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The STTS-909 Rising Freedom Gundam is a mobile suit introduced in the animated film Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom. It is piloted by Kira Yamato.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

Using all previous operational data from the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam, the unit was designed incorporating transformation technology acquired by Orb through the MVF-M11C Murasame. Also, its weapons are developed and manufactured from PLANT, and latest technologies from various countries and organizations are used to develop this unit. It shares a frame with the STTS-808 Immortal Justice Gundam, as well as containing the same panoramic monitor cockpit and operating system. This state-of-the-art mobile suit is also remarkable in that it is even more compact in size than previous Freedom variants. Its equipment mainly consists of long-distance combat armament, with Variable Phase Shift (VPS) Armor that can neutralize physical ammunition. With its common frame as a base, equipment may be changed depending on usage needs, making this a multi-role unit capable of utilizing numerous variations.[1]

Unlike its predecessors, the Rising Freedom Gundam is battery-powered, necessitating the use of various measures to conserve power for its energy-intensive loadout. A planned upgrade was meant to combat the weaknesses of the Rising Freedom being battery-powered with the MDE262S Proud Defender, which would have greatly increased its combat abilities, but the Proud Defender was not completed in time due to development delays, and after the untimely destruction of the Rising Freedom the planned upgrade was re-adjusted for the secretly renovated ZGMF/A-262B Strike Freedom Gundam Type II.[2][3]


  • MMI-GAU30 31mm CIWS "Schlag Fang Block7"
Mounted in the head, the pair of CIWS guns are close-range weapons for intercepting incoming missiles and enemy units.
  • MA-BBF75 400mm Hyper Impulse Gun "Sturmsvaha"
A pair of powerful plasma beam cannons located in the wings; they are positioned over the shoulders when in use. Amongst the suit's ranged weaponry, the cannon has the highest firepower and longest attack range, but have the highest energy drain on the Rising Freedom's non-nuclear battery and has to be managed accordingly.
  • MA-FZ51 "Vershina" Beam Saber
The main close combat weapons of the Rising Freedom are two MA-FZ51 "Vershina" beam sabers, which are stored above the railguns. Since the beam sabers are powered by the suit's non-nuclear battery, they have a lower output than the ones used by the Freedom and the Strike Freedom, powered by nuclear reactors. The two beam sabers can be combined into a twin-edged beam saber known as the 'Ambidextrous Halberd'. Kira, however, prefers to dual-wield the sabers, given his forte in executing high-speed melee attacks.
  • MMI-M2020 "Viper 3" Railgun
A pair of railguns that are mounted on the waist with an excellent rate of fire and high ammunition capacity. This particular model is as compact as the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam's "Xiphias 3" railguns.
  • MA-M727A3 High Energy Beam Rifle
The Rising Freedom uses a MA-M727A3 high-energy beam rifle, similar in form to its predecessor, the Freedom. Its output and energy capacity are lowered due to the Rising Freedom being a non-nuclear, battery-powered mobile suit. Can be stored on the rear skirt armor when not in use. During MA mode, the rifle is stored under the shield.
Mounted on the forearms' beam shield generators, the pair of "Invictus" beam shields can effectively block most beam and physical attacks. They continue the developments of the Strike Freedom's "MX-2200" beam shields but are meant as an auxiliary defense should Kira lose and or hurl the Rising Freedom's physical shield at his enemies - due to their strong defensive power offset by the cost of high energy consumption of the Rising Freedom's non-nuclear battery.
  • Laminated Anti-Beam Carrier Composite Armed Shield
Handheld and/or mounted on the left forearm, the Rising Freedom's shield has a laminated armor surface instead of an anti-beam coating like on the shields used by most mobile suits. Like the ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam, it has integrated weapons, and can be hurled at enemies as an offensive weapon using its built-in thrusters.
  • RQM73 Flash Edge G-3 Shield Boomerang
A pair of offensive weapons mounted in the shield, it can function as a beam boomerang that can move in space like in the atmosphere, as its movement is due to the interaction between the beam blade’s force field and the surrounding matter. Secondly, it can function as a handheld or shield mounted beam blade.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Mobile Armor Mode
Due to the nature of Compass' activities, there is frequent travel between Earth and space, so the Rising Freedom possesses a transformation mechanism into a Mobile Armor mode, and it can breach the atmosphere without a heat shield. While the transformation technology is based off the Murasame's, it has been simplified to reduce maintenance requirements while retaining durability. In MA mode, the Rising Freedom is capable of escaping into Earth's orbit using a Positronic Interference wake without the aid of additional boosters.
  • High Mobility Aerial Tactics (HiMAT) Mode
The Rising Freedom's atmospheric flight configuration, in which its wings are unfolded for higher maneuverability. The Rising Freedom is capable of flight even in its normal mode, but this form is better suited for aerial dogfighting. The HiMAT mode can also be used in space whereby it enhances the Rising Freedom's AMBAC capabilities.
As implied by its name, this unique system allows the Rising Freedom to target multiple enemies and attack them at once. To use this system effectively, the pilot must have high spatial awareness capability, which is rare even among Coordinators.
  • Full Burst Mode
The name of the attack mode in which the Rising Freedom uses its beam rifle, railguns and plasma beam cannons all at once. This mode is often used together with the Multi Lock-On System to destroy large numbers of enemy units at once. However, despite its power, Full Burst Mode can only fire in a forward direction. On the Rising Freedom, the composite armed shield is also launched when performing this attack to engage more targets.
  • Operating System
The Rising Freedom uses the General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver Complex operating system.
Like its predecessors, the Rising Freedom is equipped with VPS Armor to protect against physical attacks.


The Rising Freedom Gundam was developed as Kira Yamato's new mobile suit to replace the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam. It would participate in several Compass peacekeeping operations, most frequently to neutralize Blue Cosmos attacks. One such notable battle occurred in Aldrin City, a ZAFT-controlled Special Economic Zone in Africa, where the Rising Freedom would engage in frontline combat against Blue Cosmos forces to defend the city, and singlehandedly defeated a GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam. When the Blue Cosmos forces retreated only for the ZAFT garrison to continue pursuit, Kira would use the Rising Freedom to disable the ZAFT forces ZGMF-1017 GINNs as well.[4]

During a joint operation between Compass, the Eurasian Federation, and the Kingdom of Foundation to root out a Blue Cosmos base in Eldore, Kira launches in the Rising Freedom to eliminate all opposition, scoring yet another Destroy Gundam kill alongside Shinn Asuka and the Immortal Justice. Unfortunately, a scheme enacted by the Foundation and the Black Knight Squad causes Kira to violate Eurasian airspace and attack Eurasian forces. The Black Knight Squad is then sent in to eliminate the Rising Freedom. After being overwhelmed by relentless attacks, the Rising Freedom is disabled by Shura Serpentine's NOG-M1A1 Shi-ve.A needle barrage. This was worsened when Agnes Giebenrath in her ZGMF-2027/A GYAN Strom suddenly ambushed the disabled Gundam, rendering it beyond repair. While Kira manages to escape after being rescued by Athrun Zala's timely arrival in the ZGMF-MM07 Z'Gok, what little remained of the Rising Freedom was presumably destroyed by the nuclear missile blast over Eldore.[4]


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Notes & Trivia[]

  • The original name of the Rising Freedom during the movie's planning phase was "Supreme" Freedom.
  • The Rising Freedom is the only Freedom Gundam variant that mostly differs on the design and color from its predecessors. The iconic head is noticeably different for example lacking the distinctive face vents, and the shape of the feet is more reminiscent of the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam's.
  • According to Fukuda, the "Rising" in its name is in homage to the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Kuuga. In particular, "Rising" was an upgrade for the titular Rider's various forms, though it was never actually called that in-series.
  • The Rising Freedom is also the first transformable mobile suit that Kira is seen piloting.
  • The head crest of the Rising Freedom displays the words "AUMENTO 909", which means "Rising" in Italian.
  • In the SEED Freedom Novelization, the Proud Defender is attached to the Rising Freedom's back when undergoing testing instead of being in a separate hangar, suggesting the combined name might have been "Mighty Rising Freedom."[2]
  • The Rising Freedom's HUD in the movie refers to the Sturmsvaha Hyper Impulse Cannons as "Positron Blaster Guns", though whether this suggests that the weapons use the same technology as actual Positron Blaster Cannons is speculative at best.
  • Despite being based on the data of the Strike Freedom, the Rising Freedom has more resemblance to the original Freedom Gundam.




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