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SVMS-01OA Over Flag Astro Package Type (aka Over Flag Space Type) is a space combat variant of the SVMS-01O Over Flag. It is featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer movie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Over Flag Astro Package Type uses the normal Over Flag and equips it with a booster for greater mobility in space. The unit retains the "Trident Striker" linear rifle, has two defense rods instead of the normal one and features a pair of sub-linear cannons mounted on the hips.


  • 200mm New Type Linear Rifle
The Over Flag Space Type carries the same linear rifle as the normal Over Flag, this new type linear rifle is also known by the codename "Trident Striker". It has three barrels instead of one, and shots from the main barrel requires charging before firing, thus it does not have rapid firing capability. To compensate, two smaller caliber barrels are installed to either side of the main barrel. The two smaller barrels act like vulcans that fire a rapid amount of shots used primarily to restrict enemy movements, while the main barrel shoots stronger shots. The clear part on the top of the rifle has cooling and demagnetizing properties.
  • 20mm Machine Gun
The 20mm machine gun is mounted next to the drum cockpit. This rapid-fire armament is ideal for shooting down incoming missiles or small vehicles. The 20mm machine gun however is generally ineffective in against heavily armored targets like mobile suits
  • Linear Cannon
A standard defensive feature of Union mobile suits. The defense rod is a rotating rod usually connected to the elbow joint of the mobile suit's arms. The defense rod is capable of deflecting certain physical rounds such as bullets from a machine gun and in some cases a shot from a beam rifle by generating a plasma field.
  • Sonic Blade (Plasma Sword)
The standard melee weapon of both the AEU's and Union's mobile suits. A sonic blade is a folding dagger-like weapon that incorporates a high-frequency oscillating blade. The vibrations of the oscillating blade greatly increase the weapon's cutting capabilities. It can focus plasma in a sword shape to form a plasma sword.

System Features

  • Drum Cockpit
This cockpit was designed to reduce the G forces placed on the pilot. By making the pilot sit in a lying down fashion, the burden on the pilot is greatly decreased. A sub-cockpit is located in the waist for escape purposes.
  • Onboard AI
The onboard AI is used to control the intimidating patterns made by the visor.


The Over Flag Astro Package Type was used in the final defense line of the ESF Army in the ELS war.

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