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SD Gundam Gaiden: Knights of the Round Table (SDガンダム外伝 円卓の騎士編?) is a media project within the SD Gundam franchise produced in 1991, centered on Bandai's Gunpla and Carddass trading cards. It's sequel to SD Gundam Gaiden: Sieg Zeon Hen


Similar to Sieg Zeon Hen, Knights of the Round Table features fantasy Japanese role-playing game styled visuals and storytelling. As the name implies, it borrow some elements from Arthurian Legend as well as pulp fantasy like Conan the Barbarian. In addition, many of the characters use designs from Mobile Suit Gundam F91 in addition to the series used in Sieg Zeon Hen.


Seven years ago, the Kingdom of Britis was attacked by the Zabiloniya Empire. With the death of the ruler, King Gundam, and the Knights of the Round Table being either separated or killed, the Britis Kingdom was taken over. However, the whereabouts of the kingdom's young prince, Crown Knight Gundam were unknown. For years afterwards, the people lived under Zabiloniya's tyranny. Seven years later, the prince reappears to stand against the empire. Using the royal family's Vatras Sword, the grown Crown Knight travels to defeat Zabiloniya while gathering together members of the new Knights of the Round Table.


  • Vatras Sword

After growing up in the remote Belfast village, Crown Knight obtains the Britis royal family's sacred treasure, the Sword of Vatras. He eventually recruits Fencer Plus, a swordsman from Sentinel Village. They later meet up with Armor Knight F90, the knight who escorted Crown Knight during his escape from Britis Castle seven years ago, and travel to the home of the Ranal Region's governor, Garma. While battling the guardian Zaku Lord, they are assisted by Platinum Lord, one of the surviving members of the original Knights of the Round Table. After liberating the region, they form a small resistance group to fight against Zabiloniya.

  • Knights of the Shooting Star

Crown Knight's group has taken back more territories from the Zabiloniya Empire. In order to cover more land, the group splits up, with Crown traveling with Elegant Knight Red Warrior, Heavy Knight Heavy Gundam, and Wind Knight Gundam Mk II to the fortress in Zedan. After getting lost in the fortress's labyrinth, a mysterious old man gives them a silver disk to take them to the center. They take over the fortress by defeating Beast Knight Berga Dalas. It is then revealed that the old man was another surviving member of the original Knights of the Round Table, Bishop Guntank R.

  • King Gundam

Eventually, Crown Knight and his group finally return to recapture Britis Castle. On the way, they meet Burning Knight F91 and the three F90 Junior brothers. During the recapture, the group is forced to avoid the elite assassination unit known as the Black Battalion. While searching inside the thinly defended castle, Crown Knight encounters the spirit of his father while in the Round Table Room and becomes King Gundam II. The allies he recruited along the way then become the New Knights of the Round Table.

  • Knights of the Round Table

The castle's defenses were thin because the Zabiloniya Empire's leader, Great Degwin, was heading to Mount Rodineon for the Holy Grail. Great Degwin wanted the Holy Grail to gain eternal life. The Holy Grail was passed down through the Britis Royal Family and was the reason for the invasion of the kingdom in the first place. The remaining forces were there to search for the key to it. In order to prevent the Holy Grail from falling into the hands of evil, the Knights of the Round Table head to Mount Rodenion.


New Knights of the Round Table

Crown Knight GundamKing Gundam II

The main character of the story and the new leader of the newly created Knights of the Round Table. Son of King Gundam I. He is later equipped with the G-Armor before the attack on Zedan Fortress and the Full Armor before the recapture of Britis Castle. Becomes King Gundam II with the power of his father's spirit.

Brave Fencer Plus

A swordsman from Sentinel Village. He is the first person Crown Knight recruits.

Armor Knight Gundam F90Heavy Armor Knight Gundam F90

Crown Knight's escort to Belfast Village after the fall of Britis seven years ago. He was later ambushed by Zabiloniya and frozen in ice. Later, he is saved by Crown Knight and is recruited as a member of the resistance. In the Complete Box set, it was revealed that he was a member of the previous Knights of the Round Table until he resigned for various reasons.

Platinum Lord

One of the survivors of the previous Knights of the Round Table. In the Famicom game, he lost his memory. In the manga, he was part of another Zabiloniya resistance force before joining Crown Knight. In the Complete Box set, he had recommended Guncannon to the first Knights of the Round Table after F90 left, but he later regretted it. He was on a journey when Britis Castle was attacked.

Elegant Knight Red WarriorScarlet Knight Red Warrior

An aristocrat from outside of Britis that originally joined to seek fame. He fought alongside Crown Knight in the attack on Zedan Fortress.

Heavy Warrior Heavy GundamHeavy Knight Heavy Gundam

A mercenary hired to fight against Zabiloniya. He later permanently joins to fight strong opponents. Fights alongside Crown Knight in the attack on Zedan Fortress.

Wind Knight Gundam Mark IIStorm Knight Gundam Mark II

The second son of Storm Knight Gamma Gundam, a member of the previous Round Table. During the fall of Britis seven years ago, he was separated from his brother and father. Years later he joined Crown Knight as a subordinate and assisted him in the attack on Zedan Fortress. He, Red Warrior, and Heavy Gundam are nicknamed "The Knights of the Shooting Stars" due to their speed in battle.

Bishop Guntank R

Another survivor of the original Knights of the Round Table. At the time, he wasn’t as good as his pier, Meteor Gundam, and he regrets losing to Zabiloniya. He strived to master it in seclusion. As a result, he becomes the best magic user in Britis. Assisted Crown Knight in Zedan Fortress by giving him the Silver Disk and joined his group to retake Britis Castle.

Burn Knight Gundam F91Burning Knight Gundam F91

Leader of Britis's largest Anti-Zabiloniya organization. Much about his past is unknown, but he had developed a great amount of friends while in the organization. His comrade, Silver Knight Vigna Ghina was a former member of Zabiloniya. He joined Crown Knight after the fall of Zedan Fortress.

Fencer F90 JuniorKnight F90 Junior

Warrior F90 JuniorHeavy Warrior F90 Junior

Priest F90 JuniorMage F90 Junior

Armor Knight F90's sons. Three brothers who use their individual skill, strength, and magic to fight together in battle. Despite being forbidden from battle by their father, they joined Burn Knight's rebellion organization. As a result of their success in battle, they become Burn Knight's subordinates. In the manga, their father calls them "An", "Pon", and "Tan".

Dark Knight Gundam Mark II

The first son of Storm Knight Gamma Gundam. Wind Knight Mark II's older brother and the last person to join the Knights of the Round Table. After being separated from his father and brother, he was captured by Zabiloniya and was raised to believe that they were killed by King Gundam. Years later, he becomes a high-ranking member of the Black Battalion, Zabiloniya's strongest assassination unit. During the recapture of Britis Castle, he encounters Wind Knight and becomes confused about his past. He later joins the Knights of the Round Table in the final battle.

Previous Generation Knights of the Round Table

King Gundam I

The previous king and leader of the first generation Knights of the Round Table. The father of Crown Knight Gundam. He died in the attack on Britis Castle. He is later seen as a ghost within the Round Table Room.

Knight Arthur Gundam

The younger brother of King Gundam I, Crown Knight's uncle, and Armor Knight F90's teacher. He was said to have an arrogant personality and was sent to the Tabith Kingdom to train. His rough relationship with his older brother caused a rift between the Knights, which was a factor that lead to the fall of Britis.

Storm Knight Gamma Gundam

The father of Dark Knight Gundam Mk II and Wind Knight Gundam Mk II. He defended the castle to the end and escaped with his sons after it fell. During his escape, he sensed the approach of Zabiloniya soldiers and told the brothers to not move until he returned. He never returned, and died in battle from his injuries. Seven years later, he appears as a spirit to Dark Knight Mk II while in the forest to tell him that he was killed by Zabiloniya.

Silver Knight Z Gundam

A knight said to be solitary. He fought red Vigna Ghina, who led the Red Knights, with nothing but his knowledge and sword skills. Their fight ends after the fall of Britis with Ghina inheriting his title.

Rose Knight Rosetta

The sole female member of the first Knights of the Round Table. As her name suggests, she is of the Red Warrior Clan and was born in the Almata region’s Regashim, the same region as Red Warrior R. Before the fall of Britis, she returned home but was not in time to join the volunteer army in the time of “Knights of the Shooting Star”. She continues working with a resistance force and dies in the North region.

Heavy Warrior Mega Gundam

A relative of Warrior ZZ from the Algus Knights. The iron ball on his axe was given to Gamma, and later came into the possession of Dark Knight.

Heavy Warrior Guncannon

Joining after F90’s resignation, he becomes the youngest member of the Round Table. He gave Platinum Lord, his close friend, a feather from his helmet as a farewell gift. He fought at the castle gate during Zabiloniya’s attack.

Persona Knight Javor

A knight who came to learn about the legendary knights. He appeared to be well known, but was shrouded in mystery due to appearing as a masked knight. He helped gather information with his old friend Falco in the Granada region. Appears later in Shin SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari.

Barbarian Knight Conan

A knight that travelled to Granada with Falco Gundam. His true identity is Command Gundam.

Dragon Knight Falco Gundam

The father of Zero Gundam from Knight Gundam Monogatari. He had undergone training to become a dragon knight. Said to be greedily ambitious, he had a good rivalry-type relationship with King Gundam publicly and privately. He had been deeply involved in F90’s resignation. He traveled to the Granada Region to investigate an incident that happened there.

Mage Meteor Gundam

  • Design Basis: RX-93 ν Gundam (Hi-Streamer Ver.)

A traveling mage that had been researching how to create powerful attack magic. After getting tired of the constant peace, he left Britis due to only being focused on research. What he learned in Britis later results in the creation of a magical sword. Appears later in SD Gundam Gaiden: Kikōshin Densetsu.

Platinum Lord

See New Knights of the Round Table.

Bishop Guntank R

See New Knights of the Round Table.

Allies of Britis

Wise Man Antonio

A man who served the Britis royal family. He raised Crown Knight in Belfast Village for seven years after Britis fell. He gave Crown Knight items from the royal family on his journey.

Virtuous Mage Dagi Iris

Originally a member of Zabiloniya, he later changes sides and becomes Guntank R's disciple.


Warrior Rick Dias

A warrior that guards Belfast Village.

Soldier GM Light

A bow-welding soldier in Belfast Village.

Thief Kai

A thief who settled in Belfast Village. He appears to like the Village Chef's daughter, Miharu. In the past, he stole an important item from the dragon shrine, which later became the dragon necklace. In the manga, he often unintentionally encounters Crown Knight on his journey.

Mage GM Trainer

A mage that knows little magic. He gave Crown Knight the location of the Vatras Sword.

Village Chief Smith

The chief of Belfast Village.


The daughter of the village chief.

Villager GM Cruz

A villager in Belfast Village.

Warrior G Detector

  • Design Basis: MSA-005K Guncannon Detector

A warrior living in Zedan Village. He is angry about Zabiloniya's invasion.

Knight Dijeh

Originally a knight of Britis, he was assigned to a garrison at Zedan Fortress. After finding out about Crown Knight, he rejoins Britis.

Warrior Hayato

A warrior that works together with Ryu. However, he is not as skilled as Ryu.

Warrior Ryu

A powerful warrior that focuses on close-combat.

Village Girl Masaki

A village girl who helps treat wounded soldiers. In the manga, she treated Crown Knight after he is severely injured fighting Zaku S.

Merchant Bergamino

A merchant in the Ribal Region. He appears to be doing backroom dealings as well.

Villager GM Watson

A villager in Zedan Village.

Soldier Winter GM

The soldiers of Zedan Village.

Warrior Heavygun

A warrior that travelled together with Burn Knight F91. Their strength gives them the ability to fight on the level of Zabiloniya's warriors.

Soldier Apolly Design Basis: Apolly Bay and RMS-099 Rick Dias A vigilante in the city. He is good with a spear, but is also a coward, which causes him to lose many allies.

Soldier Roberto

A vigilante in the city. However, he is old and not that useful.

Scout Oscar and Marker

Two youths from Bariton town. They offer directions to Britis Castle. However, they are lost in the Wandering Forest and the directions were useless.

Mayor Carbine

The mayor of Bariton, the castle town of Britis. Due to being a cowardly man, he worked with Zabiloniya until fairly recently.

Daughter Beltorchika

The mayor's daughter. She feels bad about her father working for Zabiloniya.

Townsperson GM Garcia

A townsperson in Barinton town.

Heavy Warrior G Cannon

An old friend of Burning Knight F91. In the olden days, he served King Gundam I.

Knight Chris

A female knight welding magic armor. With her quick movement, she has the greatest skill among human knights. She can fight on equal ground with many of Zabiloniya's knights as a result.

Warrior Bergit

A warrior wearing silver armor. Despite being more skilled than most humans, he struggles to keep up with the Zabiloniya forces on Mount Rodenion. Because of his silver armor, he has higher resistance to magic.

Watchman GM Nicolson

The watchman of Holy Mountain Rodinion. He warned the Britis Army about the Zabiloniya Army's presence there. Despite being a watchman, he cannot fight.

Soldier GM

The Britis Army's soldiers. There are individual divisions skilled with swords, spears, and bows.

Zabiloniya Empire

Emperor Great DegwinEvil Demon Beast Giga Salamander

The emperor of the Zabiloniya Empire. In order to gain eternal life by using the Rodinion Holy Grail, he invaded Britis to take the key for the seal, which resulted in the death of King Gundam I and the destruction of the Royal Family. In the final battle, he merged with Evil Beast Elemental Rafflesia and became Giga Salamander. During the invasion of Britis, he was in his Demon Beast form, but was able to control his army using Rafflesia's tentacles and assistance from a sorcerer that served as his strategist.

Dark Knight Gundam Mark II

See New Knights of the Round Table.

Lord Garma

Lord of the Ranard region. He was commanded by the empire to supervise the region. While intentionally meaning to be a Lord, he is acutally a puppet for Zabiloniya.


Garma's wife. She worries about him walking the side of evil.

Evil Knight Zaku S

An evil knight of the Zabiloniya Empire. He was attacking surrounding villages in order to deal with King Gundam I's son. His cruel behavior comes from his panic seven years ago. In the manga, he was defeated by the Knights of the Shooting Star, but died by self-destructing himself, which severely injured Crown Knight.

Evil Swordsman Zaku LordMonster Zactopus

The Ranard region's strongest Swordsman. He worked behind Garma to dominate the region. He fought Crown Knight in Ranard Castle. He transformed into Zactopus knowing that he couldn't win in his Zaku Lord form. He dragged Crown Knight into the nearby lake, where he ended up being destroyed by the power of the Dragon Necklace.

Sorcerer Dirty Gyan

A Zabiloniyan sorcerer. With Zaku Lord's help, he was able to manipulate Garma from behind his back. He commanded the mages in Garma's mansion.

Soldier Hygogg

A low-ranked soldier in the Zabiloniya Army. He attacked Belfast Village with Zaku S.

Soldier Act Zaku

A warrior of Zabiloniya.

Soldier Marasai

A soldier with Zabiloniya. He guards the dungeon next to the lord's house.

Warrior Schuzrum Dias

A warrior of Zabiloniya. He is distantly related to Rick Dias of Belfast Village.

Knight Rick Dom

A Zabiloniyan Knight. He guards the bridge to Garma's mansion.

Knight Messala

A Knight of Zabiloniya. He protects the underground passage to the lord's mansion.

Knight Baund Doc

One of the Knights that guards Garma's mansion. He was one of the strongest knights sent to the region. Known for his quick movement.

Priest Zaku Tank

An old priest of Zabiloniya. He laments being old, but he is also a stubborn person. He guards the dungeon that leads to the mansion.

Sorcerer Zaku Cannon

Guards Garma's mansion.

Soldier Gadem

An old human Knight that guards Garma's mansion. He experienced an large number of battles and then decided he would die on the battlefield.

Knight Jerid

A human knight that guards Garma's mansion. His strange way of speaking stands out, but his abilities are not that noticeable.

Monster Bat Dopp

A bat-type monster. Seems to be related to a vampire bat.

Monster Gezematango

A mushroom-shaped monster.

Monster Chicken Zock

A bird-shaped monster that lives in grasslands. It moves quickly and has a loud cry.

Monster Marine Hizack

  • Design Basis: Marine Hizack

A monster that lives in water. It attacks using three spears.

Monster Heavy Gouf

Protects the underground passage connecting to Garma's mansion. Despite being a monster, he prefers using the fighting style of Warriors and Fighters.

Monster Hunter Zogok

A monster with high intelligence. Uses boomerangs.

Monster Giganroper

A monster with several tentacles on its body. Has slow speed.

Monster Killer Bit

  • Design Basis: Bits

Bees that live in the forest. They usually act as a group, but they are considerable on their own. Their stinger has poison.

Lord Dozle

The guardian of Zedan Fortress. Despite being a human, he has fighting strength that is comparable to the MS Clan.

Maid Nanai

Dozle's maid. A woman with a strong will as well as a beautiful appearance.

Curse Knight ReGelgu

A knight in Zedan Fortress. Said to weld a cursed sword. He seemed to have killed Knight Gaplant, who was a traitor. Usually paired up with Illusion Warrior Dwadge to be fearful to even those within Zabiloniya.

Illusion Warrior Dwadge

A warrior in Zedan Fortress. His illusion techniques have him paired with ReGelgu. This makes the two of them a force to be reckoned with. While the enemy is within the illusion, he attacks them with his huge axe.

Evil Knight Gelgoog

The evil knight of Zedan Fortress. A knight that protects Dozle. He has the same strength as Zaku S, but he is beaten by Crown Knight's forces. Later, he is resurrected as Berga Dalas by fusing with Ogre Hamma with Gelgoog Cannon's magic.

Monster Ogre Hamma

A monster in Zedan Fortress. He protects Dozle and is good at using weapons despite being a monster. He decided to merge with Gelgoog, who was defeated.

Sorcerer Gelgoog Cannon

A sorcerer in Zedan Fortress. Although he is weak individually, he uses fusion magic to combine himself with Gelgoog and Ogre Hamma to create Beast Knight Berga Dalas.

Beast Knight Berga Dalas

A monster created from the fusion of Gelgoog and Ogre Hamma. He creates a distortion called the Illusion World, which puts Crown Knight's forces in danger. However, his unrivaled power can only be shown in this world and he weakens after Crown Knight escapes using the Silver Disk.

Dark Mage Quess

A young mage that guards Zedan Fortress. She doesn't seem to understand how to use her magical power.

Soldier Acous

The captain of Dozle's Blue Unit. His unit is made up of mostly knights.

Soldier Clamp

The captain of Dozle's Gold Unit. His unit is made up of mostly monsters.

Soldier Cozun

The captain of Dozle's Red Unit. His unit is made up of mostly Warriors.

Scout Ebirhu-S

The Zabiloniya Empire's scout. Despite being forced into reconnaissance, his ability is greater than Bolinoak Sammahn.

Scout Bolinoak Sammahn

  • Design Basis: PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn

The Zabiloniya Empire's scout. Since reconnaissance is only an assignment, his ability is low.

Soldier Geara Doga

The soldiers of the Red Unit.

Soldier Den'an Zon

The soldiers guarding Fortress Zedan. They are skilled at using spears and shields, despite being low in strength.

Soldier Pezun Dowadge

An independent unit that tends to take independent action within Zedan Fortress.

Knight Gaplant

A knight that defends the passage that leads to the Lord of the castle. Member of the Blue Unit. In exchange for helping him, he taught Crown Knight the layout of the castle, but was targeted by ReGelgu.

Engineer Zaku

Engineers that work in the fortress. They work for their lives, but their hardship is unrewarded.

Monster Bigriffon

A monster that guards the entrance to Zedan Fortress. Despite its large size, it is very fast.

Monster Bawoogoil

Monsters that live on the outer walls of the castle.

Monster Satellite Gyaza

  • Design Basis: Satellite Missiles

Bombs set around Zedan fortress. It was originally meant for monitoring, so it has no ability to attack.

Monster Lizard Fin

A monster that lives in the moat around the fortress. They act in a group and use swords, but are surprisingly weak.

Monster Mammoth Juaggu

  • Design Basis: MSM-04G Juaggu

Monsters that live in the fortress. It normally has a gentle personality, so it won't attack unless provoked.

Monster Ghost Hambrabi

Ghosts that appear in the middle of the night. They appear in multiple numbers.

Guard Captain Kycilia

The captain that defends Britis Castle under the order of Great Degwin.

Sorceress Four

A member of Kycilia's defense force. She has the highest magic strength amoung humans. She protects the Round Table room. In the manga, she turned everyone in Barinton into demonic trees. She used this magic to capture Crown Knight in order to obtain one of the keys for the Holy Grail, the Holy Sword.

Fencer Rosamia

A female fencer who guards the Round Table room. She shows considerable skill among humans.

Aide Twanning

The aide of Kycilia. An eccentric man who thinks about his own protection.

Solder Bask Om

A veteran fighter with a large amount of combat experience. The strongest human in the Zabiloniya Empire.

Sorcerer Baund Doc

A sorcerer with the appearance of a kitsune. He had been hiding within the Round Table room. He seems to have lived for over a hundred years. In the manga, he tried to assassinate Crown Knight by impersonating Armor Knight F90, but was foiled by the F90 Junior brothers after he failed to call them by their nicknames.

Evil Priest Dahgi Iris

See Allies of Britis.

Guard Knight Zabi Giros

The leader of Zabiloniya's strongest assassination unit, the Black Battalion. It has been said that no one is safe once they have been targeted by them. He had been waiting for Crown Knight's group in the Round Table room. When he ordered the Black Battalion to attack Crown Knight, he believed things would go smoothly until Dark Knight suddenly left the front line, which causes him to be defeated by Crown Knight.

Guard Knight De'nan Zon

Guard Knight Denan Gei

Guard Knight Ebirhu S

The soldiers of the Black Battalion. They have no mind of their own, so they are almost robotic. Under the command of Zabi Giros, they can launch an uninterrupted cooperative attack.

Heavy Warrior The O

A warrior wearing heavy armor. He is heavy enough to hurt opponents by just taking damage.

Knight Gouf Begu

A prideful knight with a short temper. He tends to shout while attacking. Although he lacks calmness, his ability as a knight is great.

Warrior Zssa

Guards the castle gate. He wears thick armor, so he isn't defeated easily.

Knight Palace Athene

Guards the castle gate together with Warrior Zssa. A prominent knight in Zabiloniya, known for his brilliant sword skill.

Knight Qubeley

A high ranking knight in Zabiloniya. Has higher capability than evil knight despite being a common knight.

Soldier Galbaldy β

A low ranking soldier in Zabiloniya's army. They attack using collective tactics. They keep attacking one after the other even if they are defeated.

Warrior R-Jarja

A warrior of Zabiloniya. A member of Kycilia's forces.

Monster Gaplantis

A mantis-type monster living on the outer wall of the castle. They prefer fighting together.

Monster Chibehapi

  • Design Basis: Chibe

Lives on the outer wall of the castle. Uses simple magic.

Monster Serpent Gouf

A monster that lives underground. It attacks with two heads. They try to swallow enemies with their heads.

Monster Gaza Orc

A monster that lives in the Wandering Forest. It lives a simple life with a stone spear as a weapon.

Monster Gabeetle

An insect monster living in the Wandering forest. It wandered throughout the forest for tree sap.

Monster Sodonped

A centipede monster living in the forest. It secretes poison from its body.

Monster Magellant

An insect that lives underground. They normally attack as a group.

Monster Skiure Dragon

A dragon ridden by Warrior Hizack.

Silver Knight Vigna Ghina

Even though there is a large amount of obedient knights in Zabiloniya, he is an exception. He is said to be one of the strongest knights in Zabiloniya, having the same strength as Dark Knight. However, he is actually an old friend of Burning Knight F91 and he switches sides because of it. Seven years ago, he was the captain of the Red Knights and his armor was red instead of silver.

Evil Knight α Azieru

The strongest mage in Zabiloniya. He supervises every mage within the empire. He has magical power that is said to be able to revive the dead.

Monster Mega Zactopus

The resurrected version of Zactopus created by α Azieru.

Monster Mega Zabi Giros

The resurrected version of Zabi Giros created by α Azieru.

Monster Mega Berga Dalas

The resurrected version of Berga Dalas created by α Azieru.

Demon Beast Elemental Rafflesia

A powerful monster summoned by Great Degwin. With the ability to control fire, it caused the great fire that destroyed Britis in the past. Fought by the Knights of the Round Table in the Holy Grail Room.

Fierce Warrior Sazabi

The strongest Warrior in Zabiloniya. His fearful strength has given him the title of "Fierce Warrior".

Heavy Warrior Geymalk

A heavy warrior of Zabiloniya. He is the second strongest warrior only to Sazabi.

Evil Knight Kampfer

One of Zabiloniya's three Evil Knights, and the most powerful of them.

Soldier Ga-Zowmn

A low-ranking soldier in Zabiloniya. Guards the entrance to the mountain.

Soldier Gouf

A low-ranking soldier in Zabiloniya. Guards the entrance to the mountain.

Demon Knight Jagd Doga

A sword master who has been given the title of "Demon Knight", which is given to especially superior knights. Works together with Phantom Knight. His abilities can surpass Sazabi and Geymalk, the strongest warrior class members.

Phantom Knight Jagd Doga

A knight who works together with Demon Knight. The two of them work well as a team. Their strength is about the same.

Warrior Geara Doga

A high-ranking member of Zabiloniya. He has great amount of confidence due to being the best among normal warriors.

Warrior Zaku II

A warrior of Zabiloniya. A clever warrior who has mastered using both swords and axes.

Knight Gelgoog Jäger

A lower ranking knight of Zabiloniya. He has the lowest strength among Zabiloniya's knights, but has great speed to make up for it.

Knight Zaku IIIR

A knight of old age, he prefers to fight fairly in contrast to many of Zabiloniya's knights. However, his ability as a knight isn't that high.

Sorcerer Gigan

An old mage who escaped as soon as he met the Knights of the Round Table. He has magic strength on par with Big Zam of the Zeon Clan.

Monster Fire Gwazine

A monster that lives near the summit of the mountain. There are two of them. Its greatest weapon is the flames it breaths from its mouth.

Monster Dark Eyezack

  • Design Basis: Aizack

A monster that lives inside the mountain's dungeon. It looks like a huge eyeball and hypnotizes those who look into it.

Monster Barzam Doll

Lives in the dungeon. Two of them appear suddenly and do a strange dance.

Monster Durahan Zeong

A monster with the ability to cut off its own head and throw it. He is able to used swords. He is the strongest monster second only to Crown Mirage.

Monster Gasshia Troll

A giant monster. Appears at the enterence to Rodineon and are masters with clubs. Their individual ability is low, so they attack in groups.

Monster Crown Mirage

A monster that is a reflection of Crown Knight Gundam. It is said to resemble to shadow monsters of Demon Tower Titan.

Monster Crystal Hamma

A monster that lives in glaciers. It has a quartz body and dazes its enemy with a mysterious flash. It can also manipulate water.

Monster Gorgongogg

A monster that lives in caves. Although its movement is not good, it has strength to make up for it.

Monster Dabde Caterpillar

  • Design Basis: Dabde

A caterpillar monster encountered on the mountain path. It is a larva, but no one has ever seen its adult form.


  • SD Gundam Gaiden Knight Gundam Monogatari 3 Legendary Knights (Famicom)
  • SD Gundam Gaiden 2: Knights of the Round Table (Super Famicom)