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SD Gundam: Scad Hammers is a Gundam title for the Wii in which players controls the Gundam equipped with only the Gundam Hammer. It was only released in Japan.


The game is a comedic retelling of the original series. Tem Ray has finally finished the RX-78-2 Gundam, but much to the shock of General Revil, the only weapon it had was the Gundam Hammer and its variants. When Zeon forces attacked Side 7, Amuro Ray was forced to become the test pilot of the Gundam by his father.

After defeating the Zakus invading the colony (including Gene and six clones of Denim), Amuro confronts and defeat Char Aznable's Zaku and the Falmel, Tem Ray orders him to go to Jaburo on Earth in the White Base. However, parts for the White Base were stolen by Zeon forces, leaving only the central block.

Using the single block of the White Base, Amuro and Tem travel to Luna II, where they are once again attacked by Char's forces. Tem calls the base commander, Wakkein, a useless idiot, and steals all of his supplies. Char blocks the exit of Luna II with Wakkein's Magellan-class ship, but Amuro, despite Wakkein's protests, pushes it out of the way by repeatedly hitting it with the Gundam Hammer. After the two leave, Wakkein laments that it's such a cold-blooded time.


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