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Sarah (サラ Sara?) was a character from Gundam SEED Destiny. She was Meer Campbell's manager. However, in truth, she was an assassin working for Gilbert Durandal.


Not much is known about Sarah, besides the fact that she worked for ZAFT and served as Meer's manager, likely due to high credentials. She was a skilled manipulator, able to talk Meer into her plan to assassinate Lacus. She was also trained in the use of firearms and grenades.


Before Meer Campbell was transferred to Copernicus, Durandal assigned Sarah to act as her manager. With the Archangel landing in the city, Sarah informs her about its presence and that the "other one" may be near. To play on Meer's perception that she is the real Lacus, she addresses Meer as Lacus.

Meer is then met by Lacus, Kira, Athrun, and Meyrin Hawke at an empty amphitheater, which was meant to be the grounds of Lacus's assassination. After Meer's personal attempt to shoot Lacus backfires, Sarah attempts to shoot Lacus herself, but because Kira's mechanical bird, Torii, informs Athrun of the attempt, both her and the remaining group's covers are blown. Because of this, the assassins are killed off and a more direct plan has to be exacted. In an attempt to kill the group, Sarah then throws a grenade, which is ricocheted by a bullet fired from Kira's gun and lands near her.

However, while gravely injured as a result of the blast, Sarah was not dead, and fired one final shot at Lacus, but Meer took the bullet instead, fatally wounding her. She was then shot and killed by Athrun.


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