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Sakie is a fictional character and protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hunter of Black Clothes.

Personality & Character

Sakie is Wolfgang's fiancee.

Skills & Abilities


Sakie is Wolfgang fiancee who's recruited as an operator for Zeon military. After told that she's recruited to her fiancee, Wolfgang said he would make Sakie to be assigned under Captain Lukov as a rear operator because it's safe compared to frontline operator. A month later, Sakie requested to be assigned under Lieutnant Commander Wolfgang and had a debate about him. In her first mission as an operator there, she watch her fiancee defeated by Federatiom's GM. She launched on a Komusai to save Wolfgang's Zaku moments before it plunged into the atmosphere.

After Wolfgang woke up, she asked him to return to Side 3 and live peacefully together, but Wolfgang rejected her because he wanted to avenge the Ace Duck who beat him in dirty way before.

In her second mission under Wolfgang, she warned Wolfgang that Zudah lost the competition fromZaku to be Zeon's main MS because its engine will explode due to overexertion. In that mission, she also learned that Wolfgang's battle style is dangerous and small mistake will made him pulled by gravitation. Looking how Wolfgang can be so cruel by letting enemy's crew die because running out of oxygen.

Later, she asked Wolfgang again to return to Side 3, but rejected again and being told that Wolfgang don't like what his enemy is doing and his regret for killed the little girl in the civilian transporter before. Sakie kind of not fully understand what's that mean.

In the final fight, Sakie had to see her comrade killed in the battlefield in front of her eye. After Wolfgang finished his fight, he told Sakie that return to Side 3 and live pecefully is not a bad idea and it made Sakie happy. However, due to enemy's battleship, Chibe, that bring detonators will fall to earth and destroy 80% of Northern Ireland, and the Chibe cannot be destroyed in space, Wolfgang chose to sacrifice himself by exploding Zudah to the Chibe before it enter the atmosphere.

Sakie told Wolfgang to turn off the communication, but Wolfgang still choose to do it anyway because that's kind of man he is. Seconds before his death, Wolfgang asked Simon in the Chibe to be the witness in his and Sakie's wedding ceremony, seconds before the explosion. While crying, Sakie answered yes and just married Wolfgang for one second

One year after the war, Sakie wrote a book about Hunter of Black Clothes that told the story about her deceased finance.


Wolfgang Fiancee


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