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Ryuto Sano Turner is the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: After Jaburo. He is the younger brother of Itsuse Hiko Turner and serves with the Earth Federation Forces Pegasus Corps, piloting the GM Land Combat Type and later the Chimera MS itself. He desires to find out what happened to his older brother and why he deserted the Federation.

Personality and Character

In the start of the manga, Ryuto was mischievous, brash, and was constantly worrying Rosina, a fellow Mobile Suit pilot. He was known by other officers for not respecting authority, but was accepted into the military regardless due to lack of available personnel.

Skills & Abilities


A year before the events of the story, Ryuto and his comrades in the EFF were doing mock battles in simulators. He managed to take out 5 GMs on his own, but was defeated himself when Itsuse did a sneak attack from above. Ryuto took part in the battle for Jaburo on November 30th, UC 0079 in South America. Piloting a GM type C, his brother suddenly decided to desert. He attempted to stop Itsuse, only for both of them to encounter Major Quartz Nimungam in a GM Sniper Custom. He could only watch as Itsuse engaged Quartz in a bid to escape with the top secret MS.

One year later, on April 20th U.C. 0080, a ceasefire with Zeon was proposed and Ryuto was tasked with helping the Jaburo base to expand. He did so using the Boro, a Guntank modified for construction purposes.

After defending Jaburo from an assualt by Zeon remnants, Ryuto was accepted into the Pegasus Corps. He was next in line to pilot the Heavy Gundam due to his brother's desertion.


Itsuse Hiko Turner

Ryuto's older brother


A South American priestess with ties to Ryuto

Quartz Nimungam

Ryuto's superior officer

Rosina Roan

The two are close and comrades on and off the battlefield. Due to his nature, Rosina is often exasperated by Ryuto, worried about him overexerting himself with training or goofing off during his military duties. She cares much for him and does her best to keep him out of trouble, often to no avail.


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