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Seidel Rasso(ザイデル・ラッソ) is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


Seidel Rasso is the leader of the Space Revolutionary Army, making him the leader of the space colonies as well. With his political power he pushes forward his agenda that NewTypes can only be born in space, and that the remaining bits of humanity left on the Earth must be purged. When it is discovered by Nicola Fafas that there are actually NewTypes living on Earth but that some are actually born there, Seidel has the information covered up and the scientist secretly executed.

During the 8th Space War, Seidel commanded the SRA battle ship Garbera in an effort to reach D.O.M.E. before the New United Nations Earth leader Fixx Bloodman. Calling a cease fire, he is escorted by bit mobile suits, where he meets with Fixx Bloodman and others to learn the truth of Newtypes from D.O.M.E. itself. Leaving the lunar base, he is killed when his ship is attacked and destroyed by Shagai and Olba Frost with their Satellite Launcher.


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