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An asteroid base that was left abandoned following the 7th Space War, it became the home of those displaced by the loss of their space colonies. The asteroid, called Satelicon also shared its name with a group opposed to the ideals being spread by the leader of the Space Revolutionary Army Seidel Rasso that Newtypes are the one true future of humanity.

Led by Commander Roiza, Satelicon launches several attacks against the Space Revolutionary Army and their leader using outdated Jenice mobile suits and their own newly constructed space battleship, the Varona. One of their attacks was the attempted assassination of Seidel Rasso while touring a space colony. This attack was thwarted as Tiffa Adill was also a member of the motorcade and sensed the danger, causing the motorcade to stop short of the bombs blast area. This attack led to Seidel Rasso ordering a full assault on the asteroid base, placing Lancerow Dawell in charge of the operation and ordering a new Photon Particle Missile to be fired at the asteroid. Lancerow Dawell was able to get a message through to Garrod Ran of the missile attack, allowing for both the Gundam Double X along with Pala Sys in her G-Falcon to escape the destruction of the asteroid.

Taking refuge in an emergency lifeboat station, set up in the event of a space ship having trouble as a place for them to resupply and survive, Pala Sys and Garrod Ran learn of "Operation Dahlia". Being the last two surviving members of Satelicon, the pair launch a daring attack with only the Gundam Double X and the G-Falcon against the Space Revolutionary Army's fleet. The attack resulted in the recovery of Tiffa Adill and the destruction of the Colony Laser that the S.R.A. had planned to deploy against the Earth.

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