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Rutger Verhoeven (ルトガー・バーホーベン?) is a fictional character in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime. He is the Neo Holland representative in the 13th Gundam Fight and pilots the GF13-066NO Nether Gundam.

Skills & Abilities

He is mentioned by Marcelot Cronos to be sub-par in fighting ability as a Gundam Fighter, although he is able to use the Nether Typhoon technique.


During the 13th Gundam Fight, Rutger made it to the Gundam Fight Finals by exploiting a loophole in the rules: a competitor was eligible for the finals as long as their machine survived the preliminaries. As such, he opted to avoid getting into any fights whatsoever by disguising his Nether Gundam as a windmill in a field. Eleven months later, the finals were announced, prompting Rutger to fly the Nether Gundam to Hong Kong. He fought against Marcelot Cronos and the GF13-002NGR Zeus Gundam, attempting to defeat them with the Nether Typhoon technique, but was promptly defeated.


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