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[[Category:{{{media}}}s]] SD Gundam World Heroes: The Legend of Dragon Knight (SDガンダムワールド ヒーローズ THE LEGEND OF DRAGON KNIGHT SD Gandamu Wārudo Hīrōzu Ji Rejendo Obu Doragon Naito?) is a multimedia SD Gundam Gaiden project set to release in 2022. It is a spin-off sequel to SD Gundam World Heroes.

Following the same formula as its predecessors, Dragon Knight loosely derives its settings and characters from the the King Arthur mythos.


Through the efforts of the heroes, the world escaped the threat of collapse due to the Dark Mask and peace was restored. All the heroes then returned to their respective homes. A few years later...

Throughout Knight World, disturbing rumors have begun to spread, saying that a group calling itself the "Z Clan" is building its strength and scheming to overthrow King Arthur's reign. Arthur Gundam Mk-III, the ruler of Knight World, orders his young nephew Knight Strike Gundam to investigate. To seek the facts behind the rumors, Knight Strike Gundam leaves Castle Camelot and sets out on a journey.


  • Knight Strike Gundam- Main protagonist. The nephew of Arthur Gundam Mk-III and heir to the throne. Due to his young age, Knight didn't participate in the fight against Qiongqi Strike Freedom Gundam. However, he studied hard and refined his skills during the battles and grew up into a marvelous knight. He is an honest and kind young warrior with a strong sense of justice.
  • Arthur Gundam Mk-III- The king of Knight World and owner of the Knight World's Haro. He has the honest and thoughtful personality that befits a knight, and as a result, he is deeply popular with his vassals and subjects. Having inherited a Haro from previous generations, he is intrigued by Liu Bei, who also owns a Haro, and they end up dueling each other. During their duel, Arthur speaks to Liu Bei of the proper relationship between strength and justice.
  • Robinhood Gundam AGE-2- An aide to Arthur Gundam Mk-Ⅲ. He was originally a gentleman thief, but was drawn to Arthur's skill and spirituality, and half-forced his way into a position as his aide. Still young and restless, he is the troublemaker of the castle, but his mastery of the bow has also made him an accomplished warrior.
  • Merlin Gundam- An aide to Arthur Gundam Mk-Ⅲ, who serves as Arthur's secretary. Though he is usually calm, Merlin has a nervous and fearful personality, and tends to get flustered over minor things. He is remarkably knowledgeable, and Arthur often turns to him for information and advice.
  • Warlock Aegis Gundam- A young leader who rebelled against King Arthur's administration in the Knight World as it regained peace. He has quite a brutal personality, and began holding a grudge toward Knight Strike after encountering him on a battlefield.
  • Leif Gundam GP04 - A nomadic merchant who travels around the world who goes by the alias "Gerbera". He has connections to heroes all over the world, such as Sun Jian and Benjamin, but his origins are shrouded in mystery. Only a handful of beings know his true name.
  • Shining Grasper Dragon - This is a mythical creature that is said to live in the unexplored regions of Knight World. It has immense vitality and intelligence, but has calm tendencies and avoids conflict. Legend says that a special entity will be born when the world is at a major turning point.


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