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SU-Cordism stands for "Space Umbilical Cord". It is a social, religious, and technological system that defines society in the Regild Century. A societal response to the wars of the previous Universal Century era, SU-Cordism is followed by the majority of characters in Gundam Reconguista in G.


At the end of the Universal Century, a massive disaster occurred due to war. The Earth was scarred and the colonies in space destroyed with every orbital elevator except for one. Society reorganized around it, the Capital Tower, and recovered. Believers use the word SU-Cord as a word of prayer and it's also used as a greeting between believers. The current leader is Gel Trimedestus Nug.


  • Humanity's unchecked technological growth was the root cause of the wars of the Universal Century.
  • To restore Earth, society and technology must remain static and unchanging and avoid rapid growth.
  • As such, all human nations must run on energy for Photon Battery provided by the SU-Cordist church to control and manage their growth.
  • Various technologies are seen as Taboo, as well as certain academic pursuits such as Astronomy to prevent societal upheaval.

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