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The Salamis-class (0083 refit) is a fictional space cruiser that served the Earth Federation of the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam metaseries. To date the cruiser has only appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The 0083 refit version of the Salamis-class cruiser is a technologically superior version designed to be a more powerful combatant. The refit was meant to address improving the three major problems of the original Salamis cruisers: insufficient firepower, the slow speed of the cruisers (the original Salamis class ships had only one engine), and a better point-defense system for protection against enemy mobile suits. Drawing on the blue prints of the Magellan-class battleship, engineers began the lengthy process of refitting the Salamis-class.

The design of the Salamis-class cruiser (0083 Refit) was heavily modified, with additional weaponry, including three double-barreled beam cannon turrets, an additional single-barreled beam cannon turret, AA/AMS defense, increased missile capability (the six-cell launchers were exchanged for larger 15-cell launchers, eight internal vertical launching system cells, and additional engines. The overall length of this variant was reduced, requiring a reduction of the size of the main power plant; consequently these improvements sapped the ship's power supply.


  • 2-Barreled Beam Turrets
The Salamis Kai (0083) is armed with three 2-barreled beam turrets, with two in place of where the sub-bridges would normally go, and a third mounted on the bottom of the ship.
  • Single Barreled Beam Turrets
The Salamis Kai (0083) is armed with seven single barrel beam turrets. Three of these are mounted on the forward section of the ship, similar to the original Salamis's layout. The remaining four are mounted on the enlarged engine section at the rear, with one on each corner.
  • Laser Turrets
For anti-mobile suit combat the Salamis Kai (0083) is equipped with four single-barrel laser turrets in place of the original Salamis's machine gun turrets on the forward struts of the ship. The laser turrets have a slower rate of fire but are more effective against a mobile suit's armor.
  • 15-tube External Missile Launchers
These missile launchers were used for both anti-ship and anti-fortress purposes. They were mounted on the sides of the ships behind the single beam turrets, like the original 6-tube missile launchers.
  • Internal Missile Launcher
These missile launchers were used for both anti-ship and anti-fortress purposes. Eight of these are mounted in the bow, four on each side facing the front for forward attacks.
  • Internal Vertical Launch Cells
These missile launchers were used for both anti-ship and anti-fortress purposes. Eight of these are mounted on the hull of the ship in a 2x4 configuration behind the forward single barrel beam cannon turret.
  • 2-barrel 90mm Anti-Aircraft/Anti-MS Turrets
The ship is equipped with three 2-barreled 90mm AA/AMS machine gun turrets, one on each side of the bridge tower and one on the back of the bridge.


Between UC 0080 and UC 0083, the Salamis-class cruiser underwent its first major refit. Top members of the Federation Admiralty decided that the Salamis-class was in need of a total overhaul, and Federation engineers were charged with re-designing the class. The refit design was completed and entered into full mass production by the year UC 0083, by which time numerous ships of the refit design had been completed and entered into military service.

These refitted Salamis-class cruisers were one of the centerpieces of the UC 0083 Naval Review held at Konpei Island. The purpose of the review was so that the Earth Federation Forces could showcase their restored strength after the devastating losses of the One Year War. During the Konpei Island naval review, the stolen RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" fired a nuclear warhead that destroyed much of the Federation's space fleet. Many of the newly refitted Salamis-class battleships were destroyed or damaged beyond repair. The refitted Salamis cruisers were then fielded against the forces of the Delaz Fleet, many of where were destroyed against the old Zeon mobile suits and the AMX-002 Neue Ziel.

Because of their disastrous performance during Operation Stardust the Earth Federation scrapped the UC 0083 design of the Salamis cruiser. Engineers then redesigned the cruiser into the Salamis Kai-class cruiser.

Ships of the Line

  • Yulin, Nashville
Two ships that rendezvoused with the Albion during its pursuit of the Physalis. They were attacked by the Cima Fleet and sunk.[1]


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