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Rooks Hanomark (ルクス・ハノマアク?) is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


Appointed by the late King of Estard, Rooks is the personal adviser to Prince Willis Aramis and often speaks for the young prince when he can not make decision. The older man acts on his own, giving orders in the name of the prince since the younger man has not yet learned what it means to be a leader or make a decision of his own free will. With the fall of their allies the United Kingdom of Northernbell and the Democratic Republic of Gastar, he orders the surrender of the People's Republic of Estard in order to prevent the country from being destroyed by ethnic cleansing from their old rivalry with Gastar. As everyone rests, Rooks communicates with the New United Nations Earth military, only to tell the Prince upon his return. Rooks made a deal with the New UNE government that he would take full responsibility for the war and the actions that were done, absolving the Prince of anything and removing any reason or excuse that the New UNE would have or others to have the young Prince executed as a war criminal. Smiling, he leaves the prince, happy that he could serve him one last time and happy that the Prince could now make choices on his own and become the great leader that he hoped he would be.



  • The english subtitles on the North American DVD release of Gundam X gives his first name as "Luchs" and his title as Vice President rather than Royal Advisor.
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