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SVMS-01AP Union Flag Orbit Package Colony Guard Type (aka Flag Orbit Package Colony Guard Type or Colony Guard Flag) is a colony defense variant of the SVMS-01OP Union Flag Orbit Package from Mobile Suit Gundam 00V.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variation of the SVMS-01OP Union Flag Orbit Package, it is nicknamed "Colony Guard Flag" and is based on the SVMS-01AW Union Flag Orbit Package Astro Work Type. The Colony Guard Type is given increased firepower, and tuned for patrol missions in colony construction and asteroid field conditions. As the Astro Work Type is also equipped with a weapon, only a few Colony Guard Types were manufactured - for cases where the Astro Work Type's equipment proved inadequate. The unit has shown its effectiveness when it was deployed as a trump card against terrorists attacking Lagrange Point 1. Both the Astro Work Type and the Colony Guard Type are mainly used in their MA forms. In the end, the Colony Guard Type is yet another proof of the incredible versatility of the Flag series, which includes mobile suits for use in space, on land and over the sea.

  • Colony Guard Flag Raptor Position : In this mode the legs are positioned in front of the machine, making it a dangerous enemy to engage in close combat. In addition to the main weapon, the MLR-04 Crossfire, the unit is also equipped with short linear cannons (120mm Caliber) on the shoulders and rocket launcher packs mounted on the legs.
  • Colony Guard Flag Cruise Position : In this mode, the legs are fixed in place behind the fuselage. This form is usually assumed for non-combat flight.


  • MLR-04 Crossfire Linear Rifle
A regular version of the XLR-04 experimental rifle (200mm Caliber) used on the SVMS-01E Union Flag Graham Aker Custom. When members of the Fereshte organization reviewed the data from the initial conflict between the Custom Flag and Gundam Exia they discovered that the XLR-04 linear Rifle has a variable power output. It is capable of firing a series of rapid-fire high speed attacks that have almost no real power behind them, or it can charge up a single shot that has tremendous speed and power. Apart from its use as a weapon, the Astro Work Type can also convert it into a mass driver for transporting cargo containers.
  • 120mm Short Linear Cannon
  • 60mm Built-in Linear Cannon
  • Sonic Blade (Plasma Sword)
The standard melee weapon of both the AEU's and Union's mobile suits. A sonic blade is a folding dagger-like weapon that incorporates a high-frequency oscillating blade. The vibrations of the oscillating blade greatly increase the weapon's cutting capabilities. It can focus plasma in a sword shape to form a plasma sword.
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Leg Claw
  • Linear Spear

System Features

  • Drum Cockpit
This cockpit was designed to reduce the G forces placed on the pilot. By making the pilot sit in a lying down fashion, the burden on the pilot is greatly decreased. A sub-cockpit is located in the waist for escape purposes.
  • Onboard AI
The onboard AI is used to control the patterns made by the unit's visor.


One incident where the Colony Guard Type was deployed against terrorists attacking Lagrange Point 1. It is assumed that the terrorists were annihilated as the Colony Guard Type had proven its effectiveness in colony defense.

The other much lesser known event where another Colony Guard Type was used, was when Robert Spacey and Deborah Galiena stole one such unit to escape from one of the three Orbital Elevators, where the GNX-603T GN-X units were being constructed. Because the two had found out about Alejandro Corner's plans, they felt they were a certain amount danger, as they were involved in the production of the GN-X. Unable to steal a GNX-509T Throne Varanus for their escape, the duo resorted to stealing a Colony Guard Type, which was kept for maintenance purposes instead. The duo were able to escape to a Union Space Colony Base at Lagrange Point 1, while easily evading asteroids under Ms.Galiena's piloting. When asked what their plans were upon reaching safety, Robert Spacey suggested that the media be contacted. His contact in the media was Kinue Crossroad, who had interviewed him about the Gundams when he had only just recently became a Mobile Suit Development historian.


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