido

Mr. Bushido (formerly Graham Aker) is one of Setsuna's greatest foes in season 2. After becoming Mr. Bushido, he found the determination to defeat Setsuna in honorable battle. Mr. Bushido was even given a special license which authorized him to do as he pleased (just like a one-man-army) and he took this as an advantage to face 00 Gundam every time he could.

He finally lost his final battle against Setsuna; and he was about to suicide (according to what Bushido stated). However he hesitated when remembering Setsuna's final words to him: "I will fight to live on". At the end he did not hate or despise Setsuna and called his fate link with him as an unavoidable destiny.


Main article: Innovators

Ribbons Almark

Though Setsuna didn't know it at the time as a child fighting for the Republic of Krugis, Ribbons was his savior - the pilot of the 0 Gundam, who had destroyed all the MS in the area. Though he was supposed to eliminate all witnesses, Ribbons spared Setsuna's life, seeing that the young boy's look to be admiration and awe. Ribbons later used Veda to recommend him as a Gundam Meister. Eleven years later, Ribbons attempted to use this fact to compel Setsuna to hand over 00 Raiser, but Setsuna refused.

Regene Regetta

Though never meeting in the whole series, Regene is shown keeping track of Setsuna's actions. Regene, after realizing that Ribbons had diverted from Aeolia's plan, betrays the Innovators and supports Celestial Being behind the scenes. Regene is the one that noticed when Setsuna evolved to a genuine Innovator and it can be inferred that Regene's intentions were fulfilled.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Setsuna's name could be denoted to state his personality. Translated it means 'Moment from eternity' indicating Setsuna's place as the first Genuine Innovator.
  • Coincedentally, both Setsuna's Japanese and English voice actors have also voiced Death Note character Light Yagami. Setsuna's Japanese voice actor, Mamoru Miyano, has also won the "Best voice actor award" for this role.
  • In the first ending theme Setsuna appears eating an apple in clear reference to Miyano's role as Light Yagami [2].
  • Setsuna's English voice actor, Brad Swaile, previously played Amuro Ray from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, Quatre Raberba Winner in Gundam Wing, Dearka Elsman in Gundam SEED and Auel Neider in Gundam SEED Destiny. As a result of this, at times, Setsuna sounds more or less exactly like Amuro in Season 2. However, while voicing Setsuna when he is young, Swaile sounds more like he did playing Auel.
  • Setsuna's personality is very similar to that of Heero Yuy from Wing.
  • Setsuna's real name may be based off Soran Ebrahim, a Kurdish child actor who portrayed the protagonist of the film Turtles Can Fly.
  • Setsuna did develop a second brain through the GN particle exposure, as mentioned in a Great mechanics DX interview. This second brain is known as a Quantum brain, it is made up of a network of GN particles/Quantum brainwaves.
  • Although not canon, Setsuna displays a strong dislike for GN Fang-equipped mobile suits in Super Robot Wars Z2, which can be inferred to be due to the ruthless armed interventions carried out by the Trinity Gundam Meisters. He refused to accept the "Gundam with Fangs" as a true Gundam, until its pilot kindly informs him that the weapons are not in fact GN Fangs, but fin funnels.
  • Setsuna is the first Gundam protagonist of Middle Eastern descent (although he has a Japanese name as an alias).
  • Setsuna is described as someone who does not believe in God. He believed in Gundam (especially his own) as his savior.
  • Alongside Gundam Wing's main character Heero Yuy, Setsuna is an example of the few Gundam protagonists that do not show romantic scenes with a female ​​character throughout their story in the motion picture. But it is obvious that Heero has some sense of affection for Relena Darlian, while Setsuna's feelings for Marina Ismail are still questionable, and could be interpreted as feelings similar to what he once had for his mother. His kiss with Nena Trinity can not be categorized as a romantic scene due to the fact that Setsuna did not consent to it (nor did he approve of Nena to begin with). But in the manga adaptation of 00 Movie, Setsuna and Marina got married at the end of the story.
  • Beside Exia Repair and Exia Repair II, Setsuna always use the Gundam with seven swords as it's main weapon during the motion pictures. Exia's main armament consists of GN Sword, a pair of GN Blades, two GN Beam Sabers and two GN Beam Daggers. The main weapons of his next mobile suit, the 00 Raiser consists of GN Sword III, two GN Sword IIs, two GN Beam Sabers and a pair of bladed GN Shields. While the GN Sword V and six sword bits are the main armaments of his last mobile suit in motion picture, the 00 Qan(T). While in other stories beside the motion pictures, Setsuna's mobile suit's weapons do not always consist of seven swords.
  • Unlike most of the others Gundam series' protagonist (e.g: Kira Yamato, Amuro Ray, Garrod Ran, etc), Setsuna was taught to kill even before he became a Gundam Meister.
  • When in the last fight of both seasons against a mobile suit with GN T Drive Setuna's Gundam always ends up losing its head.
  • The manga adaptation of the 00 Movie features Setsuna returning to Earth to see Marina. However, the ending is extended to show Setsuna restoring Marina's eyesight and youth, as well as the two of them eventually being married.[3]
  • In Super Robot Wars Z2, Setsuna's Ace Bonus (bonus that earned after reaching 70 kills) is 50% more damage against units with Solar Furnaces and Gundam-type units. This may be based on Setsuna's obsession with Gundam.
  • A joke about Setsuna's obsession with Gundam occurs in Super Robot Wars Z2 in scenario 34. In that scenario, Setsuna amazed with Ranka Lee's ability to stop the rampaging Zentradis with her song, Seikan Hikou. He then said (in Japanese): "An overwhelming power that can change everything. Is that song also a Gundam?" He thought that the song is a Gundam.
  • Setsuna establishes a respectful rivalry with Heero Yuy in Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen and keep the relationship in the game's sequel, Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen. The peak of their rivalry is when Heero said that Setsuna have surpassed the Gundam, which is then replied by Setsuna by saying that Heero's praise is the greatest compliment he had received.

References & Articles

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  2. Light Yagami: "L did you know that Shinigami eat only apples?"
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