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Welcome to the Blanc Rival, the most state-of-the-art ship of the Earth Federation Forces.

Aya Swanport

The SCV-73 Blanc Rival is a Pegasus class assault carrier featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front video game and Gundam the Ride: A Baoa Qu. It also appeared in the manga MSV-R: The Return of Johnny Ridden.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Blanc Rival was an assault carrier constructed by the Earth Federation Forces at its Jaburo base on Earth. It was the fifth ship of the Pegasus-class. Like other ships of its class, it was constructed from multiple blocks, including living quarters that featured an artificial gravity area. The Blanc Rival also utilized a Minovsky craft system, which allowed it to fly at low altitudes on Earth and escape unassisted from the planet's atmosphere.


  • Twin 580mm Main Gun
  • Twin Mega Particle Gun
  • Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Missile Launcher

Special Equipment & Features

  • Minovsky Craft System


It is unknown exactly when the Blanc Rival was constructed, but the ship was finished or neared completion by November of U.C. 0079. During the Zeon assault on the Earth Federation's underground headquarters Jaburo, the Blanc Rival was discovered by the Zeon's elite Midnight Fenrir team. The docked ship had no other choice than to fire at the invaders and the Federation's Lt. Agar piloted the incomplete RX-78-6 Mudrock to assist the ship. Despite the efforts of Lt. Agar and the ship's crew, both the Blanc Rival and the RX-78-6 Mudrock Gundam were neutralized and heavily damaged by the Midnight Fenrir Corps before the Principality of Zeon retreat was called.

The Blanc Rival was later repaired and participated in Operation Star One. During the Battle of A Baoa Qu, it carried the RX-78-3 Gundam "G-3", but arrived too late to contribute to the battle. As A Baoa Qu began exploding, a Space Launch carrying space immigrants and an RGM-79 GM piloted by Jack Bayard crash landed in the Blanc Rival's mobile suit hangar, damaging the G3 Gundam. The space immigrants were then guided into the ship by its operator, Aya Swanport.

In U.C. 0090, the Blanc Rival was still in service. It carried Ingrid 0 and Vasuki (Yazan Gable in disguise) in the search for the Zanzibar-class Sangre Azul, which held the lead to the Zabi's Instrument of Revenge, a terrible bio-weapon secretly developed during the One Year War by Zeon.



  • The name "Blanc Rival" means "White Rival" in French. "Rival" is likely a reference to the concept of "rival horse" (対抗馬) in horse racing.

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