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Ryofu Tallgeese is an antagonist, appearing in SD Gundam Sangokuden.



Ryofu Tallgeese was the chief enforcer of Toutaku Zaku and helped his master to kill Reitei Gundam, ruling emperor of Mirisha, thus allowing Toutaku to seize the throne. Ryofu served as a military commander and Toutaku's personal enforcer. Although content to leave battles to his troops, his large size and strength made him a capable warrior on his own and he enjoyed personally dealing with stronger threats. Three of his most frequent opponents were Ryubi Gundam, Chouhi Gundam and Kanu Gundam. Kanu held a personal vendetta against Ryofu, as he had destroyed Kanu's village and killed his lover. Despite the battles being three-against-one, Ryofu dominated his opponents and managed to smash Ryubi into the ground. The young Gundam surprised him by breaking free and calling upon the strength of his oath brothers, before calling on the Ryuteiken sword. Suddenly granted great strength and speed, Ryubi nearly defeated Ryofu was defeated by the surprise intervention of Ryofu's lover, Chou-sen Qubeley.

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