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Ryu Jose (リュウ・ホセイ Ryū Hosei?) is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam.

Personality & Character

A large, stocky Latino man with a dusky complexion, Ryu is a gentle, caring, and considerate comrade. He was the best mediator to ease the tensions between the uptight Bright Noa and the young civilian recruits, and often acted as mentor for the White Base's young crew members such as Amuro Ray, Hayato Kobayashi and others.


Ryu was a test pilot-in-training for the Earth Federation on Side 7. When the colony was attacked by Char Aznable, Ryu took control of the Core Fighter jet to protect the White Base. Ryu frequently piloted the FF-X7 Core Fighter, as well as the RX-75 Guntank alongside Hayato, who served as the gunner.

When Amuro briefly deserted the White Base and was later imprisoned by Bright upon his return, Ryu still believed in Amuro and tried to convince Bright to let him return to the Gundam. During an invasion by Ramba Ral's forces, Ryu was critically wounded after being shot by Ral. He was held in the White Base infirmary, but managed to escape from White Base unnoticed during an attack by Zeon's forces. Ryu sacrificed his life by crashing a Core Fighter kamikaze-style into Crowley Hamon's Magella Top seconds before she destroyed the Gundam.

His death moved the entire crew of the White Base to tears, and the reality of war truly began to sink in as everyone felt responsible for his death and even tried to call to his spirit for advice later on. In recognition of his bravery, Ryu is posthumously promoted by two ranks to the rank of lieutenant (in the movie trilogy, he was promoted three ranks to the rank of captain after his death).


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