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The SPA-51 Cannon Illefuto is an artillery mobile suit introduced in ∀ Gundam. It was designed by Junya Ishigaki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An excavated artillery mobile suit dating back to the Dark History, the Cannon Illefuto has high firepower due to the backpack-mounted five-barrel gatling gun. Others armaments include a vulcan gun on the left side of its head and an arm-mounted shield with integrated beam saber emitter for close-quarters combat. Despite this, it fares poorly in close range. Thanks to the maintenance by the Dianna Counter, its operability is improved.


  • 5-barrel Gatling Gun
Mounted on the backpack, this spinning, five-barrel weapon has a rapid rate of fire and serves as the Cannon Illefuto's main armament. It is relatively large compared to the mobile suit itself.
  • Vulcan Gun
A single gun pod mounted in the left side of the Cannon Illefuto's head. It is useful in intercepting incoming missiles/rockets, destroying mobile suit sensors, and engaging lightly-armored vehicles.
  • Shield
Mounted on the left forearm, this physical shield not only serves as a defensive armament, but can also emit a beam saber from a small opening at the bottom. This offensive feature was not utilized during its brief battle against the Inglessa and Luzianna Militias.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Although its origin and manufacturer is unknown, the Cannon Illefuto bears some resemblance to the Earth Federation Forces's RGC-80 GM Cannon fielded in the Universal Century timeline. The cross-emblem on the shield also resemble those on Earth Federation Forces' mobile suits' shields.
  • Its overall height is noted to be less than 15 meters (15m弱).

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