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Saette Gyuzelle (セイット・ギュゼル?) is a fictional character in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.

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Saette Gyuzelle was wanted for attacking his own country and destroying parts of the historic city of Istanbul. However, Saette's actions were not of his own free will. At one point in the tournament, Saette was attacked by the JDG-00X Devil Gundam and infected with the Devil Gundam's DG cells. Afterwards, Saette would lose control of the Minaret Gundam and regain consciousness after it completed its destructive rampage. As Neo Turkey hunted him, Saette encountered his former romantic interest Rain Mikamura (unclear if they're ex-lovers). After discovering his infection, Rain pleaded with her partner Domon Kasshu to spare Saette. Their encounter ultimately led to a Gundam Fight, but the DG cells overwhelmed Saette and took control. After Domon defeated the Minaret Gundam with his GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam, Saette was cured of the DG cell infection and pardoned by Neo Turkey's government.



  • The correct spelling of Saette Gyuzelle's name in Turkish would something like "Sayit Güzel".

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