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The Salamis-class was a class of space cruiser used by the Earth Federation Space Force in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and its OVA adaptation.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Salamis-class cruiser served as the bulk of the Earth Federation Space Force fleet. It is armed with six mega particle cannons on its bow and stern, and its anti-air machine guns and missile pods give it ample defensive armament. By linking these to its radar systems, it can make very precise attacks, giving it high firepower and defensive strength. However, the dispersal of Minovsky particles, which disrupt electromagnetic waves, would greatly reduce its capabilities.[1][2]

Though its firepower and offensive strength are low compared to the Magellan-class space battleship, and its hull size is smaller, its high mobility enables it to easily change and move fleet formations in response to the battle situation. It is deployed mainly in the vanguard of the fleet, alongside Lepanto-class missile frigates, to support the attacks of the Magellan-class battleships that perform most of the bombardment.[3]


  • Single-barrel Mega Particle Cannon
  • 8-cell Vertical Launching System
  • 6-tube Missile Launcher
  • Large Missile Launcher
  • 2-barrel Anti-air Machine Gun


The Salamis-class was first deployed in the U.C. 0060s, and served as the main part of Earth Federation Space Force's fleet.[1][2]

One Year War

On January 3, U.C. 0079, the Principality of Zeon declared war on the Earth Federation, beginning the One Year War. In the first battles of the war, Zeon attacked and captured the lunar cities of Granada and Von Braun. The Federation's Magellan-class battleships and Salamis-class cruisers proved to be no match against Zeon's ships and mobile suits.[4]

On January 23, U.C. 0079, Zeon was poised to attack Side 5, Loum. In response, the newly constructed EFSF Third Fleet, which consisted of a large number of Salamis-class cruisers, was launched from Jaburo using boosters and rendezvoused with the First Fleet led by Admiral Johann Ibrahim Revil at Luna II before heading for Loum to assist the Second Fleet in defeating the Zeon invasion.[4]

During the Battle of Loum, the EFSF Second Fleet consisted of 60 ships, including 45 Salamis-class cruisers. Under the command of Admiral Tianem, the Second Fleet engaged the Zeon fleet led by Dozle Zabi. Initially, the Tianem Fleet held the advantage, destroying many Zeon vessels. However, the Dozle Fleet suddenly altered course, causing the Tianem Fleet to lose sight of it.[4][5]

At this point, the Revil Fleet was attacked by Zeon's Special Assault Regiment, led by Miguel Gaia and Char Aznable. Caught by surprise, and with their targeting capabilities hampered by Minovsky particles, the Revil Fleet was quickly devastated by Zeon's mobile suits.[6]

During the battle, Revil was captured, but Kycilia Zabi arranged for him to be rescued by the Federation in order to prolong the war. A Salamis-class arrived to extract him, but unexpectedly encountered the Falmel, Char's personal ship, during the latter's test run. Char boarded the ship in order to determine its purpose, and upon realizing Kycilia's plan, decided to allow it to leave.[6]



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