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Ronan Marcenas (ローナン・マーセナス Rōnan Māsenasu?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series.


Ronan is Riddhe's father and an important member of the Earth Federation Central Council. He serves as chairman of the Settlement Issues Council, which is jokingly referred to as the shadow cabinet, making him a huge advocate of the spacenoids. He first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. His son, Riddhe, goes to Earth with Mineva Lao Zabi, in hopes of resolving the Laplace Conflict before it escalates.

Sometime after the Zeon remnants assault Dakar, Ronan is on the phone with Martha Vist Carbine discussing it. The latter suggested that to end the war, he should hand over Mineva. Ronan promised to get back to her.

As Riddhe approached him, apologizing for the difficult position they've put him in but his father cut him off, suspecting that he has fallen for Mineva. He remarks that he never expected his own son to be entangled up with Laplace's Box. He then confessed the truth about their family and their connection to the Box.

Ronan later met with Bright Noa and assigned him to track down the Garencieres and destroy it.

Some time later, Martha barged in on Ronan and a cabinet of Federation officials, announcing that she has a solution to preventing the opening of Laplace's Box. Ronan and Martha then journey to Cheyenne Mountain Complex to meet with high-ranking Federation military officials to remotely fire the Gryps II laser at Industrial 7 before any party could reach the Box. Just a few minutes before the activation of the Gryps Laser II, The Ra Cailum arrived in a attempt to stop EFF from activating the superweapon to destroy the Box.

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